Meaningful African Tattoo Ideas for Your Next Tattoo Design

African tattoo

Africa is one of the most fascinating and attractive continents. It attracts the world through its wildlife, mesmerizing art, amazing traditions, and intense landscape. In addition to this, Africans are popular for their art and ancestral knowledge. Most of the contemporary arts belong to African body art. Here is an article with iconic African tattoo ideas and their meanings to inspire your next tattoo. 

One best thing about African tattoo ideas is that they depict courage, speaks about humanity,

and portray beautiful landscapes and wildlife. African tattoos have always been tempting for tattoo lovers and artists due to the unique designs, details, and deep meanings associated with them. Continue reading the article to know more about the history of African tattoos, their meanings, and iconic African tattoo designs. 

History of African Tattoos

African tattoo ideas are highly fascinating, and their designs are admired by all tattoo lovers. It is believed that African tattoos originated in the Bronze age, around 5000 years ago. People belonging to different races and cultures used to practice these tattoos. Most of the African tattoo designs depict courage and boldness. 

At the present time, African tattoo designs are popular worldwide. They are a popular choice for people who want to get unique tattoos with amazing designs and meanings. 

African Tattoos Meanings

The meaning of fascinating African tattoos is associated with the culture of the nations. In the past, Africans used to get tattoos to get protection from different harms and evil energies throughout their life. They used tattoos as a type of protective mask. 

African believed that tattoos are related to some powers. By getting tattoos on their body, people believe that they will get protection from everything evil throughout their entire life. 

Moreover, Africans also got tattoos on their body to portray their life and character. People used tattoos to reveal their courage and brevity. Africans used different symbols as tattoo designs. For instance, the Adinkra symbol was created by Akan and Ghana and Gyaman of Cote in West Africa. It symbolizes concepts or aphorisms. 

In addition to symbolism, African tattoo designs also signify beauty. Though there are various reasons for tattoos, the quest for beauty is one of the ultimate goals. Moreover, spirituality also plays an essential role in African culture. So, African tattoo ideas are also related to spirituality.

Most people in Africa also believed that spirits are always present around them. It was believed that people who fear facial tattoos would be less likely desirable to the death’s spirit. In addition to this, young women also used to wear abdominal tattoos as it was an indication of their desire to bear children. 

African Tattoo Ideas

There is a wide range of African tattoo designs, which makes it difficult to find out the right one. We have rounded up a list of the best African tattoo ideas to help you find out the best. 

African Warrior Tattoo

No matter whether you like an African tattoo that represents courage or a fierce Zulu warrior tattoo, Africa warrior tattoos are a famous choice. There are certain African tattoos that are dedicated to the warriors. 

As Africans highly value their kings who lead different battles, they included the warriors in tattoo designs. These tattoos represent strength, courage, and bravery. The designs include courageous warriors armed with various weapons. You can also get black warrior tattoos, which show black men strong and courage. 

Another amazing African warrior tattoo design is Zulu warriors. They are remarkably fearless and always ready to defend their territory. So if you want something that represents courage and strength, then the African warrior tattoo is a perfect choice for you. 

African Tribal Tattoos

If you are a fan of tribal tattoos, the African tribal tattoos are for you. Moreover, if you love large-scale tattoos, then a tribal tattoo is a must-try for you. Traditionally, the African tribal tattoos are used in African to tell various stories of victories and hardships. 

One best thing about African tribal tattoos is that they contain heavy shady as compared to other tribal tattoos. Moreover, they are loaded with fine and beautiful details. 

The African tribal tattoo designs look highly attractive, and they depict the tribal era. The shading, details, and fine lines add beauty to the tattoo designs. These tattoo designs have hidden meanings of courageousness and bravery. Moreover, these tattoos represent the strength of the person wearing them. 

African Symbol Tattoos

Symbolism plays an essential role in African tattoo ideas and designs. It helps to pass a message in the African culture. Due to this reason, the African symbol tattoos play an essential role in society. 

African symbol tattoos are an amazing piece of human body art. These tattoos are a symbol of authority and power. There are different African symbol tattoos like stars, floral patterns, and tribal birds. These tattoos look profoundly beautiful when inked properly with proper details and preciseness. Lots of attention and details are required to get this tattoo. If you are looking for something unique with amazing meaning and history then, African symbol tattoos are a must-try. 

Adinkra Tattoo

If you are looking for Afrocentric tattoos, then Adinkra symbol tattoos are a perfect choice for you. These symbols originated from West Africa and are popularly used to represent spiritual qualities, proverbs, and historical events. Adinkra symbols reflect various human values that are universal, like integrity, tolerance, family, determination, harmony, and protection. 

These tattoos also make a super choice for Ghanian tattoos as they are popular to convey the deep spiritual significance and hold great powers. In addition to this, the adinkra tattoo symbols also represent concepts or aphorisms. Some popular adinkra symbols include Sankofa and Duafe. 

Sankofa Tattoo

If you love African traditional tattoos, then a Sankofa tattoo is a powerful choice. The Adinkra symbol of Sankofa originally from West Africa. It is represented using a stylized heart. Moreover, it also includes a bird’s head, which is turning backward and holding an egg in the mouth. 

Now you must be thinking about the meaning of Sankofa. It actually means “go back and get it.” This tattoo represents the importance of getting lessons from the past and using them in the present. If you are looking for an African symbol tattoo with deep meaning, then a Sankofa tattoo is a perfect choice for you. It will help you to stay positive and encourage you to work harder always. 

Duafe Tattoo

When it comes to African symbol tattoos, the duafe tattoo is a popular choice. Now you must be thinking, what is the meaning of “Duafe?” It means “wooden comb.” It is a popular symbol of good feminine qualities like prudence, patience, care, love, and fondness. It is a popular and a loving reminder of African roots and one’s own womanhood. 

Dwennimmen Tattoo

Dwenimmen is one of the most popular African tattoo ideas. It is a symbol of strength and represents the ram’s horns. The symbol is actually a bird’s eye view of the butting heads of the ram. It symbolizes strength and humility.

This symbol shows that the ram will always fight courageously when prompted but will slaughter only when required. It symbolizes that even strong people also need to be humble.

This African tattoo idea is a perfect reminder to stay humble regardless of the perceived power and status in life. 

South African Tattoo 

If you belong to South Africa and are proud of South African roots, then this African tattoo is a perfect choice for you. Many people opt for African symbol tattoos to represent their region. Moreover, they consider the symbols as their pride. These symbols connect people to their birthplace or ancestry. In this regard, South African tattoos are a popular selection. 

These tattoos include beautiful colors, bold lines, and shadings. In addition to this, South African tattoo designs can also be crafted in different patterns and designs. 

African Elephant Tattoos

If you love animals, then you can get an African elephant tattoo on your body. This African tattoo is a symbol of strength, humanity, and simplicity. Elephants are beautiful and enormous creatures and can also be great companions. 

One best thing about elephants is that they never forget, and they are gifted with admirable wisdom. They are universal symbols of loyalty, good luck, divinity, and strength. African elephant tattoos are becoming a popular choice as they represent a strong symbolism. Elephants can easily suit different tattoo styles, but African elephant tattoos are one of the most popular choices. This tattoo choice is perfect to represent courage, strength, and loyalty. 

African Mask Tattoo

African people believe that masks represent a spirit. Moreover, they used to believe that the ancestor’s spirit possesses the wearers. When it comes to African tattoo ideas, mask tattoos are a popular choice. Mask tattoos depict a face or maks, and they usually portray or emphasize certain emotions. 

Mask tattoo designs are deeply symbolic and profoundly meaningful for the people who wear them. African people believed in spirituality, and the mask is perfect to represent faith and belief. They protect people from all types of difficulties. The tattoo looks fascinating, and you can get it inked on your back, arm, or shoulders to get an exemplary look. 

African Celtic Tattoos

If you are looking for a tattoo to get an authentic look, then African Celtic tattoos are a perfect choice for you. Warriors of the iron age used to get Celtic tattoos on their bodies to mark their passion. 

These African tattoos look profoundly unique and attractive. Some popular features of these tattoos include complex patterns and sinuous lines. African Celtic tattoos represent strength and courage. Popular Celtic tattoo designs include cross Celtic tattoos, Celtic knots, and tree tattoos. Some of the African Celtic tattoos are also associated with fertility and religion.  

Final Words

Like different types of tattoos, African tattoo ideas have different symbolism and meaning depending on the designs and symbols. You can opt for the best tattoo according to your requirement. Make sure to pick the one that suits your style and has deep meaning. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.