People Are Not Liking The Horrific Looking ‘Dora The Explorer’ Popsicles

Dora Popsicle

Dora the Explorer was a very popular show on TV in the year 2000. It taught kids about going on exciting adventures and the importance of knowing more than one language. Children loved everything about Dora and wanted anything with her cute face on it, including popsicles. Popsicle released a special popsicle with Dora’s face on it, and kids were super excited about the Dora popsicle. However, one person on the internet shared a picture of a melted and ruined Dora popsicle, which made a lot of fans feel sad.

Check the Horrifying-Looking Dora Popsicle

Dora Popsicle

The Dora popsicle looked horrifying because a user posted a photo of it melted. The picture showed the once cute and cheerful Dora popsicle now disfigured and unrecognizable, with its features distorted and melted away.

This image of the melted Dora popsicle spread online, causing many people to feel shocked and saddened by the sight of their beloved character in such a sorry state.

The photo served as a reminder of how delicate frozen treats can be and how quickly they can change in warm conditions, leaving behind a haunting image that left fans feeling disheartened.

Here is what the Reddit users commented:

Dora Death
Real Dora


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Frequently Asked Questions

Did the Dora the Explorer boots popsicle exist?

The Boots Popsicle remains a mystery, with no concrete evidence of its existence. The Mandela effect and artistic representations have fueled the belief, but Popsicle never made Boots popsicles.

Despite the intrigue, Popsicle continues to delight with its iconic treats, including Popsicle Pete. Frozen desserts hold a special place in our hearts and memories.

We found tons of people commenting that Boots Popsicle existed for a short time and then it was discontinued.

What flavor is the Dora popsicle?

Introducing Slow Melt Popsicle Ice Pops with the beloved Nickelodeon character, Dora the Explorer, and an assortment of flavors such as grape, watermelon, berry, and orange with other natural flavors.

These frozen delights are quiescently frozen confections, offering a refreshing treat that’s perfect for savoring on warm days.

Are Dora popsicles discontinued?

Popsicle boxes won’t feature Dora the Explorer for kids anymore. Unilever, the company that produces Popsicles, has made the decision to discontinue marketing directly to children under 6.

They have also acknowledged that using cartoon characters on food packaging is a form of marketing. Let’s hope that other companies take a cue from this and implement similar changes.

Melting Dora Popsicle Video