What’s the Best Time of Day to Do Yoga?

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You want to get the most out of the Yoga practice but don’t know what is the best time to do yoga in the morning or evening is? Well, it depends on many things and primarily on the time that suits your schedule.

Most yoga practitioners suggest the best time of day to do yoga is in the morning.

But many people’s schedules doesn’t allow them to do it in the morning, but that shouldn’t stop you from doing yoga.

Yoga practice has many mental and health benefits, no matter what time of the day you do yoga. The time should suit your lifestyle and routine.

Is it good to do yoga in the morning? Let’s check out. Below I have mentioned the pros and cons of practicing yoga in the morning.

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The Pros of Morning Yoga

Increased mobility throughout the day

Do you feel stiffness, aches, and pains in the morning? If yes, then you can minimize the pain and joint stiffness by practicing yoga and building your muscle strength

Yoga pose opens the hip muscles, stretches the shoulders, and lengthens spine so that the body reaches the maximum mobile state for the entire day.

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Boosts Metabolism

Yoga boosts metabolism and stable the blood sugar level.

Yoga can be more effective than high-intensity workouts to stimulate your metabolism, reducing sugar levels in the blood, and also promoting better digestion.

Increases energy levels and improves digestion

Practicing yoga on an empty stomach is considered best by some yogis.

People who practice yoga during the early morning can follow this easily because the food has been digested properly at night, and by morning, the stomach is empty.

If you do yoga with a full stomach, your body will spend more energy in digesting the food instead of holding a pose.

If you cannot practice an empty stomach, then take a small serving of any fruit at least an hour before you do yoga.


Be patient! Yoga works best in the long run.

You will stay grounded the entire day

Yoga boosts your mood and also mental sharpness. Morning yoga also helps in reducing the effects of anxiety and stress during the day.

People often practicing yoga on a daily basis, see good results, and can control their anxiety issues.

Yoga modulates our body’s response to the stress system by reducing heart rate variation and calming the mind and body.

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You can check off yoga from your TO-DO list

You can start your day with confidence. You will feel happy that you started the day by doing something good for yourself.

You may be distracted if you leave it to do during the day. For instance, dinner plans with friends, emergency, going to run some important errands, etc. but when you practice yoga during the morning time, you would have already accomplished the physical activity of the day.

Morning is the best time to connect with yourself

When you do yoga in the morning, you can mindfully connect with your higher self before the day, and the chaos starts.

You will notice as the day progresses, you no longer feel tired and tensed in situations that would, in general, affect you negatively.

This is because yoga helps you achieve a peaceful state of mind when practiced in the morning, and you stay in this state the entire day.

Consistent yoga practice teaches you to keep control of your mind and focus on your breathing patterns.

When you train to control your account, you have more power to control your thoughts and feelings.

When you use the physical strength on the mat while doing yoga poses, it reflects your inner strength.

So when is the best time to do yoga? Now that we know the benefits of doing yoga in the morning let’s learn about the advantage of practicing yoga in the evening and then come to a conclusion.

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The Pros of Evening Yoga

If you don’t have time to practice yoga in the morning, then you have some good reasons to do it in the evening.

Your muscles re-warmed up and ready to be worked

You keep moving your body the entire day, which warms up your muscle, and you can try poses safely.

When you practice yoga in the evening, it helps in reducing tensions, pain, or aches in the body that may show up from time to time.

More energy means better results

Many people have a high endurance level in the evening instead of the morning.

When you have high energy levels before you start yoga, you will be more motivated to increase your efforts, and that will automatically increase the physical results.

You digest the food of the day

There are chances you might still be feeling overstuffed because of heavy dinner last night.

There are many yoga poses or asanas that help in proper digestion with the food you eat the entire day.

The only thing to keep in mind is before you do yoga, eat your last meal at least 3 hours prior. If you want to eat dinner after your yoga practice, your digestive system will easily digest the meal.

People who have stomach problems or digestive disorders will benefit from yoga. A good yoga practice session can reduce the problems of gas, bloating, diarrhea, and cramps.

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Improve sleep and relaxation

Yoga triggers the parasympathetic nervous systems, which relaxes the mind and releases all the stress of the daily chaos.

Yoga also helps in curing insomnia and sleeping disorders. Continuous yoga can improve sleep quality.

Let go

When you practice yoga in the evening, it is therapeutic and helps in letting go of all the toxicity from the body and mind that influence you throughout the day. You will end the day on a peaceful note and feeling refreshed.

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Is it better to do yoga in the morning or at night?

After reading the pros of doing yoga in the morning and evening, both have their advantages.

The main factor that influences the best time to do yoga for you is the time that suits your schedule, and you can practice yoga without any distractions.


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