12 Best Family Chest Tattoos For Men

family chest tattoos

If you plan to get the first family chest tattoos, you are in the right place. There are several reasons that why people get tattoos on their chest. Do not be shocked that even with all the negative talks you will hear and the pain level, people are still getting their bodies inked.

The body is a canvas, and the chest area allows you to make beautiful and large designs. Whether you want something traditional, bold, or contemporary, so here are the best family chest tattoos for men.

Family Chest Tattoo

Everyone has a family, so why not give them the respect with the chest tattoo in their honor? Select from having the best pictures, names, or the word ‘family’ inked across the chest will close to the heart. Ensure that you work with a tattoo expert that specializes in portraits and can perform desired artwork.

Animal Chest Tattoo

Let the inner wild one display with the creature’s chest tattoo. Covering the complete front of the body, combine the collection of creatures such as lion tattoo, eagle tattoo, etc., or stick to one animal in the center. A body filled with animal designs makes the bold and ink-credible display and sure to draw some attention wherever you go.

Tiger Chest Tattoo

Whether you want two tigers facing each other or you stick to one tiger, this ink represents strength and power. It is the traditional piece that looks incredible in hyper-realistic contemporary or an Asian style. You can go for a color tattoo for the bold look, or you can select the complex design with black ink.

Viking Chest tattoo

From The Valknut represents the Odin’s Knot to a Yggdrasil tree of life, there are many meanings behind these tribal tattoos. Whether you prefer The Twin Ravens or other mythological symbol, you can show off the heritage with pride. This tattoo represents safety, strength, and bond to the universe; these tattoo ideas are positive to start the discussion with anyone you meet.

Roman Numerals Chest tattoo

Set your preferred date or something significant to you with the Roman number chest tattoo. This clean, timeless, and classic design keeps the purpose behind the numbers close to the heart, and it is easy enough to go with other tattoos. Pick the small or large font, and that includes any other quotes or scriptures you prefer underneath to complete the ink.

Quote Chest Tattoo

The quote tattoo is filled with meaning. If you are motivated by a song’s lyrics or words of wisdom, why not draw them into your skin? Select to string the sentence across the chest, or you can get inked to one side of the chest. There are several ways to style this tattoo design and create the classic creation of a tattoo that speaks volumes to you.

Compass Chest Tattoo

Not everybody knows where they are going in life; however, the compass tattoo might remind you how to pick the right direction. Let the heart make the decisions in your life by tattooed this compass on the chest, and add “N” for the naval feel. Whether it is small or oversized, this ink is a perfect piece of design that looks great on your skin.

Rose Chest Tattoo

Love, beauty, and balance – the rose tattoo carries plenty of meaning. When it is combined with other tattoos, it is a portrayal of significance and emotions that is difficult to ignore. Arrange petals across the chest or let a famous person hold the rose in its hands. Moreover, for the final touch, go for bold colors, like pink or red, to create a beautiful art bloom.

Skull Chest Tattoo

The skull tattoo is a hallmark of someone who cannot be controlled. When it is combined with roses, wings, or a knife, the ink holds the meaning of mortality and death. However, it also represents overcoming hard times and shielding important possessions.

Angel Chest Tattoo

Pay respect to the loved one, a religion, or renaissance art with the angel tattoo. The angel tattoo holds deep meaning behind it, which includes devotion, faith, and hope. By placing it on the chest keeps it close to the heart. Keep the tattoo traditional, or you can go with the modern style; it does not matter what you choose; this is the art that will stand strong enough to last for a very long time.

Religious Chest Tattoo

Show dedication to your spiritual figure with the holy influenced tattoo. Whether you are paying respect to someone of divinity or to the loved one, this tattoo is a powerful art that is certain to get people talking. Inked the entire chest with religious symbols, and make it as complex or bold as you want.

Owl Chest Tattoo

The Owl offers meanings of wisdom, knowledge, and transformation, and it is an excellent choice for those who have made some important decisions in life. If you prefer to have the wings spreading across the chest or keep them secured by the sides for a simplistic yet effective design. The black ink with the tribal designs inside the wings is the bold decision, and hyper-reality with vivid colors offers the best option for this tattoo.

Final Words

Family chest tattoos are among the most popular types of body art. Moreover, the family chest tattoos are most famous with men because these tattoos can symbolize close relationships with family members. So if you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.