Best Outfits To Wear To A Hot Yoga Class

What to wear to Hot Yoga

Confused about what to wear to hot yoga class? We have listed some of the best options for Hot yoga outfits in this article. Hot Yoga, also known as Bikram Yoga can be very intimidating for people who haven’t been to a hot yoga class before. With a 105 degrees F temperature, it can be a struggle to survive with sweaty body and sticky clothes.

Once you get past the sweat and heat factor, Bikram Yoga classes can be one of your life’s best workouts.

Before we jump on to the What to wear to Hot yoga class, here is everything you should know before attending a hot yoga class.

Things You Must Know Before Attending A Hot Yoga Class

What to bring: 

You will have to carry more accessories to hot yoga classes, unlike traditional yoga. Bring a big water bottle, stay hydrated because you will sweat a lot, a yoga mat, a slip-resistant yoga towel; face wash; and a small face towel. 

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What the atmosphere is like:

You will be shocked by the sudden temperature change as soon as you enter the room. It will feel like you have stepped into the Sahara Desert! By the time you will set up your mat and towel you will get used to the temperature.

Remember to breathe deeply and stop if you feel dizzy or nauseous at any time in the class.

The sweat factor:

Be prepared for a hell lot of sweating. You will be dripping sweat from places you didn’t even know could sweat.

If you feel embarrassed, just look around, and you will notice other people are sweating the same way. Use a face towel to wipe your face.

After the class, make sure to wipe your mat to clean any area where your sweat might have dripped.

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What to expect after class: 

After the class, drink some water and relax for a few minutes to re-connect with the outside world. You may feel a little light-headed, which is normal.

What to Wear To Hot Yoga Class?

a view of hot yoga class

When looking for the best clothes for hot yoga, there are a few points that you need to keep in mind before buying the outfits. We have listed all the important things and the best options for hot yoga outfits below.

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Hot Yoga Pants

While you may be eager to wear the smallest shorts possible, but tight-fitted capris or hot yoga leggings are much better choices. Sweating in shorts will make your leg too slippery to stay in any pose.

You can find many good hot yoga pants well suited for the Bikram yoga class’s attire.

Do not buy cheap hot yoga leggings; they get almost transparent when you bend forward. Also, buy one size up or try to stretch in different poses while trying on the pants.

Tip- to check the transparency of yoga pants when trying them on, take a wide-legged bend in front of the dressing room mirror.

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Hot Yoga Tops

A body fitted sports bra or tank top will be the right choice for your hot yoga outfits. Avoid wearing oversize tees that fall during poses. Also, avoid wearing 100% cotton because they absorb sweat and can become heavy.

Look for athletic and quick-dry fabrics that will make you feel drier.

Hairstyles for Hot Yoga

If you have long hair, tie a loose ponytail or braid, these will allow you to pose with full range without having to worry about adjusting your hair. Don’t come with a hairstyle you want to keep nice.

If you sweat heavily, tie a headband or bandana can keep the sweat from getting into the eyes.

Hot Yoga Clothing for Men

Finding the right men’s hot yoga clothing is not very troublesome. Shirts are optional for males, but it is important to choose the right hot yoga pants.

Men’s pants and shorts should fit them snuggly and best if made of good wicking fabrics. If men opt to wear running shorts as hot yoga clothing, then they must wear a compression garment underneath for full coverage.

Final Words:

In Bikram yoga or hot yoga, the room is heated to around 100 degrees F to increase flexibility and sweating. But just because you are practicing in a hot room doesnt mean wearing as little clothes as possible.

 It can be confusing to decide what to wear to hot yoga. We have listed some of the best clothes that you can wear to a hot yoga class, without worrying about sweat. When you buy hot yoga outfits, it is important to choose sweat-resistant fabrics over cotton to keep you feeling light. We have also mentioned what to carry and what to expect after a Bikram yoga class.

Now you are all set to attend your hot yoga class! 


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