Best Digital Marketing Trends To Follow This Year

digital marketing trends

Companies all over the world have to face a big hit due to COVID-19. The way people shop has changed so much since then. In-store shopping is a big no-no for many people, and everyone is relying on the online mode of making purchases. This has increased the need to follow digital marketing trends for all the businesses out there to get more customers online. 

The expansion of online shopping has increased the competition between various organizations. Brands have recruited digital marketing companies because they are fresh and have more present-day advertising patterns to promote their brand. 

While online strategies are the focal point, let’s not forget about the importance of digital marketing techniques and strategy. Some strategies are gaining more eye not because they are new, but they have been around proving their efficacy in reaching out to potential clients and customers. 

It’s time to flourish in times of capricious market changes. Marketers and entrepreneurs should consider the new as well as tried as tested digital marketing techniques to stay ahead of the competition this year as well. 

To guide you, we have covered some of the best digital marketing trends that you should be following in 2021. Let’s dove right into it!

Digital Marketing Trends to Follow in 2021

Stay ahead of your competitors and reach out to new customers with the help of these current digital marketing trends. 

Artificial intelligence

One of the most current digital marketing trends is Artificial Intelligence. About 42% of marketers believe that they are not good at segmentation.

Most segmentations assume that people like one thing over the other. Tracking the preferences can get difficult over time, yet they are an important part of digital marketing for marketers to know about their audience. 

AI helps to dissect and also analyze the demographic and behavioral data more efficiently as compared to humans. It can easily gather information about every smallest possible detail of users’ personal preferences.

Your purchases, profile information, browsing history, and even demographic information will be taken into account to support and help you through an app. 

You may constantly be uploading new content, but is it really useful to attract potential customers? Personalization is an important factor to drive more engagement.

AI can also crush and easily digest large data per user and personalize the content to suit them. For instance, Netflix. Every user has different content based on their history and interests. 

No-Click Searches 

For instance, when you type a question in the google search tab and click the article that gives the best answer to your questions.

Sometimes the answer is also suggested as a paragraph to you on the top of the result page. These boxes displaying answers are known as Position Zero. You get the answer without clicking on any article; this is a No-click search. 

As a business owner, you would want to attract more visitors to your sites, and getting low traffic because google handles the customers automatically can be very frustrating.

The trick here to use this digital marketing strategy is to add snippets that draw potential customers and entice them to click on your website to get more detailed information and get away from answers that search engines provide. 

Some ways to follow these no-click digital marketing trends are- update page titles to indicate what searchers want. You can also make a how-to list longer and accurate to cut off snippet’s information so that readers click on the site to go through the full list.

Use schema to enhance content and provide more details about your site’s authority and worthiness like reviews and ratings etc. 

No-click searches digital media marketing techniques are useful for readers, search engines as well as you. 

Google Verified Listings for Local SEO

Another important point in the current digital marketing trends is Google Listings. If you are operating your business on local levels like a veterinary clinic, plumbing company, your Google My Business should provide all the valuable information to establish the geographical location. 

If your business is geographically defined in the Google My Business listings, this will help your business show in near me searches.

Your customers will also learn more about your business through google search lists. At first glance, the potential customers will be able to see addresses, star ratings and open hours, etc.

To make sure that the right information is displayed, always keep updating information.

Here are some benefits of following this digital marketing strategy. 

  • You can easily manage your business in Maps, Search, and other properties of Google.
  • When the business is verified, it is considered more reputable and trustworthy in comparison to unverified competitors. 
  • When you verify your business on Google listings, you will be minimizing the fraud chances in case some other person tries to be the owner and claims your listing as their own. 

In case you don’t know if your business is verified, check the verification status on Google my Business Listings. If it’s not, you can start the verification process to get your business listing verified. 

Voice Search

Another great digital marketing strategy that can be a huge seller this year is Voice Search. Voice-activated searches like Siri, Alexa, or even Cortana are talked to more in some households than humans. The increasing popularity of voice search on phones and in homes is the major reason why the shift occurred from using keywords.

When we type a question in the google search bar, we phrase it differently than how we ask the same equation to Alexa.

For instance, when a person is looking for an Indian restaurant near them will type “Indian Restaurant Georgia” into Google, and they may ask Cortana, “which is the closest Indian restaurant.” 

When you write content on your websites, always choose the keywords based on questions that people might ask when using Siri or Alexa. This is one of the digital marketing trends that will increase your visibility, and trust me; this trend is not going down in the future. Hop on to it before it’s too late.

Visual Search

Did you know now instead of writing your search, you can even upload a picture on Google and get the information related to the photo. For instance, if you upload a plant picture in the searches, you will get information about species, and a landmark picture will give you all the historical data. 

When users are searching for products picture, google will give relevant information about where you can buy them from. Pinterest Lens, Google Lens, and other related search tools turn the phone camera into a search bar. 

So how can you use this digital media marketing strategy to your advantage? You can add a high-quality image by tagging all the descriptive keywords, introducing image search into the online inventory.

Also, considering doing advertising on these same platforms. Along with you, the brands that are advertised also get the benefit of increased search results.

Here are some points that you need to consider:

  • By using an image sitemap. You will be able to increase the likelihood of the images being discovered in the search engine.
  • Also, use descriptive filenames for the uploaded images on your websites
  • Make sure to add alt text to all your images “Alt Tags.”

Online Reviews

We all know that online reviews can make or even break your business growth and the ability to get more clients or customers online.

Any company can easily put up a positive image of their products and services; having real customers give an unbiased review is something else. This is one of those digital marketing trends or techniques which has always been and will be important. 

By putting up reviews of verified customers, your business will stand out from your competitors, and you will be able to build more trust even before people click onto your websites.

The most useful reviews are the ones received through Google My Business. These are the trusted sources and are easily visible to people searching your business, and the Google Business listing will let the people visit your website or give you a call. 

Another great platform to receive reviews is Facebook. You can use all the online reviews to build a testimonial page on your websites like Yelp for hotels, restaurants, and recreation businesses. 

For increasing the number of reviews you get, you have to provide the customer with a simple link to your Google Business listing asking to leave a review.

Even if all they do is give a star rating is good enough, in the end, the business with a few reviews will always be preferred over companies with Zero reviews. 

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Automated & Smart Bidding in Google Ads

If you want to get the maximum results out of your Google Ads campaign, use an Ads specialist to analyze every single piece of data and make tweaks and adjustments in your bids, keywords, and phrasing.

Although this attention to detail is fruitful, it can also get exhausting at times. As a business owner running your own campaign can become overwhelming, leading to a failed attempt ultimately. 

One great digital media marketing strategy is to use automated bidding techniques. These will allow Google to use machine learning to analyze huge data with the users and keep adjusting your bid in a real-time environment. Ads specialists embrace the automated strategy while still being in total control. 

Automated bidding is not a new concept; it was first used in 2016 when most business owners were not aware of it and how it works. There are many strategies required to optimize PPC performance. You don’t just set it and forget about it for days to get results. You have to constantly keep testing everything, including the bidding strategies.


Chatbots are another important digital marketing strategy to engage conversations with the customers and create better relationships and drive engagement. The business has now learned the ease and efficiency of adding chatbots on the consumer products website. 

Final Words:

So how do these current digital marketing trends and predictions impact your business in the future? 

Digital marketing is constantly changing, and there are new techniques and trends every year. The above-listed marketing techniques will be a game-changer for your business in the foreseeable future. Which new digital marketing trends are you predicting? Let us know in the comments below.