Womb Tattoo Concepts to Enhance Your Bond

womb tattoo

Receiving unwavering loyalty from your significant other is an incredible feeling. While many express this through words and messages, some people opt for a womb tattoo to symbolize this loyalty, believing that actions can speak louder than words.

Womb tattoos have become increasingly popular recently and are typically placed just above the lower stomach. They are known for their visually appealing designs and deep symbolism. The possibilities for tattoo designs are limitless, particularly when combined with vibrant colours. Today, we invite you to join us as we provide a comprehensive guide to womb tattoos, especially if you’re considering getting one. We’ll explore various design ideas, explore their symbolism, and offer tips on proudly displaying your tattoo.

Meaning of Womb Tattoo

The womb tattoo is known for its meaningful message, although it may not be the easiest choice on the tattoo pain chart. Sometimes referred to as a crotch tattoo, it typically showcases a stylized design resembling a uterus and ovaries. The tattoo’s placement excites one’s life, making it an attractive option.

The significance of the womb tattoo goes beyond its visual appeal. It represents loyalty and love towards one’s partner, elevating the relationship to a deeper level of enduring commitment. Additionally, the womb tattoo can be a way to celebrate a pregnancy or the arrival of a newborn. Some people believe that getting the tattoo before childbirth helps create a special bond with their unborn child, giving it the sentimental value that sets it apart from other tattoos.

Inspiring Womb Tattoo Designs

Womb tattoos can adapt to various design styles, be they bold and vibrant or the timeless combination of black and white. A womb tattoo exudes beauty, elegance, and captivation regardless of the chosen type.

I’ve compiled a collection of our preferred womb tattoo designs from extensive online research. Take a moment to explore them for inspiration, and if any of them deeply resonate with you, you may even consider recreating them as your own.

Baby in Womb Tattoo

The arrival of a new baby is a momentous occasion worth celebrating. You can honour this time by contemplating a tattoo design showcasing the womb’s beauty. While including a baby in the design is a choice, it can hold sentimental significance.

Consider adding micro-script tattoos around the womb to make the tattoo your own. This allows you to express joy by creating a customized message or incorporating quotes from your favourite writer. Allow your imagination to soar and design a tattoo with deep meaning.

Succubus Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

If you want to bring some excitement into your life, a succubus tattoo could be thrilling. This design showcases a devil with wings shaped like a heart, and what makes it unique is its strategic placement on the body, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts. Wearing this tattoo can boost your self-confidence and deepen your connection with your significant other. It’s a fun and expressive way to add some zest to your life.

Womb Tattoo On Arm

womb tattoo

If you’re looking for a way to get a womb tattoo without pain, try this idea. The arm is a fantastic location for a womb tattoo because it offers a canvas for soft and delicate visuals. Choosing this spot ensures a well-done tattoo and less discomfort due to the thicker layer of skin on the arm.

Lotus Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

If you’re interested in a tattoo design that is simple to create and incorporates soft colours, a lotus womb tattoo could be a great choice. The gentle fading around the lotus pattern gives it a minimalistic appeal while still looking beautiful. What’s wonderful about this tattoo is that it can be placed anywhere on the body, offering versatility and the same benefits no matter where you decide to have it inked.

Wrist Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

The wrist is an ideal location for womb tattoos. Its small size may call for a micro womb tattoo rather than a larger one. This smaller size adds a hint of sophistication without being overly conspicuous or subtle, giving it a nearly invisible appearance from a distance. Moreover, the small size of the tattoo ensures a painless procedure, making it a fantastic option for beginners.

Bicep Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

An inner bicep is an excellent option for a womb tattoo because the skin in that area is resilient. Choosing this spot makes the tattoo highly noticeable, particularly when combined with soft colours. Additionally, the womb tattoo can blend well with other designs and be paired with various micro tattoos or quote tattoos, allowing for a distinct and personalized appearance.

Forearm Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

If you like the characteristics of a wrist tattoo, consider getting a womb tattoo on your forearm as well. The forearm provides ample space, making it ideal if you’re interested in a tattoo with multiple design elements.

Along with incorporating multiple designs on your forearm, you can also experiment with a distinctive colour palette. Adding vibrant colours can boost the visual appeal of the tattoo, making it even more attention-grabbing during social gatherings.

Heart Shaped Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

For some individuals, the original design of a womb tattoo may need to provide more inspiration. However, by slightly modifying and introducing pleasant shapes like a heart, the overall look and feel of the tattoo can be completely transformed.

A heart-shaped frame can emphasize the womb tattoo and enhance the visuals using a monochromatic colour scheme. To further distinguish it from a typical womb design, you can incorporate additional symbols that align with the meaning of the womb tattoo. For example, flower tattoos could be a suitable choice.

Thigh Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

Besides being a delicate area, the thigh provides plenty of room for tattoo placement, making it an excellent option. You can choose intricate designs or go for a minimalist look on the thigh.

When it comes to a womb tattoo, you can make it bold or subtle. If you prefer a proactive approach, consulting a professional tattoo artist can help bring your envisioned design to reality.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more subtle impact, even a fine-line tattoo of a womb will be enough to receive a positive response.

Crescent Moon Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

Crescent moon tattoos symbolize the beauty of motherhood, which complements the symbolism of a womb tattoo. When combined, a crescent moon womb tattoo becomes a perfect choice for those who wish to celebrate a pregnancy or the arrival of a newborn.

Furthermore, it can also be a heartfelt way to express gratitude to parents, especially the mother, as it carries deep significance within the complete artwork.

Back Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

If privacy is a priority for you, consider this option. The tattoo is positioned above the spine, between the shoulders. This area is relatively small, which can be appealing if you prefer a minimalist aesthetic. Even a simple design, such as a womb tattoo, can be elegantly displayed stylishly.

Simple Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

If the symbolism is necessary, opt for a simple, minimalist design when recreating this tattoo. Using a thin pen may require practice, but the final result will be equally visually appealing, akin to artwork created with a pencil. This design is not only suitable for those who appreciate minimalism but also for those who are considering a womb tattoo as their first tattoo. It’s a timeless piece that anyone can recreate.

Watercolor Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

Consider a watercolour womb tattoo if you want colourful visuals with gentle, blended shades. This design can be placed anywhere on your body, and creating it is straightforward. The artwork typically includes prominent outlines for each element and is complemented by lively colours such as blue, pink, yellow, and light green.

To add more significance to the tattoo, you have the option of including the birth date of your newborn or even their name, which enhances the symbolic value of the artwork.

Sternum Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

Sternum tattoos have gained popularity over time. Besides their attractive appearance, they are an excellent option for individuals who prefer to keep their tattoos more discreet.

Moreover, the sternum area provides ample space, allowing additional micro and script tattoos to be incorporated. This expands the creative potential and allows for further customization of the initial artwork.

Shoulder Womb Tattoo

womb tattoo

Note: Tattooing of minors is against the law according to Section 260.21 of New York State Penal Law

The shoulder blade is an excellent spot for this design because it works well on smaller body areas. While getting a tattoo in this location may be painful, the final result will be an impressive artwork with a simple yet captivating design. Consider adding a combined effect to enhance the appeal to create a hazy appearance. Alternatively, you can choose a vibrant colour scheme to make the artwork stand out.

What does a tattoo symbolize?

Womb tattoo designs can symbolize whatever you desire.

Like any other tattoo, the meaning and reasons behind getting one is entirely personal and up to you.

If you’re seeking meaningful ideas for womb tattoos, here are a few suggestions that we find appealing.


You don’t need to choose an anatomically accurate image to classify your tattoo as a womb tattoo.

Thanks to the natural triangular shape of the womb, it’s perfectly suitable to be portrayed in geometric designs that focus on lines and shapes.


Picture womb tattoos that draw inspiration from succubus themes, featuring elements like dragons, bat wings, pentagrams, snakes, skulls, and moths.

When these elements are combined with the shape of the womb, they create a captivating and intriguing design that blends beauty with an edgy and mysterious appeal.


Flowers are often seen as a symbol of hope and new beginnings. 🌸

They represent the transition from dark and cold seasons to brighter and happier times.

When added to a womb tattoo, flowers enhance the overall design and carry a personal meaning of celebration and positivity.

Moon and Sea 

Moon, waves, and tides are commonly selected as trendy choices for womb tattoos, as they symbolize the monthly menstrual cycle.

These elements signify our deep connection to nature and the unique bond between a mother and her child. 🌑

Angel Wings 

Angel wings symbolize freedom, faith, and protection.

When used in a womb tattoo, they are commonly placed on either side of the design, creating a triangular shape.

In certain situations, they can also represent a guardian angel during pregnancy loss or grief, evoking deep emotions of love and sorrow.


If you’re celebrating the birth with a womb tattoo, you can personalize the design by including your child’s birthday.

For those with multiple children, it’s a beautiful way to express your love and connection to each baby as they join your family.


Birds are commonly featured in womb tattoos as they symbolize independence, freedom, peace, and happiness.

They also represent the connection between heaven and earth and are closely tied to the cycle of life, death, and birth.


Heart designs are commonly found in womb tattoos, shaping the entire tattoo and symbolizing the ovaries. They add a perfect touch of romance and love to your ink. 💚

Political messages

Many powerful womb tattoos convey a political statement, showcasing fallopian tubes and ovaries and making defiant gestures towards unaware lawmakers. These tattoos are often used as a symbol of solidarity with the global movement for women’s reproductive rights.

Words and phrases

You have the creative freedom to incorporate your preferred mottos, lines of poetry, or affirming messages into your womb tattoo without any restrictions. So, what specific message do you desire your tattoo to convey?


Stars are commonly found adorning the edges of womb tattoo designs.

These stars hold significant symbolism, representing hope and accomplishment.

Moreover, they embody destiny and the guiding influence of stars in our lives.

As a result, whether it relates to your partner or children, they will forever find their way home, guided by these celestial markers.

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Final Words

Choosing the right spot for a womb tattoo may be tricky, but the stunning design makes the discomfort worthwhile. The visuals are captivating, with a range of colours and appealing icons. The size of the tattoo can vary, but it doesn’t diminish its overall appeal.

Consulting with a trustworthy and experienced tattoo artist is crucial for the best outcome. They