Mysterious Haunted Places in California


Haunting places in California are just like haunting places in other states – there are plenty of ghost stories to be found and plenty of haunted attractions. These stories can range from being stories that were told about a particular place or event, to tales that are said to be true.

If you are interested in finding out more about haunted places in California, you will find plenty of information on the internet.


A wooden haunted house with dark sky in California

Some of the places in California that you may want to investigate include Alhambra castle, Chihuahua cemetery, Ghost Mound, Mission Inn, and Sonora Cemetery, etc.

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Alhambra Castle

If you intend to know more about Alhambra castle, you can check out the Alhambra County Historical Society or read books written by the famous English writer Sir Walter Scott.

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Chihuahua Cemetery

The Alhambra museum is one of the best museums in the whole world. If you want to check out the Chihuahua cemetery, there is a Chihuahua Museum located at the cemetery.

Calaveras County Museum

Other famous haunted places in California include Calaveras County Museum. You can even find a few haunted attractions in San Bernardino County as well, including the haunted houses in San Bernardino, the

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Ghost Town & Haunted Mountain

Ghost Town in Santa Barbara, and the Haunted Mountain in Palmdale. There are also several attractions in Orange County, such as the haunted hotels in Newport Beach, and the Alton Mall haunted house in Altadena.

Scary House Rentals & Haunted Places in Southern California

In addition to historical places, there are also some scary places in California.

If you intend to scare yourself silly and stay in a real haunted house, you can look into haunted house rentals in California.

There are many haunted house rentals in California that are completely furnished so that you don’t have to worry about anything – including food.

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Orange County

If you are looking for something more realistic in terms of haunted attractions, you can look into haunted fairs in California.

There are haunted fairs in Orange County, including the San Diego Haunted Fair, Orange County’s most famous haunted fair, and San Diego’s annual International Scream Park.

Haunted Places in Northern California by the Bay

There are also haunted tours in the Bay Area, which include tours of the haunted mansions in San Francisco, the Haunted Hollow, and Haunted Forest, and the haunted mansion at Mount Diablo State Park, and the Haunted House in Vacaville.

House of Marilyn Monroe

Los Angeles has its share of haunted attractions, too.

There are tours that allow you to tour the actual mansion where Marilyn Monroe lived and was killed, as well as haunted tours of the homes of Elvis Presley and Marlon Brando.

There are also tours of The Twilight Zone Hotel in Hollywood and tours of the set of the classic film “The Shining.”

The Art Deco House

There are many haunted places in Orange County, too, including the Lost Hills, the home of the legendary serial killer Jack Unterweger.

There are also haunted museums in Orange County, such as The Art Deco House in Costa Mesa and the haunted cemetery in San Clemente.

Old Mansion in Palos Verdes

If you own the time, there are also many haunted places in Orange County, such as the haunted mansions of San Francisco and the old mansion in Palos Verdes.

There are also many haunted places in Los Angeles that can give you a real scare. In addition to tours of the infamous House on Haunted River, there are tours of the infamous Lost Hills and tours of the house where James Dean died.


No matter what type of haunted place you want to visit, there is bound to be one in Los Angeles that is perfect for you. If you are into ghost stories, Los Angeles is the place to go for it.

  • The Los Angeles night clubs and bars have many different haunted locations, such as the old mansion in Palos Verdes.
  • There is also the haunted nightclub “Echo in the Dark” in Santa Monica and the haunted Hotel Cortez in Inglewood.
  • In addition, there are many haunted restaurants and bars in the city.
  • The Dead Rabbit in North Hollywood and the haunted Kato’s in Santa Barbara.


A deserted house near a sea

If you love to spend time at haunted places in California, you’ll certainly find one or two of the haunted places listed below fascinating, to say the least.

Whether you are looking for the haunted spots in California to visit on your Halloween holiday or just want to enjoy some spooky ghost stories with the whole family, the haunted places in California will most certainly offer you the perfect opportunity to do so.

Stevenson House

Stevenson House is a haunted place where you can experience paranormal activity in ghostly areas.

It’s been established as a tourist attraction & is located in the central area of Sacramento.

Stevenson House features a great selection of Halloween themed decorations, which include bats, witches, ghostly faces, and even scarecrows!

Ghostly House

Ghostly House is another haunted place in California to visit. This beautiful property is located on the south coast of California in an idyllic location. It features a garden with a fountain.

The gardens have been designed to give visitors a sense of peace and serenity. The house has two rooms, a dining room, and kitchen.

Monterey Cemetery

Monterey is another historic cemetery that has many haunted places to visit. The cemetery is situated in the southern part of Monterey.

This area is well known for its historical architecture. The cemetery is very peaceful.

Vineyard House at Central Valley of California

Vineyard House is a very historic house located in the Central Valley of California, which is situated about thirty miles from Los Angeles.

This house is a very popular tourist attraction for many who wish to experience the charm and magic of California in the comfort of their own home.

It is located along a beautiful coastline on the north side of Monterey Bay. There are three different levels that feature different themes and decorations.

Olde House, San Dimas

Olde House is the historic buildings located in San Dimas. It was built in 1891 and featured a unique design.

It has a lovely lawn surrounded by a large lawn house. The main building has a swimming pool, a guest house, and several rooms.

Olde Mansion is another famous haunted house in Monterey. Olde is an old house which was built in 1900 and is a historic landmark. You’ll find it right off of Main Street.

Redwood City Hotel

A Great Place to Have a Drink is the Redwood City Hotel. The hotel has an amazing lobby and bar.

There are several of things to do, including a lot of activities that are free and all you have to do is enjoy a good time.


GhostWalk is another popular haunted places in California. The GhostWalk is located near Lake Tahoe and is a walk through attraction that offers many haunted areas and ghostly sights.

People walk through tunnels and see all kinds of spooky scenes as they listen to ghost stories of old friends and family members who are waiting to greet them when they arrive back home.

Haunted Forest Park

Haunted Forest Park is a popular haunted place in California. The park has a haunted wooded area where you will encounter creatures like monkeys, snakes and other scary animals.

The park has different haunted areas that are easy to access, and you will see creatures walking around you.

In the months of summer season, you can even go out into the forest and enjoy the park.

The Big Bear Mountain Resort

The Big Bear Mountain Resort is another popular place to have a good time. The resort has a spa and a hot air balloon ride that are very popular.

It is a great spot to do relax & enjoy a relaxing evening.

The Lost Dutchman Lodge

The Lost Dutchman Lodge is a famous haunted place in California. It’s a great spot to spend a couple of nights, and you can also go on tours of the area around the lodge.

This lodge is located in California and has been around for over sixty years.

You’ll find all kinds of famous haunted places in California. Just be ensure to take advantage of the many activities that are offered to you at each of these haunted places in California.These places have plenty of entertainment to provide you with a night of fun and excitement that is sure to be remembered for the rest of your life.