Sun Tattoo Ideas and Their Meaning

sun tattoo

Sun tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos, and it is timeless, classic, and deeply symbolic. Different cultures have different significant meanings for the sun, both positive and negative.

 Sun tattoo can be designed in different sizes, styles, and colors. In this article, we have shared some of the best sun tattoos design and the sun tattoo’s meaning.

Sun Tattoo Meanings

Sun tattoos can go with other tattoo designs, or it can stand all alone. Generally, the sun represents huge energy, and when the sun gives out bright light, it sends a tremendous amount of heat to the earth. If there is no sun, then there will be no sign of life on earth. In the same way, sun tattoos represent both desire and passion. 

The sun’s burning rays represent the person’s burning desire for what they seek out in life. This type of brilliant, bold sun tattoo tells everyone that you have a passion for doing that you set out in life.

The sun also symbolizes:

  • Truth
  • Faith
  • Bravery 
  • Beauty
  • Hope
  • Good luck
  • Energy
  • Courage
  • Faith in humanity
  • Wisdom

Sun and Moon Tattoo Meaning

Sun and moon tattoos are basically about the size of a flat orange in the circular shape. The circle shape alone is the symbol of an endless circle of life. By making the half sun and half moon inside the circle even more meaningful. The moon is connected with the female in many cultures and known in the form of a goddess. At the same time, the sun is known as the symbol of power, strength, and rebirth. The moon and sun tattoos would really display well in colors. You can pick the colors which are suited to the style you choose.  

Sun Tattoos: Steeped in History

Numerous individuals worship the sun every day. Some people pay respect to the huge ball of fire so much that they want to have it permanently on their body. Many ages ago, people saw the sun as a God who was worshipped by the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks. While the Egyptians believed the sun as a symbol of Horus, the rising sun, Osiris’s the setting sun, and Ra, the sun’s zenith, the Greeks called the sun god, Zeus. 

The Chinese believed the sun as the sky’s cosmic eye and also known as the ultimate yang. Native Americans believe that the sun has the ability to heal. Also, they believed the sun as their guardian of the day. Some people see the sun tattoo design as it symbolizes going from dark times to see the light at the end of the dark times. The sun is the prime symbol of truth and light. 

Sun Tattoo Ideas

There are several ways to put sun tattoos on your body. These tattoos are designed by professional tattoo artists that can draw the sun tattoos on the shoulders, arms, legs, or other areas. There are various styles and designs that you can do with the sun tattoo by adding tribal styles and sun with banners around them. 

Types of Sun Tattoo Design

Tribal Sun Tattoos

The tribal sun styles symbolize strength, power, and new life, with their barb wire or bold flames design patterns coming out from a dark circle. Moreover, it looks like it is slowly moving and spinning. There are plenty of tribal tattoos to choose from. Picking the right one and adding to your old design can give the meaning and special look that you are looking for. 

Sun and Moon Tattoo

The sun is the center of the solar system, but it lives alongside the moon and stars, and these principles create a balance in our ecosystem and other essential aspects of life on earth. The sun and moon together usually represent harmony and balance. When putting together moon and sun tattoo design, there are many different choices available. One can choose the sun and moon separately on opposite sides of the body, like one on each ankle, shoulder, or wrist. 

Japanese Sun Tattoo

Japan is also known as the land of the rising sun, and the national flag of Japan beautifully represents this image in its red, white, and bold design. Well, this tattoo is the best choice for anyone of Japanese ancestors or for those who love Japanese culture. There are also some options for this tattoo design. If you want to go for tradition, then you can choose the rising Japanese sun: thick rays with a red circle emanating from it.  

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Sunrise Tattoo

The sunrise we witness every morning is the state image of rebirth and renewal; with that, each day starts anew and full of great possibilities. Getting a rising sun tattoo can display your confidence for the new possibilities that each day brings. Another way to own this design is to symbolize the sun. In some cultures, the sun is a symbol of strength and is seen as a protective entity.

Black Sun Tattoo

A tribal sun tattoo is generally black, but the black sun tattoo has a different meaning. This tattoo design is originally from Germany that features a black sun at the center, with the zig-zag rays out through the geometric circle. 

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Angry Sun

Getting an angry sun tattoo is also the best way to communicate the raw energy and power that the sun symbolizes. This tattoo design, the embodiment, is the key element, and this way, you can make this angry tattoo your own. You can decide the face for the sun that display your idea of anger. It can be bared or snarl teeth that indicate rage, or slanting eyebrows, harsh that imply intensity. 

Sun Devil Tattoos

This tattoo is popular with college popular fans. Sun devil is also a weather phenomenon known as a whirlwind. This tattoo is like a dust devil without the dust. This design can be modified to fit that devil in you.

Yin Yang Sun

The yin yang symbol that represents the balance of opposing forces, yin is a symbol of passivity, the feminine, water, and darkness. At the same time, yang symbolizes activeness, fire, the masculine, and lightness. By joining the elements, find balance and harmony, and it represents in the yin yang symbol.

Aztec Sun God

The Aztec had many gods; maybe no one is more powerful or recognized than the sun god (Huitzilopochtli), who ruled as a heaven’s guardian. This tattoo can serve as a link to your heritage or ancestry or can be a visual display of your strength and inner power. You can make this tattoo in a black outline or in lively colors such as yellow, red, and green. Or you can represent the god’s face on the Aztec shield in the shape of the sun. 

Sun and Water

Fire and water are two important and basic elements in the universe, and combining both water and sun into the tattoo is the best to spotlight the balance of elements needed for the harmonic existence. The sun and water are the best tattoo design for anyone who feels communication with nature.

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Final Words

There are so many sun tattoo designs to choose from. It does not matter that you are a woman or a man, old or young. The sun tattoo is the best way to show yourself through a meaningful symbol, which is both eternal and ancient. 

This tattoo is simply adaptable in color and size, by making it fit for anywhere on your body and in any design that you choose. If you find this article useful, drop a comment below this section.