Neck Tattoos For Men: Meaning And Tips For Beginners

neck tattoos for men

Many tattoos are easy to grab people’s attention. Some consider neck tattoos for men as one of the most niche tattoo categories because of its unique location. Unless it is covered by clothing, the neck tattoo is much assured of getting at least one strange look every day when you are outside.

Many people do not think of neck tattoos for their first tattoo. Usually, they choose famous tattoo areas such as forearms, ankles, and biceps. Even those who already have plenty of ink on the body often hesitate to get the neck tattoo because it is right up there with face tattoos because it is one of the boldest tattoos around. So here are some best neck tattoos for men.

Different Types Of Neck Tattoo Ideas

Dragonfly Neck Tattoos

This huge tattoo is usually worn by the back of the men’s or women’s neck. This tattoo comes in the design of a dragonfly, with a lengthy and slim body and long wings. Well, this dragonfly tattoo does have a different shape because of this reason, it really works well on neck tattoo design. 

Also, the dragonfly is a famous neck tattoo for women. Famous legends and myths, the dragonfly is considered a symbol of transforming, changing oneself, similar to a butterfly and a moth tattoo. So if you are getting a dragonfly tattoo on the neck, then it means that you have gone through some kind of transformation yourself. No matter if it is emotional, spiritual, physical, etc., to change into the better version of yourself.

Skull Neck Tattoo

Even though this tattoo design may end up scaring some people, it is still a pretty amazing neck tattoo. Apart from looking beautifully pleasing to the eyes, this skull back of neck tattoo still includes lots of symbolic meanings. If you plan to get a skull tattoo, you need to know about the meaning of the skull neck tattoo symbols first before getting tattooed on you. In regards to this design, the tattoo also creates a small part of a second neck tattoo. 

Peter Pan Neck Tattoo

People love the story of Peter Pan; it is a story of a boy who never grew up. But no matter whether you enjoyed the play, the animated movie, or the live-action movie. Choosing the favorite character from the cartoon, a book, a movie, or a play is one of the best ways to pay tribute to a thing that you are passionate about.

Tribal Neck Tattoo

Tribal tattoo designs are solely created for neck tattoos, and several tattoo artists and clients use them. The tribal tattoo has gathered the attention of everyone who sees it because this tattoo looks amazing on the men’s or women’s neck. This is the reason why they are famous neck tattoo designs. However, the tribal tattoo can mean several different things all over many cultures.

For instance, the tribal tattoo design belongs to New Zealand’s Maori culture, which means you have a higher rank in the tribe. Moreover, in Celtic culture, tribal tattoos can symbolize culture, strength, and faith. These tattoos were viewed as the type of ranking for both religious and military purposes.

All-Seeing Eye Neck Tattoo Design

The tattoo of an all-seeing eye has a pretty amazing way of making the presence known, particularly when drawn on any part of the body. Those who have stared at this amazing tattoo design may want to take a second look at it. 

In the famous culture, this tattoo can represent several things, such as the ability to see the future. When you inked this tattoo design on the neck, it is like you are telling people that you can see the future very clearly. Even the eye tattoo which is not visible likes the ones behind you.

Spider’s Neck Tattoo

This tattoo is just downright creepy, and it will surely fit a men’s neck more than a women’s. However, if you love spiders, then go for it and select the best design for the tattoo. Many people have acquired a tattoo of wolf spiders. So this is your chance to choose the creepy design.

Meaning of Neck Tattoo Designs

Placing the tattoo on the neck will mean that you are a risky or daring individual and like to make a bold decision in life. It is frequently said that the neck is one of the parts of the body which will be exposed to the public no matter what you wear. 

Moreover, necks are also particularly sensitive, particularly for tattoos. The designs that you might use for a neck tattoo will depend on what design you prefer. It can be a big or small neck tattoo, and it comes with a design like flowers, hearts, Japanese or Chinese or characters, the name of someone, or a rose neck tattoo.

Though you can get a tattoo done on any portions of the body, there are some areas that might work a little bit better in comparison to the rest. This is the reason why neck tattoos are popular; These tattoos seem to be one of those above-mentioned areas, especially the back of the neck.

The neck is one of the best places to get the tattoo done since you can simply cover it up. At the same time, it is always exposed to the viewer. Moreover, what’s more, the neck is a part of the body that is not as painful as the rest of the body. It is the best place for you to put the tattoo on; you still need to select an amazing design that suits your style.

Neck Tattoo Preparation Tips

  • Well, it definitely helps to take a nice bath or shower you go for the session. It is also a polite gesture for the tattoo artist because they do not want to sit close to your body, emanating nasty odors.
  • Wear clothes like black or dark blue that you would not mind if they get the tattoo ink. It is highly possible during the tattoo session that the shirt could get blood splatters or ink on it. 
  • Never shave away the area of skin where you are planning to put the tattoo on. If the area has body hair and requires shaving, then allow the artist to do it for you instead. You would not want to risk getting a cut on the skin or getting a razor burn before you can visit the session.
  • You can also talk about pain relief to the tattoo artist if possible. If you have plans of applying the anesthetic or pain-numbing cream before you go, make sure to discuss it with the tattoo artist.

Final Words

The neck is perhaps one of the most exposed parts of the human body-Despite wearing clothes, it is still completely visible to many people. There are lots of ideas for neck tattoos for men and women. Women like to put beautiful patterns on their tattoos, while men like to put the tribal-style neck tattoo or some bold tattoos. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.