Boots Popsicle – Did it Ever Existed? Mystery Revealed

Boots Popsicle

BOOTS POPSICLE let’s talk about this in this article. Popsicle is a famous ice cream brand loved all over the world. They did something really cool by turning parents into cute cartoon ice cream characters that kids adore. Among them are lovable characters like the monkey Boots and the fearless explorer, Dora, who we all know and love.

But here’s the exciting part – have you ever heard of the “Boots Popsicle”? It’s an ice cream treat shaped like Boots’ famous boots. Sounds fun, right? Some people say they remember seeing it, while others think it might be a trick of the mind, called the Mandela effect.

So, we’re on a quest to find out the truth about the legendary Boots Popsicle. It all started when my friend got all nostalgic talking about Dora and her boots. They mentioned this special ice cream shaped like Boots’ boots. And guess what? Many others also said they remember it.

But it seemed to have disappeared as we searched for this special treat. Was it made and then taken off the shelves, leaving only sweet memories? Or is it still out there, waiting for us to rediscover it?

Join us on this fun journey down memory lane as we explore “BOOTS POPSICLE”. This article is about reliving those happy moments from our childhood and discovering if the Boots Popsicle is real or just a fun idea.

So get ready for a yummy adventure as we uncover the mysteries of this cute ice cream that once brought smiles to ice cream lovers of all ages.

Who Exactly is Boots?

Say hello to Boots, the cute and funny monkey from the famous show “Dora the Explorer.” Boots is Dora’s best friend, and they go on exciting adventures together in every episode.

Boots is a little monkey, about four to five years old, and he gets easily surprised or upset when things don’t go as expected. But that doesn’t stop him from joining Dora on their explorations, holding her hand with joy.

Boots quickly cheers up whenever they face challenges and makes Dora smile with his playful flips and turns.

In the magical world of “Dora the Explorer,” Boots adds lots of charm and laughter to their adventures. He’s always by Dora’s side, ready for new journeys and creating wonderful memories together.

So, let’s join Dora and Boots on their fun-filled escapades, where friendship and fun never end.

Was There a Boots Popsicle Ever Made?

Was There A Boots Popsicle Ice Cream

Let me clarify – Popsicle never made Boots popsicles. There’s no proof that a popsicle with Boots’ face existed in the past or is available now.

They did have Dora popsicles, but Boots popsicles were not real.

Despite some people remembering them, no concrete evidence supports their existence.

In short, you won’t find Boots popsicles from Popsicle. It’s time to accept this fact and enjoy Popsicle’s other treats.

Is the Boots Popsicle Ice Cream a False Memory and Result of the Mandela Effect?

Some people believe there was once a Boots ice cream popsicle, and they remember having it. But in reality, such a popsicle was never made. There are a few reasons why this debate continues.

One reason is that Popsicle has a Bugs Bunny popsicle that looks similar to Boots. Both characters have gray fur, a white face, and big expressive eyes. The only difference is that Bugs Bunny has ears.

Another reason is the existence of a Dora popsicle from Popsicle. People might have seen the Bugs Bunny character next to Dora on ice cream trucks, which could make them think there was a Boots popsicle too.

Additionally, some artists created posters showing a Boots popsicle, even though it was never a real product.

While we may not know exactly why these ideas came about, one thing is clear – Popsicle never made a Boots popsicle for sale.

What People Had to Say on Boots Popsicle?

We talked to a lot of people and some of them said yes Boots Popsicle existed for a short span of time. Also, lets take a look on a few comments people had to say:


@redemption._. (YouTube)

Literaly! The eyes we gumballs which you could chew on the bugs bunny had the long ears thats all

@JumpOfFaith (YouTube)

It was out for 66 days but then it was discontinued

@XVplusXV (YouTube)

Did Other Brands Create a Boots Popsicle with the Boots Character?

To clear things up, the Boot’s Popsicle brand never made a Boots popsicle. No other ice cream company has made one either.

Some people tried making their own Boots popsicles at home, but you won’t find any ready-made ones in stores from any ice cream brand.

In short, no Boots popsicles from Popsicle or any other ice cream brand exist. If you want one, you’ll have to try making it yourself.

The Frozen History of Popsicles

Frozen desserts have been enjoyed for a long time, and their history is quite interesting. In ancient times, Roman slaves would get ice from mountains, crush it, and serve it with fruit and spicy syrups.

Even Marco Polo enjoyed sorbets and ice cream when he visited Kublai Khan’s Chinese court. Back in the early days of the United States, Thomas Jefferson treated his guests at Monticello to frozen sorbets and freezes.

In 1905, something accidental happened in Oakland, California. An 11-year-old boy named Frank Epperson left a glass of water, soda powder, and a wooden stick outside overnight.

To his surprise, the soda mixture froze in the glass by morning. Frank cleverly used warm water to remove the frozen treat from the glass using the stick as a handle.

This inspired him to make “Eppsicles” for his friends, which they later called “Pop’sicles.”

Frank’s creation became popular, and in 1923, he applied for a patent for it. With the help of Joe Lowe Co., Popsicles became a hit and were even sold at places like Brooklyn’s Coney Island amusement park.

They had seven flavors, including the now-favorite cherry, and were sold for just five cents each.

During the Great Depression, the double-stick Popsicle was introduced, allowing two kids to share one for the same price as a single pop.

The journey of the Popsicle has been delightful, bringing happiness to people of all ages and becoming a beloved frozen treat loved by millions around the world.

Popsicle’s Historical Journey

In 1905, a curious incident occurred on a San Francisco porch. An adventurous 11-year-old boy named Francis Epperson left a cup outside with powdered soda, water, and a stirring stick.

By morning, the mixture had frozen due to the cold temperatures. Little did he know that this accidental freezing would lead to the creation of a beloved summertime treat. Nowadays, a staggering two billion Popsicles are sold each year.

In 1923, Epperson decided to share his creation, initially called “Epsicle,” with the world. He made his debut at a park in Alameda, California.

But he changed the name to “Pop’s’sicle at his kids’ suggestion.” Soon after, Epperson teamed up with the New York-based Joe Lowe Company, making these sweet treats available nationwide.

Who can forget Popsicle Pete, the famous mascot who first appeared in advertisements in 1939? He became iconic and continued to represent Popsicle for an impressive 50 years.

In 1986, the company discontinued the two-stick version of their product, which had originally sold for only a nickel during the Great Depression, following feedback from mothers who found it messy.

Moving ahead to 2010, Popsicle became part of Unilever and was produced in facilities across Nevada, Maryland, and Missouri.

The brand introduced new Jolly Rancher-flavored pops, but the classic cherry flavor remains a favourite among consumers.

What’s Behind the Buzz About People Seeing Boots Popsicles?

Whether there ever was a Boots popsicle ice cream has sparked never-ending discussions on social media. TikTok is also full of videos debating its existence.

The main focus of these discussions is the Mandela effect, where many people strongly remember Dora as a favorite childhood character and believe they must have had a Boots popsicle too.

They think Dora and Boots were always together, so it’s hard for them to accept that there was no Boots popsicle.

Some artists have added to the confusion by creating fake posters showing a Boots popsicle. This has made people even more convinced that they had one.

As a result, when asked if they had a Boots popsicle, many people confidently say yes, even though it might not be true.

These debates continue to happen on social media, with TikTok having many videos discussing the possibility of a Boots popsicle.

But the main thing driving these discussions is the Mandela effect and how it affects people’s memories and beliefs about a beloved childhood character.


Q1) What is the invention story of Popsicles? 

Ans. Back in 1905, a young boy named Frank Epperson accidentally stumbled upon the creation of the Popsicle. One night, he left a drink with a stirring stick outside, and the cold weather caused it to freeze, giving birth to the name “Popsicle.”

Q2) How much time does it take for popsicles to freeze? 

Ans. It usually takes around 4 to 8 hours for popsicles to freeze completely. The freezing time may vary depending on how thick the popsicles are. You can set your refrigerator to the coldest temperature if you want them to freeze faster.

Q3) Are popsicles nutritious? 

Ans. While popsicles may be low in calories, one drawback is their lack of nutritional value. They don’t provide essential vitamins and minerals, making them less healthy as a snack option.

Q4) What was the original name given to popsicles? 

Ans. Initially, Frank Epperson named his creation “Epsicle.” However, his children preferred the name “Pop’s’sicle,” He eventually trademarked it as Popsicle® in 1923 to share this delightful treat with the world.


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The Boots Popsicle remains a mystery, with no concrete evidence of its existence. The Mandela effect and artistic representations have fueled the belief, but Popsicle never made Boots popsicles. Despite the intrigue, Popsicle continues to delight with its iconic treats, including Popsicle Pete. Frozen desserts hold a special place in our hearts and memories. We found tons of people commenting that yes Boots Popsicle existed for a short span of time and then it was discontinued.