Iconic Moon Tattoo Designs With Meanings for Your Next Tattoo

moon tattoo designs

Moon is a beautiful symbol of transition, growth, and creativity. The deep meaning associated with the moon makes it an iconic design for getting inked. If you are looking for a unique tattoo option with deep meaning, then moon tattoo designs are an ideal choice for you. 

Many people associated moo with women; however, tribes in Africa, Japan, and Native America have a lot of stories that relate the moon to male gender and masculinity. It makes moon tattoos a versatile design suitable for both men and women. If you are charmed by the moon and looking for moon tattoo designs, then continue reading the article.  

Moon Tattoo Meaning

Moon is associated with different meanings and symbolism in different cultures. For instance, in Greek mythology, Artemis was considered a protector of mothers, maidens, and innocent animals. In Christianity, the logo of the moon is used to highlight various cosmic events as well as the ephemeral nature of life. Moreover, Neopagans associate the moon with the Triple Goddess: the maiden, mother, and the crone. Each phase represents the singular component of life. 

The moon is representative of elegance as it mirrors light rather than delivering its own. The moon softly grabs our attention by illuminating the surrounding in a unique way that is open to esoteric explanations and interpretations. The crescent moon represents fertility and motherhood. Moreover, different communities claim this natural symbol. 

Alchemists relate the moon with silver as it has an amazing aurora of light. On the other hand, in Wicca, the moon is believed to emanate an energy that is expressed as impressionable and feminine. It is called the power of the dryad. 

There are different meanings of the waxing and waning moon also. The waning moon represents speculation, anticipation, and flowing nature. On the other hand, the waxing moon expresses sensibility, achievement, and maturity. 

Below mentioned are some common moon tattoo meanings:

  • Fertility
  • Creativity
  • Magic 
  • Lunacy
  • Cyclical nature
  • Growth
  • Expulsion of negative energy
  • Rarity
  • Wiccan beliefs
  • Feminine mystique
  • Darkness
  • The memory of the loved ones

Best Moon Tattoo Designs

When it comes to moon tattoos, there is a wide range of designs available depending on the tattoo spot. Here are some of the best moon tattoo ideas.

Full Moon Tattoo

It is one of the best moon tattoo designs that are related to transition and mysticism. It is the best time to change the supernatural and blurred boundaries, and a tattoo is the best way to do so. The full moon is highly powerful and is associated with calm and clarity. 

The full moon tattoo is round and perfectly illuminated. It is the symbol of completion, the peak of clarity, and the height of power. Therefore, a full moon tattoo is a perfect choice for you if you want to represent completion and clarity. It is better to opt for the right tattoo placement spot with a larger area of skin to allow fine details and a unique design.

Crescent Moon Tattoo

In particular, the crescent moon represents fertility and motherhood in different communities. The crescent moon tattoo meanings also include creativity, growth, and manifestation. 

Crescent moon tattoo is a perfect choice for people who appreciate small and simple designs. The small size and shape of this tattoo make it a popular choice. It is delicate and looks amazing behind the ear, on the wrist, or the ankle. 

The shape of this moon tattoo is highly attractive, so you can get it on any part of your body. The symbolism of this tattoo also contributes to making it appealing. This moon tattoo design is popularly associated with hope and change. If you appreciate these qualities, then this moon tattoo design is a perfect choice for you. 

Half Moon Tattoo

Are you looking for a deeply meaningful tattoo? If yes, then a half-moon tattoo is one of the best choices. Moreover, if you are looking for creative inspiration, then also you should get a half-moon tattoo. 

This tattoo design is highly beautiful and represents birth cycles. Moreover, it is also related to life and death. You can also personify a half moon tattoo by adding some unique features to it. You can combine a half-moon with a cute face to make it more attractive and appealing. 

Moon Phases Tattoo

This tattoo design is one of the most popular choices. Moon is the symbol of powerful energy. Moreover, it signifies intuition, birth, death, wisdom, and a spiritual connection. Each phase present in the moon’s cycle has unique spiritual meaning and visual characteristics. 

The phases of the moon symbolize personal growth and development.

The moon cycle is one of the strongest symbols to get inked as it symbolizes growth and can also be associated with death, birth, and reincarnation. Moon phases tattoo design will always inspire you to stay motivated in life. Moreover, trust me, it is one of the coolest body art to get inked.

Sun Moon and Stars Tattoo

When planning to get creative body art, nothing is better than the sun, moon, and stars tattoo. The design, as well as the symbolism, makes it appealing. There are various meanings and symbolism associated with sun moon star tattoos.

One of the common symbolisms associated with the tattoo is the idea of a family. The sun represents masculinity, where the moon represents femininity, and the stars can be considered children. Many people consider the combination of these three beautiful elements as something magical and whimsical. Moreover, the design can also represent a balance between day and night. 

Sun and Moon Tattoo

If you want to get a unique moon tattoo, then you can get a sun and moon tattoo also. These moon tattoo designs represent unity and the merging of opposites. Moreover, it also symbolizes cooperation instead of rebirth and conflict. Many people consider seeing the moon and sun as a thrilling sight, and getting them together in a tattoo is a pleasure.

Sun and moon also symbolize masculine and feminine traits, the conscious as well as the subconscious mind, and the day and night. If you want something unique, then you can get a sun and moon yin yang tattoo. It represents unity in opposites.  

Moon and Stars Tattoo

If you are looking for a cute moon tattoo design with deep meaning and symbolism, the moon and star tattoo is the one for you. Both the moon and stars have been a part of our curiosity. They complement each other and have been part of various mysteries and ancient lores. These celestial symbols are powerful as they convey hope and spirituality by providing light in the dark.

Moon and stars tattoos can be a symbol of a person’s creativity, magical sight, and attraction or lunacy. One of the popular interpretations of moon and star tattoos is that the moon is seen as a mother figure, and the stars near it are the children. If you love your family and want to honor it, then this could be a beautiful tattoo design for you. 

Small Moon Tattoos

If you are looking for minimalist tattoo ideas, then small moon tattoos make an amazing choice. The small moon tattoo design looks highly amazing and incredible. It is the best choice to raise your tattoo game and make a strong style statement. 

Small tattoos are delicate and can be inked anywhere. You can get a beautiful small moon tattoo on your finger, wrist, or behind the ear. Moreover, less pain is involved in getting this tattoo, which makes it an ideal choice if you have low pain tolerance.  

Wolf and Moon Tattoo

The combination of moon and wolf in a tattoo can make a strong statement. Wolf tattoo symbolizes family, loyalty, and spiritual guidance. Various legends involve wolves and the lunar cycle. It is believed that a wolf howls at the moon and specifically when it is full. It can represent mystery and time of darkness. This tattoo design can represent your thoughts on the mystery. 

You can also get a tattoo design with a wolf howling at the moon. It represents free-spiritedness, strength, and a strong connection to the wild. 

Triple Moon Tattoo

The triple moon tattoo is also known as the triple goddess tattoo. This tattoo design celebrates feminine power and is highly appealing. The triple moon tattoo design includes three phases of the moon: waxing, full moon, and waning. It is a Wiccan symbol that is popularly used to represent the idea of Triple Goddess. 

The elements in the triple moon include the maiden, mother, and the crone, which represent the three phases of the female cycle. The maiden symbolizes youth and new life. The mother represents power and fertility. Finally, the crone represents maturity and rebirth. 

Final Words

Moon tattoo designs are an amazing choice if you want something mystical with deep meaning. These tattoo designs are highly versatile, so both males and females can get them. Moon tattoos represent cyclical nature, magic, creativity, fertility, and growth. These are the best tattoo designs for nature lovers. Moreover, you can make the tattoo design unique by adding some personalized touch. If you like the information on moon tattoo ideas, drop a comment.