Popular Japanese Flower Tattoo and Their Meanings

Japanese flower tattoo

All around the world, flowers are used to symbolize various aspects and emotional states. Traditionally flowers are related to femininity; however, Japanese flower tattoo designs are inclined more towards masculinity. Like the Japanese lotus flower tattoo reflecting the attributes of perseverance and enlightenment.

Japanese flower tattoo is recognized as a cycle of birth & death and also rebirth because the flowers bloom more than once, representing the everyday life struggles one has to go through.

This article will tell you about the popular Japanese flower swallow tattoo reveals about your personality and has a deep symbolic meaning. Below mentioned are some amazing swallow tattoo names and their deep meaning.

What do flowers symbolize in tattoos?

Flower tattoos have various meanings ranging from good fortune to death. The passionate red rose unique tattoo ideas and have great significance in the cultures of human society in earlier history. But still, some people want to get this tattoo can enlighten the lotus blossom, showing multiple sides of a single flower across the world.

The many colors of the same flowers also represent different meanings. Depending on the time and area in which they grow, flowers have an undeniable connection to all the seasons and blossoming beginnings and ideas.

The birth and rebirth symbolization of the blooming flower makes them an amazing addition to the world’s tattoo design. These can be fully personalized to change their symbolism to resonate with you.

Types of Japanese Flowers and Flower tattoo meaning

The cherry blossom

Cherry blossom flowers mark the beginning of the spring season, signifying a time for renewal. These are also known as Sakura and are a very popular Japanese traditional flower tattoo around the world. 

In Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are a personification of mortality and beauty. In addition to its eye-catching beauty of the pale pink leaves, this flower is also well known for its short lifespan. 

Cherry blossoms are a perfect symbol of kindness and gentleness, as well as imperfection and transience. According to Japanese culture, cherry blossoms are a representation of the beauty and fragility of life. 

Here are some of the common cherry blossom tattoo meaning: 


A cherry blossom flower tattoo symbolizes beauty.


The cherry blossom flowers only bloom on the arrival of the spring season. You will not see a single flower on the entire tree in any other season except spring.


cherry blossom flowers are pink in color, and it is also a symbol of love. Cherry blossom flowers are linked to romance in a couple’s life.


impermanence is another meaning of cherry blossom flower. It serves as a reminder to the entire humanity that nothing in this life is permanent.


Cherry blossom flowers are a great symbol of strength. It can stand against the rough weather and remain strong despite any challenges that may come. 

Cherry blossom flowers represent prosperity, nobility, fragility, renewal, purity, fertility, life, and femininity.

The Japanese cherry blossom tattoo can have both positive and negative meanings depending on how you want to represent it. If you want a flower tattoo for symbolizing renewal, then cherry blossom might be a perfect choice. This Japanese flower tattoo is perfect for people who are trying to forget their past and move ahead on to bigger and better things in life.

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The peony

Another famous Japanese pink flower, the peony, symbolizes wealth, good fortune, bravery, nobility, and honor. Peony Japanese peony tattoo is linked to positive meaning. These are popular flower tattoos in both Japanese and Western cultures. The deep meaning of strength and prosperity makes it a popular tattoo design.

If you want a tattoo to mark the celebration of your marriage, then incorporating peonies in your tattoo design would be a great idea. This Japanese flower tattoo works as a good omen for people entering into marriage as it is a symbol of a happy relationship.

The Japanese peony flower tattoo also represents prosperity, making it the best choice for people who aim at making more money. This beautiful flower symbolizes hope for good fortune.

The lotus flower

Japanese lotus flower tattoo is also very popular among people because of its stunning and unique look. Not only it looks beautiful, but it also carries some deep meanings that people in Japan and worldwide corporate into their designs.

One of the most known lotus flower tattoo meanings is wisdom. This meaning makes it a popular flower tattoo idea choice for people who pride themselves on being helpful and knowledgeable.

The Lotus flower is also a symbol of transformation. You can get a Japanese lotus flower tattoo alone or incorporate butterfly designs, which will bring a similar meaning as well.

Not on this, but the lotus flower tattoo also symbolizes the meaning of purity. People who believe in living pure and clean lives will find no other better flower tattoo than lotus to resonate with them.

There are many more beautiful Japanese lotus tattoo meanings, but there’s nothing wrong if you choose to get this design just because of its beautiful looks.

The Chrysanthemum

Japanese chrysanthemum flower tattoo is a symbol of the Emperor and the entire imperial family. This flower can also be seen on the Imperial seal, 50-yen coin, and Japanese passports. The Japanese chrysanthemum tattoo is also known to be a symbol of rejuvenation and longevity. Chrysanthemum is also known as Kiku in Japan.

The Japanese Chrysanthemum is the only flower tattoo that represents friendship. If you wish to get matching friendship tattoos with your best friends or someone you share a strong bond with, chrysanthemum tattoo designs are a perfect choice.

You can also get this flower tattoo to represent a long and happy life or incorporate it in your other tattoo design. Chrysanthemum makes a perfect tattoo if you believe in healthy living and want to see your child grow old and grandchildren grow up.

Japanese chrysanthemum tattoo is also a perfect gift choice for mothers, and use it as a memorial tattoo to surprise your mom. In most cases, Chrysanthemum makes a large part of the memorial tattoo, but it can also look nice as a smaller design on your wrist.

One more special thing about the Japanese chrysanthemum tattoo is that different colors symbolize different meanings. For instance, a yellow chrysanthemum is a symbol of sorrow, red represents love, whereas a white chrysanthemum is a sign of loyalty. You have to choose the color of your flower carefully before getting the tattoo, or you can mix all the colors together.

One important thing to note is that white Chrysanthemum is also used in funerals and on graves in Japanese culture. Therefore you need to be careful when choosing the color of your Japanese chrysanthemum tattoo.

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Red Spider Lily

Red spider lily is also known as hell flower or Higanbana flower. Some people also know it as the flower of death or lycoris radiata in English. These Japanese flower tattoo designs are linked to final goodbyes, and people believe that these flowers grow when people part their ways for good. The red spider is also a symbol of rebirth. These flowers are often used in funerals but can also be used for decoration purposes.


Japanese maple is a popular background symbolizing wing, passing time, and floating leaves carried with winds or in the water. In Japanese culture, maple is also a great symbol for lovers. People mostly prefer to get canopies of maple leaves over their shoulder tattoos or over the torso.

Single or multiple maple leaves can be a potent sign of resurrection and regeneration through changing seasons. Maple tattoos also symbolize the transformation of changing seasons marked by the changing color of the leaves.


Japanese peach tree flower is a symbol of spring. The peach flower is also associated with long life and immortality. Peach is also known as one of the “Three blessed fruits” in Buddhism and is also a popular symbol of longevity.

Peach is called Momo in Japanese culture, and taro means the oldest son. Momotaro is a peach boy superhero in Japanese folklore. You can hear a lot of popular Momotaro stories.


Orchid is another popular Japanese flower tattoo meaning a lot of things in different cultures around the world. In Japan, Neofinetia falcata is famous for a very long deep history in Samurai culture. This beautiful little jewel is treasured for a long time in Japanese culture for its foliage and fragrance.

Orchid is also known as the symbol of wealth and nobility. Samurai warriors had to travel long distances searching for tiny orchid flowers and bringing them to the royal court. If the warrior successfully completes his quest, it was considered as a sign of bravery.


Hibiscus flower is also a very popular flower tattoo. It is the only Japanese flower tattoo with the simplest meaning. Hibiscus is a symbol of gentle.

For instance, a hibiscus tattoo on sleeves can mean gentle instead of respect or power. A standing alone hibiscus flower tattoo can be a less restrictive representation of its meaning.

Final Words:

Are you looking for some beautiful flower tattoos for women or meaning Japanese flower tattoos for men? If yes, the above-listed guide will come in handy. There are various Japanese flowers; each holds significant importance in the Japanese culture. You can choose any Japanese flower tattoo with a meaning that resonates with you in some way. These look super elegant and pretty. 

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