11 Best Face Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women

face tattoo ideas

Face tattoo is the most exquisite frontier in modern ink culture, and the trend is constantly being advanced to new stages of slick popularity. There are literally no limits when it comes to face tattoo ideas.

By getting the face tattoo, any man or woman can get a membership to today’s prestigious club of body art masters.

These face tattoos help them to identify themselves and also describe the type of person they are. Face Tattoos are now very famous among several celebrities such as Justin Biber, Post Malone, Chris Brown, and many others.

Face tattoo is more of a technical work that needs expertise. If you have still not made up the mind about getting a face tattoo, then you are going to change the decision, particularly after seeing some of these amazing face tattoo ideas here.

Tribal Face Tattoo

Tribal designs have been very famous face tattoo designs; the best part about the tribal tattoo is that it has several unique designs. It also allows you to cover the whole face if that is what you are aiming for. The tribal tattoo gives you maximum coverage, but it still does not encircle your whole face. Tribal face tattoo involves bold tribal lines, which help to highlight the facial features. Also, there is no harm in going all out with this tattoo.

Geometrical Jawline Shape

As the name suggests, you can go for this tattoo in the beard area. Geometrical Jawline Shape tattoo is the best way to shape the round face and also looks better on other face types. The tattoo design is different as it comes with some geometrical shapes aiming out in a single direction.

Quotes On Cheekbone

A cheekbone is one feature that several people adore and like to show off. So if you want to give the cheekbones an extra touch, you can get the quote or special wording tattooed on your cheekbones line. Also, you can get tattoed on one cheek or both cheekbones. For example, getting both sides of the tattoo, including black ink, creates an amazing contrast with the skin. If you are searching for simple and minimal, then this is the right face tattoo for you.

Cross Hatching Tattoo

If you want to discover the artist in you, then you should try the amazing cross-hatching tattoo for the face. It includes the cross-hatching design that looks like thorns that come out from the side of the face. The use of black ink in the tattoo helps to give it a more artistic shading vibe.

Skull Face Tattoo

Skull face tattoo will transform half of the face into the skull, using white and black ink. The marvelous bold lines and shading make it look more realistic. A Skull tattoo is perfect for Halloween, but if you want to showcase the adventurous and crazy side to the world, then you can permanently get the skull face tattoo.

Tattoo No. 21

This face tattoo No.21 is a notable tattoo with in-depth meanings. It does not signify any one aspect; however, it reflects several meanings like the responsibility for the individual, the harmony of creation, the union of the trinity, and much more. Tattoo No.21 is very easy, and it includes an outline of the number 21 with black ink on the side of the face. Also, you can get this tattoo anywhere on the face.

Side Sword

This tattoo is uniquely wonderful. It includes a lot of blank ink texture and detailing. Sword tattoo has been a very popular design as they hold lots of meaning. Buddhist see it as a form of cutting off ignorance; Christians see it as the symbol of truth.

Ornament Tattoo

It is a very famous face tattoo that normally appears near sideburns to look like an ornamental hang. There are several types of ornament tattoo designs you can get tattooed on the side of the face. This tattoo contains various infinity symbols that look amazing on the face and gives a unique look. If you are going for something minimal but unique, then this is the best choice for you.

Faded Geometric Design

These tattoo designs are perfect for face tattoos, particularly this faded geometric design tattoo. So, if you are fully committed to getting the proper face tattoo, then you should go for this tattoo. You can get this tattoo done along with the jawline with the faded effect on the sides. You can also go for different colors for the faded effect, like blue ink or green ink. No matter which design you use, it will look awesome as ever on the face with a faded effect.

Half Mandala

The half mandala tattoo is very amazing for the face, and this tattoo placement is unique. This tattoo is right next to the ear, making it look like a half-ear design, which is absolutely stunning and unique. The mandalas come in many designs, and they are mostly in red color.

Chin Ice

This tattoo design is absolutely something to go for. Chin ice tattoo includes small blue ice crystals tattooed all over the chin. This tattoo is extremely popular and looks good on everyone. You can select any chin tattoo design you like. This tattoo helps to give your chin more depth and shape, particularly if you have a double chin. You can try something unique with this tattoo.

Final Words

As tattoo art is evolving as popular body art, there has now been a popular trend of face tattoos, and it is growing in the tattoo industry. It is important to understand why a face tattoo for women and men is the best choice, so check out the face tattoo ideas before getting one. If you find this information useful, drop a comment below this section.