Sophia Rosing Pleads Not Guilty in Attack on Black Student

Sophia Rosing

Did something surprising happen in 2022 that caught your attention? One interesting story is about Sophia Rosing. She used to be a student and was caught on camera saying mean things and hurting another student. People got upset about it, and she had to go to court.

Now, everyone is wondering where Sophia is. This story is not just a local thing – people worldwide are talking about it. It shows that there are still problems with people being mean and racist in schools.

Because of what happened with Sophia, many people say we need to make schools safer and ensure everyone is treated with respect. It’s an important conversation beyond just our community – it’s something people everywhere are talking about.

Who is Sophia Rosing

Sophia Rosing used to go to the University of Kentucky. People started talking about her because of a video where she did something not good – yelling, hitting, and using mean words against another student. Sophia was born in 2000 in Kenton County, Kentucky; she will be twenty-four years old in 2024.

Sophia’s mom and dad are Jill Algie Rosing and Paul Donald Rosing Jr. They live in Lexington, Kentucky. Sophia has two siblings, and her dad, Paul Rosing Jr., has an important job as a Technology Executive at Messer Construction Co.

What happened with Sophia Rosing? 

In the early morning of November 6, 2022, the news talked about Sophia, a 22-year-old white student. There’s a video of her hitting a black student and using mean words. It seems Sophia, who had been drinking, got upset when she couldn’t get into Boyd Hall because she didn’t have her ID.

During this time, Sophia told the police that she got special treatment because she had a lot of money. When she got arrested, she kept using mean words, resisted arrest, and even bit one of the officers.

Because of all this, the University of Kentucky decided to ban Sophia from coming back to campus. She also lost her job as a fashion ambassador and her role as a student influencer.

Sophia Rosing’s Arrest and Legal Process

Sophia got into trouble with the university police for being drunk and causing problems around 4 am. They took her to the Fayette County Detention Center, and she didn’t give her real name; they recorded her as Jane Doe.

Later, on Monday, November 7, 2022, Sophia appeared in court through a video call. They accused her of being drunk in public and hurting someone. She said she didn’t do it, and they let her go by paying $10,000.

In February 2023, a grand jury accused Sophia of more things, like hurting someone, hurting a police officer while drunk, and causing trouble. She still says she didn’t do any of it. The legal process is ongoing.

Sophia Rosing’s Legal Update

As of November 2023, we don’t know what happened with Sophia Rosing’s case. Back in May 2023, there was a meeting about her case at 10:30 am. But the judge decided to move it to 10:30 pm on August 18, 2023, because Sophia’s lawyer asked for more time. We don’t have any news about what happened during this meeting in August. We’ll have to wait and see.

Sophia Rosing’s Fundraising Update

Sophia Rosing is collecting money, but not on GoFundMe; she’s using a different way. So far, people have given more than $8,000 to help her. But, her lawyer, Fred Peters, has decided to stop collecting money for now, as of November 2023.

At the same time, another effort is underway to raise money for Kylah Spring, who was hurt in the incident. By November 2023, the online fundraising for Kylah not only reached its goal of $10,000 but went beyond that, raising over $18,000.

Petitions for Sophia Rosing

Some petitions are being shared about Sophia Rosing’s situation. They are:

  1. A petition on called “Stop Sophia, No!” is asking that she should never be allowed at any university events or on the University of Kentucky campus again.
  2. Another petition on, titled “Sophia Rosing should not be given a second chance,” states that she believes that she shouldn’t get another chance because of her actions.
  3. Sophia’s mom, Jill Rosing, also started a petition. She is asking people to give her daughter another chance at the University of Kentucky.


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In conclusion, the 2022 Sophia Rosing case, with its disturbing actions and global repercussions, underscores the urgent need for safer and more respectful educational environments worldwide. The ongoing legal proceedings, fundraising endeavors, and petitions highlight the complexities of accountability, emphasizing the imperative of fostering inclusivity in educational settings on a global scale.


Q: Who is Sophia Nicole Rosing’s father?

A: Sophia’s father, Paul Donald Rosing, holds the position of Technology Executive at Messer Construction Co. However, as of now, there has been no response from Rosing’s relatives in regard to requests for comments.

Q: What did Sofia Rosing do?

A: After the racist attack, the University of Kentucky issued a permanent ban for Rosing from campus. Legal charges were brought against her, including one count of third-degree assault of a police officer, three counts of fourth-degree assault, one count of second-degree disorderly conduct, and one count of alcohol intoxication.

Q: What happened to Sofia Rosing?

A: According to certain sources, Rosing attended a court arraignment via video link on Monday, November 7, 2022, where she faced charges of public intoxication and assault. Pleading not guilty, she was released on a $10,000 bail. In February 2023, Rosing was formally indicted by a grand jury.