Net Worth Of Pink, The Singer

Pink net worth

Pink Net Worth- $200 Million

Gender- female

Profession- Actor, Dancer, Musician, Model, Singer-Songwriter

Nationality- United States Of America

Pink Net Worth: 

Pink is an American songwriter and singer with a net worth of $200 million. Currently, she is one of the top-selling artists worldwide, with more than 90 million records sold to date.


Pink has been one of the highest-paid singers consistently on this planet every year since she has made her way to success. Outside her music career Pink has made a lot of money by doing endorsements for big companies like Sony Ericsson, CoverGirl, Polo, VW, and T-Mobile.

Between June 2017 to June 2018, Pink earned $50 million by doing endorsements. She has earned the same amount roughly between June 2018 to June 2019. In 2019- 2020 he earned $45 million through endorsement. 

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Early Life and Career Beginnings: 

Pink, the singer, was born on September 8, 1979, in Downtown, Pennsylvania, as Alecia Beth Moore. She is popular by her stage name Pink. Her parents divorced before she turned ten years old. Pink attended Central Bucks High School, and she joined her first band in High School, Middleground.

After losing a battle of bands, the group disbanded. She would turn completely pink when she blushed, and this is how she got her nickname pink. This was when she started performing in clubs in Philadelphia at the age of fourteen, and she adopted her stage name, PINK.

She one audited and then became a member of the all-female group named Basic Instinct at the age of fourteen. The group disbanded after two years without any release of songs. Later she formed an R&B group named Choice by teaming up with Chrissy Conway and Sharon Flanagan. The group signed a deal with La Face Records and L.A. Reid, and together, they recorded an album, but unfortunately, in 1998, they disbanded before the release of the album. 

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Solo Career:

After her last group named Chide disbanded, PINK signed a deal for a solo recording contract with LaFace Records. Her first debut single was “There You Go,” which was launched in February 2000 came on #7 of the first top ten hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Her other debut album was released in April 2000, “Can’t Take Me Home.” This album got a huge commercial success and was on #26 on the Billboard 200 Chart. Eventually, her album was certified as double platinum by RIAA. Her successful debut also got her Female New Artist of the Year Award at the Billboard Music Awards 2000. 

Pink, the singer, collaborated with Mya, Christina Aguilera, and Lil’ Kim in 2001 for the cover single of Lady Marmalade. This single was loved, and it also won MTV Video Music Awards for the best video of the year. This song also received a Grammy Awards for the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

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The second album of Pink was “Missundaztood,” which was released in November 2001 with a new sound. This time she shifted away from the cookie-cutter act she embodied earlier. She worked with Linda Perry to learn creative control over the material. Despite the fact that her record label was not excited about the change she was making, Missundaztood was highly successful. 

This became the eighth best-selling album of 2002 worldwide. She won Rock Female Artists and Best Selling American Pop for this album. Pink was also nominated at the 45th Grammy for two awards. As of now, this is her best-selling album, with more than 13 million copies being sold globally. 

Some of the subsequent album releases by PINK were “Try This” (2003), which featured single trouble”. This won her the Best Rock Vocal Performance in the 46th Grammy Awards. In 2006 she released “I’m Not Dead” with single Stupid Girls, which received a Best Female Pop Vocal Grammy Awards nomination.

Another popular release is “Funhouse” in 2008, which was eleven-time platinum certified by RIAA. Pink’s compilation album “Greatest Hits So Far” 2010, The Truth About Love 2012, became the world’s sixth best-selling album of the year. In 2017 Beautiful Trauma was released, which also got nominated for Best Pop Vocal Album in Grammy Awards. In 2019 pink released Hurts 2B Human. 

Some of her other notable collaborations and singles include 2003-“Just Give Me a Reason,” which featured Nate Ruess. Soundtrack music “Just Like Fire” for Alice Through Looking Glass movie in 2016 and another song for the movie The Greatest Showman in 2017 named “A Million Dreams.”

Pink, the singer, is popular for her beautiful voice and daring live performances featuring acrobatic elements, especially an act where she does an aerial act. She is also recognized for her electric fashion sense, challenging the music industry, breaking boundaries, and finding new ways to create her voice and sound. 

Pink has a very successful solo career which also contributes to her extensive net worth

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Acting Projects: 

Pink, the singer, has also lent her voice for various movies and projects like one Spongebob Square Pants episode in 2009 and Happy Feet Two, an animated film (2011). She starred in the movies “Thanks For Sharing, Catacombs, Rollerball, Get Him to the Greek, Charlie’s Angels-Full Throttle. 

Personal Life and Real Estate:

Pink met Carey Hart, a racer, in 2001. They got married in 2006 after Pink proper him during one of his motocross races in 2005. Together the couple has two children. For many years the primary residence of Carey and Pink was a huge mansion in the Point Dume area, Malibu. They sold their 8000 square foot house for $12.5 million in 2006, which they bought in 2010 for $11.85 million.

After selling their Malibu house, they moved to a 200-acre ranch located in Santa Ynez Valley. They bought a new property in 2013 for $12 million and is spread in more than 25 acres of vineyards where the couple launched a wine named Two Wolves. 

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 Quotes By Pink:

Now that you know everything about PINK and her net worth, let’s take a look at some of the inspiring quotes by her.

True beauty is knowing who you are and what you want and never apologizing for it.

To experience the good you have to have seen the bad; plus it makes you appreciate blessings more. Tough times taught me to be a fighter.

You can’t move mountains by whispering at them.

I don’t try to be candy coated. I don’t try to walk on eggshells. I am what I am. Love me or hate me.

Change the voices in your head. Make them like you instead.

If God is the DJ, then Life is the dance floor; Love is the rhythm and You are the music.

Once you figure out what respect tastes like, it tastes better than attention. But you have to get there.

I’m pretty confident and, at the same time, I’m pretty insecure. I’m like a walking conflict.

My definition of stupid is wasting your opportunity to be yourself because I think everybody has a uniqueness and everybody’s good at something.

Raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways.

I’m not barbie, and im alright with that.

Pretty, pretty please, don’t you ever ever feel like you’re less than, less than perfect.

If I wasted my time trying to be like everybody else when I was 10 and 11, I wouldn’t be me today. So if you are gonna be the future rockstars, the future somebody, whatever you wanna be then you’re wasting your time trying to be somebody else, because you’ll never get to you.

I’d rather bleed with cuts of love than live without any scars.

My definition of freedom is knowing who you are, and then being it. No matter what anyone else is doing. And naked parties of course.

I’ve always felt that animals are the purest spirits in the world. They don’t fake or hide their feelings, and they are the most loyal creatures on Earth. And somehow we humans think we’re smarter-what a joke.

For so long, I was searching for something to be proud of. But at a certain point, I realized, ‘Wait, I’m doing what I want to be doing. I’m not wanting to do it; I’m doing it.’ And that’s awesome.

I think the best day will be when we no longer talk about being gay or straight… It’s not a gay wedding, it’s just a wedding… It’s not a gay marriage, it’s just a marriage.

The willow is my favorite tree. I grew up near one. It’s the most flexible tree in nature and nothing can break it – no wind, no elements, it can bend and withstand anything.