Can You Get Tattoos On Dark Skin Tones?

tattoos on dark skin tone

Many myths are floating around the world when we talk about tattoos on dark skin tones. 

When you head out for a tattoo, you consider many factors like the placement, size, design, and style of the tattoo artist.

Ensure that the tattoo ink must match your skin tone so that it shows up well on the skin. Each skin has a different tone; likewise, every ink has a different effect on different skin tones. Colour tattoos on brown skin look elegant. 

So to help you out, we have listed some common myths and color tattoo on black skin tone that you must check out before head out for a tattoo.


Tattooing Light Skin VS Dark Skin

There are various techniques and colors used in the process of tattooing deeper skin tones. The process is the same for all skin types. It starts when ink is inserted into the middle layer of skin, known as the “dermis”. On the other hand, the upper layer of skin or “epidermis” present on the top of the tattoo acts as a filter. 

People think that tattoos are more visible on the light skin, but that’s not the truth! With the right technique and color choices, color tattoos on dark black skin are entirely possible.

A skilled tattoo artist will suggest your right color, shading variations, and line thickness for your skin tone. 

Do color tattoos show on dark skin?

Many potential clients and artists believe that tattooing on dark skin is more rigid and will not display detailed designs or colors. But let us tell you the truth that this is just a myth. Tattoo on dark skin looks bold and unique when done with the right techniques and tools.

Dark-skinned people choose grey and black designs to avoid the color that doesn’t show up well. An experienced artist knows how to work best on different skin tones and colors that will show up regardless of your skin tone. 

A skilled tattoo artist will also suggest various colors that will highlight well depending on your skin tone. 

Colors like bright blue, orange, green variations are best for the medium skin tone people.

And if your skin tone is a bit dark and deep, then dark blue and crimson colors can be the best option as per your choice.

What tattoo colors show up on dark skin?

Black people tattoos look bold and graceful. And if you are looking for color tattoos on dark skin, you must first take suggestions from a skilled tattoo artist. Bold tattoo inks are ideal inks for darker skin. The ink’s color must be darker than your skin tone so that it will show up well on your skin. 

Green and Red are the most famous tattoo ink colors for dark skin. Make sure that your tattoo artist has used thicker lines to draw detailed designs. 

The perfect colors on dark skin tone depending on the amount of melanin and natural skin undertone. This is necessary because tattoo ink will set below the melanin layer in the dermis.

The dark colors such as royal blue, black, grey, and crimson Red are the best-colored tattoos on a very dark pigmented skin tone. Colors like orange, bright blue, and green is ideal for medium skin or tanned skin tone.

What if you want color tattoos on dark skin? 

If it’s your dream to get a colored tattoo on darkly pigmented skin, then what’s stopping you? Go for it! The color must depend upon how dark the skin is and whether it is suitable to contrast the decided colors. If the ink colors contrast your skin tone, and show well on your skin, get ready to ink.

If you have chosen a Purple color for your tattoo designing or shading, we suggest you not choosing. Purple color doesn’t contrast well with dark skin tones. If you prefer, it will fade away after healing like yellow or white colors. 

Does dark skin tattoo scar more?

You must need to pay extra attention if you have a dark skin tone as their skin can keloid. It means excessive growth of scar tissue that forms around a wound.

Take suggestions from a tattoo expert in case you are prone to keloids. An expert tattoo artist will take care of the ink and technique to avoid bleeding or scar while tattooing your skin tone. 

Facts Regarding Different Color Inks-

Not all colors are ideal for dark skin tattoos. Check the below-mentioned colors before you head out for your next tattoo. Here we have mentioned some facts regarding golden, red, and white color inks. Scroll down to check –

Golden Tattoos on Dark Skin

You might be wondering how to get a golden shine on your skin to showcase a pop effect. Let us tell you the truth that there is no option as real silver or metallic gold ink.

If you wish to stabilize a golden or shimmery look, the tattoo ink must include a metal flake base, which is highly unsafe and toxic for skin health. 

The skilled and experienced tattoo artist can create a shimmery effect on your tattoo through creative shading or filling. The tattoo ink is present in the middle layer of the, building a hurdle between the actual color makes it difficult to show you glimmer on your tattoo. So make sure to stay safe when you head out for a next tattoo! 

Red tattoo on dark skin

Red is the famous ink color for dark skin tone. People with tanned or black color tend to choose red color varieties for shading or filling the tattoos. Red seems to be visible well on the brown or dark skin. 

Most of the men and women ask for red shades for their tattoo’s filling or shading. Red tattoos on brown skin look amazing as it gives the pop or highlighting effect on the tattoo’s texture or design.

So, If you are choosing a red color for your next tattoo, go for it without a second thought. 

White tattoo on Dark Skin

Colour tattoos are undoubtedly possible for dark or medium tone people. But it may not be that much effective on darker shades of skin when it comes to white ink. 

Artist and tattoo clients believe that white ink fades away on every skin type. The fading process of white ink starts immediately after the healing procedure of your tattoo.

If you desperately wish for a white tattoo, make sure that you opt for a simple design highlighting bold lines.

This will help you add some white for displaying the details of your chosen tattoo. So to get an idea, always ask an expert tattoo artist for color match and designs of your next tattoo.

Final words 

Black people with color tattoos look cool, but make sure that your tattoo shows up well on your skin. In this article, we have mentioned the useful information related to tattoos on dark skin tones, which will surely help you next time you get a tattoo.

Check out above mentioned colors and myths to avoid any misconception regarding color tattoos on dark skin tones. Make sure to stay safe from scars and any other toxic disease while getting a tattoo.

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