Phantom Troupe – Everything You Need to Know

Phantom Troupe members

The notorious Phantom Troupe has earned itself a Class-A bounty – and the nickname of ‘Spider.’ With most members from Meteor City, these diabolical thieves have established themselves as one the top crooks in crime. The Phantom Troupe members are called spiders.

 Phantom Troupe Overview

Name Phantom Troupe
NicknamesTroupe (旅りょ団だん,Ryodan)
Spider (旅団クモ, Kumo)
Origin Hunter X Hunter
Manga DebutMentioned in Chapter 2 
Debit in Chapter 71
Anime DebutEpisode 51 (1999)
Episode 41 (2011)
Phantom Troupe LeaderChrollo Lucilfer
Operating CitiesMeteor City
Yorknew City (Former)
Black Whale


Young Phantom Troupe
<strong>The Phantom Troupe around the time of the Kurta Clan massacre<strong>

The mysterious group of thirteen has suffered a drastic reduction, leaving just ten members in their ranks. The twelve-legged Spider on each member’s body is an initiation process, and the next bearers can join by killing off current ones or being nominated directly from within.

The Troupe is known for its destructive acts, including the massacre of the Kurta Clan and stealing their Scarlet Eyes. Despite this reputation, they also have a record of admirable achievements – coming to aid in Meteor City’s defense against Zazan and her Chimera Ants.

The group’s leader often revels in spoils before selling them off; however, their problematic relationship with Mafia organizations has caused tension even within Meteor City.

Disregarding past grudges, Chrollo and Machi offered an open invitation to a fighter who had recently caused devastating loss – they were willing to welcome their assailant into the Phantom Troupe.

Although having suffered greatly due to this enemy’s actions, Chrollo orchestrated his retaliation in honor of their lost comrade before extending the hand of friendship for possible reconciliation.

Phantom Troupe Origin Story

Phantom Troupe Spider Iconic Symbol
<strong>Phantom Troupe Spider Iconic Symbol<strong>

A group of children from Meteor City originally provided live voice-overs for films found in landfills but grew to become something much bigger.

After the staging of Power Cleaners, Chrollo and Pakunoda inspired seven others – Sheila’s Sarasa; Feitan; Machi (reluctant at first); Phinks Nobonaga; Franklin Uvogin; Shalnark – to join forces and form what is now known as ‘The Phantom Troupe.’

The name was chosen because, with such a diverse range of members, it felt befitting that they were not just another bunch but an actual troupe.

The infamous Phantom Troupe was founded by Chrollo Lucilfer and seven other outcasts in the mysterious Meteor City.

This uncharted wasteland is home to those who have slipped through the cracks – living outside conventional society and its official records while remaining unknown even to most outsiders.

The founding members included Feitan, Machi, Nobunaga, Pakunoda Franklin Uvogin, and Shalnark, all hailing from this clandestine metropolis known as Meteor City.

Phantom Troupe Members

Phantom Troupe Members
<strong><strong>Phantom Troupe Members<strong><strong>
Current MembersFormer Member (Defected)Former Members (Deceased)Non-Canon Members
Chrollo Lucilfer (Head of Phantom Troupe)
Nobunaga Hazama (Leg)
Feitan Portor (Leg)
Machi Komacine (Leg)
Kalluto Zoldyck (Leg)
Phinks Magcub (Leg)
Franklin Bordeau (Leg)
Shizuku Murasaki (Leg)
Bonolenov Ndongo (Leg)
Illumi Zoldyck (Leg)
Hisoka MorowOmokage

Together, we are the Spider. I’m its head, and you’re the legs. The legs do what the head says. But there will be times when the legs are more important than the head. If I die, someone else will take over. My orders are of the utmost priority. My life is not. Be sure to make the right decision. I’m only a part of the Spider. What’s important is the survival of the whole, not the individual.

~ Chrollo Lucifer founding the Phantom Troupe.

Phantom Troupe Associates

The infamous Phantom Troupe isn’t afraid of recruiting assistance when completing their daring missions. They’ve been known to utilize a variety of allies; from elite mercenaries to skilled magicians.

  • Illumi Zoldyck joined forces with Maha and Kalluto to take down the infamous Mafia’s Ten Dons in a daring mission. Together, they demonstrated their superior strength as skilled assassins, delivering justice against this notorious criminal syndicate.
  • Hisoka Morow was brought in to broker a deal between Kurapika and an esteemed Nen exorcist, brokering an agreement that would see the removal of Chrollo’s Judgment Chain from his heart.
  • Abengane was recruited on a daring mission to free Kurapika’s Judgment Chain from Chrollo’s heart. The intricate task required immense courage and finesse, but Abengane rose to the challenge.

Hierarchy & Rules

The Phantom Troupe is an exemplary example of the power of unity and collaboration. Perfectly symbolized by a twelve-legged spider, thirteen members work together perfectly to achieve a collective goal – each with equal ranking yet specializing in different skills or preferences for maximum efficiency.

As the leader, Chrollo had been entrusted with a great responsibility to prioritize his members’ well-being and success. But despite that being said, no individual overshadowed the collective prosperity of their group – not even it’s head.

The bond between him and those who relied on him ran so deep that they opted to sacrifice the greater good to protect Chrollo’s life at all costs.

A Troupe is a select group that convenes at the behest of its leader, be it discretionary or obligatory. Failure to show up for mandatory meetings may incur punishment and only the leader has full authority when taking on new members.

However, they can recommend suitable candidates of their choosing. An alternate route into membership entails beating an existing member in combat – no permission from said leader necessary.

The Troupe operates with a loose hierarchy – aside from following the leader’s instructions and avoiding conflict, there is no hard-and-fast rule governing members.

Some find buying or bidding unacceptable, but others are willing to tread legal channels in pursuit of rewards; two have even taken up Hunter roles.

Whenever they gather as a group, two people consistently accompany their leader, though whether this arrangement is official remains to be discovered.

Positions and Roles in Phantom Troupe

Phantom Troupe members are selected to complete specific tasks based on their abilities, allowing each group member to make meaningful contributions.

  • As head honcho of the notorious Phantom Troupe, Chrollo fearlessly leads his crew with aplomb.
  • When the Troupe leader is away, the Acting Leader steps in to fill their shoes. This prestigious position was bestowed upon whichever member could take out Zazan first. Feitan held this title before its current occupant – a testament to his strength and capabilities.
  • The Commando Team is composed of brave volunteers who never back down from an assignment. Leading the team are Nobunaga, Phinks, and Feitan – all three have proven their worth in battle with unparalleled courage and skill. These courageous fighters act as guardians for recon teams: nothing will stand between them and success.
  • Recon specialists are the “eyes and ears” of any organization, gathering key intelligence pertinent to operations. Formerly helmed by Shalnark and Pakunoda, these eye-opening roles locate essential information for strategic success.
  • Shizuku and her elite squad of evidence-removers are entrusted with a crucial mission – the disposal of any trace left by their clandestine activities. It’s an immense responsibility, but one that Shizuku is more than ready to handle.

Coin Toss to Resolve Conflicts

In order to prevent serious outbursts between Phantom Troupe members, an unorthodox method is used for conflict resolution.

That is, a custom-made coin with the group’s signature twelve-legged spider on one side and a web design on the other allows two individuals in disagreement to settle their argument without escalating tensions within the Troupe quickly.

Phantom Troupe Tattoo

With the exception of Chrollo, each member of Phantom Troupe is adorned with an intricate tattoo featuring a twelve-legged spider which includes one distinct number from 1 to 12.

Although instantly recognizable as the symbol for their group, few outside the organization know that it holds deeper meaning through its numerical designation, and how these numbers are assigned remains unknown.

Shizuku and Uvogin’s tattoos have been seen thus far – leaving many unanswered questions about this clandestine component of membership.

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Kurta Clan Massacre

Five years before the 287th Hunter Exam, tragedy befell the Kurta Clan when members of the infamous Phantom Troupe brutally massacred them.

Horrifying reports detail that innocent family members had their heads severed while still alive and those with Scarlet Eyes suffered even greater atrocities – having their eyes gouged out or squashed beyond recognition.

Such ruthless cruelty was far from unheard-of in a world where humans are not always at peace with one another.

The extent of the Troupe’s brutality was clear, as adult males sustained wounds during a struggle before being captured.

Furthermore, those not related to the clan by blood were said to be mutilated to set an example and send a powerful warning: Scarlet-eyed heads were severed successively.

To fully demonstrate their might – and possibly increase value – they are reported to have tortured children right before their parent’s eyes. Matters concluded with one chilling message engraved within memory forever; “We’ll accept anything you leave here, but don’t ever take anything away from us.”

Zoldyck Encounter

Before the memorable Southernpiece Auction in Yorknew City, Silva Zoldyck faced off against Chrollo Lucilfer of the infamous Phantom Troupe.

While their original conflict resulted in an unknown outcome, during their second encounter, it was clear that Chrollo had made considerable strides since then- a testament to his Nen abilities and combat prowess.


Hunter Exam arc

Kurapika disclosed his plan to the Captain of capturing every member of the feared Phantom Troupe in hopes of exacting revenge for his lost comrades from the Kurta Clan.

The leader cautioned him, explaining that each outlaw carried a Class-A bounty and that even seasoned Hunters steer clear when it comes to their capture.

Kurapika reached a boiling point during the first phase of the Hunter Exam when he explained his mission to Leorio: capture every member of The Troupe and recover the precious Scarlet Eyes they had stolen from his clan.

During Phase 3, Majtani revealed an ominous spider tattoo on his shoulder – a symbol that gained significance as Gon and Killua listened in stunned silence.

Kurapika’s fury boils over as he shoves Majtani to the ground, warning him that Troupe tattoos are a sign of belonging and not a badge for counting victims.

Kurapika’s battle against Hisoka during the final tournament was shrouded in intrigue.

After exchanging blows, an enigma of a whisper alluded to something interesting regarding The Spiders that Hisoka promised to disclose at Yorknew City on September 1st.

Heavens Arena arc

Machi is hired by Hisoka, the renowned fighter of Heavens Arena, to provide medical assistance following his grueling match against Kastro.

After witnessing a remarkable display of courage and tenacity in battle first-hand, Machi commends Hisoka on securing victory but simultaneously scolds him for incurring such an immense amount of damage – risking defeat instead.

She promptly applies her proficient Nen ability to reattach severed limbs and presents him with an outrageous bill totaling 70 million Jenny Symbol 2011.SVG

Hisoka’s conversation with Machi is quickly cut short when she informs him that the Phantom Troupe gathering in Yorknew City at the end of August has become compulsory.

With a warning from her about possible personal punishment should he be absent, Machi takes off before Hisoka can invite her to dinner.

As soon as she leaves it becomes apparent that the Spider tattoo on his back was only temporary – and now begins a new mission for him: hunting down The Spiders.

Yorknew City arc

On August 31st, the Phantom Troupe arrived in Yorknew City on a mission to steal all of the valuable items at an underground auction.

Led by Chrollo Lucilfer, Machi, Franklin, and Feitan traveled through treacherous terrain with their comrade Nobunaga before meeting up with their fellow organization members near city limits – ready for anything that stood between them and success.

Desperate to secure a diamond ring at an auction, Shizuku confronts Gon with a challenge: arm-wrestling. She proves more of a match for him than expected but is ultimately defeated when her weak hand gives out.

Franklin and Feitan step in just as the bidding begins – sparing their determined challenger further wounds against his formidable strength.

Uvogin, Machi, Shalnark, Nobunaga, Shizuku Feitan, and Franklin headed to an auction to score some valuable items.

When they arrived at their destination however it was clear that someone had been there before them; all the loot in the vault had already gone missing.

Our intrepid team quickly neutralized any would-be witnesses leaving no trace behind before Uvogining informed Chrollo by phone that, unfortunately, this mission did not turn out as planned.

Uvogin wondered if they were all being brave or foolhardy by escaping in a hot-air balloon, suspecting that one of their own may have been an informant to the Mafia.

Chrollo assured him there was no Judas among them – since security would be much tighter had the mob leaders known about their plan ahead of time. He surmised that only a vague tip came through, yet it was trusted enough for action to be taken.

Uvogin and Chrollo have uncovered a mystery involving the Ten Dons, Shadow Beasts, Nen abilities, and 500 guests vanishing.

Upon Uvogin’s request for permission to fight them comes Chrollo’s suggestion that they cause enough of an uproar to draw out the elusive Shadow Beast–the one known as Owl, who somehow emptied the vault without taking anything.

Will they succeed in uncovering this puzzling case?

Uvogin courageously stepped up to the challenge in the Gordeau Desert when dozens of Mafia members demanded his party come down from their high ledge.

He descended with assurance, taking it upon himself to face this difficult situation – only for a gun barrel to be pointed directly at him and asked if they were responsible for kidnapping guests.

Unflinchingly Uvogin confirmed these allegations and stood bravely against his enemies’ threats.

Uvogin’s intimidating presence stunned the Mafia group when he effortlessly caught a bullet with his teeth and expertly snapped their leader’s neck in one swift motion.

He then fearlessly fought against four Shadow Beasts single-handedly during a great massacre that saw him surviving shots from both rifle and missile.

Kurapika witnessed Uvogin taking on all challengers – Worm, Leech, Rabid Dog, Porcupine – as Nostrade bodyguards looked calmly on, ultimately proving why Uvogin was considered to be part of The Troupe’s most powerful members.

Uvogin proved a formidable opponent for the trio, first incapacitating Worm with his Big Bang Impact.

After Rabid Dog put Uvogin in an immobilized state, Leech attempted to take advantage by inserting leeches into an open wound on his shoulder, only for Uvogin to kill him with one ferocious bite that sent out bone fragments like bullets and ended Rabid Dog’s life.

Porcupine was held back from using physical attacks and instead met death at the hands of another powerful onslaught – this time consisting of nothing more than a dangerous vocal attack resulting in near-instantaneous demise.

As Shalnark expertly divulged his knowledge, Kurapika quickly took advantage of the paralyzed Uvogin by trapping him in Chain Jail and swiftly leaving the canyon with other bodyguards.

Machi was quick to act – she used a needle and Nen thread to trace Uvogin’s movements before five members began pursuit. However, just as they were about to overtake Kurapikia, another wave of Shadow Beasts blocked their path.

Kurapika encountered Hisoka and was offered a tempting deal – seven ability reveals in exchange for an alliance. Meanwhile, Machi attempted to convey the severity of their current situation by disclosing details about recently deceased Shadow Beasts.

However, Uvogin kept tracking down the chain user instead of returning to safety with them. Machi had no choice but to comply with his decision despite her reservations.

Kurapika and Hisoka meet the next day again when Kurapika sets a fateful plan in motion. Uvogin manages to locate him at his hotel with help from Shalnark–giving Kurapika an ultimatum between life and death.

He decides that if he must die, it should be somewhere isolated not to disturb those around them; meanwhile, Gon, Killua, and Leorio find out about bounties on all Troupe members put forth by Mafia forces — prompting the trio to take action their own.

Kurapika relentlessly sought answers from the Troupe member Uvogin, leading to a fatal confrontation. Unyielding in his quest for justice until his last breath, Kurapika’s Judgment Chain pierced through Uvogin and ended the battle abruptly – leaving him with no choice but an unmarked grave at its site.

The remaining members of Troupe were left contemplating their next steps without one of their own as Feitan frantically worked to recover any auction item information he could get out of Owl.

With dawn fast approaching, it was clear that risk-taking Chrollo would have some changes set in motion if they didn’t receive word back on time about what happened.

On a fateful day in September, Machi and Nobunaga tried to capture the chain user; however, their attempt was foiled when Gon and Killua appeared on the scene.

With help from Phinks and Pakunoda, who had been keeping an eye out for them, they managed to corner both boys before bringing them back to the hideout.

Interestingly, this sparked a strong admiration between Nobunaga and young Gon due to his likeness to Uvogin – so much so that he nominated him as a Troupe member upon Chrollo’s return.

Shalnark presented his comrades with a list of Nostrad Family employees from the Hunter Website and ordered them to commit their faces to memory.

He then informed those present that according to Uvogin’s assessment, the chain user wasn’t among them; thus, he proposed they search in pairs for someone familiar with him.

While these tasks were underway, Nobunaga was left behind as guardian – however, Gon & Killua managed an escape by taking advantage of weak points in the building walls.

On September 3rd, Chrollo met with Neon Nostrade at the Underground Auction.

Taking advantage of a newly-uploaded photo on Hunter’s website, his luck ran high as he spotted her making her way alone through the crowd – attempting to escape from bodyguards undetected by fatherly eyes.

On approaching her and offering assistance in reaching Cemetery Building’s entrance door, he asked for this powerful fortune teller’s gift: she kindly obliged without hesitation.

He was moved to tears after noticing the allusion to Uvogin’s death. To get help for Neon and reclaim justice, Chrollo knocked her unconscious before taking on multiple assassins with ease.

He then commanded the other Spiders (excluding Nobunaga) to make their way toward Cemetery Building and incite chaos as he dedicated a requiem of vengeance in honor of Uvogin during his fight against Assassin A.

As a result, over 2 000 Mafia members were left slain by police forces outside the building by these vengeful spiders.

Chrollo is cornered by fierce opponents Silva and Zeno in a tense climax. But despite the overwhelming odds against him, he still attempts to use his signature ability-stealing powers on Zeno – only to fail miserably as Zeno sees through his ploy.

Just before Silva unleashes two devastating aura spheres at them both, Illumi’s voice can be heard from beyond: all Ten Dons have been eliminated, and Chrollism was behind their demise.

Silva and Zeno, now employed by the Ten Dons, reassured Chrollo that he was no longer their target. The news drained him as his previous plan to steal Zeno’s ability had been foiled.

Taking charge again, Chrollo informed the other members it was time to abandon attempts at retrieving the ambulance and move forward with a different strategy.

The Troupe perfectly executed their plan and used Kortopi’s remarkable ability to deceive the Mafia with false body doubles.

What ensued was a thrilling takeover of an Underground Auction, which had been rescheduled on the 10th floor – they sold reproduced items created via Kortopi.

Meanwhile, Hisoka caused a distraction as Machi silently disposed of Bean in one smooth motion using her Nen threads.

After a successful mission, the Troupe returned to their hideout and celebrated. The following day, Chrollo informed them they’d depart Yorknew after collecting all the loot; however, Nobunaga determined to continue searching for whoever employed the chain user.

To win the favor of Nobunaga, Neon reveals a startling fortune – without a drastic change in their course, five more members will perish over the next two weeks.

However, Hisoka takes advantage of this by using his Texture Surprise to alter his fortunes and convince The Troupe to stay within Yorknew City, giving him an opportunity for confrontation with Chrollo.

After careful analysis, Chrollo discovers that Kurapika is one of Neon’s bodyguards and the sole survivor of the Kurta Clan. The Scarlet Eyes they had sold to Nostrade Family aided them in ascertaining his whereabouts; Hotel Beitacle became their destination.

Thus, five members – Kortopi, Machi, Nobunaga Pakunoda, and Shizuku accompany him to this hotel while others stay safeguarded at their hideout.

Heeding the signs of a tail, Gon and Killua allowed Kortopi, Nobunaga, and Pakunoda to forge ahead while Machi, Shizuku, and he hung back.

Unfortunately, they were still found by their pursuers resulting in both boys being recaptured. Fortunately for Pakundoa, she had obtained important details regarding Kurapika’s identity from Squala before his demise.

Chrollo, Machi, and Shizuku escorted two young boys to a hotel rendezvous with Pakunoda’s group. Chrollo requested that Pakunoda use her mind-reading ability on them again; just as she was about to reveal something important regarding Kurapika – the lights went out.

Despite this unexpected challenge, Machi and Nobunaga swiftly apprehended Gon and Killua in total darkness. It wasn’t until then that anyone noticed Chrollo had vanished without a trace.

When Pakunoda reveals Chrollo’s disappearance to the others, Kurapika leaves a chilling warning – whoever exposes Gon and Killua’s memories will pay with their life.

Nobunaga insists they keep them as hostages until hearing from the Chain user, driving home his point that these boys have become extremely valuable commodities in this situation.

Reflecting on Chrollo’s words of how the Troupe should remain unified, Pakunoda is torn between her loyalty to him and their comrades. With Nobunaga urging Phinks for a quick response, she ponders what decision would most benefit The Spider in its current situation with one of its leaders taken captive.

Chrollo was taken aback to find out Kurapika, the chain user he had underestimated, was, in fact, a woman. After being reminded that his friends were left behind and this encounter wasn’t even mentioned according to Chrollo’s fortune-reading abilities, an enraged Kurapika flew into action.

Kurapika contacted the Troupe members with strict instructions: not to follow, hurt the hostages or interfere in any way.

Pakunoda was sent alone to Lingon Airport to negotiate a hostage exchange while the other members had no choice but to head back home. With mixed feelings of concern and respect, they obeyed his words without hesitation, hoping for a safe outcome for their mission.

Phinks, Feitan, and Shalnark were determined to pursue Pakunoda. However, Nobunaga was concerned that Chrollo’s safety may be jeopardized if they did so – leading to a heated confrontation between the two groups.

In response, Feitan expressed his belief that going after her would have been in line with what their leader wanted, deeming Nobunaga’s apprehensions an insult to the Spiders.

After a heated dispute, Shizuku settled the quarrel through unconventional means: she knocked out Nobunaga to remind everyone of their Troupe’s protocols.

But with Kurapika able to discern when someone was hiding something, they had no choice but to come back together and regroup at the hideout.

Chrollo’s provocation sent anger coursing through Kurapika, who stepped forward to deliver multiple punches. Leorio and Melody moved quickly to prevent the altercation from escalating further with their calming presence.

Far from perturbed by his near-fatal encounter, Chrollo made it clear that he enjoys living life on the edge; a sentiment confirmed upon hearing his heartbeat suggested death brings excitement for him too.

Five years prior, Kurapika posed the difficult question to Chrollo – had he led a Troupe in their massacre of the Kurta Clan? At that moment, anticipation hung heavy as Kurapica prepared his Judgment Chain.

Holding nothing back, Chrollo then questioned whether it was used for Uvogin’s demise and what those final words uttered before death arrived.

Kurapika’s loyalty to his friends left Chrollo with no choice but to accept Pakunoda as an intermediary. Aware of Kurapika’s resolve, he made plans for the future meeting, knowing she would bring all fellow members along in her wake.

Hisoka carefully led Franklin and Bonolenov out of Troupe’s hideout towards a faint sound originating in the distance. Upon reaching their destination, they were astonished to find an unsuspecting child perched on the window ledge.

Hisoka knew immediately that something was amiss – it was up to them to investigate further.

Franklin watched nervously as a child leaped down the alley. After pondering whether it was one of “them,” Bonolenov questioned if they should pursue it.

Still, Franklin hesitantly suggested that waiting until their allies joined them would be best to avoid setting off any traps. Hisoka returned with both his eyes now completely ebony – he had been through much since leaving Spiders HQ.

Kurapika commands the powerful Judgment Chain on both Pakunoda and Chrollo, setting two conditions for each.

He gives her a time-sensitive task to take the hostages back safely to their home before midnight without revealing where she is going.

Without hesitation, Pakunoda returns to inform the others of their exchange agreement and that she’s leaving with just two boys.

In a moment of rage, Phinks was determined to do away with Pakunoda and the chain user. But Machi and Kortopi sided with their leader despite her questionable methods, pushing them towards conflict against fellow Troupe members Feitan and Phinks.

Thankfully before tempers flared too far, Gon stepped in – insisting that all Pakunoda wanted was to save her beloved leader from peril.

After much deliberation, Phinks eventually accepted Franklin’s resolution that a constant struggle would lead the Troupe toward its demise. Consequently, Pakunoda was granted leave from the group.

Hisoka’s unexpected arrival shocked everyone, as he threatened to kill the two young heroes if he could not join them on Pakunoda’s airship.

Kurapika, valiantly putting his safety aside to protect Gon and Killua from further harm, allowed Hisoka aboard – a decision that would prove essential for ensuring success at the exchange site.

As it neared its conclusion, however, with Chrollo secure in their possession, Kurapika offered him one final realization of what it was like when your only support systems were taken away by force.

Hisoka gleefully challenged Chrollo, standing immovable in the face of danger.

He then disclosed that he had never officially been part of the Troupe – lifting off his Spider tattoo facade and declaring there would be no repercussions for their fight ahead.

With a contemptuous laugh, Chrollo underestimates Hisoka as he is helpless due to Kurapika’s Judgment Chain.

Unimpressed, Hisoka turns and leaves the scene, declaring that broken toys no longer interest him– cementing his assurance of Chrollo being safe from any danger posed by himself.

Chrollo arrogantly scoffed at Hisoka, secure in his defense against any threats posed by the latter.

However, Hisoka confidently departed with a chilling remark – that an immobile Chrollo no longer generated enough curiosity to warrant further interaction between them. This proclamation cemented their stalemate and provided assurance of safety for both parties.

Phinks was livid. He pressed Pakunoda, demanding answers and wondering why she had a gun drawn on them at the hideout.

In response to his anger, Pakunoda revealed that Chrollo would not be returning – an answer which Phinks did not take kindly to; he commanded her to explain further or risk serious consequences if her explanation failed their expectations.

Pakunoda readied her ability and prepared to use the ultimate Trump Card.

Her request for trust was directed towards Feitan, Phinks, Machi, Nobunaga, Shalnark, and Franklin as she asked them whether they would accept it – six shots from one gun that could make everyone’s memories vanish.

Although Phinks suspected manipulation on Pakunoda’s part when she attempted this noble deed, Nobunaga assured him that this action came solely from within Pakonuda herself despite their circumstances.

Pakunoda fired her last six shots with a bang, sending along all of her memories into the founding members’ minds.

Kurapika’s Judgment Chain then encircled Pakunoda’s heart, and at that moment, she made one final wish to be remembered as the last before succumbing to death.

The resulting shock waves of memory stunned everyone present; bringing about an influx of emotion for those precious moments lost forevermore.

Shizuku examined the corpse of Pakunoda, questioning her companions about what had transpired.

Phinks stepped forward to narrate why the deceased felt she was left with no choice but death – all while Chrollo silently looked eastward from where he remained at the scene.

Greed Island arc

On September 6th, Phinks and Feitan were in for a surprise when they attended the Southernpiece Auction – Gon and Killua had unexpectedly shown up before fleeing.

The Troupe members quickly caught up to the duo and reassured them that their intentions were not lethal. They even warned of the potential dangers of attempting to kill Kurapika – namely, post-mortem Nen being unleashed.

Feitan’s stern gaze reminded Phinks that it wasn’t the time to spill any details; he understood Chrollo was searching for an exorcist, and they had to be patient.

Phinks kindly reassured Gon and Killua that they were welcome to enjoy the auction without worry, as their colleagues had already retreated home.

When Gon enquired about Pakunoda, Phinks revealed that she had passed away. The pain on Gon’s face was palpable as he reminisced one of her memories – where upon being injured by them both, she asked why they weren’t taking a flight instead.

She warned them of the ultimate consequence if they fled their captor: Chrollo could become a killer. Gon’s response made it clear that his desire to save his friend was out of strength and loyalty, not fear or ambivalence.

Killua and Pakunoda connected on the best solution to their predicament. There was a moment of silent understanding before Phinks returned with the knowledge that she had been grateful for them, prompting him and Feitan’s departure.

On an unexpected turn of events, Phinks and Feitan attended the auction to uncover a daring plan by Battera – recruiting players for Greed Island. With haste, they attacked a car carrying one copy home, only to find themselves embroiled in their game night.

Machi, Franklin, Shizuku, and Shalnark were curious about the game that Phinks had introduced.

After doing some research online, Shalnark invited Kortopi to join them in order to test a theory and ensure their safety for the remainder of the week. They willingly accepted his invitation – ready for an adventure into this new virtual world.

The trio parted ways to investigate the intricacies of their simulated reality.

Though they anticipated being able to transform Kortopi’s duplicated cards into tangible objects and Shizuku’s Blinky ability granting access to special items within the game – it quickly became apparent that Nen was comprising its very foundation.

He shared his logical reasoning with two of his friends that this mysterious island may be more than just a virtual dream. He devised a daring plan to collect the sought-after game items using a rare “Toraemon” card.

Laying out their mission, He informs the two to obtain the “Eye of God” and gain insights through “Analysis.” But they must be wary: Phinks and Feitan are known to have slain Latarza in their pursuit of cards – not a task is easily forgotten.

To seek even more card-capturing success, our intrepid group decides on a contest; who can acquire the most players? A reminder from Feitan ensures that capturing those cards is a top priority before this challenge ensues.

With Shalnark’s expert analysis of the samples gathered from their previous journey, a mysterious island was pinpointed as its possible location. After setting sail with high hopes, Franklin and the five reached this unknown destination – and found it real.

Eta’s advanced detection systems quickly spotted the trespassers, leading them to an introduction with Razor—an enigmatic Game Master.

He informed them of their transgression and offered a second chance via the right way, but then sent them away by employing his mysterious “Eliminate” card to scatter the group across six different points on the Azian Continent.

Upon their safe return, Shalnark uncovered Chrollo’s plans to enter Greed Island: he must have hired an outside agent to take his place and leave a coded message for the rest of them.

Hisoka, a mysterious presence on the island, suddenly exposed himself as the mastermind behind using Chrollo’s name to enlist a powerful exorcist.

Franklin surmised that Hisoka was anticipating a duel with Chrollo in return for orchestrating his rescue – and Shalnark affirmed their suspicions; it would merely be a matter of time before they were reunited.

As if summoned by magic, at that moment-Chrollo, appeared out of thin air. A broad grin illuminated his face while he sat casually playing JoyStation Console.

With no other choice, Hisoka makes a daring agreement with an exorcist to free Chrollo from Kurapika’s powerful Judgment Chain.

But Machi and Nobunaga follow the mysterious figure, emphasizing how crucial this mission may be for Hisoka if he wishes to challenge his greatest enemy in battle again.

Hisoka reunites with Machi and Nobunaga to investigate the mysterious exorcist. An unexpected adversary, Kalluto, is lurking in the shadows – his incredible ability allows The Troupe to connect all of the dots.

Intrigued by this newfound ally Hisoka warily acknowledges their introduction.

At the same time, Machi and Nobunaga caution him not to be too trusting as history suggests that he won’t hesitate when it comes up a new challenge.

Hisoka vowed to Nobunaga that he would take care of the exorcist, though Machi had doubts about his true intentions.

When she challenged him regarding Chrollo’s fate, Hisoka asked who she was rooting for–to which her response was swift: if he killed Chrollo, then it’d be time for him to meet his maker without delay, otherwise known as Madam Machi hunting after and killing any trace of Hisoka on earth.

Chimera Ant arc

As Chrollo perused the pages of Weekly Shōnen Jump, Hisoka and Abengane closed in with anticipation.

During their travels to Meteor City, Phinks, Feitan, Bonolenov, and the others discussed how they were personally affected by the Chimera Ant crisis.

Sharing perspectives on why they had each come to this mysterious city in search of answers gave them an opportunity for introspection and a better understanding of one another.

The Troupe arrived just in time to hear about a mysterious Queen causing chaos for the local population. The assembly was hard at work attempting to rein her in and return peace to the city.

In the face of a looming, unchanging threat from Chimera Ants, the Troupe bravely took it upon themselves to take action.

With Phinks leading their mission and unwavering confidence in their ability backed by his assurance that they would destroy them, The Troupe fearlessly marched into battle against a big nest on behalf of everyone else’s safety.

Phinks set the ground rules – whoever proves their worth by being the first to slay the Queen will ascend as leader of The Troupe. With no time to spare, each member dispersed into action within the hostile nest.

Kalluto unleashed a flurry of efficient strikes, eliminating the Small Beetle. Phinks decimated Gorilla with one devastating punch, and Bonolenov crushed his Gun-toting Ant opponent effortlessly.

In what seemed like an effortless act, Shalnark singlehandedly defeated Pell and Boki while Shizuku mercilessly drained Pike’s blood dry. Finally, Feitan emerged victorious against Zazan in their epic battle – cementing himself as leader of The Troupe.

The Troupe members faced off against the transformed citizens of Meteor City, and instead of delivering them a swift fate, they requested to keep their spirit alive.

Taking on an intense challenge, the group easily overcame it with great strength and decided to remain in town, ready for any additional threats from Ants that might arise.

Shalnark and Feitan have to remind Phinks that his irritation is reminiscent of a schoolgirl with an unrequited crush after they receive a text from Nobunaga, not Chrollo.

Insulted by their comparison, the angered Phinks throws whatever rubble he can get his hands on at them as Shalnark and Feitan quickly exit.

13th Hunter Chairman Election arc

When Hisoka is perplexed by Illumi’s reference to Ants and Netero’s passing, the latter comments that he had lost out on opportunities – such as facing off against either of them.

Succession Contest arc

Chrollo faced off against Hisoka in an intense duel at Heavens Arena, determined to acquire the powers of Shalnark and Kortopi. With stakes high and tensions running even higher, they clashed in a battle to decide their fate.

Chrollo’s victorious match meant that Hisoka had paid the ultimate price.

As Shalnark and Kortopi left, Machi revealed her plans of honoring his debt by stitching him up while alone with Hisoka’s body; she took time to express gratitude for aiding in Chrollo’s exorcism despite such devastating damage around his neck and face.

Machi was left speechless, her needle holding its place in mid-air. An inexplicable aura had engulfed Hisoka’s body, and she could sense it wasn’t from this realm.

To her astonishment, he revived, asking for confirmation that his death hadn’t been an illusion – a once-dead man now living again before Machi’s eyes.

Hisoka’s fight with Chrollo had proven to be arduous, prompting Machi to release a deep sigh of concern. Hoping he’d gleaned the vital lesson that picking battles wisely was essential for survival in their dangerous world, she demanded Hisoka take a seat.

At the same time, she tended his wounds—but her patient chose not to comply and instead utilized his Texture Surprise ability as makeshift bandages giving him prosthetics-like coverage over multiple areas on his body.

Hisoka used his Bungee Gum to prevent Machi from leaving and challenged her to pick apart the sticky strands herself in a declaration of love.

Hisoka’s boldness only serves to further anger an already angry Machi as she threatens him with death for attempting such an act against one of the Spiders.

Chrollo was determined to get his hands on the treasure aboard Kakin’s journey to the New Continent.

He contacted Shalnark inquiring if he’d need his cell phone back and expressing doubts about returning their antennae but reassured him that it wasn’t necessary for now.

Chrollo’s promise of returning the Troupe left Shalnark eagerly anticipating their reunion. As his cell phone buzzed again, he waited outside a public restroom – pondering why Kortopi was taking so long.

Then suddenly, Hisoka emerged carrying something in hand and gave him pause for thought.

In a shocking display of violence, Hisoka quickly dispatches Shalnark after tossing him Kortopi’s severed head. Unceremoniously dangling from the nearby playset, his body is visited by crows, which serves as an ominous reminder next to Kortopi’s gruesome remains.

Amidst the hustle of Tier 5 on the Black Whale, a man stepped onto an unsuspecting cockroach and observed that they always seem to pop up regardless.

Noticing someone sitting nearby with a murderous look in their eye, he joked lightheartedly that it seemed like this person was ready for blood.

Chrollo was greeted warmly by the man, who acknowledged his perseverance in coming aboard. Chrollo replied that it would be difficult to put all of his former ties behind him as they are meant to be severed and not merely forgotten.

On their journey, the Black Whale crew encountered three members of the Buor Family in Tier 5.

They swiftly interrogated them about Kakin’s secretive Mafia families and surmised that a third party was operating between the family boss and foot soldiers.

Franklin requested that a representative from the Buor Family join them, and they were informed of an upcoming meeting on Saturday. Meanwhile, Phinks initiated their latest mission – to locate individuals taller than 6’2″ and acquire room numbers.

Chiming in, at last, was Chrollo’s meeting with Machi amid the bustling market of Tier 5.

Machi and Chrollo had the same goal: to avenge their fallen Troupe members by killing Hisoka. Machi proposed flipping a coin, but Chrollo objected, citing that this would not settle the dispute since they all wanted justice for themselves.

He consequently urged her to find Hisoka confidently, as he was sure he’d be somewhere aboard the ship.

On their voyage’s fourth day, all Phantom Troupe members gathered in a crowded central dining hall.

Though they had scoured Tier 5 for clues to Hisoka’s whereabouts without success, Chrollo reported that two other Mafia families were controlling higher tiers – making it possible he could be located there.

Chrollo warmly welcomed Illumi to the Troupe, introducing him with open arms.

It was clear that he had past dealings with Hisoka as Illumi nonchalantly shared their quid-pro-quo relationship and how his former mentor requested for him to join up as an assassination target.

Before they could continue their discussion, a loud commotion interrupted them – seemingly from the Cha-R Family, who rudely demanded that Chrollo’s group vacate the table immediately.

Chrollo refused the request to vacate, instead leading his Phantom Troupe companions in making a stand. The Mafia leader quickly identified Chrollo and company as culprits of Yorknew City’s rampage, who had managed to make it onto the New Continent easily due to their reputation preceding them.

In response, he commanded them to change locales for any further business dealings that may ensue – leaving behind an ominous warning about looking out for someone standing nearly seven feet tall whose presence would be unmistakably cold-blooded.

The leader of the Cha-R Family proposed that Chrollo inspect their Royal Army’s passenger list, although entry to its upper tiers would require tickets. In response, a free pass was offered should they decide to join his family – an offer which Chrollo courteously declined.

Undeterred by this rejection. However, he then posed how one could gain access to Tier 1 – prompting the Mafia head to remonstrate him and instruct him to depart angrily.

The Spiders left behind an ominous warning; the group’s leader asked Sun-bin whether the Troupe was trouble, and he confidently responded that they were on their way to Tier 1.

Uneasy about how this could disrupt power dynamics in the area, they urged Sun-bin to contact their young leader as a precautionary measure – it seemed like a conflict might be inevitable.

Phinks exposed the leader’s intentions, revealing that Tier 1 may be a source of untold riches. Chrollo commanded his troop to retrieve Hisoka before any treasures can be collected upon their return from this mission – only once they have fulfilled will there be room for celebration.

In pursuit of Hisoka, Shizuku and Bonolenov join forces with Chrollo.

Knowing the dangers behind facing off against Hisoka’s Bungee Gum ability, they nevertheless forge ahead in their mission to eliminate him – an endeavor which falls on none other than Chrollo as he sets out to attack Himsoka at first sight.

Shizuku commits to seeking out Hisoka in a clever disguise, while Bonolenov proclaims his intent to transform instead with Battle Cantabile: Metamorphosen.

Though capable of shifting into multiple forms, he lacks the strategic ability and thus has requested assistance from Chrollo.

After Chrollo provided wisdom to Bonolenov, Shizuku requested another fortune reading; however, it became apparent that the power had departed from Chrollo’s book. Realizing its grave implications, she likened this occurrence to a notorious phenomenon – Death Note.

As they were all left wondering what was said, Bonolenov comforted her, saying, “You keep thinking too much.”

Onior Longbao and Brocco Li, two powerful bosses of Meteor City, had an important discussion about the unpredictable Spiders. They sought to find a way to keep them from wreaking havoc in their city – but it wouldn’t be easy due to their disregard for life or death.

To this situation was added an extra wrinkle: many younger members of both families were fans of the dangerous interlopers.

The bosses then took decisive action by summoning their underbosses with orders clear as day – they must track down Hisoka before any creature belonging to the Spider has a chance.

Nobunaga assigned Phinks and Feitan the mission of infiltrating Tier 5, where they would locate Hisoka for him.

He had a private task to complete – retrieve his weapon from an undisclosed warehouse – while both Phinks and Feitan also hoped to attain their items from the illicit market within their reach.

Nobunaga was suspicious of the two’s intentions and refused to be taken for granted. After reaching their destination, a mysterious warehouse owned by the Cha-R Family, they stumbled upon some henchmen.

However, as quickly as he appeared, one suddenly vanished – leaving Nobunaga astounded while Phinks felt that his presence had disappeared altogether.

Phinks and Feitan marched confidently down the corridor, only to discover it was a dead end. Then, dramatically thudding behind them – Nobunaga found the man with his throat cut open.

Shrugging off their companion’s worry as a bizarrely misplaced concern, they continued searching for what they sought, undeterred by this sinister scene.

Luini’s gaze from above was intense and reverent, admiring his idols as they conversed below. He yearned for them to join forces to alter the world around them irreversibly.

After retrieving their weapons, Phinks and the two others cautiously returned to the entrance. To their surprise, it was empty – except for a single thread of dried blood pointing accusatorily at them.

The three realized that if someone had planned on framing them as enemies of the Cha-R Family, they only needed one corpse; this seemed too elaborate for such an end. Was there something far more sinister waiting out in the dark?

Nobunaga’s answer awakens Phinks to the possibility that their encounter with the murderer was accidental. They surmise it could be a ploy as if they had interrupted his original scheme.

With newfound insight into Hisoka’s innocence in mind, they begin tracking down clues and come closer to uncovering who exactly is behind this heinous wrongdoing against Cha-R Family.

Phinks and Nobunaga locate their journey ends at a locked door but notice two security cameras nearby – an unexpected sight within Tier 5. When the Troupe attempts to open it, they are approached by Ken’i Wang and four armed subordinates.

His suspicions that the group was responsible for attacks on warehouse guards quickly dissipate when receiving reports of someone appearing in his hideout after being wounded, mentioning Spiders as culprits instead.

Ken’i was irritated that someone had attempted to create a rift between two groups to fulfill an ability condition. Phinks broke down the protocol of this maneuver, revealing its ties with Nen’s sorcery and hinting at their future intentions.

He then presented Ken’i with the offer – work together or suffer defeat? Despite his misgivings about these three Troupe members, he knew they were too powerful for him alone and must be stopped before it was too late.

Franklin was building up to a peaceful meal in Tier 5 central dining hall until interrupted by Ittoku, consigliere of the Cha-R Family.

Along with four other members of his Mafia, he moved tables and sat facing Franklin as if delivering an ominous message from their ranks. Cautiously inquiring whether there were other matters to discuss, our protagonist prepared himself for whatever could come next.

Ittoku mentioned Franklin’s name, prompting him to explain that he chose not to pursue Hisoka proactively. Knowing the assassin was after them anyway, Franklin commented it wouldn’t be a waste of effort for him to sit and wait for their assailant to come looking instead.

At this revelation, Ittoku broke the news – two warehouse guards had been slain, with four taken away.

When Ittoku questioned Franklin’s involvement in a recent fight between Mafia members, the leader of The Troupe confidently denied it but then added that it would depend on who had provoked it.

His assurance was only strengthened when he reminded his companion how three of their own were guaranteed weapons – leading them to believe someone else must have taken advantage of the situation.

Ittoku suspected Hisoka was behind the thieves’ actions and wanted to know if they boarded his ship specifically for him. Franklin answered that while the Troupe is still criminal, their main mission is finding and killing Hisoka.

Smoking a cigarette on Ittoku’s steak seemed to be enough of an apology as he took his leave with his crew in tow.

With the secrets of Cha-R’s hideout revealed, Ken’i proposed they venture further into its depths. However, Nobunaga refused to do so without first dispatching the hitman lurking within – a challenge he was more than willing to take on.

Ken’i’s introduction of the Spiders to their fellow Cha-R members had everyone in awe. Tsudonke, the supervisor and member on board, quickly realized that these were no ordinary visitors – they were part of a renowned group with legions of fans.

He was hesitant but full of admiration for this celebrated crew. Could he even muster up enough courage to ask them for an autograph?

Phinks and Nobunaga remain in the Cha-R’s hideout, even as Feitan returns to the warehouse entrance. Franklin continues his stay in the central dining hall – Machi is tucked away on her own inside a standard cabin room.

Chrollo, Shizuku, and Bonolenov bravely ventured towards Tier 4 while Illumi and Kalluto remained in the observation deck of Tier 3.

Suddenly a lockdown was declared – every traveler had to stay put as military personnel searched for an individual bearing dangerous weaponry. That hunt brought them straight to two Zoldycks overlooking the scene from their bird’s-eye view on high.

Illumi and Kalluto had made their way to Tier 5 when they were approached by one of the soldiers on board.

The soldier expressed confusion over why a VVIP would be so far down in such an unfamiliar part of the ship, but Illumi calmly explained that he was there on business.

Although offered escort back up to the upper tiers where much-anticipated passage between Tiers 2 and 3 closed for some time, Illumi persisted in his stance–that they should stay put in Tier 3 during this voyage ahead.

As Mizaistom and Botobai approached, Illumi calmly disclosed the presence of every Spider on board. Kalluto’s curiosity was piqued but any further queries were met with a simple assurance from Illumi that his honesty had already been revealed – he could answer no more questions.

Mizaistom was taken aback by Illumi’s surprise appearance with the Troupe, suspecting they had ulterior motives.

He pondered if Kurapika knew of The Spiders’ involvement and whether he should warn him – this could mean revenge for something far more sinister than expected.

After a full week of exploration, the Cha-R boss’ assistant Tajao finally made an appearance; however, Ken’i’s introduction generated skepticism amongst Phinks and his team.

As the discussion progressed with their new acquaintance, it became evident that they were searching for one specific individual: Hisoka – who seemed to have disappeared without any trace in Tier 5.

Tajao has alerted the three Spiders to a looming conflict: should Morena’s whereabouts be revealed, they and their Troupe members may clash with an unknown killer.

Furthermore, if granted permission from Xi-Yu Family, he asserts that his team will have no qualms about hunting down and exacting justice upon this assassin themselves – even by entering Tier 4 itself.

Phinks and Nobunaga were exasperated by the arduous rules they had to adhere to. Desperately seeking a solution, Phinks asserted that Morena is removed from their lives permanently.

To ensure success, Ken’i and Tajao called upon The Spiders for help tracking down this hitman; together as one force united with one goal in mind – exterminating any obstacles blocking them from fulfilling their desired outcome.

On day ten of their journey, Onior allowed the Spiders to explore Tier 4 in search of Hisoka after confirming his absence with Hinrich.

Arm-Wrestling Rankings

Phantom Troupe member arm wrestling ranking
<strong>Phantom Troupe member arm wrestling ranking<strong>

To assess the strength of each Phantom Troupe member, they engage in a unique arm-wrestling contest.

Although it’s still being determined whether Nen is allowed during this competition or if Ten must always be maintained, one thing remains certain: The results prove just how powerful the Troupe truly is.

The members of the Phantom Troupe are incredibly formidable combatants – all except Kortopi and possibly Kalluto can outperform even a professional Hunter-Enhancer such as Gon.

Shizuku’s defeat was only due to an injury sustained during the battle that enabled him to edge out her victory.

  1. Uvogin
  2. Phinks Magcub
  3. Hisoka Morow
  4. Franklin Bordeau
  5. Feitan Portor
  6. Machi Komacine
  7. Chrollo Lucilfer
  8. Bonolenov Ndongo
  9. Nobunaga Hazama
  10. Shalnark
  11. Pakunoda
  12. Shizuku Murasaki
  13. Kortopi


  • With the official databook recognizing multiple versions of their name, Geneiryodan is an established international force ready to take on any challenge.
  • Gon was offered the opportunity to join forces with Nobunaga and his Troupe; however, he firmly declined.
  • Majtani employed a clever ruse to overpower his adversaries – he posed as one of the ‘Four Devas’ of an infamous Troupe, even though his tattoo lacked the required numerical identifier. His bold ploy worked and soon had everyone in awe of this mysterious figure.
  • Machi instructed Hisoka to convene with the Troupe in Yorknew City on August 30th, though they eventually came together a day later.
  • Chrollo’s prophetic words proved true for many Troupe members as their tattoos corresponded with particular months. Hisoka was identified as “April,” Shizuku, “August,” and Uvogin, tragically fallen in battle, marked the month of “November” – though it remains unknown who Pakunoda or Shalnark matched up to among the other numbers on offer.
  • The mysterious #4 organization has long been known for its secretive and unscrupulous members, whose intentions have often proven far from honorable. The enigmatic Omokage is no exception; their hidden agenda remains a daunting question mark in the annals of history.
  • Jenny Symbol 2011.SVG The Phantom Troupe, a mysterious group with seemingly endless resources and secrets, is said to require an exorbitant fee of 100 million jewels for information on their activities from the Hunter Website – though individual details may be even more costly.


  • Franklin, Kortopi, Bonolenov, Pakunoda, and Hisoka join forces to make the ultimate horror dream team. These members are inspired by classic icons in Japanese cinema, such as Sadako Yamamura from Ring or GeGge no Kitarō’s protagonist Kitaro. This legendary group gives a new spin on old favorites while summoning up thoughts of witches and mummies with their unique evil clown flair.

Additional Detail

  • The Phantom Troupe’s notoriety was cemented when several of its members placed in both the second and third character popularity polls – a rare feat that made them stand out from the crowd.

We will keep updating you about Phantom Troupe and its latest activities. Stay Tuned!