Woman’s Dress changes color from white to Pink in the Sun – Watch Video

dress change color in sunlight

In a short video, the woman’s dress changes from white to pink after she steps out in the Sun. The post has gone viral with over 6 million views and counting.

This video of the dress changing color under sunlight is so incredible, you’ll want to watch it over and again. There are many amazing things on YouTube that leave our jaws dropped in wonder.

Izzi’s post on Instagram has gone viral for its creative and witty description of how the dress changes colors.
The artist wrote that she was “blown away” by this innovative piece, which can be worn in various ways depending on what you want to wear it with or if there are particular clothes already planned out beforehand.

Izzi is wearing a dress that changes colors with UV light. The brand has chimed in to say they’re loving her outfit and can’t wait for the next phase of color transformation.

The video was shared a few days ago. Since being posted, the clip has gone viral with more than 25 million views and counting! People are posting their reactions to this amazing hidden artist in dresses phenomenon all over social media- including inside of them ” Lie!. There really is someone talented enough for you not be able see him/her yet because they’re painting right now as we speak!”


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