Best Social Media Marketing Tools For Successful Campaign

best social media marketing tools

Do you want to stay on top of social media marketing? Then you need to try out some of the best social media marketing tools right away.

From publishing and creating attractive content to analyzing and reporting, there are a bunch of the best social media management tools that can do it all. These tools will streamline your workflow, save more time, and also make sure that your content reaches the right target audience.

But which one should you use?

With a pool of many social media tools out there, we have thought of helping you pick some of the best social media marketing and management tools that are perfect for your business. 

Here is our list of the best social media tools that we must try.

Best Social Media Marketing and Management Tools

This list contains different social media tools that are suitable for small to medium and large businesses. Every tool is different than others and will help you in various aspects of your social media marketing campaigns. 

Let’s check these out!


OptinMonster is one of the best social media management tools. This lead generation tool lets you engage with visitors at the right time. You can build visually appealing popups, lightboxes, and landing pages with a drag-and-drop template that captures leads. 

Everything from boosting the mailing list to recovering the carts can be easily solved with the help of OptinMonster’s set of amazing tools. You can make OptinMonster a part of your social media marketing campaign by using the ChatBot element.

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It is one of the best giveaway plugins to add to your WordPress site. It features darg and drops giveaway builder and viral giveaway templates which helps to create fun online contests. 

Raffle press makes one of the best social media marketing tools with its verified action features. You can reward the users with extra contest entries for doing something specific as well.

Raffle Press is an amazing tool to boost the social media following and also engagement. Also, it helps to get more traffic on your site, increase sales and grow email lists. 

Smash Balloon

Another great social media tool is Smash Balloon. If you want to embed a social media feed on your WordPress site anywhere you can simply do it using Smash Balloon. It is easy to set up and install the plugin by connecting to your social media account. You will have a beautiful display of your social media feed in less than 30 seconds. 

By having your social media feed displayed, you will be able to convert your website, visitors, into social media followers. Plus, users will interact with your feed without having to leave the main site. Smash Balloon offers a highly customizable feed, wherein you can decide the content you want to display, design the feed matching your brand and also choose to hide or show likes, shares, and comments.  


Another great tool is Audiense, which is a social intelligence tool which helps you to discover new audience and segment them. The most important work that it does is to help you understand your audience by telling them how they tick.  

Audiense uses reports and tracking to help you optimize audience engagement. This tool will help you build a relationship with customers.

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Tweepi is a Twitter marketing tool to get more followers. It helps by finding the relevant users who are interested in your topic, then you can engage with those users and mention them in your tweets by following or adding them to your list. 


Another pick on our list of best social media marketing tools is Socialbakers. This is a collection of tools that helps you to make decisions based on the data of your followers. You can measure your versus competitors’ performance, and then use that to get an insight into what to do for improving your performance.

This kind of information is beneficial to monetize social media marketing campaigns. You will be able to use your budget effectively and also boost customer acquisition, growth, and retention. 


Just like the best social media marketing and management tools, there are plenty of security tools as well. One such social media security tool is ZeroFox. It works effectively on all social media platforms and even on Google Play, Apple Play Store, and Slack. 

This tool helps to identify and protect the brands from hackers looking to take over your social media accounts. This is not it. This tool also keeps your clients protected by removing intentionally disruptive content, offensive comments, protecting your followers from scammers, and eliminating impersonation profiles. 

ZeroFox is like a massive public relations tool with additional security features. 


LastPass is not a specifically designed social media tool, but it can be pretty useful. It saves your passwords in encrypted form and also uses it to create an ultra-strong password for your social media account. You will be able to create passwords with lower and upper case letters, punctuations, numbers, and characters. 

You need to use the master password to unlock the LastPass’s password vault. Once you have logged in, the app will automatically enter the lo=gin details every time you log in to social media sites.

Using this tool you can create multiple strong passwords for various social media platforms. 


An analytical tool, Followerwonk is exclusive to Twitter, it is one of the most useful and in-depth tools in this list of best social media marketing and management tools. 

Followerwonk helps you to optimize and analyze your Twitter audience. It does this by suggesting the people you should follow and ultimately grow your base. If Twitter is one of the elements in your social media marketing campaign then this tool is a must-have. 


AgoraPulse is an affordable and simple solution to all your social media management problems. It has analytic and scheduling features and you can even run contests, promotions, and quizzes.

It allows you to see how your social media campaign is running against your competitor. Want to try it? Now take full advantage of the free trial to see how you like it.


Tailwind is a fantastic tool for you to create content on Instagram as well as Pinterest. You can use it on Pinterest to bulk upload, pin multiple boards, and schedule posts. This comes with various drag and drops calendars which makes scheduling easier than ever.  

Want to try it? Go get a free trial now!

Revive Old Posts

Do you struggle with the regular posting of content on your social media accounts? If yes, then you should definitely try Revive Old Posts. This app lets you share your old posts on social media accounts and lets the users a chance to engage and discover popular content on your site. This tool helps you to keep your social media account active without you having to remember when to post. 

You can easily and quickly share pages, posts, custom posts, and media on your Twitter, Linked In, Facebook, Tumblr, and Pinterest. Revive old Posts also add hashtags from categories automatically by fetching from earlier posts, categories. 


Do you want to keep updated with the latest trending posts on social media? Then BuzzSumo will be a great social media tool for you. This helps you find new and popular content on the internet. You can simply pug in any topic or keyword and get a breakdown of popular posts in those categories. 

Do you want your content to go viral too? BuzzSumo will provide a list of influencers who share the keyword-related content. Using this research idea you can start creating content for your marketing campaign and connect with famous influencers in the tech industry. 


Like content, graphic tools are also very important for a good and successful social media marketing campaign. This is why we have here one of the best tools to help you in this field.

A visage is a great tool that helps companies design their social media graphics which are optimized for each platform. The graphic templates in Visage make it easier for you to maintain your brand’s tone and style. You will always have consistency across all your social media platforms this way. You can keep updating and remixing your graphics as these are editable with some restrictions set by role. 

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If you are willing to try some of the best free social media management tools then Canva should on top of your list. This app lets you create amazing campaign images and can jazz up your content so that many people share your posts.

The best part about Canva is that you don’t have to be a graphic designer to be able to use Canva. It is loaded with ready-to-make templates and some cool graphics that you can use. This means that you can create eye-catching images in just a minute.

You can also get a Canva premium for just $12.95 per month to get advanced tools.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is one of the best all-in-one social media marketing tools to control your efforts better. It comes with multi-level access to things that make it easier for managers to delegate and coordinate tasks to team members. 

Sprout Social also has post scheduling features with a detailed analytics platform and also social listening tools. All these features are super helpful for optimizing your social media content and also to understand how various demographics work on social media. 


At first look, Social Oomph may look like a simple app with zero fancy features, but trust us on this one, you would want to keep it. If you want to upload multiple posts all at once, you can do it now easily using Social Oomph and even schedule when each post has to be published. 

You will have full control over where and when the content goes live and you even get a chance to manage multiple platforms at a single time. Hey, wai! There is more. This tool offers detailed follower analysis to improve audience engagement. Sounds cool, right? 


If you want to be a part of what people are saying about your brand online, try Brand24. This tool will give you instant access to mention your brand anywhere on the internet including popular publishers and social media platforms. 

You can also even segment people with maximum social influence and segment them by negative, positive, and neutrals. 


One of the most recognizable social media tools is Buffer. You can schedule a type of post on all your social media platforms. You are even allowed to choose automating posts like weekdays, every day, etc.

Do you know what’s even better? It comes with a follow-up tool to evaluate your past posts and see which ones were more effective and why.


Another great social media scheduling tool is MeetEdgar. This tool lets you schedule and recycles old posts. All you need to do is organize the posts into categories and schedule the content. 

After you have done all of this Edgar will go through the queue and upload content to each category. Once the tool has gone through all the scheduled posts, it will go back to recycling your old posts. 


Another great pick for free social media management tools is Hootsuite. This simple yet powerful tool is a must-have for an average social media marketer. Using Hootsuite you can schedule posts in advance on various social media platforms. Also, the analytical tools will allow you to measure the engagement of content so you can get an insight into how your campaign is performing. 


Do you know about the top app on our list of the best free social media management tools? IFTTT, yes this is the name of this amazing tool. 

IFTTT stands for “If this, then that”. It comes with a combined set of various tools in one place to create an individual set of instructions and recipes as you would like to say. 


Oktopost is a great social media management tool that is designed especially for B2B companies. This tool lets you schedule the content and also measures its effectiveness. Using Oktopost you can curate content that is useful for your business. Also if you want to collaborate with people it will help you to run things smoothly. 


A great filtering tool, Feedly is known as the content discovery app which works differently than BuzzSumo. This content aggregator also lets you collect content from various sources, areas by combining your reading material all in one single feed to let you browse in your leisure time. 

This tool will not offer you the same level of in-depth metrics as the SumoBuss but will give you a lot of great reading material. This way you will never run out of things to post about on your social media. 

Final Words:

Social media marketing and management tools are available in various types and which do you need depends on your social media needs and goals. In this list, we have tried to cover a portion of the entire ecosystem of social media tools. 

So which is your go-to social media tool? Is it on this list?

We would like to know everything about it in the comments below!