Love Tattoo: Best Ideas To Immortalise Your Love

love tattoo

Love tattoo and their various designs are a way of expressing love and immortalizing the beautiful feeling. They are distinctive markers of or love for various things, whether it is self-love or someone else. 

Love tattoos have become even more mainstream in recent years. They have become a creative and fascinating way of expressing the love for a person, things, or even animals. The good thing about tattoos is that they are permanent and thus a great way of immortalizing your love and feelings. 

However, finding what suits you best can be sometimes confusing. Thus to help you with this, we have listed some of the best love tattoo designs and ideas for you. 

Best Love Tattoo Ideas

Below are some of the best love tattoo ideas and designs which you can have to express yourself in style:

Faith Hope Love Tattoo

The faith hopes love tattoo is one of the most popular designs among people who want to get something different. It is a fascinating way to depicts the feelings of the wearer. 

This tattoo is a type of word tattoo that has “Faith Hope Love” inked on the wearer. It depicts that the wearer has a firm belief in god. This also means that the person is fascinated by the awesome creation of go – “Human.” Another meaning of the tattoo is that the person is a very happy and lucky type of person whom you can approach.

The faith hopes love tattoo is also an awesome self-love tattoo as it tells that the person loves themselves. Moreover, it says that if you love yourself, have hope and faith in God; you can overcome even the darkest situations. Thus it is a type of love tattoo as well as an inspirational tattoo which you can get to have something simple yet meaningful beautiful. One of the best placement ideas for it is back and neck.

Endless Heart 

What comes to your mind when you think of love and its symbols? The heart. Isn’t it? Well, you are n0t alone as the hearts are the best way of depicting love through signs. 

The endless heart tattoo is thus one of the most popular love tattoo ideas for people. But what’s different about the endless heart tattoo? Design? Color? No, it is the meaning that it depicts. This love symbol tattoo depicts everlasting, infinite, and endless love. The eternal heart in such tattoo design visualizes your love in the most catchy ways to the people you love. 

What’s even more amazing about heart tattoos is that they can accommodate various things. They are most customizable as you can use them to depict your love for everything. You can use them to deceit your love for your better half, dog, or even the god. All you need to do is accommodate the signs. For example, a cross for god or the portrait of your better half, or a dog paw. 

Rose Tattoo

Rose has been the flower for expressing love and compassion for centuries. The roses are one of the most romantic flowers around the world and thus a great way to express love. 

The amazing thing about such love symbol tattoos is that they can be accommodated with nearly anything. You can accommodate them with portraits, skulls, names, dates, and more. For a more eye-catching outlook, you can even use such flower tattoos with other things like a sword. However, the meaning of the rose tattoo depends on the design you choose. 

In such love tattoo ideas, whatever you choose to combine with the roses, the meaning of the roses remaining the same. The roses, in general, depict love, romance, and faith. 

Dove Love Tattoo

Doves have been a symbol of love, hope, and peace around the world for centuries. Thus getting a dove tattoo can be a great way to express love for someone. The good thing about the dove tattoos is that they let you choose the designs and colors. 

One example of it is you can add a banderole in the dove neck and get the name of your loved one engraved in it. You can also get a rose tattoo along with the dove tattoo by making the dove hold a rose. The love tattoo designs which you can choose with this bird tattoo are never-ending. But one thing which you can be sure of is that its meaning is love and hope. 

However, the dove tattoo meaning can change according to the combination you give it. 

Love Enigma 

Want to ink yourself with something different and unique? Why not try the love enigma? Yes, it is a unique way to get yourself inked with the word love in style. 

The good thing about such love tattoos is that you get to choose the fonts, sizes, and colors for them. You can also choose to add some other characters to it, like sparkles, stars, or flowers, to this loving design. Or you can simply go for getting the word love written but in a stylish and creative font and design. 

What’s even more amazing about this tattoo is that you can get it done on any part of the body. It can be your hand tattoo, breast tattoo, back tattoo, or nearly any other placement area. The tattoos of other characters like flowers also make it an amazing option, and thus you can have it to flaunt and express your love in style. This tattoo is also an enticing love yourself tattoo if you don’t want to dedicate it to someone. 

Key And Heart Lock Tattoo

Want something famous for your tattoo? If yes, then you can try the famous verse, “You Owe The Key To My Heart.” You can get it portrayed on your hand, back, or chest according to your choice. 

Whatever you choose, this can be a stylish and eye-catching addition to your body, which you can fault among your friends. The good thing is that it is one of the best ways to express your love to your partner. What’s even better about this artistic tattoo is that you get to choose the colors, design, and fonts, if any, in it. To make it even more personal, you and your partner can get it inked. 

One can get the key inked while the other can get the lock inked. This way, it will be a great way to express the feeling and verse. For an even amazing artistic look, go for some 3D designing with vibrant colors in this tattoo. It is also one of the most popular love couple tattoos, so you can get it without any second thoughts. 

Cupid Love Tattoo

The cupid is one of the most popular love symbol tattoos, which also includes the arrow and bow. According to the legends about the cupid, whoever he shoots using his arrow falls in love.

The good thing about the cupid love tattoo is it is fascinating in itself, and you can also combine it with other symbols. Some of the popular symbols which you can use with the cupid tattoo are dove, heart, flowers, and more. Whatever you choose, it is one of the most decent ways to show your love for your loved ones. 

However, if you don’t want it to express love for someone else, then you can also use it as a self-love tattoo. This is because it can depict that you are a lovely person like the cupid and make everyone around you fall in love with you. 

Music Love Tattoo

Nothing can match the power of music as it is one of the best ways to express the feeling like love. Just like the goodie goodie feeling of love, the music also sets the soul of a person free.

One can get the lyrics of the music or the name of the loved one song with the music signs inked on the body. The good thing about it is that you can combine it with other shapes like music notes or butterflies and more. It can also be taken as a love language, which spreads the love through ear and mind leasing notes. 

The music love tattoo design is also one of the best love couple tattoos as you and your partner can get the notes inked on your body. For example, getting the same notes inked on the hand. 

Lilly’s Love Tattoo

The Lilly’s are one of the most well-heeled symbols of love in different cultures around the world. Thus you can get the lilies for yourself to express the feeling of love in an artistic and colorful way. 

For a unique look, you can combine the lilies with things like stars, hearts, musical notes, and hearts. All of these symbols associate it with love and thus make up for one of the best love tattoo ideas. 

Love Couple Tattoos

Do you want to commemorate the blossoming relationship between you and your partner? Then nothing can be better than getting some artistic and beautiful love tattoos. 

The good thing about the love coupe tattoos is that they are highly customizable. They can be done in numerous designs, combined with numerous things and more. You can even get watercolor tattoos for a couple of tattoos if you want something spectacular. Or you can go for 3D tattoos if you want something with a more artistic and modern touch. You can also get some love quotes inked on your body which are similar or sensefull when together. 

Wings Love Tattoo

The wings, along with the word love, are generally customized for the girls. Wings in such tattoos depict things like love and peace for others and self. They are also one of the most popular self-love tattoos as they are also a symbol of dreams. These tattoos symbolize that being a girl; you have wings for your dreams. It shows how enthusiastic you are for your dreams, and you are proud of yourself. 

Other than the deep meaning of this tattoo, it is also a fashionable and decent way for the girls to carry something meaningful and gorgeous. Some of the popular placement spots for these tattoos are necks, backs, and chest. 

Finger Love Tattoo

The finger love tattoos are a great way to express love as they are visibly expressive at all times. They are a symbol of everlasting love, and you can choose from numerous designs. 

Some of the popular finger love tattoo ideas include rings, love quotes, names, and more. 

Heartbeat Tattoo

The heart is the symbol of love, as we told you before and thus, getting inked with a heartbeat tattoo is a good option. You can also get the heartbeat designed in a way that reads out the name or phrase like “I love you.” 

These tattoos are common among both men and women. For a unique look, you can also choose the various colors in this e design. 

Dog Love Tattoo

Are you an animal lover? Or do you want something to express love for your loyal four-legged friend? Whatever it is, getting a dog love tattoo can be a great way to express your feelings. 

You can get this tattoo done in various ways, like getting an infinity sign which pierces through the heart. In the infinity sign, get the dog’s paws inked. however, you can also choose other designs according to your preference.

King And Queen Tattoo

If you are a couple and think of each other as king and queen, then getting this tattoo can be great. It is one of the most elegant and expressive love couple tattoos which you can get. 

In it, you can get yourself inked with the queen sign and the king’s sign. The placements may differ according to your choice. But whatever you choose, it is going to give you something that is expressive and artistically beautiful. 

These are some of the most popular and artistic love tattoo designs which you can get for yourself. One thing which you can be sure of whichever design you choose is that it will give you something expressive that you can flaunt. 

Bottom Line

When love is what you feel in the air, then nothing can be better than getting a love tattoo to express it in an artistic and eye-catching way. 

The good thing about the love tattoo ideas is that they are some of the best ways to express your love. They are also popular among the couple, and thus you can get them to express your feeling to your loved one without even saying a word.