Simple Compass Tattoo Ideas and Meanings to Show Your Wanderlust

simple compass tattoo

Looking for a tattoo design to show your love for travel? If yes, then a simple compass tattoo is the perfect option for you. Compasses are a remarkably popular choice in jewelry, art, and tattoos. These nautical tattoos give a positive vibe and carry a deeper meaning. A compass tattoo can represent an explorer and a symbolic image. 

A compass tattoo is perfect for a self-love tattoo or motivational tattoo. It can always remind you that no matter how hard times are, you can always find a way out. Moreover, you can always navigate through any situation. If you are planning to get a compass tattoo, then continue reading the article to know about compass tattoo meaning and designs. 

Simple Compass Tattoo Meaning

In the good old days, compasses were popularly used by sailors and travelers to navigate effectively. At the present time also, compasses can be found in various items. A compass is a trustworthy and loyal buddy for travelers. 

A compass tattoo is just right for you if you love exploring and traveling. Some popular compass tattoo meanings include reliability, love for traveling, ingenuity, and navigating difficult events. Below mentioned are some of the compass tattoo meaning and symbolism. 

Show Love for Wanderlust

Are you a person who loves a nomadic lifestyle? Some people are born wandered, and they never feel at home in one place. Travel has become a must for the modern generation. For such people, a simple compass tattoo is a perfect pick. 

Compass has navigational value, long history, and is a natural symbol for travelers, which clearly reflects the love for wanderlust. A compass tattoo represents someone who does not want to settle down in one place and explore as much as possible.  

Represents Way of Life

A compass provides a sense of orientation. A compass tattoo reminds you where you are and tells you in which direction you have to go next. It is one of the most important pieces of information when you are on a trip. However, it is also a perfect way to live your life. In real life also we should be aware of the right direction or the right way of life.

A compass tattoo is perfect for individuals who have traveled difficult roasts to time but accept their past perfectly. This tattoo is the right reminder to encourage you to move forward. 

Show off Strong Moral

There is a popular expression: “their moral compass doesn’t point North.” It refers to an individual’s ability to decide right from wrong. In case a person’s moral compass is not working, they are more likely to live a life filled with chaos. 

A compass tattoo reflects the strong moral of a person. It means that the person is able to make the right decisions and can find out right from wrong. True north is a strong set of values, but it can also reflect that your goal is to strive forward. 

Flaunt Your Independent Streak

You need to have certain skills if you want to be independent, and navigation is one of them. If you want to stand on your own feet, you should have an idea about how to make the right decisions in life. Do you find your own ways or always ask people about it?

A person who knows how to make the right decision or a person with top-notch navigation skills is always confident. A compass tattoo is a right pick for people who are living independently. 


A simple compass tattoo meaning is also associated with protection. You can use it as a symbol to boost your confidence. It can remind you to always move forward and make correct decisions. A compass tattoo design can act as a protection symbol tattoo and protect you from making wrong decisions. 


A compass is considered lucky for travelers. To have a compass tattoo on your body represents the faith that you can find your way whenever you are lost. It can comfort you and make you feel confident whenever you feel lost in life. 

Simple Compass Tattoo Ideas

Now that you know compass tattoo meaning, here are some compass tattoo ideas to help you find out the best ones for you. 

Small Compass Tattoo

Compass tattoo is a versatile option as the design can be both small and complex. A small compass tattoo is perfect if you want something small but meaningful. It represents your love for small and meaningful things. 

A small compass tattoo design includes crossed arrows and letters representing the four directions; east, west, north, and south. Two crossed arrows represent two friends who have traveled in various directions but have everlasting bonds. Due to the amazing meaning, the small compass tattoo makes a perfect couple tattoo

Compass Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo designs are a perfect blend to make any tattoo more appealing and meaningful. A compass rose tattoo combines the two most loved tattoo designs. People choose this tattoo design for its classy look and appeal; it also has amazing meaning. Roses and especially red roses are the perfect representation of true love. Another meaning associated with rose includes trust, long-lasting love, and a strong bond.  

When a rose tattoo is combined with a simple compass tattoo design, it represents that the power of love can guide you through life. It is a perfect tribute to your romantic partner. If you are looking for some unique love tattoo, then this one’s for you.  

Simple Compass Tattoo

Gone are the days when complex designs were considered appealing. Simplicity is the new trend now. Simple compass tattoos look highly attractive and also carry deep meaning. This compass tattoo design is ideal for individuals who want a simple and minimalist tattoo. 

A simple compass tattoo includes basic design and is recognizable as a compass. This design looks perfect on the wrist. It also looks great on foot and symbolizes travel. Moreover, you can also get it behind your ear, and it will represent endless imagination. 

Nautical Compass Tattoo

When it comes to nautical tattoos, some popular designs include traditional ship tattoos and sailor Jerry tattoos. In this regard, a simple compass tattoo is also the right choice. A nautical tattoo represents the sailor roots. In the past times, compasses were an essential instrument used in long ocean voyages. 

Therefore a nautical compass tattoo represents faith in finding your way back home. It is an idea for people who prefer more technical and mechanical tattoo designs. The marine compass provides a perfect angular feel. If you want a more nautical feel, you can add degrees, rope, and anchors. 

Anchor + Compass Tattoo

Anchor tattoos have gained remarkable popularity in the past few decades. These tattoos were usually worn by sailors, but now they are famous among people who seek unique ways of self-expression. An anchor tattoo represents hope, calm, salvation, and steadfastness.

When an anchor tattoo is combined with a compass tattoo, it forms a perfect nautical tattoo. This tattoo design represents the grounding and guiding forces of life. Moreover, this tattoo design also represents safety, hope, and home. For this reason, many people combine anchor and compass tattoos to get a perfect tattoo design. 

Compass Clock Tattoo

A clock tattoo design is fascinating both visually and symbolically. It represents various meanings, including time, a special moment, life and death, infinity, and endless love. This tattoo design reminds the wearer of the importance of time. Moreover, it symbolizes the fragility of life. 

If you want a tattoo design that perfectly represents the importance of time and moving in the right direction, then a compass clock tattoo is something for you. This tattoo design represents the journey of life and guidance. In order to make the tattoo design more unique, you can combine it with arrows. It represents life’s journey and desire to reach goals.

Viking Compass Tattoo

A Viking compass is also known as a Nordic compass. It is considered a protective symbol and used by ancient Norsemen to find their way to rich and treacherous terrain. This simple compass tattoo design includes eight points and not four and is surrounded by protective runes. In Icelandic, it is called Vegvisir, which means signpost or way-finder. This compass tattoo design is the right choice if you want a unique compass tattoo. 

Compass Map Tattoo

Tattoo lovers always like tattoos that are innovative, unusual, and meaningful. These reasons have led to an increase in the popularity of map tattoos. This tattoo design is not only exciting but also gives adventurous feelings. In addition to this, a map tattoo also represents a never-ending desire for knowledge. 

In order to get something more exciting, you can get a compass map tattoo. It is perfect for showing your inner travel bug. Some people love to explore different cultures and countries, and for such people, this one is a perfect tattoo design. 

Individuals who love adventure, traveling, and the outdoors love this tattoo. This compass tattoo design is also an exciting choice for people who love to make their own way. It is a bold and fearless tattoo choice thai combines optimism and a sense of discovery. 

Watercolor Compass Tattoo

The time has changed, and now the tattoos are not only limited to black and grey choices. Watercolor tattoos are gaining popularity among art lovers. These tattoos are inspired by watercolor paintings. This style includes different colors and shades to create seamless body art. 

Though the compass design looks amazing in black and grey tattoos, watercolor compass tattoos also give an appealing look. It will give a unique and eye-catching look. The watercolor tattoos not only provide a bold finish but are also less painful. Nevertheless, if you are planning to get a watercolor compass tattoo make sure to choose a skilled artist as it requires great precision.  

Geometric Compass Tattoo

Geometric details can make any tattoo more appealing and attractive. Moreover, it provides them a futuristic and fresh look. Geometric tattoos include the use of dits, shoes, and lines in order to create eye-catching tattoo patterns. You can make any simple tattoo design fascinating by adding a touch of geometric art to it. 

A geometric compass tattoo is undoubtedly one of the best tattoo designs. If you want minimalistic black ink but in a stylish way, then you should get a geometric compass tattoo. It will give an exciting vibe and will make you stand out in the crowd. 

3D Compass Tattoo

If you want a tattoo with a more realistic touch, then you should get a 3D tattoo design. This tattoo design requires the precise use of shading in order to create the illusion of depth and weight, which makes the tattoo look realistic on your skin. 

A 3D compass tattoo is a right pick to get a realistic tattoo with deep meaning and symbolism. These tattoos are complicated, so make sure to choose the right tattoo artist who is skilled and experienced. Even a small mistake can spoil the tattoo design. 

Broken Compass Tattoo

A broken compass tattoo design is an excellent choice. It symbolizes a turning point in an individual’s life. If you have decided to make vital changes in your life and change your path, then you should opt for a broken compass tattoo. It is a perfect reminder to stick to your new decisions and why you have chosen them. 

A broken compass tattoo also acts as a tribute to a loved person who has passed away. It is perfect for showing your love and respect to the person. 

Final Words

A compass tattoo is a versatile choice, and both males and females can have it. If you want something unique, then you can opt for a simple compass tattoo. This tattoo design is seen as a good luck charm. It represents the right direction in life. Moreover, it also symbolizes protection and passion. Tell us what compass represents to you by dropping a comment.