Fascinating Fox Tattoo Ideas to Reveal Your Sly Personality

fox tattoo

If you think that fox tattoo designs are feminine; then this article will definitely prove you wrong. Fox tattoos are adequately-received in all types of social circles. In pop culture, they are associated with urban old men, so men can secure their status as a “silver fox” with the correct form of body art.

The value and meaning of a fox tattoo can be interpreted in a wide range of ways as a fox is associated with various features like mystery and cunning. If you are planning to get a fox tattoo, then continue reading this article to find out some best fox tattoo ideas. 

Fox Tattoo Meaning

Some of the common traits related to a fox are heightened perception and cunning. Foxes are often considered tricksters and are able to innovate through unusual circumstances with deft thinking, courage, and adequate response to the trouble. 

In ancient times, foxes were associated with two main elements: earth and fire. They are mysterious, intelligent, more ambitious, and independent. At the same time, foxes are elegant, beautiful, and most intelligent. Below mentioned are some common fox tattoo meaning:

  • Sexuality
  • Longevity
  • Abundance
  • Wit
  • Friskiness
  • Prosperity

Top Fox Tattoo Ideas

If you are looking for some amazing animal tattoo ideas, then a fox tattoo is the perfect pick for you. Below mentioned are some beautiful fox tattoo ideas with the perfect fox illustration. 

Black and Gray Fox Tattoos

There is a wide range of tattoo styles. However, nothing can beat the charm of black and grey tattoos. One best thing about these tattoos is that they are timeless and render a classic look which makes them the perfect pick. They render an amazing feel and look. 

If you want to get a classic fox tattoo, then the black and grey fox tattoo is the perfect pick. The tattoo design includes fine black outlines, shapes, and shading to create a vibrant tattoo piece. The flawless curves in the tattoo with comprehensive gray shading make them stand out in the crowd. This tattoo design is perfect for revealing your sly personality and showing your classic sunning side without speaking a word. 

Abstract Fox Tattoos

Imagine a fascinating tattoo design that can twist reality and present it in the most classic way possible. They combine distorted reality with creative designs, which leads to the formation of unique tattoo designs. Abstract tattoos are profoundly artistic, creative, and different from traditional tattoos. 

If you want your fox tattoo in a unique form, then an abstract fox tattoo is the perfect choice for you. The design includes a silhouette of a fox in bright orange color. The design includes the face of the fox in a living flame with little indication of eyes and a melting face. A fox is powerful, energetic, smart, and quick to disappear. A fox tattoo meaning includes an energetic and smart personality. 

An abstract fox tattoo design shows the intellectual nature of a person with love towards the modern art form. It is one of the most popular tattoo designs when it comes to unique men tattoo designs. 

Small Fox Tattoo

Gone are the days when only big tattoos were considered stylish. Minimal tattoos are gaining remarkable popularity in the world of body art. Small tattoos look classy, fashionable and help to establish a strong style statement. 

Minimal tattoos are small in size but highly fashionable. You can get them anywhere you want, like finger tattoos, behind your ear, wrist, or ankle. If it is your first tattoo, then a small fox tattoo is something you should get as it involves less pain. Get a small fox tattoo made of geometric lines or the one with fine details and shading. In order to stand out in the crowd, opt for getting a fox tattoo on the ankle with beautiful orange and red color. Trust me, this tattoo of yours will definitely be a conversation starter. 

Avant-Garde Fox Tattoos

When it comes to art, avant-garde refers to an art form that is innovatory. It introduces and explores a completely new form of art. This art form is unorthodox in regard to culture, society, and art. 

Avant-garde art form includes amazing use of alternative color techniques for a unique piece of body art. An avant-garde fox tattoo is a right pick if you are open to experimenting with new styles. This beautiful tattoo design includes the best array of a wide range of color techniques. It is a bold tattoo design that emphasizes a perfect balance between geometry, line, and color. They come in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes but reflect a mastery of an amazing technical tattoo. 

Geometric Fox Tattoo

If you want something unique, a geometric fox tattoo is a right choice for you. They include a wide range of technical effects, including geometric line work. A geometric tattoo includes geometric shapes, lines that come together to form a masterpiece of body art. 

For something amazing, opt for a small geometric fox tattoo with fine lines. The tattoo may look simple, but it creates a great style statement. It shows that simple geometric lines can create amazing designs. The tattoo is perfect for showing your love for unique art. 

Colorful Fox Tattoos

Want something different from black and grey tattoos? If yes, then a colorful fox tattoo is the one for you. The beauty of colorful tattoos is that they are not limited to black color. They include the use of beautiful colors, shadings, and black outlines, which makes them highly attractive and appealing. 

Colorful tattoos do a fantastic job in creating interesting and unique foxes. They mix a wide range of colors, abstract line work, style effects, patterns that lead to the creation of a beautiful fox tattoo. These techniques often form better image flow depending on the size and placement.

However, when getting a colorful fox tattoo, always remember that they tend to fade faster as compared to black and grey tattoos. 

Watercolor Fox Tattoos

If you appreciate watercolor paintings, then why not get a watercolor tattoo? Sounds interesting, right? Over time, tattoos have become remarkably popular and have become a self-expression art form. 

Watercolor tattoos look highly amazing, and they are inspired by watercolor paintings. This tattoo style includes various shades of colors to connect and form a seamless pattern. These tattoos do not include stark outlines; instead, they have edges that fade out, which makes them more interesting. 

You should get a watercolor fox tattoo with beautiful colors, no dark outlines, and fading edges to create a perfect tattoo design. You can opt for using orange and red colors as they look bright and perfect for a fox tattoo. 

Pro Tip – Watercolor tattoos can fade more quickly as compared to traditional tattoos. So ask the tattoo artist to use good quality ink and artistry to ensure longevity. 

Japanese Inspired Fox Tattoo

In Japan, a fox is related to abundance and prosperity. Previously clung clay figures of foxes were kept at the entrance of houses and temples with the hope that it would bring prosperity and a good harvest. 

In Japanese folklore, the word used for fox is Kitsune. Stories present foxes as intelligent and having supernatural abilities. They are believed to be messengers between spirits and humans. Due to their popularity in Japanese culture, foxes are given amazing importance. Because of the close relationship, Kitsune is a popular tattoo in Japanese-inspired body art for stylish and symbolic reasons. 

Neo-Traditional Fox Tattoos

Fox tattoos look killer when created with innovative ink expressions. This animal is known for its trickery works and cunning, which makes it an ideal tattoo choice. In an old-school image of a fox tattoo, it is ripe for mixing traditional and contemporary body art. It includes traditional staples like bold and thicker lines, flatter, negative space, and compact color. Moreover, it also includes filings of vibrant colors, innovative designs, and the effects of geometric patterns. 

Trust me this, tattoo design looks highly unique and is perfect for showing your artistic side. If you want something really unique and appealing, you should opt for this beautiful fox tattoo.

Realism Fox Tattoo

Realism tattoos are the latest trend and one of the most popular trends in the tattoo world at the present time. These tattoos show foxes in real situations, which provides scope for a wide range of different effects to boost versatility and realism. Moreover, these tattoo designs include technical approaches to provide a more realistic look. 

A realism fox tattoo looks highly amazing with perfect surrounding designs and color combinations. Ask your artist to use technical approaches to create fashionable fur effects and realistic facial expressions. Moreover, also include habitats optimizing, size, scale, and shape of the fox image with contrasting shading, color, and linework. 

Fox Hand Tattoo

Looking for the right tattoo placement for your fox tattoo? If yes, then nothing is better than a hand. The tremendous mix of colors, styles, and shading depicts high-quality hand tattoos. At hand, you can capture a wide range of technical effects ranging from shading, geometric line world, and colors to form a perfect fox tattoo design. Make sure to have a strong outline in the fox hand tattoo for a tougher canvas and clarity. 

Final Words

If you want something unique with deep meaning, then a fox tattoo is the right pick for you. It is a versatile design, so both men and women can get it. You can get a colorful fox tattoo for a vibrant look, or black and grey tattoo for a classic look, or a geometric tattoo for a simple look. No matter which design you choose, make sure to opt for the one that best suits your personality. Tell us about your favorite fox tattoo by dropping a comment.