Best Traditional Ship Tattoos: Meaning and Significance

Traditional Ship Tattoo

The human body is known as the most amazing canvas for tattoos. So why don’t you ink it with designer tattoos? The trend of tattoos has come a long way today, and many people are getting attractive tattoos. Nautical themed tattoos are in great demand these days, and traditional ship tattoos are one of them. 

Ship tattoos have deep meaning in them, and there is a wide variety of these tattoos. Moreover, traditional ship tattoos have a long history related to human cultures.

Seafaring is an important part of life since ancient times because they were used as a species for many purposes. However, you do not need to go through a long history to get the ship tattoo

The traditional ship tattoos are popular worldwide, and you can get a wide range of these awesome tattoos. Now you might be thinking of the ship tattoo designs and the meaning behind them.

Well, here, this article will help you get the best tattoo design for your body. Continue reading the article to know about the traditional ship tattoos. 

Traditional Ship Tattoos and Their Meaning

America has a long history related to the sea. In ancient times the ships were used for many purposes like; important trade, import & export of goods, exchange of ideas, etc. Moreover, ships are associated with many human civilizations now. 

You should not be surprised if I tell you that ships convey a wide range of interesting meanings. Most of the people who get the traditional ship tattoo have a meaning behind it. Now it’s your turn to find your reason to get a ship tattoo. 

Thinking about a tattoo with a deep meaning, and you know the best part, you can introduce your creative designs in the ship tattoos. Well, to clear all your confusions regarding the meaning of traditional ships tattoos, here are some of the most common meanings. 

  • Honor
  • Challenges of life
  • Courage and bravery 
  • Independence and freedom
  • Risk 
  • Exploring the world and fresh beginnings

These are some of the common meanings of ship tattoos. So scratch your brain and find out your unique tattoo design. 

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The Significance of Sailor

Sailors are one of the most important people on the ship. The overall control of the ships is in the hands of the sailors.

Moreover, they consist of some good qualities like; leadership, captaincy, warrior, strength, exploring, etc. These are the qualities that a sailor persists in their seafaring time. If any of these qualities exist in you, then hurry up and get a meaningful traditional ship tattoo of a sailor. 

It is believed that Captain Cook discovered the world on his ship. So, many ship tattoo designs include the fascinating element of Captain Cook and his ship to make the designs more meaningful. 

The American traditional ship tattoos have unique variants that depict the meaning of exploration. The way Captain Cook tattoos made their identity in the world is extraordinary, and people are crazy over these Captain Cook tattoos. 

You can find many fictional designs of traditional ship tattoos that look attractive and fascinating. For example, anchor tattoos, mythical sea creatures, sailing ships, the dragon on the ship, etc., are the most popular sailor tattoos.

The sailor ship tattoos have a deep association with the sea, and when you get this tattoo, you carry a deep meaning on your body. 

Back to Old School

The nautical images and the designs of ship tattoos are inked with the limited equipment often. Traditional techniques are used to make the ship tattoo designs because they give you a better tattooing experience.

Moreover, the inks which are used in traditional tattoos are elementary, and most of the tattoo artists prefer the old inks to design the traditional tattoo. 

The nautical designs consist of bold outlines and blue or black ink, which gives a very catchy look to your tattoo. There are many other tattoo designs globally, but the traditional ship tattoo design looks different and highly amazing after getting inked. 

One more old school design in ship tattoos is the Sailor Jerry swallow tattoo. Jerry was a US navy officer and was famous for his leadership quality as a sailor.

Later on, the American people got inspired by his character and added Sailor Jerry to their ship tattoo list. Moreover, people appreciated this amazing old school design, which contributed to increasing its popularity. 

The Myth of the Sea

Tripping on the ship is not that easy the way you think. You think ships are a beautiful place. But honestly, the ships are more dangerous if you go through their mysteries.

There are many hidden facts that you don’t know about the ships. The storms are the biggest cause for the death or injury of the ships.

If you read the history of ships from the old books, you will know about the mythical creatures who destroyed the ships and even threatened the sailors also.

Moreover, the stories also tell about those ships’ fighting spirit and how they managed to survive in critical situations. 

Have you heard about the sea monster and suspiciously lost ships? There are many articles and stories which show the mythical happening in the sea. Moreover, the sea is considered the most mysterious place in the world.

Many discoveries define the dark aspect of sea life. You know very little about the oceans; there are many more mysterious things hidden from your view. 

So getting a traditional ship tattoo is nothing less than a great adventure for your whole life. However, choose your tattoo design wisely. Opt for the one that will suit your personality and also have a deep meaning. 

Type of Traditional Ship Tattoos

When you think of getting a traditional ship tattoo, it does not limit you to old school designs. The modernization has taken over the art of ship tattoos to another level.

Moreover, the different types of tattoo designs will amaze you with their texture and amazing colors. Nowadays the artists are inventing a large number of ship tattoo designs. 

Here are some of the common modern tattoo designs. 

Pirate Ship 

What do you imagine about the pirates? You must be thinking about the pirate’s movies and stories; well, pirates are not completely like that.

The pirates are not the normal sailing people; they have their different worlds on the sea.

Moreover, they have their own rules and regulations. They do not care about society and its rituals. Of Course, they are cruel because they earn their living by robbing the other ships of the sea.

Pirates’ ship tattoos symbolise challenges and risks to get an attractive tattoo of tropical islands, flags, and skulls. However, these tattoos will be more appealing to those people who live beyond the rules of society. 

Ghost Ship

The ghost ships indicate where you all will end up on the journey of life. Moreover, it is also a good reminder of your vulnerability and mortality. The ghost traditional ship tattoos are considered the best way to showcase the sense of mortality.

A tattoo with an image of destroyed ghost ships, with shattered torn sails, and a fresh crew will look like the best traditional ship tattoo. 

Long Boat

What will look best with a great pirate tattoo? Well, if you have any confusion, I will help you out with that. A Viking boat will give your pirate ship tattoo a distinctive look if you want to extend it further. Moreover, if you want a single Viking boat tattoo, you can also get that.

Viking Boat indicates a sense of foreboding. The Pirates and Vikings are the people who raid the small villages at night. So the Viking shows the darker and the attuned aspects of life. People with Nordic heritage are the most suitable ones for this Viking traditional ship tattoo. 

Final Words

Your body is a great piece of art, then why don’t you decorate it with some external beauties. In this regard, tattoos are the best option. You can showcase your personality, thoughts, beliefs, and nature with your body tattoos. Moreover, traditional ship tattoos are one of the greatest tattoos of all time. As you know about those traditional tattoos’ meaning and significance, get your favorite one from the list. If you find this article informative, leave a valuable comment and mention your favorite tattoo design.