Are you looking for an awesome female face tattoo? Now you can have a feeling of relief. Here we have collected the best female facial tattoo designs.

Female facial tattoos are getting popular among the younger generation lately.

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Women’s facial tattoos have a very deep and intriguing meaning in them. Female faces are often drawn with an ink-filled line, which can be seen as bold or delicate – depending on preference; it shows the strength of character to make such decisions without being spurred into action by others around you.

The beauty behind these female face tattoos comes from how unique each person finds. What better way than showing off your female face tattoos?


Facial Tattoo art History

The earliest find of a person with face tattoos is Otzi the Iceman, who had over 60 different designs on his body, including this practice from thousands of years ago.

As I grew up, my love for adventure and travel brought me to New Zealand.

In this beautiful land where Tattoos that possess a unique beauty all their own – like no other on Earth. The Polynesian designs are stunning; they’re bold yet delicate at once–just how you want your skin art guarding against danger or celebrating life’s joys?

And then there’s Ta Moko: intricate faces covered with traditional patterns used by men throughout Polynesia since ancient times.

The popularity of facial tattoos has remained the same over the last 6,000 years.

We can say a lot about this formative period that was once so popular but is now long gone – from 5600 BC to now, there have always been people who wanted ink on their faces or bodies somewhere else, and they haven’t stopped coming up with new designs for all sorts as well.

The tattoos on the face can be quite beautiful, often using spiritual and cultural significance symbols, for instance, in Native Alaskan women’s traditions who have slowly been coming back to their ancient practice after generations were thwarted by politics or religion from practicing it at all due to fear for what people might think about them.

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The symbolism behind these designs is taken literally into each piece, where they showcase an aspect such as strength through possession which has always held great value among natives.

Modern Day Facial Tattoo Craze

Innovative Women are looking for more than just a pretty face. They want to express themselves through facial tattoos with a deep meaning reflecting their character and personal habits.

Many women are now opting to get face tattoos because they feel like it is a way of making themselves more presentable and stylish.

Face Tattoos for women are more than just a way to express oneself. They can be an act of resistance against the traditional female role. The best face tattoo designs we’ve found showcase this idea in various ways and will give you some ideas about which tattoos might work well with your look.

In this way, these facial tattoos gained popularity. Although they are the latest in fashion and have grown in immense popularity among celebrities like Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa, it’s not surprising because ancient tribal people also had facial tattoos for themselves centuries ago.

Best Female Face Tattoo Designs

Freckle tattoos

Women are now tattooing their faces with freckles to make them look cuter than ever.

Queen of Diamonds faces tattoo.

The meaning behind Halsey’s first facial tattoo has yet to be revealed, but she doesn’t plan on getting any more soon.

Facial Tribal Tattoo designs

Dot tattoos have been associated with prison culture, but the meaning of dots in different cultures is unrelated. 3-Dots could represent The Trinity and seven as it happens on this model’s arm, which symbolizes protection for some Mayan tribesmen who believed they did too.

Triangles also carry sacred geometric symbols across many demographics – making them an excellent choice if you’re looking to get your neck stretched by ink gods everywhere.

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Kat Von D promoted the face tattoos of stars into the limelight

Kat Von D’s facial tattoos are a way for her to express herself while still heavily tattooed. She chose starry eyes as an homage to Motley Crue’s song “Starry Eyes.”

Stunning Female Tribal Tattoos and Runic Designs 

The Berbers of North Africa have a tradition that dates back thousands of years.

They would tattoo their faces to treat various ailments, even when it came down to cosmetic purposes like beautifying the eyes with “Partridge’s Eye.” This design features an almond-shaped symbol containing small crosses, giving the wearer agility and beauty while protecting them from harm.

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Chin tattoos AKA “Moko Kauae”

The Maori women and their striking chin tattoos are called Moko Kauae. These are meant to represent their true selves; that symbol is inside them, close up near your heart. The moko Kau ae were deeply spiritual symbols for those who wore them with pride.

Facial Paper airplane tattoos 

Singer and songwriter Kehlani has a unique facial tattoo that she got in honor of her late mother. The paper airplane means “stay above” for how the author lives his life, which includes several other tattoos on top of each other, including dots beneath the eyes.

Floral Facial Tattoos

There are many different ways to express yourself through tattoos. Some people ink their bodies with flowers. Others may choose words or phrases that have meaning in life; however, one type of design has become increasingly popular over recent years- floral facial pieces.

These delicate arrangements show off your femininity while also conveying a strong message about equality between men and women– they’re perfect for anyone looking not just bloody awesome but elegant too.

Face Tattoo Ideas For Women

@ritakarlatattoo via Instagram

The female face tattoo on the forearm is that of a beautiful lady with the most mesmerizing pair of eyes. Her eyeball is whitish, and she has sparkles on both corners, giving her an elegant look that will make anyone fall for whatever expression they see.

The facial tattoo was done using only white or grey ink to give off such realistic shadows when highlighted against skin tone, which brings out every feature perfectly – like how life imitates. Art does not do anything fancy but makes up for it by being very honest about its subject matter.

She got long locks, which are the branches of trees. Her forehead and eyebrow are covered with huge mountain ranges that extend into form rainforests below her chin where a wolf howls in the middle of nowhere. Juicy goodness awaits you.

This facial tattoo design consists mostly of natural elements; it conveys deep meaning through these tattoos, perfect for people who love having something meaningful etched onto their skin.

Female side Face Tattoo design

@ronja_mm via Instagram 

A female side face tattoo symbolizes independence, desire, and good fate. It also brings you luck if you get a side face tattoo.

Minimalism is all the rage in tattoo designs, but this design takes it to new levels. The woman’s face has been intricately drawn inside two triangles; her left eye and eyebrow are on one side while her right mouth/lips sit alongside them on another segmented curve that makes up most of what we see when looking at you from above as well.

Its sleek lines provide just enough detail without being overwhelming or distracting.

If minimalistic style speaks volumes, then look no further because these folks got exactly where they wanted to with their artful representation in this side face tattoo.

Female Face Tattoo Ideas

This next tattoo has a face of an elegant woman wearing a tiger cap. Tiger tattoos symbolize power, strength, wisdom, and positive luck; they also represent beauty because these animals are considered among the zodiac’s most majestic creatures. The tattoo artist did the whole body part covered by this face tattoo in black ink, with only her eyes being drawn exceptionally carefully.

They’re what gives all their emotions away: calmness on your anger reflected off its fierce expression – but not too much so you can still recognize yourself when looking at them closely even though there might seem no difference between our worlds apart.

Attractive Female Face Tattoo designs

You will be surprised to know that this popular tattoo design is among the most simple. The shading and shape make it unique, so you can easily find something for any occasion with these tattoos.

A feminine body tattoo with leaves that form the shape of a woman and hair. The face is only visible from one side, so it’s hard to tell what she looks like, but people can see facial features such as a chin or nose when they look at this design closely enough.

Abstract Female Facial Tattoos Design

@lktattoo via Instagram 

Abstract tattoos are one of the most trendy tattoo ideas among young people, and they’re tremendously popular right now. We chose this piece for a face tattoo because it’s so striking.

The artist in this face tattoo has drawn a woman’s face with black ink. Her eyebrows are delicate and feminine, and her eyelids form perfect circles around the eyes that peer out from lowered lids like liquid pools filled only halfway before they’re Schiller undetectable by anyone who doesn’t know what to look for.

Covered Woman Face Tattoo

@marloeslupkertattoo via Instagram

While body tattoos are quite common nowadays, there’s something about face designs that make them stand out. Here is one of the most beautiful realistic faces, which will be loved by everyone immediately.

The tattooist has made an elegant face of a lady with the most beautiful pair. Her eyes are detailed and bright, shining like they would kill somebody if not careful enough – which may be why this person prefers them to other types for their mystery-filled meanings.

Bold Female Face Tattoos For Women

@1k.ghosts via Instagram

This tattoo has the lady devil on her forehead with two horns sticking out. She’s wearing a crescent moon and circle design in black at the center forehead, plus her eyebrows did up like dark smoke stacks. If you’re looking for bold designs that will make your skin crawl – this one could be just right.

2 Lady Face Tattoo

@pressurefingaz_ via Instagram

This is a dual-face tattoo. One is the mask people put on when they need to act professionally, and another shows how you feel inside about everything from your personal life to all of your relationships with others- even those who aren’t family or friends but just acquaintances.

The expression underneath this mask can be soberer than what’s visible upfront; either happy though maybe sad because there are times when we pretend like nothing’s wrong even if we really might think differently, sometimes depending upon the circumstance.

Female Face And Bird Skull Tattoo

The bird skull tattoo is often associated with the meaning of one’s life, power, and courage. When it comes to female face tattoos, this ink becomes even more powerful as they carry their weight in society.

The skull of this dead bird is quite big, and you can guess that the bird was also large.

The face of a woman with her bold expression and covered veil on her neck makes for an interesting tattoo design inked with black ink to show off different shades like dark or light colors depending upon where it’s placed on your body.

Butterflies And Woman’s Face Tattoo Ideas

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The butterfly tattoo is an ancient symbol of new love. It’s also associated with the summer season, joy, and grace in many cultures around the world, such as China, where they represent immortality among women who have face tattoos that stand for romance or desire depending on how it’s written depending what you want your meaning to be that individualized just like every other piece out there so choose wisely.

This is a small face tattoo that women of all ages can wear. The lady in this image has partial tattoos on her nose, lips, and chin with butterflies covering part way up from neckline to forehead above them; it’s beautiful.


Tattoo by @davepaulo_tattooartist

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