Intimidating Mafia Tattoo Designs To Express Your Personality

mafia tattoo

Do you want to express your strong personality? Well, the mafia tattoo designs can help you do this in a strong and expressive way. 

Honesty is appreciated, and respect is earned. Loyalty is returned, and trust is gained. From John Dillinger to Al Capone and others, the mafia tattoo designs have been a popular thing. These tattoo designs are expressive, fierce, strong, and meaningful and hold significance to the wearer. They are generally worn for the purpose of showing allegiance to a gang or for expressing the life of a gangsta. 

In the article, we will tell you all about the mafia tattoo designs and ideas and what they mean to the wearer. We will also explore the various tattoos and their roots. 

Mafia Tattoo 

These are some of the facts and designs of the mafia tattoo which you should know:

What Does A Mafia Tattoo Mean?

The mob tattoo or gang tattoos, or the mafia tattoo have deep meanings behind them. There is the meaning behind every design and the person who is using it. 

Variations Of Mafia Tattoo

There is an endless number of mafia tattoo designs. However, most of them belong to one or another category below:

Russian Mafia Tattoos

Bravta is the name that is usually used for referring to the Russian Mafia or mob. They are a type of organization involved in a crime that first appeared in Russia during the Soviet Union era. 

The organized crimes in Russia started to gain footing in the region during the reign of the Tsar. These gangs, eleven after the fall of the Tsar and Stalin after him, continued their footings in the country. There was a time when these gangs controlled nearly ⅔ part of the Russian economy. This fact is enough to reveal the power of the Russian Mafia. 

The members of the Russian mafia also spend time in prison, and this is where the mafia tattoo design originates in the Russian Mafia. When a member of the Mafia gets eye tattoos on the body on the chest or any part above the waist, then it designates his position as an enforcer. Other common types of Russian mob tattoos include epaulets designed on the shoulders. 

The epaulets in the shoulder served as the representation of the rank, position, and experience of the person in the Mafia. They also add stars to these tattoos to show respect. 

Irish Mafia Tattoo

The Irish mob is one of the most organized and oldest of the organized crime groups. They are especially active in the USA. They were even mentioned in the book, The Gangs of New York, published in 1982. 

The Irish mafia groups were present in most of the major US cities and also had a strong presence. They were also strongly present in their native nation of Ireland. There are a number of mob tattoos which the Irish Mafia wear and hold meaning for them. Most of these tattoos have Irish Symbols in them that are not only designated to be worn by the members of the mob. 

One of the most popular Irish mob tattoo designs is the four-leaf clover on the hand. Other than this, a number of Celtic tattoo designs are also popular among the members of the Irish Mob. 

Japanese Mafia Or The Yakuza

You must have heard or seen about the Yakuza in the movies. They are one of the largest and most organized crime organizations around the world which are still operating and strong. 

The yakuza or Japanese Mafia is specifically popular for their frim code of honor and the fiefdom nature. In the Japanese Mafia, most of the gangsters have their complete bodies covered in tattoos, which are popular by the name of Irezumi Tattoos. However, every part of the skin which is exposed is not covered by the tattoos. 

Some of the major types of the Japanese mafia tattoo design include dragon tattoos and other Japanese tattoos. In Japanese culture, having a tattoo is always associated with the yakuza. This is why a person having a tattoo in the Joana may face problems in getting jobs and even in getting inside a public bath. The people of Japan consider tattoos taboo as they are a sign of the Yakuza. 

The Japanese tattoos or yakuza tattoos originate in ancient Japan, where the police used to tattoo the criminals. This was done to mark them for life. 

Italian Mafia Tattoos 

The Italian Mafia is most popular for the names of Just Mafia or the Sicilian Mafia. The mobsters who are a part of the Italian Mafia call them the “Men of honor.” 

The members of the Italian Mafia are involved in various activities like negotiations between the criminals, organizing and oversight of the illegal agreements and transactions, and racketeering. Other than this, they also enforce the orders of the mob bosses regarding things like agreements between the criminals of any party to break it. 

The Italian Mafia is like an umbrella organization for the cromes and doesn’t involve itself in the direct crimes. When it comes to the mafia tattoo design in the Italian mob, most of the gang tattoos revolve around Italian pride. You will often see things like the map of Italy on their body or saying like the “Sicilian Pride” inked on them. 

These are some of the popular types of mafia tattoo designs that are popular among the mob members of different organizations. 

Final Words

Do you want to get inked with something strong and expressive? If yes, then getting inked with the mafia tattoo designs can be the thing for you. 

The good thing about these designs is that most of them are not specific to only Mafia. Common people can also get inked with them as they are attractive and meaningful. However, some designs are Mafia specific so do a little research before you get yourself inked.