Unique Tattoos That Will Turn Heads and Raise Eyebrows

unique tattoos

If you are looking for unique tattoos and designs, then you are in the right place. Tattoos have become very popular recently among both women and men, but choosing one design is quite an overwhelming task. 

People do not like getting inked with a common design nowadays, calling for the need for unique tattoo ideas. People are now turning towards technology, art, and architecture principles to look for inspiration.

We have created a full-blown gallery of meaningful, unique tattoos to give you much-needed inspiration. 

Unique tattoos for Men and Women

Below we have mentioned some cool and unique tattoo ideas which hold deep meaning and significance in various cultures around the world.

1. Angel

Angels are known as the messengers of GOD; this is one of the reasons they are considered important in the Christian tradition. This is one of the reasons why people love angel tattoos.

Angels are also associated with peace and love, and they also mean wrath and doubt in some cases. If you are looking for meaningful, unique tattoos for men and women, then look no further. 

An angel tattoo can have several meanings. It symbolizes closeness to your soul and God. Tattered angel wings represent struggling with your own fate or falling from grace.

There so many angel design tattoos to choose from; however, the meaning is always profound and powerful. 

2. Atom

At some point in history, atomic tattoo designs were strongly associated with the atomic bomb. People now love to get such unique tattoos. Progress in technology and love of science has forced people to find profound meaning in atomic tattoos. These tattoos suit their search for truth and view of life. 

Some people also consider the nucleus subatomic particles as personal liberty and freedom. Atomic tattoos make beautiful and unique small tattoos symbolizing the freedom of religion, free will, and unawareness of the universe. 

3. Bar code

Barcode was a means of scanning the products and taking care of the inventory at the stores once. However, now,  this is one of the most fashionable, cool, and unique tattoo ideas among youth. Let’s understand their significance. 

Barcode first originated in 1940, but it was started to use on a wide-scale around 1975. Barcode is referred to as an anti-establishment stance. Moreover, people love it because this is a design which can be seen all around us and seems cool. 

4. Che Guevara

You must have seen ample stylized portraits on products like t-shirts, but do you know what makes this man so popular in the tattoo world? One of the reasons why this makes one of the unique tattoos is that his face makes a great portrait.

This is not it; Che Guevara also has some profound meanings too. He was a Cuban revolutionist representing freedom, rebellion, and personal liberty from long-term oppression. 

Che Guevara was also a diplomat, physician, author, and reformist politician. For many people, his face is a symbol of political connections and deep culture.

5. Couple

If you are looking for unique tattoos for couples, then we have got your back. If you want to express your undying love and deep feeling for someone, then a couple of tattoos or matching unique tattoos for men and women is what you should be looking for. 

Lovers have so many memories and inside jokes, which are intimate in an uncommon way. One great way of celebrating this connection is getting matching tattoos. 

6. Cow

The bull represents the masculine spirit, and the cow is a symbol of nurturing mothers. The cow represents the northerly spirit, nurturing, and fertility. It is also considered sacred in India and many other ancient cultures.

The cow gives life to us, along with its young ones. The cow has always been a part of farming cultures since the beginning of the human race. This is what makes this one of the unique tattoo ideas. 

7. Crow

Crows are one of the intelligent animals around us. Did you know they can talk in their own language? Crows can recognize and also remember human faces and also have the capacity to solve problems and use tools.

However, crows are mostly associated with bad omen, but did you know in the east, they hold a different symbol.

Crows are one of the most intelligent, loving, and wise animals of all. In Native America, they are also regarded as intelligent guides and messengers.

With wings spread across the chest or back, the crow definitely makes a striking tattoo. It up to you whether you want to see it as a symbol of love, hope, and wisdom or relate it to a darker meaning.

8. Crown

The Crown has always been associated with monarchs for ages. It is a symbol of power, glory, authority, victory, and legitimacy.

A crown makes unique tattoos for both men and women, symbolizing command and power of one’s destiny and life. The Crown represents great self-control and being valued by others.

9. Dagger

Yes, a dagger is one of the most unique and small tattoos. Dagger is mostly combined with other imagery like skulls and roses to make a beautiful tattoo. For some people, a dagger tattoo can mean giving others a warning. Also, it is among the unique forearm tattoos. 

People mostly get a dagger piercing heart tattoo symbolizing betrayal of love or a broken heart. Swallow and dagger are quite common in American style tattooing, which means a safe journey or good luck for a sailor. 

10. Diamond

Diamond is among the popular unique tattoo ideas for men and women having a range of different meanings. It makes unique small as well as large tattoos and is used in a decorative sense. People often prefer to get tattooed on a diamond because they are universal. 

If you believe you are powerful and have inner beauty, then get a glittering diamond tattoo. It is associated with polishing yourself to become the best version.  

11. Dove

Dove signifies peace and new beginnings in many nations. It is also regarded as a symbol of undying and eternal love between people as they mate for life with one partner. These are associated with devotion, harmony,  family, freedom, and faith. Now you know why these are meaningful, unique tattoos. 

12. Dragonfly

When inked using various colors and dragonflies, tattoos can look extremely astonishing. Dragonflies are a symbol of change and personal transformation.

Just like a dragonfly begins life in the form of a tiny nymph and transforms into a beautiful and majestic being, it represents adapting to circumstances and the capacity to change. 

Dragonfly is a free and graceful creature and motivates everyone to move beyond the confines and become something important. Get a unique dragonfly as a forearm tattoos if you yearn for personal transformation.

13. Four-Leaf Clover

Most people believe that the four-leaf clover is not for real and is only a myth. However, the truth is that it is real. If you are looking for unique tattoo ideas, then this is it! 

The white clover commonly grows in Ireland, and three-leaf is the most standard form. Once in ten thousand plants is a four-leaf clover. Scientifically it is a genetic mutation; however, it is a symbol of good luck for Irish people.

They say that if you find a four-leaf clover, you will have good luck for the rest of the day. The four-leaf clover is associated with St.Patrick’s Day and also has strong ties with Irish culture. This is among unique small tattoos and is associated with both men and women. 

14. Fox

Fox is another one of the unique tattoos perfect for men and women. It is linked to different meanings in different cultures. Fox is cute, cunning, and vicious.

Fox happens to be one of the most unique and popular tattoo designs. It is a symbol of feminine sexuality and represents wiliness, cunningness, and deceptiveness. A fox tattoo will definitely catch a lot of attention from people. 

15. Hummingbird

The hummingbird has long been considered a symbol of power and royalty for the Aztecs. These people also believed that Aztec warriors were reincarnated as hummingbirds. These birds are a symbol of love in Native America.

Hummingbirds make unique tattoos for women because of their graceful shape and eye-catching colors.

16. Infinity Symbol

The infinity symbol has become quite popular as a tattoo design lately. Half the reason behind this is that these are small and discrete and the other half reason for their popularity is their significance. 

Infinity makes us finite creatures feel small. It is a very powerful symbol of life, death, birth, and rebirth. People who love science may not prefer to get an infinity symbol inked, but people who love romance can get a heart over infinity depicting eternal love.

17. Ladybug

Cute as a button, a ladybug is a fierce predator who quickly eats up small insects and aphids. In his sense, they are like killing machines. In Christianity, a ladybug is associated with the Virgin Mary. a ladybug tattoo might appeal to you if you follow Christianity. 

Ladybugs are a sign of good luck. People believe that if a ladybug lands on you, it will bring you good fortune. Ladybug is among unique small tattoos that will surely turn heads. 

18. Leopard Print

Leopard is one of the smallest species of all the big cats but is the most predatory and cunning. It is associated with royalty, cunningness, deceit, intelligence, solitude, and protection. 

Leopard is a hunter, and it is highly adaptable and holds great importance in a lot of ancient cultures. As a tattoo, women relate to the leopard as a sign of sexuality and power. Some people love the way a leopard print tattoo looks on their bodies.

19. Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a symbol of guiding light, helping the sailor to avoid accidents. It holds great importance and deep meaning to modern sailors. Lighthouse is a sign of protection and finding a way out of the darkness. 

If you need guidance in your life or remember a dark phase in your life before you get out of it, a lighthouse makes a perfect tattoo. 

20. Lizard

There are many cultures around the world fascinating a lizard from tiny geckos to Komodo dragons. The fact is a lizard is more scared of us than we are of it. Ancient Egyptians link lizards with good luck, while in Africa, lizard images are used to scare off evil spirits. 

Lizards represent cunningness, agility, speed, flexibility, intelligence, rebirth, and adaptability. These make a great tattoo for people who relate to these ideas. 

21. Moon

Sun is associated with masculine energy, while the moon represents feminine nature in many ancient cultures. Moon is a symbol of the flow of time and the eternal cycle. Moon is the only thing that controls the sea and the tide.

However, the moon also has a dark side. She rises at night when things are dark and mysterious, symbolizing mystery, forbidden knowledge, and human unconsciousness.

Phases of the moon also relate to human life. The new moon is a sign of birth, and the cycles between the different phases depict development and growth. A full moon signifies pregnancy and also the promise of new life.

If you want ideas of unique tattoos for women, then try the moon; it is a powerful symbol of feminine connection.   

22. Moth

People do not generally like moths and consider them as an ugly cousin of butterflies. However, a moth tattoo can look quite wonderful. Moth holds great significance across various cultures around the world. 

Moth represents faith and determination. 

People who seek light and have a strong determination to succeed in life, growing out of the darkness, may find a strong connection with a moth. They have a profound connection with the moon and are considered feminine symbols. 

23. Panda

We all love the panda for its super cute look and behavior. A panda tattoo will never fail to please people, and no doubt, it gives a positive outlook when done by a good artist. 

Panda is a symbol of serenity and peace. It is not a vicious creature and is a laid back and slow-moving creature, one of the reasons why these are endangered species. 

Panda also stands as a representation of grace, wisdom, good luck, strength, clam, magic, and balance. You will be surprised to know that pandas make unique tattoos for both men and women, as they are associated with femininity and masculinity.


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