Captivating Taurus Constellation Tattoo Designs And Their Meaning

taurus constellation tattoo

The Taurus constellation tattoo designs are one of the most popular designs among zodiac sign lovers. It is popular specifically among the Taurus zodiac people, and this is because of its association with the Taurus horoscope and deep meaning. 

There are various Taurus constellation tattoo designs and placement ideas that you can get to have something captivating and enticingly gorgeous body art. The good thing about the Taurus tattoo is that they have deep meanings. 

The article below will tell you about some of the most fascinating and bewitching Taurus constellation tattoo ideas and design. These designs in the article are some of the best, which you will surely love. 

Taurus Constellation Tattoo In Mythologies

Before we move on to the Taurus tattoo design and placement ideas, let’s know some interesting facts about the Taurus tattoo. 

The Taurus constellation is depicted by a symbol of a bull in mythology and tells us that the Taurus is the bull of heaven. It is also known by the name of Creta Bull. in the old Gilgamesh epic of the Babylon goddess Ishtar send the Taurus to kill Gilgamesh. She does this as Gilaesh spurns the advances of the goddess. Enkidu, in the epic, tears the hind of the bull and hurls them in the sky. 

These parts became the stars in the sky which we now know by the name of Ursa Minor and Ursa Major. Some of these stars locate Gilgamesh as the neighboring star of the constellation of Orion, like facing the Taurus in combat. 

According to Greek mythology, the Taurus was not the bull but the Zeus. Zeus changed himself into an enticing white bull for winning the affections of Europa, who was the princess of Phoenicia. Once the Europa was enticed by the bull’s beauty and hoped on the bull’s back, he swam across the Mediterranean sea. He took the process to the island of Crete. Here the princess and Zeus stayed together, and the princess gave birth to a son. 

The son of the two, who was named Minos, became the legendary king of the Crete. 

Taurus Constellation Tattoo Meaning

Taurus is the sign of the earth. It is well-grounded and practical, and Taurus harvests the fruit of their labor. The people whose zodiac sign is Taurus need to be surrounded by beauty and love always. They are turned to hedonism, the material world, and physical pleasures. 

People who have their sun inside the Taurus are tactical and sensual. These people with the Taurus sign consider the taste and touch sense most important. The Taurus people are considered conservative and stable according to the Taurus horoscope and beliefs. They are always ready to stick to their own choices and endure till they reach the satisfaction levels. 

According to the Taurus horoscope and beliefs, their strengths are:

  • Reliable
  • Practical
  • Responsible 
  • Patient
  • Devoted
  • Stable

The weakness of the Taurus people are:

  • Stubborn
  • Uncompromising
  • Possessive

Taurus Constellation Tattoo Designs And Placement Ideas

Now when we know the history and other aspects of the Taurus tattoo and people who have Taurus as their zodiac, let’s move on to the tattoo designs and placement ideas.

Taurus Tattoo Bicep 

The Taurus bicep tattoos are unique, and they look eye-catching on the biceps. What’s even more amazing is that you can choose among various eye-catching designs for the Taurus bicep tattoo. 

Some popular Taurus bicep tattoo designs include the flower Taurus tattoos. In these tattoos, in combination with the Taurus tattoos, flowers are indeed on the bicep. This is one of the most captivating designs if you are a female and want to get a Taurus tattoo on your body. Good thing about getting the Taurus tattoo in hand is that you get to choose the audience. 

You can easily hide the tattoos on the biceps with the help of some basic things like concealers, or you can just flaunt this beauty. One more thing about the Taurus bicep tattoo is that you can get various other things in its combination. Like flowers, you can also get Taurus dates which matter to you, like your DOB, or you can get a bull or goat inked. 

Taurus Chest Tattoos

If you are searching for awesome, bewitchingly gorgeous chest tattoos that are elegant and meaningful at the same time, then the Taurus tattoo is for you. 

The Taurus chest tattoo is popular equally among men and women due to its beauty and meaning. This tattoo on the chest is a sign of fearless nature and power and thus a good way to express the strong personality of a person. What’s even more amazing is that it is a great option if you are a professional and don’t want to reveal your tattoo. All you need to do is get the tattoo in an area of the chest where you get to choose the audience. 

In addition to this, you can also choose the different sizes of this tattoo, and along with it, you can choose various designs. For example, a bull with the constellation stars is a popular option for men. At the same time, a constellation stars belt with a butterfly is a popular design for these women. 

All this not only makes it a good option for the chest but also an amazing option when you want a breast tattoo. You can easily get it between the breasts or on the side of the breast. 

Taurus Leg Tattoo

Legs are also a good place for the placement of the Taurus tattoos. The legs are a great option when you don’t want to reveal your Taurus sign tattoo. This tattoo gives you the option to hide it while in the office and flaunt it while in shorts on an outing. 

The good thing about getting a leg Taurus constellation tattoo is you can get it on nearly any palace. Whether you want an ankle tattoo or a thigh tattoo, you can never go wrong with the Taurus tattoo. What’s even more enticing about getting it on the leg is that you can combine it with signs like a heart or the name of your loved one. 

Taurus Tattoo On Forearm 

One of the fascinating designs which you can get inked on your forearm is the bullhead constellation tattoo. 

One thing you should know about the forearm tattoo is that it is the perfect place when you want to flaunt these beauties. The bullhead Taurus constellation tattoo designs are also some of the fascinating ones; thus, you get something unique and meaningful. 

Taurus Back Tattoos

The Taurus tattoos on the back are mostly popular among women. The reason for this is that the Taurus signs tattoos on the back look sassy and sexy. They are an appealing option for women to flaunt their zodiac and beauty in style. 

The Taurus tattoos on the back of the women represent mainly two things – independence and power. Thus it is a symbol of freedom and women’s empowerment. In this placement idea, you also get to choose among the various detailed signs and other combinations. One of the most popular combinations includes a spiritual tattoo like that of goddess Taurus. 

You can also go for other designs like an animal tattoo in combination with the Taurus tattoo. For example, a bull or lion tattoo with a Taurus constellation belt on their head as a crown. 

Taurus Tattoo on Ankle

An ankle placement area is also a good option as it allows you to ornament your ankle with some elegance. 

This is also a good option as you get something unique and simple for your legs. These tattoos on legs look cute and are very popular among women specifically. This tattoo is also a great option when you want an inked anklet. The good thing is that such anklets let you choose among the colors and designs. And the deep meaning which this depicts is also a good thing. 

Taurus Arm Tattoo

Want something unique for your arm? Or something that is deeply meaningful yet artistic for your arm? If yes, then the Taurus tattoo is for you. 

The good thing about getting the Taurus design on the air is that you can choose among various designs like geometric tattoo design. You can also combine it with other things like a cross tattoo. Or if you want something unique, then you can go for the anchor Taurus tattoos. In this idea, you need to encircle the anchor with the constellation belt. 

Other than these, you can also get other ideas in combination. For example, a Taurus tattoo with a loved one’s portrait. This depicts that your loved one has attained peace and receive a place among the stars in heaven.

Elbow Taurus Constellation Tattoo

Elbow tattoos are becoming popular among the folks who love to get adorned with body art. 

In the elbow tattoos, you get to choose the audience as you can simply hide it using a full sleeve shirt. You can also flaunt it with a half sleeve shirt, and thus it depends on you whether you want it to flaunt or not. In the elbow tattoos, you can also combine this with the other elements. For example, you can combine with some Taurus dates, which are important for you, or you can go for a Taurus wreath tattoo. 

However, you should choose the combinations carefully as the meanings of the tattoo may change with the design. The best thing to do for it is to consult your artist as they know better about the various combinations. 

Shoulder Tattoo

You can get the Taurus tattoos on the shoulder to add something defining to your personality. The Taurus tattoo designs are very popular and thus easily recognizable. Good thing is that you can get the Taurus tattoos in various designs and patterns. 

It can also be your star tattoo design as you can get it inked without a connecting line. You can also for other designs like a sun tattoo with the constellation belt in it. The good thing about the Taurus shoulder tattoos is that whatever the pattern or design you choose, it will give you something appealing. 

Wrist Tattoo

Do you want a bracelet for yourself that looks artistically amazing? Or do you want something to adorn your wrists? Well, you can get this all with the help of a Taurus constellation tattoo. 

The good thing about the Taurus wrist tattoo is that you can also combine it with other things. Some of the best examples for it are Hawaain banned tattoos, or you can go for other tattoos like the traditional Indian tattoos. The wrist tattoos also let you choose various other fascinating designs like roses and moon. 

However, you need to be aware of the fact that the design you choose also changes the meaning. For example, a wrist Taurus represents your Taurus horoscope, and a rose with it depicts other things like love, femininity, and rebirth. 

Bull Tattoo

The bull is also a representation of the Taurus, and thus you can also get a bull tattoo for yourself. 

Some of the best placement and design ideas for the bull tattoos include an abstract geometric pattern bull tattoo, a black gradient pattern bull tattoo, and more. 

Taurus Constellation Tattoo on Belly

Taurus was Zeus in the form of the bull, according to the mythologies. Thus getting a Taurus tattoo on the belly is a meaningful addition. 

According to the beliefs, getting it on your belly means that you also want to get a son like Minos, Zeus, and Crete’s son. It also depicts various other things like fertility and motherhood. 

These are some of the popular Taurus constellation tattoo designs and patterns that you can get for yourself. The tattoos which we have selected are some of the best and will make you stand out from the crowd with their alluring beauty. 

Bottom Line

The Taurus constellation tattoo designs have been popular among people from ancient times. They are some of the most meaningful and astonishingly beautiful tattoo designs which people get. 

The Taurus, according to Greek history, was actually the Zeus; thus, it is also a way of expressing faith in Zeus. Other than this, the artistic designs also give people a reason for getting this amazing body art piece.