Top 12 Tattoos As Symbols Of Strength

symbols of strength

Strength is the only thing that makes you remember that life is very hard, and you have to fight back. These hard times are the symbols of strength and tell you that you can handle everything in life. What symbolizes strength for a person? Everyone has the strength inside them; it might be in any form, but everyone has it. It is a very demanded human quality that everyone is seeking. You must have used your strength in the past or going to use it in the future everyone can relate to it. 

As I told you, that strength might have different meanings for different people; this is why everyone can relate to it. For some, the sense of strength is physical strength, and for some, it might be mental strength.

Many people might choose a design that expresses the physical strength, and some might go for mental strength. Whatever the reason is, choosing one design of the tattoo has always been a hectic process.

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You do not need to worry about that; we have covered it all. In this article, we will discuss some of the best tattoos that are symbols of strength. For a strength symbol tattoo, you can go with some symbols or some different animal shape design.

Here is the list of tattoos that one can go for. 

Animal Symbols Of Strength Tattoos

Animal symbols, tattoos are symbols of strength and courage. In many mythologies, animals are shown as what symbolizes strength.

In the Asian context, the lion is considered the most powerful, and the west eagle is the symbol of strength. Understanding animal tattoo meaning is not an easy process. but no need to worry, we have covered it all.

So let’s have a look at tattoos that represent strength and which designs will suit your personality and attitude. 

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An eagle tattoo has its own meanings, including strength. Eagle is one of the Symbols that represent strength. Eagle was the symbol of strength and masculinity in ancient Greece.

As we discussed, many mythologies and cultures divided the meanings of animal symbols. In Greek, it has an association with god and is considered as the god of thunder. In Zeus as the king of gods.  

Native Americans always considered the eagle as the symbol of lightning and thunderbolt. The eagle symbol was spiritual power and strength.

One can wear a tattoo on his chest while the wings are spread across the chest. Trust me, it looks amazing, and the people who believe in the gods will definitely love to wear it.

A famous American singer Justin Bieber has an eagle tattoo across the abdomen; Justin states that this tattoo has always inspired and motivated me to fight back whatever the situation is.

Justin also has a bear tattoo on the right chest and a lion on the left side. He further adds that these tattoos keep me motivated to stay energetic for you (audience) guys. 

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Lion tattoos have a connection to Indian mythologies. The lion is a very strong tattoo, in Indian mythological books, lions are considered as symbols of strength.

In various other mythological books, the lion is a king and represents strength and courage. It has connection with the Leo sign, the gift sign of the zodiac.

People who have been born under the zodiac sign of Leo have more probability choose this design. The famous singer Demi Lovato has a lion tattoo on her right hand.

Many people choose this design because they consider themselves as the king of their own world. One can have this tattoo with a male lion face design with a full mane in a large design that will look amazing.

Justin Bieber and many of the other celebrities have lion tattoos, but Justin has a crown on the head of a lion tattoo. 

In the year of 2015, one of the most famous singers, Ed Shareen, got a lion tattoo. It is a colored tattoo and looks amazing with the center chest placement.

In an interview with Ellen De Genres, he talked about this tattoo and stated that this tattoo gives him the right motivation and energy to perform in England’s biggest venue.

He also added that he inked this tattoo just for one concerned at Wembley stadium, and the show was full for three consecutive days. 


Tiger tattoos have their own importance in their genre. It is a very popular tattoo among the missile age people. Tiger tattoos also symbolize the strength, and in Japanese mythological books, it has its own importance.

In Japanese culture, the tiger is the symbol of strength, longevity, and courage. Japanese also believes that tiger and big cats are the symbols of energy and talisman.

A tiger tattoo only looks best with the Japanese touch to its design. One can ask for the use of strong colors and black. 

A tiger tattoo usually designed on the shoulder, chest, and back. There is no such boundation of sex or age; anyone can ink this tattoo on a preferred area.

One thing that you should consider is that these tiger tattoos look best with hyper-realistic design. Famous American actress and model Angelina Jolie had a tattoo on her lower back, and it really looked amazing.

Angelina Jolie states that this tattoo gives her a strong wear strength. Let me tell you an interesting fact about her that once she had three dragon tattoos, she removed it after some time. 

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Bear tattoos are also great symbols of strength. Bears have a very decent amount of mention in native American culture and tradition.

The tribe people from native America used bear signs as a sign of great strength, bravery, and power. For some of you, bear tattoos may not be a symbol of strength, but American people still believe in that. 

American singer Justin Beiber has a bear tattoo on the right side of his chest. But it is not a cute teddy bear tattoo. If one wants to show some strength with that tattoo, one must go with an angry bear tattoo. 

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Wolves are also a strong symbol of strength. They also have mentioned in the Indian and European cultures.

In some cultures like Norse culture, bears had the portrayal of giantesses and witches steeds. But in Siberian folk tales, wolves were the heroes who used to protect children from any harms.

Similarly, in Japanese mythical stories, wolves are the heroes who used to protect humans from any danger. If you have seen the famous American tv show named game of thrones, you must remember that wolves used to protect the queen from any harm.

A very interesting fact about wolves that I want to share is that wolves are considered the secret keeper. They would die happily rather than sharing the secret. Wolves’ designs look best with hyper-real style. 


It is also a very popular tattoo design among the middle age people. Let me tell you that if the lion is the king of the jungle, then the stage is the forest king. A stage is considered as the best potential symbol of strength.

The stag design has links to the pagan culture. Pagan cultures of Scandinavia and Europe believed that the stag is the god of the forest. It controls the changing of seasons and wind flow.

Some people believe that stags have connection to native American culture. There is a myth that Native Americans used stag design tattoos. People who are related to Scotland or America can use this tattoo as it will definitely suit their personality.


This is an alternative for those who are obsessed with horn animal tattoos but do not think that stag is one of their types. Bulls and cows have a very large mention in the Hindu mythological books.

As we discussed, the lion represents the zodiac sign of Leo as the bull represents the Taurus. The bull is the symbol of extreme energy and strength.

You can also modify your design by adding a skull in the middle of the head and trust it looks amazing. Bull tattoos look amazing with black, and red colors as these both look more dominant. Black and red-inked bull tattoos have a really strong visual approach. 


If you feel that you are a strong and free personality, then horse tattoos are best for you as horse tattoos represent freedom and strength. Horse tattoos are in the list of powerful tattoos.

I do not need to tell you the history horses as they are always there with humans in history. Every battle won was impossible without horses.

Horses are god’s gift to humans; they helped in many ways like traveling, fighting battles, and many more. Horse tattoos have their own meaning. These tattoos look really amazing on the back. 

A very famous singer, Iggy azalea, has one tattoo of a horse and she is a pet lover. She is also a horse rider and has two horses. 

Mythological beast – Symbol Of Strength

If you think that none of those mentioned above tattoo designs are perfect for you, then you might go for mythological beast tattoo designs.

In some mythological books, many mythological beasts are mentioned. Dragon and vultures are one of them. All these mythological are tattoos with deep meaning.

Dragon Tattoos

Have you ever seen a dragon? Nah, not the real one. You must have seen one in your favorite television show, the game of thrones. Dragon tattoos are very popular in middle-aged people who are serious fans of the game of thrones series.

Game of Thrones series has made dragon tattoos popular than ever. Tattoo experts suggest making dragon tattoos in a larger design on your back or chest.

So that you can design a better design will the beast it can be seen with fire, and it’s nails. One can also try out dragon tattoos for sleeves.

Dragons are not just famous because of the television series game of thrones; they how to use mention in Chinese and Japanese mythological culture. This is why the flag of China has a dragon design in it.

The dragons are the symbols of strength and power. There are also other meanings of having a dragon tattoo, but it depends on the ink color you chose to put in and the type of dragon.

If you have thought of having a dragon tattoo inked on your body, then you must not overlook for the intricate designs of the Celtic dragon. The dark tower dragon has an association with masculine and warrior-like energy.

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Phoenix and dragon both have a very interesting story associated with them. In Chinese tradition, people believe that both the beast represents the balance of yang and yin.

Chinese people love to ink themselves with a combined tattoo of dragons and phoenix, as in the culture and mythological books, it is mentioned that both the creatures symbolize the strength. While on the one hand, the dragon symbolizes firepower and raw physical strength, and the phoenix symbolizes the strength to rise and reborn from the ashes.

It is not like that you cannot make a single tattoo of phoenix. Only phoenix tattoos are popular nowadays and look amazing on the larger surface area sites like back, chest, and shoulder.

One must color the tattoo with yellows, oranges, and reds as the phoenix is linked to flames.

There is an interesting controversy related to this tattoo. An actor named Ben Affleck had a phoenix tattoo on his whole back. When he was asked what exactly the tattoo means in his life, Ben clearly stated that he does not have that tattoo; it was just for the sake of a film shooting; it was a temporary tattoo. In 2018 Ben was also trolled when one posted his shirtless picture on social media.

Media personals asked two of his famous ex-girlfriends about his tattoo. The actress Jennifer garner explained that she believes in the ashes theory. She also added in the interview with vanity fair that she takes umbrage, and she refuses to be the ashes.

Then another girlfriend, J-lo, stated that the tattoo was too colorful for her test, but she confirmed that actor Ben Affleck had or has a tattoo of a phoenix design. She also added that phoenix tattoos are really impressive and symbolize endurance and strength.


Griffin is another famous mythological beast; another name for Griffin is Gryphon. It is a hybrid beast which has the the the power of an eagle in its head and the strength of a lion in his body.

In ancient times Greek people used to believe that Griffin is a messenger of God.

It was considered as the chariot of the Greek God Apollo. Apollo is the God of light and prosperity. God Apollo used to ride this creature in Greek mythology.

You can also have a look at the Griffin if you keep your eyes wide open. You can see them on coats of arms and as a decorative stone carving on old buildings.

Griffin tattoos look very appealing and stunning. If you think that you are a born leader, then you must consider having this tattoo.


Centaur is a very special and unusual beast, half horse and half men. The head of this creature is off human, and the lower body parts are of horses. You must have seen one in Hollywood movies.

It is also at the zodiac symbol of Sagittarius, where the creature is shown with a bow and an arrow.

Centaur is deeply connected with fire, and massive strength as Sagittarius is a fire sign which is ruled by Jupiter. And Jupiter is considered the King of Gods and God of thunder in ancient Roman mythology.

This tattoo is a mix of human and animal touch to the strength.

As the half body is of humans, it means that a person who is having this tattoo is a person with a powerful brain and lots of strength like horses.

This tattoo is deeply connected fire, the King of Gods, and God of thunder.

This tattoo has the ability to store light and dark, strength and weakness, good and evil. Someway the tattoo is the sign of balance between good and bad things.

Centaur tattoo is a perfect choice for a person who is Sagittarius and thinks that he/ she has the power to hold both qualities in them. Both males and females can ink themselves with this tattoo, but one thing that you should remember that they are very wild signs of the zodiac.

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Final Words

There are lots of symbols that mean strength, and you can use them as strength tattoos. But many experts believe that animals are the best symbols of strength and perseverance. All living animal tattoos are the symbols that represent strength, but the mythological beasts are at different levels. One must do proper research about a tattoo and especially mythological tattoo before getting it inked. Mythological beasts tattoos are very difficult to understand, and some of you might feel discomfort after the tattoo.
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