Amazing Shoulder Tattoo Designs for Your Next Tattoo

shoulder tattoos

If you are looking for something to raise your style game, then you should try shoulder tattoos. The shoulder has always been one of the most popular spots to get a tattoo. It is due to the reason that shoulders are a unique tattoo spot, and they are associated with strength and power.

Shoulder tattoos are highly versatile, and both men and women can get them. Moreover, they come in different tattoo styles like watercolor, tribal, negative space, portrait tattoo style, and more, which makes them a popular choice. Here is an article with all you need to know about amazing shoulder tattoo designs and their meanings. 

Popular Shoulder Tattoos for Men and Women

Shoulders are a popular choice when it comes to tattoo placement ideas. Two things make shoulders a perfect tattoo spot. Firstly, shoulders are a large area, which makes them suitable for big pieces. Secondly, you can easily cover the shoulders if you do not want to expose the tattoo. Due to ease of coverage, people feel free to experiment with tattoo designs on shoulders. Here are some popular shoulder tattoos for men and women. 

Dragon Shoulder Tattoo

If you are looking for a dynamic shoulder tattoo, then dragon tattoos will be a perfect choice. Dragon tattoos have been a popular choice when it comes to shoulder tattoos for men. They represent power, wisdom, and strength. A dragon tattoo is a versatile choice, so both men and women can get it. 

Dragons are the most powerful mythical creatures and are mysterious, strong, and fierce. Some popular dragon tattoo meanings are independence, courage, and strength. For something classy, you can get classic dragon tattoos that include claws, wings, scales, and fire. A dragon tattoo starting from the shoulder and wrapped around the arm looks highly fascinating. 

Rose Shoulder Tattoo

This tattoo is the perfect shoulder tattoo for women. Rose tattoos have been a famous tattoo choice for many decades. These tattoo designs are subtle, beautiful, and bold at the same time. You can get different colored rose tattoos, like a black rose tattoo, a red rose tattoo, or a black and white rose shoulder tattoo.

Roses are complicated flowers and a popular tattoo choice. The beauty of this flower expresses hope, a new beginning, and promise. If you get a rose shoulder tattoo with the thorns, that symbolizes thoughtlessness, defense, and loss. 

The color of the rose shoulder tattoo plays an essential role in portraying the meaning and symbolism. For instance, a black rose tattoo represents death and grief. However, it is also associated with strength and rebellion. On the other hand, the red rose tattoo symbolizes love, grace, and gratitude. So make the color choice wisely when it comes to rose shoulder tattoo. 

Flower Shoulder Tattoo

Flower tattoos are a popular choice when it comes to shoulder tattoos for women. Beautiful flower tattoos are attractive as well as meaningful. They are an amazing source of inspiration and beauty. 

For people who love classic old school shoulder tattoos, flower tattoos are a perfect choice. The flower shoulder tattoos have been famous since the time of traditional sailor and swallow tattoos. They represent the challenging and the beautiful parts of life. The round-shaped flower tattoo designs fit perfectly to the shoulder as the first to the curve of muscles. If you want something different, you can also get mandala flower tattoos for a unique shoulder tattoo. 

Back Shoulder Tattoo 

If you want a complex, detailed tattoo, then you should opt for a back shoulder tattoo. These tattoos extend across the shoulders and back, which makes them a unique body art piece. In case you already have a sleeve tattoo, you can take similar elements from the existing design and continue it further. It will render a connected look to the overall shoulder tattoo design. 

Back shoulder tattoos are an amazing option for narrative tattoos. These tattoos are inspired by a story. You can also get a portrait tattoo or religious tattoo to show your love. 

Eagle Shoulder Tattoo

If you are looking for a chest shoulder tattoo, then nothing can be better than an eagle tattoo. Free bird tattoos are a popular choice to show your carefree spirit. They represent higher understanding, spirituality, and freedom. 

Eagle shoulder tattoos look highly amazing and make a beautiful piece of art. They are symbols of dominance, freedom, power, focus, and clarity. In addition to this, eagle shoulder tattoos symbolize wisdom and power. A soaring eagle looks amazing as a shoulder tattoo as the wings can be made across the chest and also around the bicep. When getting an eagle shoulder tattoo, make sure to choose the right tattoo artist so you can get a perfect tattoo design. 

Shoulder Blade Tattoo

These tattoos look profoundly unique due to their unusual placement. As shoulder blades are a part of the back, you can choose an oversized tattoo with great details and design. One of the most popular shoulder blade tattoo designs is wings. 

Wings of any style or type are a symbol of freedom. They represent a person’s ability to liberate oneself from everything that holds them behind. Wings not only symbolize the ability to fly but also recommend the improvement of the subject. 

A wing tattoo is perfect for shoulder blade tattoo and for chest shoulder tattoo. You can also personalize the wings using watercolor tattoo style. Moreover, you can add a realistic touch with white and black shading. Try to make the wings extended to the back of your arms in order to get a striking look. 

Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos are still a popular choice among people looking for classy tattoos with deep meanings. If you want a different shoulder tattoo or chest shoulder tattoo, then you should try tribal tattoos

Antiquity reflects the importance and uniqueness of tribal tattoos. These tattoos are best for people who are adventurous and love traveling. Tribal tattoos are eye-catching and have amazing histories. They render a monochromatic look, which makes them highly attractive.

The thick curved lines used in tribal tattoos are ideal for a shoulder tattoo. 

There are different styles of tribal tattoos like Maori, South American, African and Celtic. The tattoo artists will use your muscles to guide the lines included in the design. Trust me; a tribal shoulder tattoo will render you a striking and fascinating look. 

Religious Shoulder Tattoo

People often choose a shoulder to get a meaningful tattoo as it is related to strength. If you are seeking shoulder tattoos for men or shoulder tattoos for women, then religious tattoos are something worth a try. 

A beautiful religious tattoo on your shoulder represents that you have a strong faith and foundation in your life. Religious tattoos serve as a strong reminder of one’s faith. Many of the religious shoulder tattoo designs suggest faith in a higher power and a strong message of faith, hope, and love. Some popular religious tattoos include om tattoo, cross tattoo, and lotus flower tattoo

Celtic Tattoo

If you want a shoulder tattoo design for an authentic look, then Celtic tattoos are a perfect choice for you. Celtic tattoos have a history associated with them as the warriors of the iron age used to get these tattoos to mark their passion. So, if you think you are a modern-day warrior battling every day, then you will certainly love Celtic tattoos. 

There are various designs of Celtic tattoos like a Celtic cross tattoo, bird Celtic tattoo, or Celtic knot tattoo. Lines and circular symbols are included in the designs of these tattoos. The spiral patterns in Celtic tattoos also have deep meanings. They are used to present the life of the sun giving energy, eternity, and the union of spiritual and physical worlds. 

Angel Tattoo

An amazing shoulder tattoo design is an angel. It represents religious meanings but can also represent a loved one who is no more or passed away. In addition to this, an angel design in the shoulder tattoo also represents a person’s guardian angel. 

Many people choose angel tattoos as the basis to show their faith. Angels represent everything good and are servants of God. They are responsible for protecting the realm between earth and heaven. One of the common meanings of angel shoulder tattoos for women or men is protection. It is believed that an angel watches over you and protects you from evil. 

Skull Tattoo

When it comes to shoulder tattoos for men, skull tattoos are also a popular choice. Skulls symbolize overcoming difficulties and even death. In addition to this, skull tattoo designs also symbolize power and strength. Moreover, it is believed that they offer protection to the wearer. 

Skull tattoos can represent the death of an old life and a new beginning. This tattoo design looks amazing in every art style. The design includes curved lines and circular elements, which make the design ideal for shoulder placement. You can use the skull shoulder tattoo to make a badass sleeve. 

Final Words

Shoulder tattoos have become a popular choice with the increasing trend of getting inked. Shoulders are an amazing tattoo spot as they are related to power and strength. If you want a unique shoulder tattoo, then you can opt for different designs like an angel, rose shoulder tattoo, or skull tattoo. Make sure to opt for a shoulder tattoo design that suits your personality and provides you a unique look. Do share your experience with us by dropping a comment.