How To Get Silky Smooth Hair – Effective Ways To Get Smooth Hair At Home

how to get smooth hair

Smoothing your hair at home just by brushing and applying your best hair serum is not enough to smoothen frizz. Having smooth hair seems like it only happens in dreams. But don’t worry, there are several home hair smoothing treatments that will give you super silky hairs without any damages. 

In this article, we have covered the different ways and treatments by which you can get smooth hair without frizzes anymore. 

Effective Ways To Get Smooth & Silky Hair At Home

Follow these below-given steps and make your hair look shiny, silky, and smooth all day. 

Pay Attention:

These below-given ways are so effective to get smooth hair naturally, but you have to follow them all through your heart. If not followed properly, then it is impossible to get smooth hair at home, and you will again remain with frizzy hairs. 

Girl with silky hair

Always Wash Your Hair With Cold Water

Washing hair with cold water is hard in winters, but it is a foolproof way and works on everyone to get smooth hair naturally. 

Cold water or normal tap water not only makes your body shrink, but it also makes your hair cuticles shrink. 

Whereas warm water will make your hair cuticles open wide and cause damages that make them look frizzy and dry. 

Washing hair with cold water makes your hair strands flat and unlocks the moisture. 

Do Not Rub Your Hair

It is always fun to wrap your wet hair in a towel and give them a nice rub to remove all the excess water. 

But it is not good for your hair. Yes, you heard it right; rubbing your hair too much will cause damages to your hair strands. 

Rubbing hair is the reason for breakage and encourages more frizz to your hair. Instead, you can use your towel just to blot your hair from the top and soak all the excess water very gently. 

In case you have long hair, you can gently squeeze the excess water with a towel and leave the hair to dry with rubbing. 

Use Good Protective Hair Serum

ways to get smooth hair at home

Most of the women end up using a hair straightener or blow-dry their hair to get silky and shiny hair instantly. These tools will help you get shiny hair, but what wrong happens is that they cause severe damage in long terms to your hair. 

They may give your hair instant shine, but in regular use of heating equipment will reduce luster from your hair as well as degrade the natural smoothness from your hair. 

So do not use any of the heating equipment on a daily basis; only use them occasionally when it is highly important to do a great hair day. 

Regular use of any of the salon hair styling equipment will cause long-lasting damages to hair and snatch away all the natural shine and leave them frizzy as well as dry. 

Instead, you can use a good quality protective hair serum on your hair strands and apply it all over your hair gently. 


Hair serum will give your hair shine and also help in unlocking the moisture in the hair cuticles so that they remain smooth and shinier for a long time. 

Trim Your Hair Regularly

In case you are looking to grow your hair, trimming your hair regularly is the key to get smooth and healthy-looking hair. 

Even if you find that there are no split ends and your hair ends are polished, you have to get your hair trimmed on a regular basis. There are many amazing sites like Allurium Beauty where you can know when to and how to cut for a healthy growth.

Apply Natural Homemade Hair Mask

aloe vera hair mask for smooth hair

Instead of using a chemical loaded mask or store-bought hair mask, it is better to make a hair mask at home and naturally provide moisture to your hair. 

One of the best hair masks you can apply is an aloe vera mask from its most natural form. Aloe vera gel has a similar composition like keratin to give your hair natural shine and smoothness. 

You can make an aloe vera mask by taking out the gel from the leaves and mix it with little warm water. 

In case you are using a store-bought aloe vera gel, make sure that it does not contain alcohol or any other chemicals. 

Apply the gel all over your strands and comb them thoroughly for about 30 minutes and rinse your hair with cold water. 

Do Not Wash Your Frequently

Washing hair frequently is the major reason to lose the shine and dryness in your hair. Unless you have extremely oily scalp and hair, it is better not to wash your hair on a regular basis. 

Frequent hair wash removes the essential natural oil from your hair and makes them look dry and damaged. 

You can try to wash your hair by skipping some days off and find which works for your hair.

It is found that skipping three days of not washing your hair leads to great changes in hair texture and unlocks the moisture for a longer time. 


In case there is an important meeting, or you have to look great, instead of washing hair, you can use dry shampoo to manage and look great without washing hair.

Straightening Treatment At Home

Getting salon treatment is full of chemicals and is the main reason for severe damages to your hair strands. 

Using natural ingredient based home hair straightening treatment is better than chemical loaded masks. 

Applying a natural hair straightening treatment at home is a better way to get hair frizz-free after a month of shampooing and conditioning. 

Use Clarifying Rinse After Every Hair Wash

apple cider for silky hair at home


No matter how thoroughly you clean the shampoo and conditioner, there is always build-up remaining on your hair, which is the main reason for hair damage. 

You should use apple cider as a clarifying agent and remove the built-up after every wash. 

It is the best ingredient even to remove dandruff from your scalp and stimulate hair growth by boosting hair follicles. 

Final Words By Fix The Life

These are some of the effective ways to get smooth hair at home naturally and for life long. You should follow these hair smoothening treatments to get silky and shiny hair without any use of chemical products. Follow these steps every time you wash your hair and comment below how these steps will help you.