Yin Yang Tattoos – Perfect Way to Symbolize the Unity in Opposites

yin yang tattoo

Looking for some unique tattoo design with deep meaning? If yes, then a yin yang tattoo is a perfect choice for you. The yin yang symbol has fascinated humanity for several years. The symbol has deep meaning and refers to pure symbolism, which makes it a perfect choice to incorporate into tattoo designs. 

Whether you are looking for a large intricate piece of yin yang tattoo or a simple one. The symbol holds an amazing deal of significance as it explains both the universal forces that are present outside us and within us. 

The teachings and designs of yin and yang tattoo are considered ancient; however, there are contemporary ways in which the design is transformed to render it a creative look. 

The yin yang tattoo is popular for its simplicity and remarkable alteration of style and coloring. However, it offers an amazing scope of creativity and fine details in tattoo art. Here is an article with all you need to know about yin yang tattoo meaning, history, and designs. 

Yin Yang Tattoo Meanings

Before getting a yin yang tattoo on your body, it is a good idea to learn about its meaning. Yin yang tattoos have been a popular choice for a long time. Due to its yin yang tattoo meaning, people get inspired to get this tattoo and explore the philosophy behind it. There are three main meanings of the yin yang tattoos:

The Unity in Opposites

A yin yang tattoo represents that opposites attract each other. Each half of the yin and yang tattoo symbolizes specific characteristics. 

For instance, the yin, which is the black side, represents darkness, even numbers, earth, femininity, and the spirit of everything. On the other hand, the white part, which is the white part, symbolizes heaven, light, odd numbers, masculinity, and the form of everything. 

A popular myth behind these forces is that they were introduced to the being during the birth of the universe. When yin and yang came to the world, their balance in the cosmos led to the first person to walk the earth, and it is known as P’an Ku. 

The Symbol of Taoism

When getting a tattoo, it is essential to understand where the symbol comes from and what it means. Some tattoos are related to specific religion or philosophy, whereas the others, like star or heart designs, are recognized for their common meaning worldwide. 

The yin yang tattoo is related to the Chinese philosophy of Taoism. However, its roots are present in the ancient spiritual teachings. It is okay for any person to get this tattoo. 

Connection Between the Earth and its Inhabitants

Only a few people know that the yin yang tattoo design reflects the shadows that are cast on the earth during the annual equinoxes and solstices. It depicts the connection between our planet earth and its inhabitants. 

The yin yang energy consists of dark and light components; therefore, it is also associated with the earth, the changing seasons, and the cosmos. People in the early days believed that a force called “chi energy” is influenced by the change of seasons and is pushed in the opposite direction when the solstices are completed. 

History and Origin of Yin Yang Tattoos

Now that you know the yin yang tattoo meaning let’s have a look at the origin of this symbol. It is believed that the yin yang forces are derived from the chaos of the creation of our planet earth. 

The ying-yang symbol originated during the period of 3rd century BCE. For the first time, it was introduced by Zou Yan, who was a Chinese cosmologist. He believed that life progresses as it cycles through the five phases: wood, earth, water, metal, and fire. It is believed that these elements have rendered form to earth while signifying the phases of death, rebirth, maturation, growth, and life. 

Difference between Yin and Yang

Yin and yang are different from each other. The dark swirl that is present within the circle is the yin. On the other hand, the light swirl represents yang. 

Each counter in the yin and yang tattoo represents different qualities. Yin is believed to represent the femininity, transformation, and energy of shadows. On the other hand, yang represents warmth, creativity, and masculine energy. 

People often think, what is more powerful, yin or yang? The truth is that neither yin nor yang have more power than the other. However, if one is stronger in a person or thing, then it would weaken the other half. 

Therefore, it is essential; to keep the energetic opposites balanced in order to attain harmony. Like the light produces shadow and days turns into night; the light and the dark depends on one another for their existence. In the same ways, good and bad also rely on each other for existence. Moreover, they should form a cohesive balance in order to attain wholeness. 

Yin Tattoos

Yin tattoos are one of the best tattoo ideas that are creative and meaningful. These tattoos are used to symbolize a particular set of qualities in the yin yang symbol and design. 

Usually, the yin side in the symbol is related to the moon and femininity. The yin energy influences the earth highly during the winter solstice. Moreover, it is believed that it is the source of spirit present in all things. Other features associated with yin tattoos include:

  • Darkness
  • Cold
  • Valleys
  • Transformation
  • Passivity
  • Softness
  • Valleys
  • Even number
  • Black color
  • North direction 

Yang Tattoos

There are different tattoo styles, and the yin yang tattoo includes beautiful styles with deep meanings. The yang tattoos are also a popular choice for people looking to balance the masculine characteristics present within themselves. 

The yang symbolizes the “light” part present in the swirl. It is usually associated with creativity. Moreover, it is believed to give form to all things. Yang energy is represented in different forms like dragons, the color blue, and solid line trigrams. 

Other popular attributes associated with yang tattoos include:

  • Fire
  • Warmth
  • South direction
  • White color
  • Odd numbers
  • Mountains
  • Sub
  • Heaven
  • Action

Stunning Yin Yang Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Now that you know the yin yang tattoo meaning, it is time to have a look at the best yin yang tattoo ideas to find out the best one for you. 

Yin yang tattoos are simple but beautiful; however, you can make them more attractive by adding creativity and unique ideas. Yin yang tattoos include a wide range of creative renditions. The basic yin yang symbol creates an elegant tattoo design that is simple and fully scalable. Yin and yang tattoos can be small or big, depending on your preferences. 

Below mentioned are some popular yin yang tattoo ideas. 

Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo

There are various yin yang tattoo designs; however, the koi fish yin yang tattoo is one of the most popular choices. In Chinese culture and Feng Shui, koi fish is believed to represent prosperity, courage, luck, and abundance, which makes the koi fish yin yang tattoo an incredible choice.

In addition to this, koi fish is also believed to symbolize various essential lessons of life that we learn during earthly journeys. When opting for a koi fish yin yang tattoo, it is essential to understand that there is a strong connection between the two symbols. 

Koi fish yin yang tattoos are an amazing choice to symbolize the forces that move the earth and even us. 

Yin Yang Wolf Tattoo

You never lose in life. Either you win, or you learn an important lesson. Wolf gives this essential motivation in life with its striking and fearless abilities. Having a wolf tattoo on your body is the best way to represent your personality. 

If you want to make your wolf tattoo more meaningful and unique, then you should opt for a yin yang wolf tattoo. Wolf symbolism represents sentiments of spirit, ritual, guardianship, and loyalty. 

When you pair the wolf tattoo with yin and yang, then the tattoo represents that each of us possesses a light and a dark side. It shows us that whichever side of our personality we feed, it grows larger within us, which makes the yin yang wolf tattoo a reminder to nourish the qualities that we want to emphasize. 

Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are a popular choice as they represent strength, courage, and independence. Dragons are mysterious, strong, and fierce. 

It is believed that traditionally the dragon tattoos represent masculine or “yang” qualities like fortitude and courage. If you are planning to get a yin yang dragon tattoo, then you can use this art to encourage the balance between the two sides. 

In Chinese culture, dragons represent the forces of nature, and when combined with the yin yang symbol, it represents that life is in harmony. 

Dragons have always been a famous choice in the tattoo world due to their deep meaning and creative designs. Combining dragon tattoo to yin yang helps to render a powerful and deep massage.

Yin Yang Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dreamcatcher tattoos are attaining remarkable popularity due to symbolic meaning, cultural belief, and creative appearance. People have used dream catchers to explain the basic nature of reality. The dream catchers have woven design and circular shape which represents the circle of life and connection to all. 

A dreamcatcher helps to get rid of bad dreams and bring good dreams to the owner. Combining the dream catcher tattoo with yin yang leads to the formation of an amazing complimentary piece with amazing details. A yin yang dream catcher tattoo will make you stand out in the crowd. Moreover, it will assist you adequately along your spiritual journey.  

Sun and Moon Yin Yang Tattoo

If you are a nature lover, the sun and moon yin yang tattoo is a perfect choice for you. Sun and moon tattoos symbolize the merging of opposites and unity. Moreover, it represents rebirth and cooperation instead of conflict. 

People consider seeing the moon and sun a thrilling sight, and getting them together inked on the body is a pleasure. The sun and moon symbolize different things and meanings in different cultures; however, one common thing in both of them is polarity. 

The sun represents strength, firmness, and power. On the other hand, the moon symbolizes beauty, calmness, and nurturing. 

In addition to this, the sun and moon represent masculine and feminine traits, the day and night, and the conscious and subconscious parts of the mind. 

Hence, the sun and moon perfectly mirror the deep concept of yin yang, which creates a gorgeous and unique sun and moon yin yang tattoo with deep mystical meaning.  

Yin Yang Lotus Flower Tattoo

Various flowers are used as a design to get inked, but the lotus flower tattoo is one of the most popular choices. The lotus flower tattoo represents the purity of body, mind, and speech. It comes from mud but is related to purity and rebirth. 

Lotus is considered a powerful symbol in various traditions and cultures and most notably in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Egypt. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is given the highest priority as it rises from murky water but appears immaculate. 

Lotus is associated with new beginnings and rebirth, which makes it perfect for fighting in the concept related to yin and yang symbols. When the lotus flower tattoo is combined with yin yang, it leads to the formation of creative design with deep mystic meanings. 

Yin Yang Flower Tattoos

When it comes to female tattoos, tiny flower tattoos and beautiful flower tattoos have attained remarkable popularity. They not only look beautiful but have deep and amazing meanings. 

Flowers act as inspiration because of their beauty and fragrance. They play an essential role in life from birth to death. 

If you want a more meaningful design, then a yin yang flower tattoo is a perfect choice. Each flower holds a unique meaning, so you can create your own yin yang flower tattoo by aligning something with your intended message. 

Animal Yin Yang Tattoo

If you want to make your yin yang tattoo more interesting, then you can create it using animal forms. This design is remarkably popular due to its creativity and amazing design. 

There is a wide range of possibilities in this idea that involves two same species animals but different colors, which are interlocked in an intriguing yin yang pattern. You can also form animal yin yang tattoos by combining tiger and dragon for a more bold look.  

Yin Yang Mandala Tattoo

Mandala tattoo is one of the most captivating pieces of art you can get inked on your body. The essence of a mandala is a circle that has spiritual meaning. The circle represents universal integrity. It is like an endless loop that symbolizes balance, wholesome, harmony, and eternity. 

The mandala is considered a profoundly spiritual symbol in Hindu and Buddhist religions. It represents the universe and the concept that each and everything is connected. 

You can include the beautiful designs of mandalas in yin and yang tattoos. A yin yang mandala tattoo will complement the design both symbolically and visually.  

Yin Yang Tree of Life Tattoo

The yin yang tree of life tattoo is one of the best examples of two spiritual symbols that synergistically work with one another. The tree of life is one of the most popular choices for a tree tattoo. It represents wisdom, resistance, life, loyalty, longevity, and resistance. 

When combined with a yin yang tattoo, it forms an amazing meaning. In addition to this, the tree of life represents wisdom, forgiveness, eternity, knowledge, and wisdom. A yin yang tree tattoo expresses the importance of balance in life. It can serve as a reminder that harmony present in energy encourages growth and prosperity.

Yin Yang Heart Tattoo

If you love someone, a heart tattoo is a perfect way to show it. The heart symbol is related to passion and love. However, a completely black heart can also symbolize grief and death. 

Heart tattoos symbolize a wide range of things. Meanings of heart tattoo can be true love, courage, or compassion, so it is used to express love, loss, or grief. 

When getting a heart tattoo, make sure to choose the tattoo placement wisely, as it plays a vital role in conveying the meaning. 

A heart yin yang tattoo is a fascinating way to combine imagery related to concepts of the higher and lower self. It can represent the idea of polarity present within a person’s heart. Moreover, it also illustrates the soul that connects to yin yang.

Matching Yin Yang Tattoo

If you are looking for a way to express your love, then a couple tattoo is the right choice. If you wish to commemorate the journey with your partner, then you should get matching yin yang tattoos. 

Some people get the same design; whereas, others get a single half. If you want to split your yin yang tattoo, then choose the side that you want to balance in yourself.  

Final Words

A yin yang tattoo is a perfect design for something unique and creative. It has deep meanings and is associated with unity in opposites. There are various popular yin yang tattoo designs like yin yang flower tattoo, yin yang wolf tattoo, or yin yang dragon tattoo to get inked. If you find the article interesting, do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.