Attractive Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas To Have A Cool Body Art

rib cage tattoo

Do you have good pain tolerance? Or do you want body art placement ideas that look fascinating and attractive? Well, then getting some rib cage tattoo designs for yourself can be a great option. 

The rib cage tattoo ideas are one of the most popular ones and look attractive. However, the problem with these tattoos is that they require high pain tolerance. The reason for this is that the skin on the rib cage is thin, and the bone is in close proximity. This is why the rib cage tattoo should be something extremely attractive and meaningful. Otherwise, tolerating all that pain may look like a waste after a few years. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the best rib cage tattoo designs and ideas which you can get. These designs which we have put together are not only attractive and cool but also meaningful. 

Cool Rib Cage Tattoo Ideas

These are some of the best rib cage tattoo designs which you can get inked with to have a cool and meaningful tattoo:

Feather Rib Tattoos

One of the best things which attract humans towards birds is their ability to fly. This is a quality of birds that humans have tried to replicate for centuries through technology and aviation techniques. However, the birds couldn’t take flight without using their feathers, and this is why the feather is associated with a sense of freedom. 

The feather tattoos also represent the ideas like strength, wisdom, and courage. These tattoos hold significant importance in cultures like Native Americans. The good thing about feather tattoos is that you can choose from an array of available options. In these tattoos, the bird you choose for your rib cage tattoo will define the meaning. It can be something that makes the design personal and very unique to a person. 

If you want something different, then you can also go for the feathers like the angel wing tattoos to express faith. One thing which is sure no matter what you choose is that the feather rib tattoo ideas are unique, meaningful, and attractive. One of the placement ideas for this design is when you want a side rib tattoo. 

Side Rib Tattoo

The side rib tattoo ideas are one of the coolest ones, which will inspire you not to wear your shirt often. These tattoos give the wearer a masculine and powerful appearance and are striking if done skillfully. 

The good thing about the side rib tattoo ideas is that this is a place where you can get anything you want. It has plenty of space, so you can either go for some large design like a dragon tattoo, or you can go for some small rib tattoos like moon tattoos. Another side rib tattoo you can get is the abstract tattoos and the quote tattoos. 

Dreamcatcher Rib Tattoo

The dreamcatcher tattoos are one of the most popular designs when it comes to getting inked. They have been around for centuries and are a part of cultures. These tattoos are also some of the most meaningful designs you can get for yourself. 

The dreamcatcher tattoos are believed to help in filtering the bad dreams out along with negativity. What’s even amazing about these tattoos is that they are also some of the most artistic and visually appealing designs you can get. They are also some of the most vibrantly colorful tattoo options you can get inked with. 

The dreamcatcher designs are especially a great option when it comes to rib cage tattoo for females. However, they are equally popular when it comes to getting rib cage tattoo men. 

Simple Rib Tattoos

A simple tattoo can sometimes be the most interesting and attractive piece of body art. In the simple rib cage tattoo ideas, you can choose from a variety of options. You can go for the outline of your favorite animal, or a flower or the name of the loved one. 

What’s even amazing about the simple rib tattoos is that they let you choose the pattern, design, and colors for your art piece. Some of the most popular rib cage tattoos include geometrical designs, bible verses, Sanskrit tattoos, and more. 

Wolf Rib Cage Tattoo

Do you want something fierce, attractive, and meaningful for your rib tattoos for men? If yes, then getting the wolf tattoos can be the best option for you. 

The wolves are one of the most fierce animals and symbolize the family. In their natural wild habitats, they hunt and live in packs and hence represent strong bonds of family. The wolf tattoos are also associated with spirituality and loyalty and thus a great option for both men and women. In addition to this, the wolf also has cultural significance in cultures like that of native Americans. 

Regardless of the meanings and the other things, the wolf rib cage tattoo ideas are some of the most masculine and powerful choices. 

Snake Rib Cage

The snakes are one of the most popular designs to get inked in the form of side rib tattoos. The snakes are recognized universally for different meanings and have an important place in several cultures. Secondly, snake tattoos are some of the most symbolic tattoos with a striking appearance. 

If you are a person who wants to instill some fear in someone else, then you can easily do it with some hyper-realistic snake tattoos. The serpents are also commonly associated with the things like rebirth, death, healing, and transformation as it sheds the skin. What’s even amazing is that getting it in the form of a rib cage tattoo can give it an illusion of movement with some detailing and 3D design. 

Cross Tattoo 

Are you a religious person? Do you want something to express your faith in style? If the answer is yes, then getting the cross designs in the form of rib cage tattoo can be perfect. 

Cross tattoos are one of the most popular designs in the world of body art. It represents Christ and his sacrifice for humanity. The cross tattoos also represent the everlasting desire and love for remaining on the right path and good. You can also get the cross tattoos inn from a memorable piece of body art. 

Bible Verse Tattoos

The bible verses are one of the most sacred tattoo designs a person can get. What’s even amazing is that they are a great option when it comes to rib tattoos. The reason for it is that at this place, you can get large pieces of the bible verse in the form of tattoos. 

One more good thing about getting inked with bible verses on a rib cage is that it allows you to choose an audience. This is a place where you can keep it a secret or express your faith in style. 

These are some of the most fascinating rib cage tattoo ideas which you can try for yourself. The good thing about most of the ideas listed above is that they are attractive along with being meaningful. 

Final Words

Do you want to have some attractive body art? If yes, then trying some rib cage tattoo design can be the best bet for you. 

The good thing about rib tattoos is that you can get whatever you like with them. You can go for some larger option like an animal tattoo, or you can go for some small tattoo option like cross tattoos. This is because, at the rib cage, you get enough space for both types of designs.