100+ Best Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Ideas That Will Amaze Your Mind


Today we take a deeper look at the Phantom Troupe Tattoo ideas and explore the mysterious world of Phantom Troupe spider tattoo designs and discover their captivating appeal. From complex numbers to bold designs, these works of art are sure to leave you in awe.

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Hunter X Hunter is an exciting animated film series that follows the thrilling journey of a band of unlikely heroes. Experience this epic adventure and discover what lies ahead.

Thirteen gifted Nen users make up the enigmatic Phantom Troupe, renowned for their unique spider tattoos. Together they form an intimidating and powerful force to be reckoned with.

Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo
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The Phantom Troupe is a renowned criminal organization that has been wreaking havoc on the lives of many innocents.

Their most notorious act was murdering Kurapika’s entire clan five years before the start of the series, leaving no survivors and devastating their friends and loved ones. Now they are one of the main antagonistic forces in Yorknew City Arc—a saga with dire consequences for all involved.

The Chimera Ant arc in Hunter x Hunter is a thrilling journey full of unexpected twists and turns.

In this gripping storyline, the Phantom Troupe takes on an anti-villainous role as they fiercely protect Meteor City from horrifying invaders – the Chimera Ants. While powerful forces collide, our protagonists must combat foes far more dangerous than any encountered before them to save those closest to their hearts.

A captivating plot packed with suspenseful moments makes watching these epic battles worth every penny.


The Phantom Troupe Tattoo Meaning

The Phantom Troupe is known for having twelve-legged spider tattoos – a unique signifier of their membership. Every member bears the mark, aside from Chrollo, and each individual’s number has been kept secret until recently: Shizuku and Uvogin have both revealed theirs to viewers, but what criteria determines these numbers remains unknown.

The Phantom Troupe tattoo is a powerful symbol of loyalty and respect within the organization.

Wearing it proudly, members demonstrate their commitment to stand with the group in times of need and showcase the deadly skills that those around them should revere.

The twelve-legged spider emblem serves as an iconic reminder of what they are fighting for honor, justice, and togetherness.

Who Should Get a Phantom Troupe Tattoo?

For anime and manga fans, getting the Phantom Troupe Spider tattoo is a fantastic way to showcase their dedication. It’s an ideal choice for anyone who values great artwork with deep meaning.

However, it’s important to remember that this group symbolizes criminal activity – so be sure you know what you’re committing yourself to before taking the plunge.


How Much Does A Phantom Troupe Tattoo Cost?

Get your unique Phantom Troupe tattoo at prices ranging from $100 to grand. The size, detail, and location of the Phantom Troupe members tattoo design will impact how much you’ll pay.

Plus, it’s important to factor in an artist’s skill level and reputation; their talent is timeless ink artistry that lasts forever on your skin.

The Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Locations

The Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Locations
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From the formidable Phantom Troupe comes Feitan Portor, an impressive warrior of unrivaled skill and grace. Ranked as its #2 member, he is well known for his physical might – fifth in a group renowned for their strength. Expert swordsmanship has earned him mastery on the battlefield.

When combined with his extraordinary speed and Nen skills, any foe would be wise to fear this brave fighter’s capabilities.

He even led the notorious robber team after taking down Zazan until Chrollo reemerged from exile. Without question, among all Spiders, none is more powerful than Feitan Portor himself.

The mysterious Phantom Troupe Tattoo has become a staple in popular culture. Captured masterfully by skilled tattoo artists, its eight limbs entice viewers with the mystery behind it – part of the X Hunter Series.

Serene yet captivating, this one-of-a-kind tattoo design will turn heads and draw attention to those who dare wear it as an expression of their fandom for anime movies.

Best Phantom Troupe Tattoos Ideas

The Phantom Troupe Tattoo

The Phantom Troupe spider Tattoo 3
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Machi Komacine is a powerful member of the Phantom Troupe, ranking as #3 in her troupe and sixth strongest overall. The formidable fighter never fails to exude confidence with her incredible strength which she has used many times on the arm wrestling field.

Machi’s incredibly powerful ‘vibe strands’ provide her with various unusual capabilities, allowing her to manipulate enemies as if she were their puppeteer.

Not only that, these intensely durable tendrils can be used for booby-trapping and strangling foes who get too close. This intricate tattoo is the perfect addition to any body part—anywhere you put it will show off this work of art beautifully.

Black Spider Number Tattoo

Black Spider Number Tattoo
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Uvogin was an iconic member of the Phantom Troupe, with unmatched physical strength and prowess. His talents proved especially useful when it came to close-quarter combat scenarios – such as against groups of armed adversaries – making him a valuable asset in any battle situation.

Uvogin’s most powerful attack involved forming an aura fist with Ko and instantly delivering devasting strength upon his target.

This sparkling explosion was comparable to the force of a tiny missile, but Uvogin sought even greater power- hoping for destruction similar to that from a nuclear warhead.

The intricate details on this figurine are highly accurate as it resembles what viewers can see in images online or when people purchase this toy on the market themselves.


Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Phantom Troupe spider Tattoo 07
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Franklin Bordeau stands tall in Phantom Troupe as its seventh member, with a renowned strength and power only second to the top four.

His specialty lies within his Nen ability: bullets that come out at an unstoppable rate, each packing enough punch to make even powerful enemies succumb beneath their might.

Franklin harnesses immense power with his fingertips, capable of unleashing an unstoppable barrage — ideal for decimating opponents in a matter of seconds.

This unique tattoo is distinguished by its number and is the perfect accessory to demonstrate membership within any group or gang; it’s especially fitting for anime lovers seeking something truly special from their body art.


Spider Tattoos Characters

Spider Tattoos Characters
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As one of the Phantom Troupe’s most powerful members, Nobunaga Hazama is not to be taken lightly.

Boasting an impressive ninth-place ranking in physical strength among his colleagues and a remarkable knack for swordsmanship that leaves even the bravest challengers quaking with fear, it is no surprise why he earned himself the title #1 part.

Hailing from Meteor City has made him almost untraceable due to a lack of information on databases – only adding fuel to this mysterious figure’s allure.

Nobunaga’s mastery of the art Iaido is unparalleled, and his determination to cut down any who cross him is betrayed by the menacing tattoos adorning his body.

Many people find these tattoo ideas inspiring—a way to emulate a hunter-like attitude or showcase their strength with striking visuals.

The Categories of Phantom Troupe Tattoo Members

The Categories of Phantom Troupe Tattoo Members
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Phinks Magcub is an awe-inspiring member of the Phantom Troupe, claiming second place in physical strength before being propelled to first following Uvogin’s demise.

His fighting prowess has drawn attention due to his remarkable power, speed, and martial capabilities, yet unknown depths still need to be explored as far as Pink’s full capacity goes.

Phinks’ potent Nen-based ability, Ripper Cyclotron, empowers his strikes with devastating force. Through 15 clockwise rotations of his right forearm generated enough electricity to conquer the toughest physical defenses of a Chimera Ant in one punch.

He can further solidify this power by imprinting the black spider tattoo on any part of their bodywork, crafted with intricate dark ink detailing and designed specifically as an emblem for Phantom Troupe numbers. It is one of the best phantom troupe tattoo designs out there.


The Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

The Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

Kortopi was the 12th addition to the Phantom Troupe, renowned for its elite strength and battle prowess.

While Kortopi may not have measured up in power levels compared to his fellows, he made up for it through theft, misinformation, and abilities beyond tracking substances with a distinctive black ink tattoo as proof of such excellence.

Kortopi’s Nen ability is the perfect choice for any Hunter x Hunter fans looking to commemorate their fandom with a tattoo – without having to commit permanently.

Kortopi can replicate living things as inanimate objects, and his copies remain visible until 24 hours later when they vanish; yet, he can monitor each item’s movements via retracing back over their original form.

What’s more, those wanting something temporary needn’t look further.

A non-toxic version of these Phantom Troupe tattoos can be removed with baby oil, allowing freedom and flexibility by symbolizing your favorite Phantom Troupe members’ numbers however often desired.

Shizuku Spider Tattoo Phantom Troupe

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The Phantom Troupe is a powerful and mysterious force in the Hunter x Hunter world, comprised of some of the most skilled thieves under Chrollo Lucilfer’s leadership.

Shizuku joined as an 8th member after Silva Zoldyck took out one before her; with this iconic black spider symbol tattooed on their bodies, each individual may customize it to stand out even more by adding vibrant hues for added personalization.

Shizuku Murasaki is an invaluable asset to the notorious Phantom Troupe.

Ranked 12th in physical strength, she has a unique ability that allows her to erase all traces of their activity without fail and proves herself a great pickpocketing expert. Her contributions make her integral to this illusive gang’s undeniable success stories.

The HXH Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Hisoka

The HXH Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo Hisoka
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Hisoka Morow, former Phantom Troupe and current Hunter, is renowned for his physical strength and strategic combat prowess. He seeks out strong opponents to allow them the opportunity to develop their talents even further – a testament to his willpower.

This determination, combined with exceptional capabilities in Nen combat, makes Hisoka an incredibly formidable opponent in battle.

Still, it’s only magnified by their knowledge of military warfare tactics, which enables them masterfully adapt as situations change.

The tattoo thoughtfully crafted on Hisoka’s body is evidence of artistic greatness from its creator and admiration reserved especially for this series’ iconic protagonist.

Hisoka, the representative of the phantom spider tattoo, is a masterful magician and Nen user. He can craft illusions on any smooth surface to deceive opponents – his repertoire extends to creating over 1000 unique textures.

This is an illustrious symbol of Hisoka’s prowess within The Phantom Troupe. You can consider this phantom troupe Hisoka spider tattoo perfect.

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Phantom Troupe Chrollo Leg Spider Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Chrollo Spider Tattoo
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The Phantom Troupe tattoo is a spectacular piece of artwork. Representing an iconic anime character, this tattoo serves as a tribute to the creativity and passion that was used in crafting its respective series from Japan.

The intricate details featured on-screen kept viewers enthralled through each episode while depicting unique symbols for each member.

Established by Hunter X, these spiders stand out with their numbers permanently imprinted upon them – emphasizing their importance within the group dynamics.

Chrollo Lucifer, notorious founder and leader of the Phantom Troupe – an infamous gang with class A bounties – proves to be a highly capable fighter.

His style is versatile, blending speed, lethal precision, and impressive strategic abilities into one powerful package that makes him the strongest member in their ranks.

Possessing immense mental acumen and physical strength, which places them seventh amongst his peers, only reinforces Chrollo’s formidable reputation.

Black Spider Tattoo

Black Spider Tattoo
@mao.abr.ttt via Instagram

Show your admiration for Phantom Troupe’s members with one unique tattoo.

This creative Phantom Troupe tattoo design featuring a spider brings together each member in perfect harmony, making it a must-have accessory to make an impactful statement and show off your fandom.

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Phantom Troupe Thigh Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Thigh Tattoo
@noah_zuid Via Instagram

For the daring and outgoing, a giant thigh tattoo is a perfect way to make your mark. Showcase your strong calves and legs with this bold Phantom Troupe design featuring an eye-catching burst of blue for added dimension.

Whether you’re a manga enthusiast or just looking to stand out from the crowd, this unique artwork will take any look up a notch.

Hunter X Hunter Tattoo

Hunter X Hunter Tattoo
@vergie_tatts Via Instagram

Show off your fandom with a unique tattoo featuring characters from the Phantom Troupe. Simple details draw attention and appreciation, demonstrating that you recognize beauty in small things.

Bring out your bold side while maintaining subtlety – no tattoos have to be too big or bright for their meaning to make sense.

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Colorful Phantom Troupe Tattoo Idea

Colorful Phantom Troupe Tattoo
@stabbyroseink Via Instagram

Make your body canvas a work of art worthy of its gallery exhibit by playing with color and inking up something special.

Ensure that the artist you choose is experienced, reliable, and accomplished regarding anime tattoos for a flawless finish worth admiring.

Phantom Troupe Tattoo for Arm

Phantom Troupe Tattoo for Arm
@davicho.cisternas Via Instagram

This unique tattoo is perfect for admirers of minimalism and detail-oriented individuals. Entrust your artist with the task. They’ll skillfully integrate two characters into one design that will catch everyone’s eye.

Colorful Hunter Tattoo

Colorful Hunter Tattoo
@namelines Via Instagram

Looking for a timeless, safe-bet option? Add a pop of red to your design – it’s classy and masculine. But don’t be surprised if this basic piece doesn’t garner as much attention compared to bolder designs.

Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Shoulder Phantom Troupe Tattoo
@wolfkielwarrior Via Instagram

Walk with the confidence of a tattooed warrior. Whether male or female, this shoulder tattoo art is for anyone who has an affinity for purple and loves anime. A mark to be proud of – display your loyalty to artwork from another realm.

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Blonde Hunter Tattoo

@agustinmontedorotattoo Via Instagram

For an incredible tattoo experience, look to a seasoned artist with the eye and skill needed to recreate this beautiful anime-inspired print. Your trusted professional can help you create an amazing masterpiece with patience and precision.

Anime-Inspired Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Anime-Inspired Phantom Troupe Tattoo
@serpents_ink Via Instagram

Show off your passion for anime with a bright-colored and neon tattoo. Get noticed easily by choosing this new creation – but make sure to bring plenty of patience, as this intricate design can take quite some time.

Phantom Troupe Members Eye Tattoo

Phantom Troupe Members Eye Tattoo
@animemasterink Via Instagram

For those who love realistic tattoos, this piece is a must-see. The portrait effect and lifelike details make it an incredibly beautiful work that a talented tattoo artist can only craft. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to marvel at its mesmerizing beauty.

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Black Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Black Ink Phantom Troupe Tattoo
 @rika.loli Via Instagram

If you fancy shaded tattoos and retro looks, this black ink shoulder piece will bring your love of anime and manga to life. Experience the beauty of detailed art worth up to eight hours in a chair.

Black and Pink Phantom Troupe Tattoo with a Heart

Black and Pink Phantom Troupe Tattoo with a Heart
@garciab.tattoo Via Instagram

Unlock a world of symbolism and creativity with this beautiful tattoo. Show your bravery, boldness, and dedication by bringing together concept art, shadows, and black and red ink to create an arresting piece that will convey the real you.

With this powerful body art, you’ll declare yourself as one who knows their worth – loud and proud.

Small Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Small Phantom Troupe Tattoo
@kadiaakawaii Via Instagram

Captivate onlookers with a scary-yet-stunning tattoo featuring red ink for that extra ‘bloody’ touch.

Perfect for adding drama and artistry, this style of body artwork is sure to make an impression – especially if you’ve been inspired by manga. Get ready to show off your unique flair with this edgy statement piece.

Big Phantom Troupe Tattoo

Big Phantom Troupe Tattoo
@a.o.artz Via Instagram

Show your true colors with this flashy manga ink, perfect for anyone looking to make a statement. Flaunt the beauty of bright pink and purple hues in vibrant tattoos – no matter if you’re male or female.

Express yourself confidently through these daring designs and let the world see your love for anime art.

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Hunter X Hunter Print Tattoo Design

Hunter X Hunter Print Tattoo Design
@best_anime_tattoo Via Instagram

Show your allegiance with a Troupe-inspired tattoo that adds charm, dimension, and intrigue. Choose blue ink to proclaim which characters you admire boldly – it’s the perfect way to express your stand on daring aesthetics.

Cartoon-Inspired Anime Tattoo

Cartoon-Inspired Anime Tattoo
@jessycattt Via Instagram

With its bright rosy hues, this tattoo is sure to be an attention-grabber for those who love making a bold statement.

Perfect for anyone with an appreciation of manga and anime – because, let’s face it, there can never be too many hours spent watching these beloved Japanese creations.

So if you’re ready for some serious commitment artwork, look no further than this stunning design.

Bold Phantom Troupe Forearm Tattoo

Bold Phantom Troupe Forearm Tattoo
@bjstowe Via Instagram

For the dedicated fans of this anime, a spectacular forearm tattoo will be sure to please.

This artful design is presented grandly, so make sure you know who can pull off such an amazing job. Don’t miss out on your true fandom, forever memorialized with ink.

Artistic Phantom Troupe Design

Artistic Phantom Troupe Design
@diegocalderon_tattoo Via Instagram

If you want to add a touch of artistic flair and personal expression to your look, consider getting an artfully designed tattoo.

Perfect for the anime enthusiast or younger fan in search of dramatic line work and detailed designs, this vibrant example is sure to turn heads. Let your personality shine with these bold pieces that showcase beauty at its finest.

Small Eyes Hunter Tattoo

Small Eyes Hunter Tattoo
@slayjtattoo Via Instagram

Give your favorite anime character that extra spark of life with a special tattoo design. You can get an eye-catching piece tailored to your favored fictional figure in just two hours, so don’t miss out.

This perfect tattoo suits any enthusiast’s style and taste, from lifelike eyes to unique anime motifs.

Girly Phantom Troupe Tattoo for Females

Girly Phantom Troupe Tattoo for Females
@larryhtattoos Via Instagram

Express your passion for the anime with a beautiful, retro tattoo of its iconic cartoon girl.

Carefully crafted to bring out her powerful feminine features, it will take up to 7 hours while you enjoy an inspiring journey toward completing this masterpiece. Perfectly suited for dedicated fans who want something special and girly on their skin.

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 Phantom Troupe Manga Tattoo idea

 Phantom Troupe Manga Tattoo idea
@ink.yeik Via Instagram

Red is a popular choice for anime and manga fans, whether it be tattoos or cartoons.

But before you take the plunge with this bold design, prepare your wallet and yourself – after all, investing in something as big (and beautiful) as you shouldn’t take this lightly.

Scary Phantom Troupe Black Ink Tattoo

Scary Phantom Troupe Black Ink Tattoo
@turkcengokyuzuu Via Instagram

Create a unique Phantom Troupe tattoo at an exceptional value by going for classic black and white shades. This timeless look will make a lasting impression on manga fans without breaking the bank.

Spider Number 8 Stomach Tattoo

Spider Number 8 Stomach Tattoo
@forbidden_skin_designs Via Instagram

Take your fandom to the next level with a stomach tattoo, perfect for those looking for something special and unique. Side stomach tattoos are an impressive way of expressing devotion.

But beware; they can be incredibly uncomfortable, so make sure you’re ready before taking this bold step. You’ll know you’ve got commitment, as only you can truly appreciate it.

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Small Eyes Seductive Tattoo

Small Eyes Seductive Tattoo
@100mbheartbeat.ink Via Instagram

Please show appreciation for a special person by adorning yourself with their beauty through an artsy and creative tattoo.

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of bold colors, and compassionately bring together tears to cohesively form a design that makes you look like the absolute diva.

Blue Phantom Troupe Arm Tattoo Design

Blue Phantom Troupe Arm Tattoo Design
@laserducktattoo Via Instagram

Want to add some alluring, mysterious flair to your tattoos? Look no further than blue and grey.

This stunning color combination gives any design an elegant edge that makes you look like a phantom enthusiast. Let the boldness of these colors bring life into your creations for a truly unique look.

Watercolor phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo No. 4

Watercolor phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo No. 4
@danzerart Via Instagram

Show your personality and dedication to the “crew” with a fun tattoo. The spider image represents universal beauty and is an iconic sign of connection between anime fans. Whether you choose this design for its popularity or because it speaks to you, make sure it shows who you are.

Large Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design

Large Phantom Troupe Tattoo Design
@bluepegasustattoo Via Instagram

Attention to detail is key – and this artwork will reward the careful observer. The interplay of bright purple and black gives a unique look that balances femininity with strength, creating an artful result for those who appreciate bold ideas.

Minimalistic Hunter Tattoo with Eyes, Tear, and Star

Minimalistic Hunter Tattoo with Eyes, Tear, and Star
@tattoostudio_rimini VIA Instagram

Show your appreciation for the Phantom Troupe with this unique tattoo design. It only takes two hours to create a personalized eye-shaped tattoo inspired by your favorite manga character and reflects true love, dedication, and personality.

We know you can’t get enough of these Phantom Troupe Anime Tattoos, so here are some additional tattoo ideas for you:

  • X hunter phantom troupe tattoo.
  • The numbered spider tattoo.
  • Chrollo’s tattoo spider.
  • Phantom troupe heads spider tattoo.
  • The phantom troupe tattoo on the arms

Frequently Asked Question

What is a phantom troupe tattoo?

The iconic and mysterious Phantom Troupe tattoo is a powerful symbol of protection, luck, and loyalty. Members proudly don this mark as an emblem to identify them with the organization renowned for its global influence.

Adorned by a select few, the elusive Phantom Troupe tattoo is an emblem of solidarity. It represents strength and power in unity and serves as a sign of loyalty between sworn friends.

What is the Cost of a Phantom Troupe Tattoo?

Your phantom troupe tattoo is a unique expression that allows you to make your mark. The price can vary widely depending on the artist and size, but larger works incur slightly higher costs than smaller ones.

What are The Benefits of the Phantom Troupe Spider Tattoo?

Get the iconic spider tattoo and show your commitment and loyalty to Phantom Troupe. This symbol of strength, unity, and solidarity will be a source of inspiration for you and others around you.

Choose from an array of aesthetically pleasing designs that convey your style or look great when engaging in conversations. With an amazing Phantom Troupe spider tattoo, it is a guarantee that it will leave a lasting impression.

How Do I cover up my Phantom Troupe spider tattoo?

There are various procedures available if you no longer wish to showcase the Phantom Troupe spider tattoo proudly. Tattoo removal cream can be applied to your skin and gradually diminish its appearance.

Alternatively, a larger artwork can cover it up for good – or even laser tattoo removal if that’s what you fancy. Before choosing any method, though, make sure to talk with an experienced tattoo artist to ensure optimal care for your skin.

Final Words

I hope you liked these Phantom Troupe Tattoo Designs. Make sure you visit an expert tattoo artist to get these amazing designs inked on your beautiful skin. Also, you must follow several tattoo aftercare instructions that will help maintain the tattoo design for a long time.