What To Pack For A Road Trip – Essential Road Trip Items That You Should Pack Before Leaving

what to pack for a road trip

Are you looking for what to pack for a road trip and how to make your road more safe and enjoyable? Here below are your answers provided by the expert travelers. Check this article to know more about the road trip essentials and what thing you should bring on a road trip. 

Road Trip is always a remarkable experience for every traveler, but only when there are all the essential items in your backpack. 

Most of the neophyte road trip travelers do not know about these road trips essential, or even sometimes, an experienced traveler may not know about these essential items. 

However, when you talk to expert travelers about how to plan for a road trip and where to go on a road trip, they always advise you about the important things to keep in your bag along with these insights.

Expert travelers always advise you to pack some important things in a bag so that your road trip can be comfortable, safe, more enjoyable, and avoid any mistakes to occur during your road trip. 

Check below are some essential items that you should pack during the road trip to make it more enjoyable. 

What To Bring On A Road Trip – Essential Road Trip Items

No matter if you are planning a road trip abroad, moving from different states, or planning a road trip with your friends.

In this article, I have covered all those essential items that make your road trip more comfortable and remarkable. 

You can follow our checklist while packing your bag before you head to the road trip and avoid ruining your fantastic road trip plan. 

Battery Pack

You may already think that the battery pack should be top on the list, you are right, as this is most important. Otherwise, your phone may remain dead all your road, which means no capturing of remarkable moments. 

Before you leave for the road trip, make sure to charge it and use it to recharge your smartphone during the road trip. 


Make sure to fully recharge your phone as well as keep the phone on battery saving mode, so that phone’s battery lives last. 

First Aid 

First aid kit to pack for a road trip

You may be thinking that the first aid box is not that important, or you may ensure yourself you won’t get any injuries. 

If you are planning a trip around the places where getting skin cuts, diseases, or health issues occur due to weather changes, make sure to pack a first-aid travel kit along with you. 

Also, buying 100% of travel insurance is essential before you move ahead for the road trip. 

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Hand Sanitizer

It is important to pack a hand sanitizer for a road trip as you may touch your hands on various things.

Water is not available every time you need to clean your hands, and you can’t use drinking water for such purposes. 

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Thus, before you eat snacks or have meals, it is important to sanitize your hands.

Moreover, during a road trip, it is impossible to guess where you go for the loo, cleaning hands becomes so important. 

Packing hand sanitizer or baby wipes are the only saviors.


Make sure to pack some plastic bags to keep dirty shoes and any other waste. 

Comfortable or Versatile Clothing Options 

If you are a female, then packing versatile clothes is best for a road trip. Bring a poncho, loose T-shirts, jammies, shorts, and round cape are some of the best clothing options that make look cool as well as comfortable. 

Poncho is considered as the best road trip clothing option as it will also help you in covering up and avoid sand-war during traveling. 

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Windscreen Covers

If you want to keep your car cool during a road trip, then a windscreen is the best and cool option.

It also helps in adding more privacy to your vehicle during road trips and keeps away RV people who tend to stay away peeping into your vehicle.

Make sure to keep your electronic and food items away from the windscreen as they may get damaged due to heat.

Phone Holder

From past years there are so many restrictions implied on the use of phones while driving. There are higher chances of getting penalties if you find using or talking over the phone while driving. 

However, a road trip is about having more fun and enjoyable moments by listening to songs and talking to your friends.

Not only is the phone required to play songs or watch videos, but it is also important for getting navigation. 

Installing phone holders is the best for using a phone while driving as well as lower the risk of accidents.

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Car Documents

This is the most important thing that you should have while heading for a road trip, especially if you are going abroad or cross-country.

You have to take along your driving license and pack car documents like break down documents, manuals, and car insurance coverage. 


Before you move cross country, make sure to research in case you need a cross-border card. 

Bug Or Mosquito Spray

It is not possible that you keep your car windows shut all the way or do not sit out of the car. Especially, when you are driving during the evening time and sitting on the ground, mosquito spray is your savior and keeps you away from mosquito stings. 

Man spraying a bug spray on his clothes while on a road trip

Moreover, if you are staying at any old cottage house, there are chances that the room may have some kind of bugs and insects like spiders.

Bug spray helps you in killing these bugs and gives a bug-free room instantaneously.  

If you are planning to stay in a tent, then both of these sprays are important for you and keep your tent away from bugs and mosquitoes.

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Healthy Snacks

Making a road trip just for having fun is not the only thing that you want. Staying healthy during the road trip is as important as having the most remarkable memories. 

You can pack unprocessed snack items or vegetables and fruit chips for having good tongue taste while keeping your gut healthy. 

Taking care of your health is important, especially if your gut otherwise your road trip may spend in the hospital, that I never wish to happen with anyone. 


Bring swimwear with you on a road trip as you never know where you can find a spot to jump and drop in the water!

So, for a road tripper who loves to take every chance to make their trip remarkable, make sure to pack a swimwear with yourself.


Pack a bag so that you can keep wet clothes separately from other dry items. 

Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof jacket is what you need while traveling, especially heading for a long road trip during winters or even in regions prone to rain. 

Weather can change suddenly, and it will not even give you a single clue before it rains.

It is always better to pack a waterproof jacket on a road trip so that you stay dry as well as other important items with you. 

You also enjoy it fully without worrying about rain and getting wet while walking and viewing the wonderful sites. 

Eco-friendly Cutlery And Water Bottle

It is important that you use fewer plastic bottles so that there is less plastic wastage, and streets and roads will stay clean. 

Instead, pack an Eco water bottle that you can even refill whenever it gets empty and no need to buy those extra plastic water bottles. 

A water bottle is one of the most important road trip essential items in the checklist that you can’t forget. 

Before you move to a road trip and sit in your vehicle, double-check your road trip checklist and make sure you have brought it along.

Water Container

Not only water bottles, if you have enough space in your car or vehicle, you can also keep a water container along with you. 

In case your water bottle gets empty, instead of buying water from the store, you can take your water with you filled from your home. 

It is always better for long trips or places where you don’t know the possibilities of buying water and any store. 

It is also safe as sometimes water from the store may cause health problems and ruin your trips.

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Walking Shoes And Hiking Boots

Brown hiking boots on a rock for a road trip

Road trips bring so many surprises, and you never know what will be the next surprise. But if you don’t want to lose any chance of making memories, then forget to pack a pair of hiking boots and even good quality walking shoes. 

When you are purchasing hiking boots or any shoes for a road trip, make sure to buy water resistance, breathability, less weight, foot support, comfort, and also good looks. 


One of the most important things that you have to pack in your road trip essential bag. Road trips are not that taken in bright cities, and you may be in a forest or a place where there is not much electricity.

Make sure to bring a torch along with you in an emergency, and where there is a lack of electricity, you can use your torch to see things clear enough. 

Having a torch doesn’t mean your smartphone, but ahead torch that has powerful and strong light beams that make things clear enough that you can easily recognize them. 

It is not only about one torch, and you can pack two to three different power torches along with you so that you can use it in different circumstances.

Good Moisturizing Cream

Packing a moisturizer is best during a road trip, as taking your whole skincare regime products is not possible to do. 

Moisturizer will keep your skin away from drying and keep your skin hydrated during the road trip.

You can wash your face and hands then apply a good hydrating moisturizer, make sure that it will not be oily. 

A yellow tent in night for a road trip


Another essential item for your road trip is a tent. Make sure to pack it in your car or van carriage box.

Make sure to pack a tent that is not open from sides and is of good steady quality so that no wild animals enter into your tent.

In case you are taking a road trip with your friends, make sure to pack a tent for everyone or bring a big tent in which you and your friends can easily adjust. 

Safe Bag

It is better to bring a safe box in which you can keep your precious belongings while staying in communal dorms and hotel rooms where the public can access your room. 

In a safe bag, you can keep your things hidden and safe while you are not there to keep watch on them. 

In case you are planning for long months road trip plans, then a safe bag is an essential item to pack along with you.

Most of the expert travelers use these safe cases for keeping their extra cash and important documents safe during the road trip.

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Toiletry Bag

Packing a toiletry bag is an important item in your road trip checklist. But remember, do not bring any type of toiletry bag; it should be with a hook. 

This is because most showers have little space, and toiletry bags with hooks are easy to hang on the shower pole.  

This will also ensure hygiene and keep your toiletry bag neat and clean. 

Neck Sleep Scarf

If you are a passenger with your friend on a road trip, a neck scarf is for you so that when you sleep, there is no strain on your neck. 

Neck sleep scarf will ensure better sleep during the road trip, but it is not a better idea for a driver. 

Camping Chair And Table

You can also take along camping tables and chairs in case you are traveling in a huge van.

You can use them while having meals with your family and friends or just for viewing the place you take rest. 


I hope you get some better ideas about what thing to pack for a road trip and what are the essential items that you can bring along with you. 

All of these above items are highly essential if you are planning a long road trip of about more than a month. 

These are the important road trip essential items that you should take during a road trip to make it more comfortable and safe. 

I know planning for a road trip is such an amazing and exciting idea, but it can be ruined if you lack some essential road trip items with you. 

Make sure to pack these and have remarkable memories of your road trip.