KING VON TATTOOS – King von was an American rapper and songwriter whose life ended at 26 when he died in a shooting outside an Atlanta nightclub on November 6th, 2020. He had gotten several tattoos over his body. If you want to tribute to King Von, you can choose King Von tattoo ideas for your next tattoo journey.

Whether it’s to commemorate, give support, restore hope, or raise awareness, tattoos are always about seeking out the good and expressing yourself. Try to give a unique tattoo meaning to a particular tattoo design and you will leave a deeper impression on your clients. Also, you can have your King von tattoo designs turned into custom tattoo stickers or custom enamel pins. They will be a unique giveaway or keepsake for your tattoo parlor customers and one of the best ways to honor King von.

King Von had a tattoo, “King VON Forever,” which became his alter ego after people started calling him this due to how much success they saw in their personal lives after meeting him.

King von was an American music artist who passed away at 26. He composed several songs and raps that became very popular in his native country, which made him one if not the most well-known rising stars within its borders.

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King VON’s Death & Life Story.

King VON Tattoo
@kingvonfrmdao via Instagram

Dayvon Daquan Bennett, or King von as he is known, has been making waves in the music world for quite some time.

He’s best remembered for his collaboration on Lil Durk’s track “Crazy Story,” which became an instant classic and helped solidify their legacies before they even went solo careers. It didn’t take long after this hit success until other songs like ‘Grandson’ made us fall head over heels again just recently celebrating Valentine’s.

King von’s tattoos were not only a way for him to express himself but also caused quite a fan following. Many people, after his death, decided that they wanted to get inked with King Von swallow tattoo reveals about your personality and has a deep symbolic meaning. Below mentioned are some amazing swallow Tattoo and now have their personalized piece on display.

King Von had several tattoos after his songs and loved ones. These beautiful King Von unique tattoo ideas and have great significance in the cultures of human society in earlier history. But still, some people want to get this tattoo designs give your skin an exquisite taste of luxury.

King Von Shoulder 64 Tattoo

King VON Tattoo on Shoulder
King VON Tattoo on Shoulder

King von has the number 64 tattooed on his shoulders, 6 title slideshow down one side, and number 4 on the right shoulder. This is enough for where he grew up-the South Side of Chicago.

King VON was born in a big street called Court Street, which turns into Lexington Avenue just south of Michigan Ave., across from what used to be known as Black Harold’s Chicken ‘n’ Hold Inn before they closed due to renovations last year (2016). There are many stories about this king, but I’m sure you already know most of them.

The King VON tattoos have been written in a large font covering the entire shoulder blades. Each number tattoo is solid black ink and thick strokes, with an outline done thin, so it stands out more. This tattoo design offers something special: 64 being Von’s birth year.

If you want to honor him by getting these number tattoos on your body, then go ahead; they’ll be sure no one can ever take away what he means to us anymore.

King Von Tattoo on Hand

Life is a gamble King VON Tattoo
Life is a gamble King VON Tattoo

Dice tattoos are sleeve designs showing off your gambling and risk-taking side. King Von has a tattoo of 2 dice on his left shoulder, which is covered by larger tattoos to look cool. King Von looked so amazing in those tattoo designs.

The king von hand tattoos are a grim and powerful reminder that he is one of the most influential people in this world. His left shoulder tattoo is black ink, but it’s what you can see when looking closer where things get interesting.

There’re two dice-size tattoos buried inside those lines; if they were visible at first glance, then maybe none would be able to resist his power.

And sure enough–underneath each tattoo lies more grey shading, highlighting both sides and adding depth while also providing contrast against their simpler shapes.

King Von Tattoo on Neck

King VON Tattoo on Neck
king von neck tattoo

King Von neck tattoo was inked in honor of his friend, T Roy. It appears to be an image with the caption “Thank You 4 Your Service.”

The note goes on about how much he used to miss him. This passage isn’t focused so much on describing tattoos anymore as it emphasizes their relationship through time spent together over many years. Similarly, another source may state otherwise, however.

This King Von neck tattoo pays homage to the late Thomas Roy by King von, and it consists of his portrait tattoo.

The tattoo artist has made this design with shades of black and grey, which gives an exquisite detailing that looks almost like a real sketch of inwards outwards movement when you look at how detailed everything is.

If someone wants to give their tribute, they can get portrait tattoos like these permanently etched onto them as well through traditional methods such as photographing clothing models and using other mediums, depending upon what mood or idea each person wants.

King Von Arm Tattoo Design

King VON Tattoo on Forearm
King VON Tattoo on Forearm

King von tattoos shows his love for the sea and freedom. His most tattooed piece is ‘loose lips sink ships,’ which was created to warn people about careless talk causing major troubles or passing information on without thinking twice; it fits him like an old glove because he always tries so hard not to say anything wrong while still staying true at being helpful.

The King Von anchor tattoo represents hope, salvation, and calmness. The phrase “grey shading has been done.”

Both these King Von tattoos, including the one under his neck, which reads “anchor” with thick strokes from black ink set against lighter colors, suggest stability while still paying homage to traditional Viking tattoo designs by adding more detail, such as thin curves between each letter.

King Von Chest Tattoo

King VON Tattoo on Chest
King VON Tattoo on Chest

King Von was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago, in a rough neighborhood where he helped his father sell drugs. As a tribute to his childhood, King Von had a tattoo, ‘O Block,’ one of King Vom’s favorite tattoos.

His childhood friends were gang members who often skateboarded past him while wearing Nike Air force one sneakers because they knew it meant something special- a connection between them that has lasted all these years until today.

The letters O Block are black and red ink, with tattoos scattered across his chest.

It needs to be clarified what they mean, though, because he never revealed their meanings when questioned about them publicly by fans or other celebrities who follow him on social media platforms like Instagram.

King Von OTF Tattoo


King Von’s right hand is tattooed with his record label, Only The Family (OTF). The tattoo features an image of him wearing a crown and holding pistols in the other as he stands over what appears to be money or some Control Tower stock symbolizing success within the hip-hop music industry.

His middle finger points up while all three hands are planted firmly on the top two triggers – one ready for firing at any moment if necessary, another resting comfortably against black handlebars, just waiting patiently until ordered into action by its trigger man ahead.

King Von’s Girlfriend Asian Doll Inked King Von Face Tattoo

@theshaderoom via Instagram

When someone close dies, it can be really hard to cope. Not many people dare to get over the death of a loved one. Asian Doll is one of those people. She lost her boyfriend, King Von, but she found a way to pay homage to him. She has the initials’ DDB’ tattooed on her face above her left eyebrow.

This new tattoo honors her late boyfriend, Dayvon Daquan Bennett. She posted a Twitter post with a King Von tattoo on her face with the caption, ‘I just tatted yo name on my face.

You can make your favorite rapper proud with this tattoo design.

King Von tattoo on a Fan’s Shoulder

@designerinktattoosofficial via Instagram

King’s fans were not only in his music. They also followed him around like a lost puppy until he passed away at the age of 21 in 2020, after which they decided to pay homage by getting tattoos or portraits done alike; this particular tattoo design looks realistic -the artist used simple strokes-and it’s detailed enough for any fan who wants something that will last forever.

King Von Sketch Tattoo

KING VON Sketch Tattoo
@tattoos_by_cristal via Instagram 

This king Von tattoo is another tribute to the late Vonnegut. The tattoo artist has done great detail on this portrait tattoo, consisting not only his face but also partway up into what looks like an elegant dress coat with brown tones in shades ranging from haystack white snowfall down lower towards charcoal black at its bottom edge near where it meets whatever material beneath them both– likely cloth or leather pants. It’s beautiful tattoo work.

You can see how they used thin strokes across different areas: here, there are greys along darker paths, while lighter ones sparingly appear atop dark surfaces.

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King Von Portrait Tattoo Design

King VON Portrait Tattoo Design via Instagram 

When a fan of King von tattooed his most important thing on the outside, he wanted it to be something with which people could identify him. King Von had an album called OTF, which stands for “Only The Family.”

It was very popular and well-known in society today, so much so that when someone pays tribute by getting one tattoo done herself – they got themselves some tattoo design inspired by what seems like every bit part ever played–in both music videos or interviews alike.

The tattoo artist used a thin stroke of black ink to create this portrait tattoo, which has been covered with grey and intricate details like hair.

Other Details on king Von Tattoo Designs

Tattoo: king von otf tattoo

Meaning: ‘Only the Family’ is a group of rappers formed by American artist Lil Durk. In 2010 he began signing artists to his label and got this tattoo inked on their right hands after acquiring King von’s services through OTF Music Group as one its first signees.”

Tattoo: king von 64 tattoo on both of his shoulders.

Meaning: The number 64 is considered a powerful Hexa-digit, symbolizing strength and power. It’s no surprise that Chicago’s South Side was home to King von, who spent his entire life here.

Tattoo: ‘LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS’ King Von right forearm tattoo

Meaning: In World War II, the United States Office of War Information popularized the phrase “Loose Lips Sink Ships” to encourage people not to share secrets with those who are enemies. This means that if you have information that could help out your enemies in any way, then it would be best for them not to know about what we’re doing or how things work around here.

Tattoo: ‘O Block’ Chest tattoo

Meaning: Growing up in ‘O Block’ on the South Side of Chicago, King von built a reputation as one tough guy.

Tattoo: ‘Anchor’ right forearm tattoo

Meaning: The anchor is a powerful tattoo representing stability, calmness, and hope. It also signifies direction or guidance to find your way out of any life crisis, symbolized by its hook on the bottom right.


Getting somebody’s portrait or face tattooed on yourself can pose a huge commitment. It is necessary to make an informed decision regarding the design and then get it done professionally, as any mistake will be permanent.

You could also consult your artist about making temporary ones before deciding which type of permanently-stuck look suits you best – take this opportunity for some exploration below:

  • King Von Girlfriend Tattoo
  • OTF Tattoo
  • King Von Black And White Tattoos
  • King Von East Tattoo
  • Asian Doll King Von Tattoo

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Frequently Asked Question

What is the meaning of the king von tattoo?

The king von tattoo is an empowering symbol of strength and power that anyone can wear to show their loyalty or admiration for overcoming any obstacle. It commonly shows up on arms, chests, etc. Still, it’s also frequently seen as a sign showing support towards law enforcement agencies like police forces in America, making these King Von tattoos meaningful.

How did king von get his tattoos?

King von’s tattoos are created by none other than himself. He loved to design his tattoo designs. He gets much inspiration from life experiences and those around him, but he also likes to take on what people want in terms of style preferences too. King Von’s tattoos latest collection included some interesting tattoos for any fanatics out there looking into getting their bodies decorated with something special.

What are king von’s most famous tattoo and the story behind it?

King Von’s tattoos symbolize power and strength for him since he got them when he was young. They remind von that no matter what obstacles come his way – even if they seem impossible- there will always be something worth fighting For. The roaring lion tattoo on King VON’s body reminds everyone how powerful this man is.

How much did king Von invest in the tattoos?

King von has spent more than $5,000 on his tattoos. He’s not sure exactly how much he’s blown at this point but estimates it to be in thousands of dollars and wouldn’t have any other way because they’re such an important part of life for him – representing who I am, ‘King VON.’

Final Words on King Von Tattoos

King Von, the celebrated American rapper, was widely recognized not only for his musical talents but also for his distinctive and meaningful tattoos. Among his various tattoos, the “64” on both of his shoulders stood out, representing his birth year and the powerful significance of strength and power in his life. Another prominent tattoo was the anchor on his right forearm, symbolizing stability, hope, and direction during challenging times.

King Von’s tattoos were not only a form of self-expression but also served as a source of inspiration for his devoted fans. After his untimely passing, many of his admirers decided to honor him by getting tattoos inspired by his designs. The tattoos became a way to commemorate King Von’s life, carry on his legacy, and pay tribute to the influential artist he was.

In the world of tattoo art, King Von’s tattoos continue to leave a lasting impression, reflecting the emotions, stories, and memories that defined his journey. Through the medium of body art, his fans find a unique way to express their support, restore hope, and raise awareness about his impactful life and music. The tattoos of King Von serve as a living tribute to the lasting impact he made on the lives of many.

King VON Tattoos