Beautiful Girly Tattoos for all the Divas Out There

girly tattoos

If you are bored of makeup, fashionable clothes, and looking for something new to raise your fashion game, then girly tattoos are the right pick for you. Here are some of the best girly tattoos for all the divas out there.

The trend of tattoos is at its peak, and you can find a lot of tattoo designs. But if you want something that is creative and has special meaning, then you are at the right place. Continue reading the article to find out the best tattoo design for you. 

Cute Girly Tattoos

Choosing the perfect tattoo design can be really difficult. If you are dreaming of getting the right tattoo, then opt for a tattoo that is not only girly but also meaningful. Sounds difficult, right? But you need to worry anymore. Check out the list of girly tattoo designs and trust me, you will find the best one for you. 

Classic Floral Moon

When it comes to cute girly tattoos, nothing can be better than moon tattoo designs. It is a beautiful symbol of growth, transition, and creativity. The deep meaning related to a moon tattoo makes it an iconic tattoo design for girls. 

Some of the common moon tattoo meanings include creativity, fertility, cyclical nature, magic, and rebirth. It is a versatile tattoo option, and you can find a lot of moon tattoo designs like a crescent moon or moon phases. If you want something unique, you can also get a triple moon tattoo. However, if you want a girly tattoo, then the classic floral moon tattoo is the perfect pick for you.  

Makeup Tattoo Designs

If you love makeup, then it is time to pay homage to your favorite makeup. Now, you must be thinking how? Get a makeup tattoo design of your favorite lipstick or brush set. Trust me; it is one of the best girly tattoos to raise your fashion game. There is a wide range of makeup tattoo designs, from colorful single needle lipstick to bold black and grey makeup-brush. These tattoos are best to show your love for makeup. Trust me; these cute girly tattoos will make you stand out in the crowd. 

Girly Finger Tattoo

Why look boring when you can look fascinating with girly finger tattoos. Finger tattoos are the latest trend in the tattoo world. They can easily suit almost any style. From a delicate and tiny tattoo to a bold statement, there is a finger tattoo perfect for everyone. 

One of the most popular girly finger tattoos is a crown. This one is a decent and royal tattoo and is the best choice to make yourself feel special. It is highly symbolic and is associated with leadership and authority. This tattoo design also signifies the ability to rule your own emotions, ideas, and actions. Other popular finger tattoos include a butterfly tattoo, a rosary tattoo, and a rose. 

Colorful World Map

Let your wanderlust shine with a world map tattoo. If you are a crazy girl who loves traveling and exploring the world, then a colorful map tattoo is the right pick for you. Get a world map tattoo design with shades of pink and blue to make it look more attractive. It is a popular tattoo amongst travelers. It shows that you love traveling and exploring what the world can offer you. 

Make sure to opt for the right tattoo placement when getting a map tattoo. You can get a world map tattoo on your ribs, back, or wrists to make it look more appealing. 

Abstract Lion

A lion tattoo is perfect for showing your courageous and brave personality. It is the best way to define your real self. A lion tattoo carries a lot of meanings, including courage, strength, honesty, royalty, and peace. 

Now you must be thinking about how a lion tattoo can make a cute girly tattoo? You can add a girly touch to your tattoo by getting an abstract tattoo. An abstract lion is the best choice to make the tattoo unique. Get a lion tattoo with a blurred outline and a lot of shading. Pay attention to the color shading and details to make your tattoo more girly. 

Small Girly Tattoos

Small tattoos are one of the most popular ones in the tattoo world. A small girly tattoo is the best choice for you if it is your first tattoo design. These ones are small, less painful, and you can get them on any part of your body due to the compact size. 

Some popular small girly tattoos include sparkling lipstick, a black and white flying bird, or a small rose. Among these designs, our favorite is a small bird. It is perfect for showing your free spirit. This tattoo design reflects that you dream of flying high and attaining greater ambitions in life. You can get a small girly tattoo behind your ear, on your neck, or wrist to draw all the attention at a party. 

Picture Perfect Angel Tattoo

Looking for a picture-perfect tattoo? If yes, then get a girly angel tattoo set a new trend on Instagram. This tattoo design is highly inspiring and uplifting. Angels are seen as pure beings who are determined to protect everything good and sacred. The deep symbolism associated with this cute girly tattoo design makes it a fantastic choice for those who want to honor the faith.  

Moreover, they are the perfect alternative to give a tribute to your loved ones. To make your angel tattoo extra girly, add some colors and flowers to it. Focus on the shading and get bold outlines to make it more appealing. Trust me; this one will surely be a conversation starter at any party. 

Dream Catcher Tattoo

The deep symbolism and cultural belief make dream catcher tattoo a popular choice for girly tattoos. A dream catcher is believed to catch all your bad dreams so that you can sleep peacefully. So if you are also tired of bad dreams, you should get a dream catcher tattoo

The feminine look makes the tattoo popular among women. Add extra colors like blue and pink to the feather of your dream catcher tattoo design to make it look more attractive. Moreover, add more artistic work to add a more electrifying and vibrant touch. The best placement for these tattoo designs is ribs or belly. 

Vintage Black and Grey Floral Tattoo

Nothing can beat the charm of classic black and grey tattoos. Tattoo trends come and go, but these tattoos are never out of style. If you are fond of black and grey ink and looking for some cute girly tattoos, then a floral tattoo is a fantastic choice for you. 

Flowers have always been a popular choice when it comes to girly tattoo ideas. Different flower tattoos represent different meanings. For instance, a rose symbolizes love, a lotus represents purity, and a jasmine flower represents good luck. If you want something more attractive than you can get a black and grey flower tattoo design, including a bunch of flowers. Opt for getting this tattoo on your back to add extra details and shading to this one. 

Girly Heart Tattoo

A heart tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo designs. You can get a small girly tattoo of the heart on your finger or your wrist to make a fascinating impression. A girly heart tattoo has a multitude of meanings. It is a symbol of love; however, it also carries a sense of understanding and intellect.

You can put a girly heart tattoo anywhere on your body. It works perfectly for both small and medium-sized tattoos. Trust me; it looks great when incorporated into larger artworks. Some popular locations for a girly heart tattoo include ankle, wrist, or behind the ear.  

Vibrant Sea Creature Tattoo

Sea is full of mysteries, magic, and enigma. If you have a mysterious personality, then sea creature tattoos are the right choice for you. The sea life tattoos are associated with strength, resilience, and vast unconsciousness. 

In this regard, a whale tattoo is the best cute girly tattoo idea. This tattoo is perfect for covering your back or arm. A whale tattoo has various meanings. It symbolizes intelligence, power, and gentleness. However, it also embodies peaceful life and spiritual belief. Make your whale tattoo more interesting by adding colors to it. 

Blackwork Forest Tattoo

If you want something really sexy, then a blackwork forest tattoo is for you. This tattoo design includes trees, mountains, and a moon with perfect black shading. A forest tattoo symbolizes life, rejuvenation, and serenity. Forests have always been part of nature, and they were present even before people existed. 

A blackwork forest tattoo is a perfect pick for girly tattoo ideas. These forest-inspired inked ideas are a cool way to discover connections to the earth. The best placement for this design is back. 

Girly Scorpion Tattoo

Scorpion tattoos are perfect for showing your badass side. Scorpions have been a popular choice in the world of body art. This tattoo design represents strength, passion, and intimidation. Moreover, it also represents fierce sexuality, loyalty, and protection. 

If you want a girly scorpion tattoo, then a scorpion rose tattoo is right for you. Rose is a symbol of care, passion, and love. They are soft, beautiful but can also hurt people with thorns. Similarly, a scorpion looks small but can be both pleasant and dangerous. This tattoo design acts as a warning that the girl wearing this tattoo can be both beautiful and dangerous. 

Self Love Tattoo

No girly tattoos can be better than self-love tattoos. They are best to show that you love yourself and are happy with yourself. Self-love is the purest form of love, and self-love tattoos are best to encourage yourself in this direction. 

One of the best girly tattoos that reflect self-love is the “be yourself” tattoo. All you need to do is get inked “be yourself” on your body and trust me; it is the best choice to make a strong statement. 

Final Words

Girly tattoos are perfect for every diva to raise their fashion game. There are a lot of choices when it comes to girly tattoo ideas like makeup tattoos, floral moon tattoos, or self-love tattoos. Make sure to choose the one with deep meaning and symbolism. Moreover, your tattoo should perfectly represent your personality. Which one is your favorite girly tattoo? Tell us by dropping a comment.