Wondrously Gorgeous Breast Tattoo Designs You Must Try

breast tattoo

Tattoos have been a meaningful and attractive way to express various things like religion, cultural significance, and communal connections. However, in recent years, they have become more of a fashion statement, and various designs like breast tattoo, sleeve tattoo, and more have become popular among youth and people of all ages. 

The designs like the breast tattoo are not only fascinatingly attractive but are also meaningful. People use them to express various things, like for cancer awareness. The good thing about the breast tattoo designs is they give you the choice of flaunting or keeping them discreet.

In the article below, we will explore some of the most popular and meaningful breast tattoo designs which you will love. 

Breast Tattoo Designs

Breasts are an exciting place to get inked, although you must consider every design meticulously before choosing. In general, the chest or breasts are one of the best places for a woman to get inked as they make them look charming and appealing. 

Some popular designs are:

Floral Breast Tattoo

Women and flowers have many things in common – delicacy, beauty, charm, and a fragrance, which they spread wherever they go. Thus the floral tattoo designs can be the best choice when you want a tattoo between breasts or under them or on sides or even on them directly. 

Though the flowers are feminine in nature, they depict boldness also. The good thing about flower tattoos is that they let you choose between colors, designs, meanings, and more. This makes them a very customizable option, which as a woman, you will love. What’s more amazing is that flower tattoos are also popular among celebrities due to their beauty and style.

The flower tattoos are also meaningful and depict various meanings like love, care, rebirth, willpower, and more. However, the meaning depends on the flowers and designs you choose for yourself. 

Inscription Breast Tattoo

Do you want something special like a name or quote? If yes, then why not choose the breast for it? Yes, you can, and there are various benefits to doing this.

Having an inscription on the breast lets you choose your audience as you have the option to keep it discreet. It also gives you something to make this feminine body part more attractive and unique. Other than this, you also get something meaningful if you want something like under breast tattoo. 

Bird Tattoo

Are you a free-spirited person like the birds who don’t know boundations and borders? Then why not get a bird tattoo on the breast? Well, you can. 

What’s more, making is that bird tattoo designs on the breast also look ravishingly gorgeous. These tattoos are also meaningful, and you can choose among the various designs like phoenix tattoos. However, the meaning of the bird tattoo depends on the design and brand you choose as your beauty addition. But whatever you choose, one thing is sure; this breast tattoo will surely turn some eyeballs in appreciation. 

Heart Tattoo

Everyone knows where the heart is located in the human body, so why not make it interesting by getting a heart tattoo? Well, you can see these tattoos look astoundingly beautiful. 

What’s more amazing that these tattoos are also meaningful, and you get to choose from numerous designs. One of the reasons why people get this breast tattoo is to remember the loved one who has passed away. You can also get the heart tattoos as a dedication for those who are close to your heart.

For a more interesting outlook, you can also add some names or words with the heart tattoo designs. 

Star Tattoo

No doubt stars have been very popular among the females. Many people get stars inked on their back or hands; you can get them inked in your breast. The good thing about the star tattoo designs is that they are meaningful, popular, and look appealing. 

People in various cultures believe that having a star tattoo on the body can bring good luck. It is also believed to be the light of happiness in their life like the women in a man’s life. 

Faith Tattoo

Are you a spiritual person? If yes, getting some spiritual tattoos can never be a bad idea. You can get the faith these as under the breast tattoos or on the side of the breast. 

You can also get the faith tattoo between the breast, for example, a cross tattoo. The meaning of the faith tattoo depends on the designs and symbols you choose for your tattoo. 

Name Tattoo

Are you in love with someone madly? If yes, then why not get their name tattoo on your breasts? Yes, you can, and they look amazing and appealing. 

The only thing which you must be careful about when getting such a breast tattoo is to choose an expert artist. This is essential as if in the future you want to remove such breast tattoo design, it can harm the skin and cost too much. 

Butterfly Tattoo

The butterfly tattoo design is one of the most popular ones among females. The reason for this is that these designs are meaningful, ravishingly beautiful, and stylish. 

The common meanings of the butterfly tattoo are that the wearer is free-spirited and has strong willpower. They also depict strength, rebirth, and wanderlust. You can get these as a tattoo between breasts or above the breast. Good thing is that they are very colorful and you can choose from numerous designs. 

Ribbon Tattoo

Ribbon tattoo ideas are an amazing option for women who want something to raise awareness against cancer. It is also a good option if you or any of your loved ones have faced this evil. 

Other cancer awareness the ribbon tattoo designs also depict various things like love, gift, and hope. A ribbon breast tattoo on women mainly depicts that a woman is the divine creation of the almighty god. The design of the ribbon tattoos is also another reason for you to get one.

You can choose colorful ribbons, tattoos, or black ones, and you can also add other elements like flowers and skulls in the ribbon tattoo ideas. Whatever you choose with such breast tattoo ideas, one thing which is for sure is that they look meaningful and attractive at the same time. 

Quote Tattoo

Do you want something which expresses your mindset? Then why not get a quote breast tattoo? Well, you can, and they look amazing. 

You also get to experiment with the quote tattoo designs as you can get circular designs around the breast or straight-line quotes. It all depends on you; other than this, you can also choose among the numerous fonts and sizes for the quoted tattoos. 

One thing which you must remember is that always choose a well-reviewed artist as these tattoos require expertise. It is also essential as if you want these quotes to be custom; then not every artist can do it. 

Flower and Star Tattoo

Flowers and stars are a very popular breast tattoo idea among women in recent years. The reason for this is that they look girlish and beautiful at the same time.

They are also meaningful and eye-catching and give you a wide variety of customization. These are also a good idea if you want a tattoo between breasts. 

Writing Tattoo on Lower Breast

If you want something custom for your breast, then getting a writing tattoo can be the best bet for you. 

You can also choose between various fonts, colors and design food by writing tattoos. One thing is to remember that always go with the latest styles to make your tattoo an eye-catching piece of body art. 

Rose Tattoo

Rose tattoo is one of the most popular designs among females. The reason for this is that it is feminine in nature and looks beautiful.

Getting a rose tattoo is also a good option if you want something discrete yet expressive and meaningful for yourself. Rose tattoo depicts things like love, hope, beauty, charm, and strength. 

Running Breast Tattoo

Are you a sports enthusiast? If yes, then getting a running side breast tattoo can be an amazing option for you. 

These breast tattoo ideas are cool, meaningful, and attractive at the same time. The running tattoos can also be made in 3D patterns to give them a more eye-catching outlook. Overall the side breast tattoo ideas of running are dazzling and amazing at the same time. 

Feather Tattoo

Want something traditional and meaningful? Getting a feather tattoo can do it all for you. 

The feather tattoo design or dreamcatcher tattoos are traditional American designs. They are known to protect from evil spirits and powers. What’s more amazing is that the feather tattoos are also gorgeous and stylish at the same time. 

You can get these tattoos between the breasts, on the side of the breast, on the rib cage, or under the breast. One thing which you must remember when you want a feather tattoo is that you choose a professional well-received artist as this tattoo requires very pinpoint detailing. 

Asian Tattoo

Willing to have an Asian tattoo pattern? If yes, then you can be assured of something eye-catching and unique. You can choose from various popular Asian tattoo designs like:

  • Tiger tattoo
  • Dragon tattoo
  • Samurai tattoo
  • Japanese tattoo
  • Fish tattoo

These are some of the popular Asian tattoo styles from which you can choose. Other than these, the font and letter tattoos are also very popular Asian tattoos that you can get. The meaning of the Asian tattoos depends on the design you choose; for example, the dragon tattoo depicts fearlessness, power, strength, rebirth, and good luck. 

Key and Lock Tattoo

The key and lock breast tattoo looks good and girlish as it is meaningful. Its general meaning is that your behavior is the key to a girl’s heart. 

The key and lock tattoo also looks beautiful, as you can get it done in various colors and patterns. You can also mix it up with other designs like skull and flower tattoo ideas. 

Flower and Gun Tattoo

For some people, the gun and flower tattoo design might be too much. However, for girls, this is one of the most famous designs as the concept is meaningful and sassy. 

The gun and flower tattoo designs have been popular among women for decades now. These have also been very popular breast tattoo patterns as they also have cultural roots. The guns in these tattoo ideas depict violence of the wild west, whereas the flowers show rebirth and hope. 

These breast tattoo ideas also depict how a woman can survive in even the hardest of situations with strong will power and determination. 

Artistic Breast Tattoos

You can also get some geometric tattoos on the breast for an appealing look. Other than this, you can also get various other cultural designs like beads and flowers, dreamcatchers, or other Arabic tattoo designs.

Arabic tattoo designs are a very popular option to adorn the breast, and thus getting them can give you something unique to flaunt. The good thing about these tattoo designs is that they look amazing in black ink. However, you can go for colorful patterns also. 

Owl Tattoo

The owl tattoo ideas are one of the most popular breast tattoo designs. Like other animal tattoos, the owl tattoo also has a history attached to them and has been popular for decades. 

The owl in various cultures has been linked to wisdom and intelligence. Moreover, they are associated with the deep mystery and afterlife in some cultures. Due to all these reasons, owl breast tattoo designs are a top notch optical appeal. Overall they make an amazing visual appeal. 


  • Choosing a well-reviewed tattoo artist as a breast is a delicate portion and thus requires expertise.
  • Follow the tattoo aftercare regime dedicatedly to avoid any infections.
  • Research properly before getting inked, like tattoo removal in such delicate places, can cost a lot. 
  • Think what you want as you have the option to choose the audience. 

Bottom Line

The breast is a great location for tattoos whether you want to showcase or keep your tattoo discreet. In breast tattoo, the choice of patterns, colors, and designs are also endless. 

What’s more amazing is that they look ravishingly gorgeous and stylish. They are also one of the most popular tattoo designs around the world, especially the women in recent years.