Best Cartoon Tattoos to Pay Homage to Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

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There is no age limit for watching your favorite cartoon. Watching cartoons is the best way to release stress and bring positivity. If you are a cartoon lover and looking for inspiration for your next tattoo, then why not get the tattoo of your favorite cartoon character? Here are some of the best cartoon tattoos to help you find the best one. 

Best Cartoon Tattoos

In the modern-day fashion-oriented era, tattoos have become an essential part of style statements. It has become common to get tattoos, so if you want something different and meaningful, then you should consider the cartoon tattoo ideas. 

Now you must be thinking, how could cartoon tattoos be meaningful? But think again. Cartoons teach us a lot. For instance, Tom and Jerry taught us that no matter what, we should always stand by the ones we love. Minions teach us that one should stay happy in all types of situations. Below mentioned are some of the best cartoon tattoos you can get inked. 

Mickey and Minnie 

Mickey and Minnie are one of the best and funny cartoon characters of all time. And let’s be honest, we all grew up watching Mickey and Minnie on the screen. You may choose this tattoo because you are a Disney fan. However, this tattoo design also has a meaning attached to it, which makes it the perfect pick for cartoon character tattoos.

Mickey and Minnie are fun-loving and madly in love with each other. 

So a mickey and Minnie tattoo shows that you are seriously committed to the love of your life. Moreover, it also reflects the fun-loving part of your personality. The love story of Mickey and Minnie is epic, so you can also get this one as a couple tattoo. It is the best tattoo to strengthen your bond with your partner. 


If you are looking for some unique tattoos, then trust me, minions are the best cartoon character tattoos for you. No one can hate minions as they are so cute and adorable. They are always in a good and cheerful mood which makes them even more lovable. Whenever one sees minions, it is certain to get a smile. So why not get cartoon tattoos of cute minions. 

Get a cute minion tattoo on your ankle or thigh or any spot they are perfectly visible. They make the best ankle tattoos for women. Minions tattoos are not only cute, but they also have deep meaning. They teach us to be happy and joyful in all the difficult situations of life. Moreover, they teach us to stay loyal to our friends. So get a cute minion tattoo with your friend and make it a signature tattoo of your BFF group. 

Ninja Turtle

If you are looking for badass tattoo ideas, then ninja turtle is the perfect choice for you. Ninja turtles make the best cartoon tattoos due to their bold and brave nature. Get a ninja turtle tattoo with fine details, loud colors, and a bold outline. Trust me; this badass tattoo will make you stand out in the crowd. 

Ninja turtles are lovable and rebels. They are no doubt one of the most popular characters. Ninja turtles symbolize stamina, determination, energy, and lots of fun. A ninja turtle tattoo represents protection and innocence at the same time. Trust me, ninja turtle tattoos are a perfect pick for you, and they are worthy of getting inked. 


Another popular tattoo choice for an animated tattoo is ninjas. They make an amazing choice for cartoon tattoo ideas due to their amazing designs, meanings, and popularity. If you are into anime and strong anime characters, then a cartoon ninja is an amazing design. Ninja cartoon character tattoos hold an amazingly potent attitude that is simultaneously sexy and sly. 

Ninjas are ancient and powerful Japanese warriors. They are symbols of unquestionable dominance and smooth decadence. If you love the ambiance of deadly fights and assassins that the cartoon character tattoos of ninjas are a perfect pick for you. These tattoos symbolize courage and strength. 

Popeye the Sailor Man

I guess we all started eating spinach because of Popeye. It looked fascinating when Popeye used to get all his strength after eating spinach. There was a time we all loved this sailor a lot. If you still have an attachment with this cartoon, then it is amazon the best cartoon tattoos for you. 

Well, you will be happy to know that this cartoon character is making a comeback in the form of tattoos and body art. The anchor tattoo on Popeye’s arm itself makes an amazing tattoo choice. If you are planning to get a Popeye tattoo, then make sure to get a colorful one. It will make the best cartoon tattoo sleeve with the right colors and details. 

Fairytale Tattoos

Remember the fairy tales our mothers used to tell us? Disney introduced those fairy tales in the movie world, and we all loved those movies. Let’s be honest, almost every one of us was a fan of a beautiful princess and charming prince stories like Snowhite, Little Mermaid, or Cinderella. Little girls are usually more attracted to these stories. 

So if you are looking for some girly tattoos, then fairytales tattoos are a must for you. In this regard, the Little Mermaid tattoo is a wonderful choice. It is full of colors and also holds a deep meaning. Ariel was a strong Disney princess who was rebellious and wanted to see the outer world. She respected freedom of thoughts, mind, body, and soul, which makes it the right choice. 

Superman Tattoo

Do you still wish to become a superhero like Superman? Almost all the boys wanted to be a superhero someday. Superman tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo choices among cartoon character tattoos. These tattoos are loved by all and are perfect for showing how much you love superhero movies. 

From comics to movies, Superman is everywhere, which makes it quite obvious that it is also a popular tattoo choice. Superman is a symbol of hope, protection, and strength. A superman tattoo will not only show your love for this superhero, but it also holds a deeper meaning. A superman tattoo symbolizes honor, strength, respect, endurance, bravery, and hope. So getting a superman tattoo is the best way to pay homage to this fictional character. 

Scooby-Doo Tattoo

Scooby Dooby Dooooooo.. Now stop reading it in the tone of Scooby-Doo. He was our favorite dog and cartoon in our childhood. Scooby-Doo with Shaggy and other team members used to solve different mysteries in a really interesting manner. Though Scooby and Shaggy were a little bit lazy and foodie, they were also the best detectives. They always stood by each other’s side. 

Scooby-Doo tattoo is one of the best cartoon tattoos for those who value friendship and love dogs. It is the right pick to pay homage to the inventive and beloved masterpiece of television. A scooby doo tattoo is sure to inspire nostalgia and sentiment in its lovers. 

Winnie the Pooh Cartoon Tattoos

When it comes to cute cartoon tattoo ideas, Winnie the pooh is the most adorable one. This cartoon character became so popular that people still memorize him by getting cute cartoon tattoos of Winnie the Pooh. The story of this cute yellow bear was all about love and friendship. The feel-good vibe of pooh is loved by both children and adults, which makes it a popular choice for cartoon tattoos. 

Make sure to get this tattoo in yellow color to make it more bright and beautiful. Winnie the Pooh taught us the real meaning of friendship. This cartoon character tattoo will show your love for cute things. It is best to represent that you value friendship over other things in life. 

Anime Tattoos

If you are one of the anime fans, then anime tattoos are perfect for you. They are best to show respect to your favorite anime characters. No matter whether you love Naruto or Hisoka Morrow, there is a wide range of anime tattoo ideas. If you want a small animated tattoo, then you can get an anime eyes tattoo. They make a perfect choice for compact tattoos.  

If it is your first tattoo, then it is better to get a small animated tattoo. Small tattoos are less painful, and you can get them wherever you want. Having anime tattoos of your favorite hero will always remind you of their amazing traits. So get an animated tattoo of your favorite anime character and flaunt it with style. 

Powerpuff Girls Tattoo

Powerpuff girls are the cutest superheroes and one of the most loved cartoons. They were admired for their cuteness and bold nature, which makes them the right pick for cartoon character tattoos. In a world full of masculine superheroes, Powerpuff girls proved that superheroes could also be cute and adorable. 

Girls have always connected with these colorful cuties, which makes them popular cartoon tattoos for girls. You can get a tattoo containing all the three girls Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom. Or, you can get a single tattoo of one of the girls according to what suits best to your personality.

The primary ingredient of Bubbles was sugar; therefore, she had a big pure heart, and she is the most emotional one. Buttercup is created from spice. She is the strongest of all and is known as a tomboy. Finally, Blossom is made of everything nice. She is the smartest one and the team leader. 

Tom and Jerry Tattoo

Tom and Jerry is the favorite cartoon of not only kids but also adults. We all watch this cartoon to date. If you appreciate mischief and fun with friends, then Tom and Jerry are the best choices for the cartoon character tattoos. Tom and Jerry pull pranks on each other, and we all love watching it. 

An animated tattoo of Tom and Jerry could indicate that the person wearing it has a young heart. It shows that you appreciate and respect smaller things in life. Moreover, this tattoo symbolizes that no matter how much you pull pranks with your friends, at the end of the day, you stand by their side. The best tattoo placement for these cartoon tattoos is ankle or wrist. 

Courage the Cowardly Dog Tattoo

Almost all of us loved watching this purple-colored dog. It frightened and delighted the childhood of many kids. This dog and his owners Eustance and Murie have some of the funniest and frightening adventures on a little farm which was god-knows nowhere. But this cartoon was so lovable that even now, people get its cartoon tattoos. 

The tattoo of Courage shows that the wearer is not afraid of anything and is always ready to stand up for the loved ones. 

Final Words

We all have a little child hidden somewhere in us. Pamper that child with cute cartoon tattoos. These tattoos are the best way to show that the wearer has a young heart and admires nostalgic things. These tattoos look not only fashionable but also hold remarkable meaning. Now, what are you waiting for? Get a cartoon tattoo of your favorite cartoon characters. Do not forget to tell us about your experience by dropping a comment.