Mesmerizing Abstract Tattoo Ideas – Twist the Reality in Your Body Art

abstract tattoo

Imagine a tattoo design that can distort reality and show it in the most beautiful way possible. Sounds interesting, right? An abstract tattoo is exactly the same. If you are bored of traditional tattoos, then you should try abstract tattoo ideas for your next tattoo design. 

Abstract tattoos combine creativity with distorted reality and then lead to the creation of unique tattoo designs. These tattoos are highly artistic; they do not try to imitate reality but are authentic works of art. Continue reading the article to know more about abstract tattoo ideas. 

What is Abstract Art Tattoo? 

Abstract art is a broad term for unique art that distorts images, forms, and shapes found in reality. This art form includes the use of shapes, brushwork, and lines in order to create a unique and a masterpiece of body art.  

The abstract is actually an adjective that means an idea without concrete or physical existence. It includes the image of something in your mind or as you conceive the image or how you wish to portray something. It could be described as something unique that is separate from reality and expressed in the form of art. 

An abstract art tattoo includes abstract designs. It shows something present in the real world, but the reality is twisted in the design. Abstract tattoo designs are highly creative, artistic, and different from conventional tattoos. One best thing about an abstract tattoo is that it expresses feelings and emotions rather than imitating something. Like abstract art paintings, an abstract tattoo is a mixture of creative and colorful stroke lines. 

Best Abstract Tattoo Ideas

There are different tattoo styles, among which abstract is the unique one. Abstract tattoo designs are a new-old style that relies on symbolism and shares rather than conventional illustration. Here are some amazing abstract tattoo ideas for your next tattoo design. 

Fantasy Creatures

We have heard about a lot of fantasy creatures. It is believed that there was a time when all the fantasy creatures were reality. In the world of abstract art, animals and creatures are shapeshifters, which makes them highly artistic. 

You can choose your favorite animal and get its fantasy tattoo. For instance, you can opt for an abstract owl tattoo. The design includes an owl made with different colors and lines but in a profoundly creative way. An owl tattoo is one of the best tattoo ideas as it symbolizes intelligence and wisdom. With splendid big eyes and a steady start, the owl is often associated with intelligence. When combined with an abstract tattoo, an owl symbolizes mystery, enigma, and secrecy. 

Eye Catching Whale Tattoo

When it comes to choosing an abstract tattoo, sea creature tattoos are also an amazing choice. Sea is the most mysterious place on the earth, and humans have not even explored it completely. It gives rise to various fantasies associated with the sea, which makes sea creatures a perfect choice for fantasy abstract tattoo ideas. 

In this regard, a beautiful whale tattoo is something you can choose. But this time, the whale tattoo does not have to be the ordinary one. You are free to add all your creativity and fantasies associated with it. Save the whales in your tattoo with a barely sketched design in a delicate gray color. 

In your tattoo drawing ideas, let the whale fly over clouds, in dreamland, or in the purple ocean. A whale tattoo symbolizes virtues such as intelligence, power, and gentleness. When created in abstract tattoo form, it symbolizes peaceful life full of creativity. 

Abstract Wild Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo ideas. A wolf tattoo gives you the motivation that either you win or learn, but you never lose in life. One best thing about a wolf is that it has striking and fearless abilities. Moreover, a wolf always protects its family, which makes it the most loyal animal.

One best design for an abstract wolf tattoo is a wolf with one side of the face created with shadings and the other side with geometric lines. This tattoo looks highly amazing. Moreover, you can also get a colorful wolf tattoo with a lot of shadings and lines. Since this is an abstract tattoo, you can get ass flower with the wolf tattoo to make it more creative. A wolf tattoo symbolizes loyalty, courage, survival strength, and power. 

Free Formo

Free form refers to a design that doesn’t confirm any regular shape or structure, which makes it an ideal choice for an abstract tattoo. When it comes to tattoo drawings ideas or abstract tattoos, they are open to interpretation. So, you can feel free to be creative, to mix and match colors, designs, and lines to create unique tattoos. 

A single line of an abstract tattoo can signify your life’s journey but without any reference. Trust me; your tattoo will create a sexy look for the observer with the intent to focus attention on the design. 

One of the best free formo tattoo designs is a tornado tattoo. You can get it in beautiful blue color with black outline. A tornado represents the upheaval and chaos that life brings almost every day. It can also represent an energetic person.

Tribal Abstract Tattoo

When it comes to abstract tattoo ideas, Maori tribal tattoos are considered a masterpiece. They have a sinuous and bold shape with a story of not people or pictures but ideas. You can get such tattoos on your arms, legs, and shoulders as they are the perfect canvas to abstract tribal tattoos. You can mix tribal tattoos with line repetition and emphasis on the curve of your ankle or calf to create a unique tradition. 

With tattoo drawing ideas, you can feel free to create your own symbol with some secret meaning. You can create a shape and then leave it open for interpretations. When you choose an abstract tattoo, you should leave it free for gestures and interpretations so that the design creates a more powerful impact. 

Sense of Place

We can say that life is disorienting. We go to different places, and all the memories related to places somewhere blur in our memory. The amazing skyline of your preferred or loved city is magical when it includes a big Eiffel tower or sky-touching buildings. 

An outline filled with different swirls of watercolors makes a perfect abstract tattoo. The tattoo design can include a big building, or a river bridge, or just the place where you found the love of your life. It would be better to choose a simple black map or fancy outline of a city in your tattoo. 

Wild Line Sketch Color Tattoo

If you want an abstract tattoo but not sure of the design, then you can get a wild line sketch tattoo. It is one of the most popular abstract tattoo designs. This one is a mix of modern trends with deep meanings. It portrays a symbol of fashion and a person’s more deep connection with oneself. 

You can enhance the beauty of your tattoo drawing idea by adding some other object of interest. Like if you like classic things, then you can combine them with a compass tattoo. It is the perfect tattoo design to show your wanderlust. A compass tattoo symbolizes a way of life, protection, and luck. 

Windmill of Dreams

If you are looking for some nostalgic choice for tattoo drawing ideas, then a windmill is the right pick for you. Windmill tattoos are nostalgic and portray different meanings. They add a perfect grace to an abstract tattoo by telling your story. 

Many people consider windmill tattoos as a symbol of the capability to sustain oneself. At the same time, many people choose it as a tattoo design because of the traditional look and recognizable design. Windmill represents dreams, ideas, and fairytales, which makes them an amazing choice when it comes to tattoo drawing ideas. 

Vibrant Blue Bird Tattoo

An abstract bluebird is one of the unique tattoo ideas. Feel free to be creative with the design of the bluebird tattoo as this is an abstract tattoo, and you can add all your imagination to it. So fly a bluebird on your chest, wrist, or arm. It can be a hawk, phoenix, or maybe a simple bluebird with beautiful ribbons of colors.

A bird tattoo is a right pick if you want to symbolize freedom to fly high to make your dream come true. Deep symbolism is the best thing about bird tattoos. A bird tattoo symbolizes higher understanding, freedom of choice, and self-direction. When combined with blue color, the symbolism enhances. The meaning of the bluebird tattoo is good luck, love, and happiness.  

Colorful Flower Tattoo

Floral tattoos are a popular women tattoo choice. They look not only beautiful but also have deep symbolism. Colorful and delicate flowers have been important symbols of life and natural beauty. When getting an abstract flower tattoo, you can mold the design according to your choice and get your preferred colors. 

A flower tattoo symbolizes love, femininity, and beauty. Moreover, they look highly amazing, which is a sufficient reason to get some floral ink. You can get a blue lotus flower tattoo as it symbolizes purity, regeneration, and enlightenment. Make the tattoo more amazing by adding lines symbolizing birds and leaves. 

Simple Small Fox Tattoo

In different cultures, foxes have been wearing hats of myth-making and human storytelling for centuries. The traditional fox tattoo has the same meaning as that of the nature of fox: clever, curious, and wisdom. You can get an abstract fox tattoo of beautiful orange color or red color. 

A red fox is considered a powerful animal, smart, energetic, quick to disappear, and impressive to behold. Get the design of a fox tattoo like a living flame with a fact and little indication of paws, hint of ears, and all scattered in red-orange color. 

If you do not want a big tattoo, then you can also get a small fox tattoo made of geometric lines. This tattoo represents intellectual nature and love towards modern abstract art. Therefore, it is one of the most popular men’s tattoo ideas. 

Abstract Lion Tattoo

A lion is the king of the jungle and one of the most powerful animals. If you are looking for an abstract tattoo design that represents power and strength, then a lion tattoo is a perfect choice. A lion tattoo represents courage, royalty, life, and vitality. Ask your artist to include a lot of shading and a blurred outline. Focus on the details and shading to make the tattoo look outstanding. 

Fantasy Dream Catcher Tattoo

Dream catchers are beautiful objects that keep bad dreams away from you. They are colorful and come in various beautiful designs, which makes them the right choice for an abstract tattoo. If the bad dream haunts you, then you should get a dream catcher tattoo. To make the tattoo more interesting, get it in an abstract style. 

A dream catcher tattoo represents safety and protection. It is believed to provide protection from negative spirits, bad dreams, and bad omens. These tattoos are supposed to filter out negativity and leave positive thoughts behind. 

Abstract Dragon Tattoo

If you are looking for tattoo drawing ideas full of meaning and symbolism, then a dragon tattoo is the perfect pick for you. Dragons are one of the most popular creatures of various folklore and myths. They are the most loved mythical creatures due to their powerful nature and characteristics.

An abstract dragon tattoo design includes black shading in the shape of a dragon without any outlines. You can make the design more beautiful by adding lines of pink flowers around the dragon. It will add a feminine and gentle touch to the design. 

Creative Unicorn Tattoo

Unicorns are another popular and loved mythical creature. They are cute, beautiful, and elegant. A unicorn tattoo represents innocence, divine, and chastity. Unicorns are the most wondrous creatures and are often associated with fairy tales. So, if you are a fan of fairy tales, this one is the perfect tattoo choice for you.    

Under the Umbrella

The beauty of an abstract tattoo is that it gives wings to fantasies. They are like tattoo drawing ideas in which you can feel free to create designs according to your choice and imagination. You have to avoid imitating reality. So, get an abstract tattoo and let your imaginations fly high. Tell us about your ideal abstract tattoo by dropping a comment.