350+ Best Birth Date Tattoo Ideas 2023 Roman Numeral Designs With Beautiful Fonts


It’s no secret that some birthdays are more memorable than others. Check out these amazing birth date tattoo ideas for your most prized possession.

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In addition to displaying tattoo designs in pictures, GS-JJ can turn their tattoo design into a lapel pin. You can attach them to clothes, backpacks, hats, or wherever you want. Also, if you are a tattoo artist or tattoo parlor owner, I am sure you are interested in showing off your unique artistic style. These unique pins make great giveaways for customers and are an effective way to promote your business.

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Some even go as far as getting one for themselves or their children. We have collected 350+ unique date tattoo designs that you can get inked.

Birth date tattoos are a sweet reminder of the people you love and care for them. The birth date tattoo also signifies that they mean something special to you, enough so that it deserves its own space on your skin where only these details matter.

Take your pick of traditional ink designs, or opt for a more creative approach with date tattoos. You can get inked up any time during the year, and they’re perfect if you want something easy to place anywhere on your body.

Some people choose these because it marks an important event like a birthday/year of birth. Other may find themselves getting them just after having children when two timeline timelines meet together again for what will likely be final times before one goes off into college alone Perform another miracle. m

Make memories last forever by preserving this moment – commemorate every precious moment spent sharing life moments side.


How to write numbers for date tattoos

  • You are one-of-a-kind, and your tattoos show this beautifully. You have a roman numeral tattoo that reads “XX/M,” meaning you were born in the 20th century, but what’s more interesting is how it also has an hourglass symbolizing time passing since birth! I love when people get creative with their ink because there isn’t any other way to personalize yourself than through your skin expression.
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  • Instead of going with a simple numeral design for your date tattoo, I would advise you to have it in the style of an easy-to read calendar.
  • If you are looking for something that will really make your day, consider having this birth date tattoo done. You could get the numbers corresponding to all of our bets won or just one big score.
  • Some people like to have their date tattoos specific, with the name of each month written out in English. One way you can do this is by adding numbers after your desired tattoo design and following them accordingly for how old they will be on that particular day when it’s documented forever.


  • The best way to make such design even better is by adding a heart or heartbeat as shown here.
  • If you’re looking for a way to tattoo your child’s birthdate, then consider getting them tattooed with their name and the date of this event.
  • This is a great date tattoo idea! I recommend you add an ultrasound symbol to it too. It will be meaningful since your baby’s date of birth and gender will always remain important in our lives, even after they are grown up.”
  • Memorial tattoos are a great way to commemorate the life of your loved one. For example, you could add their date and place or birth on this yin-yang symbol with an elegant design that will be sure not only tell people about how they lived but also honor them in death.

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  • The zodiac is an important part of your life. Why not get the tattoo of the date? The tattoo will be even more special if the dates match up with when they were born.
  • Girls who want to be unique and special can add small butterfly tattoos with their Roman numeral date tattoo just like this. The date tattoo is so pretty, it’s also practical because you’ll always know what day of the week your favorite insect represents.
  • You can also add Roman letters to make your date tattoo design even more interesting.

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  • Wow! I love the way you’re thinking about tattoos. They are so much more than body art- they represent your personality and taste in fashion, which is why each person who gets one should decide what type of design best suits them before getting ink from any artist drawn onto skin as permanent proof that time doesn’t wait around forever.
  • It is a great way to honor your late family member by getting them portrait tattoos. You can do this in many different ways, but one of the most popular styles for doing this involves adding an animal or bird on top of their favorite date, which will remind you every time that they appear under the skin. The best part about memorializing someone through tats? You get the final say over what gets put where- so go wild with all those ideas.
  • Informative and spiritual tattoos for your child’s birth date. Ink a cross or angel sign on their skin to show how much you love them, with the date of that very special day permanently etching into forevermore.
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  • If you’re not shy about showing your tattoos, then the wrist is an ideal place for date ink.
  • You can also get a date tattoo that represents your year of birth and it’s designs in large size.
  • You can give your date tattoo an extra touch of personalization by adding their name in the same font as both writing styles. This will make it more intimate and special between you two, since no one else ever has this kind-of thing done before.
  • Memorial tattoos are usually done for people who have lost loved ones and want to commemorate their memory. However, some memorials can stand alone without the person’s name attached as a reference point – this would be if it were just an image or object instead of representing someone in particular, so there wouldn’t need any text around them mentioning who you were remembering.

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  • If you want to get a huge date tattoo on your chest, then I hope it’s for decoration, not because of the size. Getting such an overwhelming design might be difficult when trying to stand out in a crowd or even bow down before someone else. I have seen some people with very large date tattoos around their collar area, which can look okay if they are also smaller hearts elsewhere-but these don’t fit well together overall due to different scale levels between each part. Plus, this type requires more care than most other designs simply because there exist few guidelines as far what products should touch skin without causing discomfort.
  • If you want to get a date tattoo but are afraid that it might be too noticeable, then go for something tiny and subtle. However if your plan is going on the niddle of your body- which will leave bruises behind – keep this in mind before getting one.
  • The skin is a fragile organ and date tattoos might fade away. It’s best if you keep them on an area of your body which will be well protected by the clothes that cover it up, like this:
  • If you want to make your tattoo stand out, date-based ink is perfect for this. Roman numerals date tattoos come in many different styles and sizes so be sure the placement will match what kind of design strategy works best with yours.
  • Here’s a cool date tattoo for you to get with your best friend or sibling. It will be the perfect way of remembering that special bond we share.
  • The ear is a great place to get tattoos because it will only be seen by those who are close and special.
  • I don’t know what to say about this tattoo but please at least shave the whole part.

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  • If you’re looking for a unique design that will make people take notice, then this is it! With our date tattoo option we can include either an exact number or ask them what their favorite day of the week was.
  • If you want to tattoo your feet and put memorial tattoos on them, then I would not recommend doing so. The foot is an area that can easily get dirty or sweat in which case the ink will start getting darker than before from all of this extra moisture being absorbed by our skin cells.
  • Fingers make for a great place to get tattoo because you can hide them from strangers and unknowns.
  • Get a tattoo of your or parents’ name, along with the date it was born.
  • Remember that Roman numerals should not have any symbols between them or else the whole date tattoo would be confusing.
  • Whether you like to show off your tattoo on the back of calf or keep it discreet, there are certain people who want their designs in full view. Calf tattoos can be very fashionable and modelled by celebrities such as Selena Gomez (in 2011) with an anchor design which appears across both shoulders blades just below her neckline near wrists when she is wearing flat bangs style hair coverings during performances at award shows etcetera.

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  • Behind the ear is a magical time to get tattoos so have only memorial date ones on this body part.
  • This is a great idea for your next date tattoo. The artist will use thick black ink to create an elegant, Neo-Tribal design that mimics the style of ancient art from India or China depending on which tribe you choose.
  • It is always sad to lose a child and having an memorial tattoo of them can be one way you show your love for the rest of their lives. I would recommend adding portraits or pictures because they provide more personalization than just text on skin, which means this type memorial will last longer too.
  • In order to avoid confusion, do not get another tattoo design near your memorial date.
  • This is true! A small heart tattoo design will look even more special when paired with an anniversary date.
  • If you want a meaningful tattoo that will last forever, get the date of birth or some other special moment in your life. This is something only those who know what they’re getting can truly appreciate.
  • The Infinity tattoo is one of the most popular designs in modern-day culture. The symbol for endless love, this tattoos have been worn by people from all around world as their way to express what they feel about themselves and others – especially those who are close friends or family members with whom you share your life together.
  • In my opinion, this is not the best to include a playboy bunny to your date tattoo. It will just look weird and out of place on your arm or back.
  • If you want to cover up an old tattoo, get a new date tattoo. It’s better than trying anything else.
  • The letter X is a common Roman numeral so whenever you’re about to pick your font for tattoos, this should be considered.
  • Check out this awesome tattoo design for those who love being crowned. This king or queen crown tattoo design will make you feel like royalty.
date and crown tattoo
  • You can also try an edgy date tattoo design just above your shoulder this way you’ll be able to hide it whenever the mood strikes.
  • If you are looking for the perfect way to attest your love of Disney, then consider adding one or more characters from their extensive library. The mickey mouse club emblem is always a popular date tattoo design that can be enhanced with colors matching any child’s favorite outfit.
  • If you’re looking for a way to show your love of travel, then consider getting multiple date stamp tattoos. With these inked onto different parts of your body and corresponding with when they were last visited or visitied anywhere around the world – it’s easy enough that anyone could do this.
date stamp tattoo on arm
  • Add some variety to your date tattoo design with a unique tribal tattoo pattern.
  • You can get a tattoo of your date’s birth year on the bottom of one foot if they are celebrating their big day.

How to write dates for tattoos

Minimal Birth date Tattoo Designs

date tattooo on arm
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There are many different kinds of date tattoos out there for you to choose from. Some people prefer large, bold designs with heavy strokes and dark ink, while others want their art on the surface minimalistic, like a piece-of-paper haircut (I don’t know what that means). If your taste is more toward minimalist styles, try looking at birth dates in really small fonts or maybe just one word per date over time. You can follow this same design if getting married too – make it simple yet still noticeable, so everyone knows where their heart belongs.

Tattoos For Birth dates Of Kids

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Some parents want to celebrate the birth of their children by getting tattoos for them. These are meant as they show how much love there is between parent and offspring, especially when it comes time for grandpa or grandma’s shoulder blade.

There are many birth date tattoo designs that parents can choose from to honor the occasion. Some people get simple inkings of their child’s name alongside an image showing how small they were at delivery. In contrast, others go all out with more ornate symbols like tiny tigers or script sizes telling decades-worth stories about what happened since then.

This is just one example – there isn’t any perfect design for this situation because everyone has different tastes when it comes down to deciding exactly why these particular dates matter so much in life. Still, regardless I think we’d agree upon something fun being involved.

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 Amazing Birthdate Tattoo Ideas With Roman Numerals

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The popularity of Roman numeral tattoos has been on the rise lately. A lot people choose this style because it looks more unique, unconventional and stylish than Arabic numerals which are often seen in other types or scripts like Thai etcetera . You can get your lucky numbers written down as well with birth date designs for an elegant yet memorable experience.

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Roman numeral tattoos are some of the most popular amongst people with their simple design and large font size. You can get them anywhere on your body, like chest or arm if you want it bold.

However small they may be in comparison to other types such as Chinese character which would take up more space but still look great. If black isn’t what appeals then there’s always color options for every date element.

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Family Chart Tattoo Design including Birth dates

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One of the most beautiful and popular tattoo designs that you can get is a family chart. This shows your descendants’ birth dates through generations, with an line for each individual marked on it as well; whether they be grandparents or parents etcetera.

You could choose to have family chart tattoo done in either style: either like traditional portraits where every person has their own picture next them (although these might cost more), but instead simply tracing everyone’s names over one another without any added details – which still convey plenty about how important these people mean.

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Floral Motif Birthdate Tattoos with Butterfly

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Some people like to add flowers, diamonds or other decorations on their minimal birth date tattoos. Some might think this is a quick way of making an already simple design more beautiful but there are some risks involved in adding fresh ink into old wounds so make sure you talk it over first.

If your birthday tattoo symbolizes something special such as love for family members then consider getting both types if possible-one with red roses expressing how much they mean around the anniversary date while another has yellow petals representing friendships made through years together at school.

To make your birth date tattoo more meaningful, you can also look up the flowers associated with each month. If November was where YOU were born then it’s only natural that there are chrysanthemum plants all over.

For people who came into this world in October- try out marigold or cosmos – they’ll work nicely for their designs too . These little additions will ensure nobody forgets what day of the week their special ink happened on without being distracted by something else.

Tattoo Designs to Celebrate Birthdays

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Memorial tattoos can be a way to commemorate the memory of someone who’s passed away. Some people get birthdate or death year-based designs, which remind them how much love their parent had for them and make it feel like they’re still close in life even though they aren’t there anymore.

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Birthdate Tattoos for any Body part

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There are many different sites where people get birth date tattoos. You don’t need to worry about the placement of your birth date tattoo since they’ll look beautiful no matter what site you choose.

A lot goes into deciding where these pieces go on our bodies, with some choosing fingers or wrists over other areas like shoulders and neck for example – but there may be something else worth considering before making such an important decision.

If it’s going somewhere thin-Skinned then think hard because pain levels tend increase significantly when getting this sortation done incorrectly.

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Colorful Birth Date Tattoo Designs

colorful tattoo on arm
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Birth dates are to celebrate and enjoy the company of those we love. People go all out on this special occasion, hosting parties with lots cake-eating action as well as other fun activities like playing games or telling jokes.

Some may prefer quieter get togethers where they talk about their memories shared throughout years; however no matter what kind you choose it should always be colorful.

If you are looking for a tattoo design that will reflect cheer and happiness, then the best way to make it more attractive is by adding colors. You can also ask for subtle pastel shades or bright neon colors depending on your tastes in ink! Colorful tattoos always look quite stunning from afar – what do think about this option?

Loved ones Names on Birth Date Tattoos

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Some people choose to get a tattoo with just the year or date, but if your loved one has their name and birthdate written on it too then this is perfect for you.

You can place these date tattoos anywhere – maybe even in lengthier parts of our body like arms or back. It takes some skillful design work from an artist who knows what they’re doing.

However there’s not much time commitment involved since most shops offer walk-in services where customers go along without needing appointments beforehand.

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Unique Birthdate Tattoo With Beautiful Fonts

date tattoo on arm
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The best date tattoo for your date of birth is something that will stand out in a crowd. If you’re looking to keep things simple, try using an unconventional font like hand-poked method or even curvy scripts with some quirky lettering.

Complex fonts may be more expensive but when viewed from afar they really shine alongside one another making this choice worth every penny spent on the date tattoo.

You’re never too old to get a birth date tattoo! Every birth date is meaningful, so why not show off your love for the person who has it? Get an amazing design that will make them smile and remind you both of happier times.

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I hope you liked any of these beautiful Birth Date Tattoo Designs.

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