Mandala Tattoo: Symbolism And Meaning

mandala tattoo

The mandala tattoo is one of the fascinating pieces of tattoo art you can get. It features fine lines, recognizable images, and geometric shapes like flowers. 

The mandala is a Sanskrit word that means “circle,” and thus, most of the mandala designs are in a circular shape. Although the mandala tattoo designs also incorporate the other shapes and images in their designs. These tattoo ideas are also excellent options for anyone, as they provide you with a scope of designs and ideas which are aesthetic and have deeper meanings on spiritual levels. 

Like any other tattoo, you must know its meaning, symbolism, and where it looks best on your body before getting the artistic mandala tattoo. To help you with this, we bring you all the aspects of this enticing tattoo. 

Origins Of Mandala Tattoo

The mandala tattoo designs are among the most popular tattoo arts that have gained popularity in recent years. Mandala tattoo ideas have their origins in Buddhism and Hinduism but are also popular among other people. 

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Mandala Meaning

The circle is the essence of the mandala tattoo and its various designs. All the other symbols and shapes that are inked in this tattoo are contained inside the circle. The circle in these tattoo ideas have a paramount spiritual meaning. 

In these tattoo ideas circle represents universal integrity as a whole. The circle is like an endless loop and thus represents eternity, balance, wholesomeness, and harmony. This eternity of the circle encapsulates the other designs and shapes, which creates a sense of peace, symmetry, and wholeness. 

When we talk about a mandala meaning, then the circle is also a representation of balance, perfection, and equality. This is because when we draw a line from the center of the circle in whichever direction, the distance is the same. In this sense, spiritual reality perfection gives our various myriad experiences shape and everything else in the whole universe. 

Mandala Tattoo Meaning To Different People

The mandala is basically associated with Buddhism and Hinduism. The mandala meaning for the Buddhist is religious, as the mandala in the Buddhist has high importance in the religious rituals. 

The perfection and balance of the circular mandala tell and symbolizes our relations with the infinite. The mandala is also used in ancient Buddhist meditation practices like the Anuttarayoga Tantra. 

In Hinduism, the mandala meaning is slightly different from that in Buddhism. Although the mandala in Hinduism also signifies balance, perfection, and harmony, it is basically used for meditation.

Mandal in Hinduism is basically used as a meditation aid. The mandala helps in focusing the mind in a state of meditation. For this reason, you will find the symbols that contain the mandala in Hindu temple artwork and other works.

One thing to note with the mandala tattoo and its designs is that it is not just specific to Hinduism and Buddhism.

The simplified mandala designs can also be seen in the Christian faith. For example, on the stained window glasses with them containing important religious images or signs. 

Should You Get A Mandala Tattoo

The answer to this question is definitely yes. This is because getting a tattoo is a personal choice, and getting such an amazing art piece of tattoo like the mandala can make you stand out.

However, the mandala tattoo is something that has religious and cultural affiliations, so certain care is needed. Although it is also one of the most popular tattoos which people get and is not just restricted to Hinduism and Buddhism. 

Mandala tattoo designs can be profound specifically for those people who have paramount spiritual beliefs. The mandala tattoo’s circular design is truly a universal design as it encapsulates everything connecting us to the infinite. 

Given the mandala’s significance in meditation and yoga, it may also be appealing to people who regularly practice meditation. 

Other than these reasons for why you should definitely get the mandala tattoo, the mandala tattoo ideas can also be a reason. The various mandala tattoo ideas include different shapes, lines, images, and colors, making it one of the most eye-catching tattoo designs. 

The Importance Of Mandala Coloring

The mandala tattoo colors have various meanings, which signify important things and reflect in their designs. The following mandala colorings have great importance:

  • Black: The black color in the Mandala Tattoos signifies reality, individualism, and deep thoughts. 
  • Purple: The purple mandala coloring signifies spirituality and spirit, which is why so many people get it.
  • Red: Mandala tattoos red coloring symbolizes the energy, passion, and strength, thus a favorite one among young ones. 
  • Green: The green mandala coloring symbolizes nature, healing, psychic ability, and caring. 
  • Blue: Color blue is known to be the symbol of peace and meditation in the mandala coloring schemes and designs.
  • Pink: It is a popular color among the women as it signifies the institution and love.
  • Orange: Transformation of self, awakening, creativity, and self-awareness are the things that the orange signifies in the mandala.
  • Yellow: The yellow color in the mandala coloring schism and design symbolizes joy, wisdom, and happiness. 

Different Mandala Tattoo Designs

Mandala tattoo ideas are one of the best and most creative as you can have anything in the circle. It doesn’t restrict anything and thus gives you the freedom to choose.

However, there are some popular traditional tattoo designs with certain meanings. Some of these designs are:

Eight Spokes Design

The mandala tattoo’s eight spokes design is one of the most popular designs, especially among the Buddhists. In this tattoo, the eight spokes represent the eight-fold path of the Buddha. They symbolize the right speech, right resolve, right conduct, right effort, right view, right livelihood, right mindfulness, and right meditation. 

Thus the eight spokes design can be the best for you if you are Buddhist or inspired by this peaceful religion. 

Lotus Flower

The flower of the lotus is prominent and significant in Buddhism. Lotus flowers are also popular among the various mandala tattoo designs as it fits perfectly in the mandala due to its symmetrical design. This symmetry of the lotus flower also symbolizes harmony and balance. 

The lotus flower blooms over the water, but its roots are in the mud. Thus Buddhism, symbolizes that one can bring balance to life even in the darkest hours of life.

Just like the flower of lotus grows from mud and struggles through the water to bloom, humans can also transform themselves and get enlightened. 

Bell And Mandala

Emptying the mind and living the moment in the present, and giving up the future expectations and worries is what a bell in mandala design symbolizes. It signifies that one can achieve clarity and wisdom by emptying the mind and living in the present. 

Wolf In Mandala

The wolf in Mandal inked in the black color is one of the most significant art pieces that you can get. It symbolizes that a person must always keep on moving forward in life while improving themselves.

It signifies the positive energy, intelligence, and how a person can use their strength to do the right thing. 

Watercolor Tattoo

The watercolor mandala tattoo is one of the most interesting art pieces that you can get to show off. This type of colorful mandala tattoo can incorporate many colors and designs according to the choice of the wearer. 

One thing to know about this tattoo is that it is quite a large design, so the best placement area for such tattoos in the legs.

What makes this tattoo stand out from the other types of tattoo, like the simple tattoos so that its multi color use gives it significance. The colors in this tattoo signify various things like peace, love, and eternity. 


The mandala is an important symbol for both the Buddhist and Hindus. It represents balance, spiritual traditions, infinity, and harmony. Other than its meaning and what it symbolizes, it is also a very picturesque piece of art. 

The designs and colors in the mandala tattoo make it one of the most appealing tattoo designs. The freedom of putting anything inside the mandala also makes it one of the best designs to let your imagination run wild. The geometric designs, natural designs, and animal designs are some of the things which you can get with this tattoo. 

What makes this tattoo even more appealing is that you can encapsulate other tattoos like the animal tattoo in itself. 

So, when are you getting your mandala tattoo?