Walmart Pharmacy Hours: What Time Does Walmart Pharmacy Open and Close?

Walmart pharmacy hours

Walmart pharmacy has been a top choice for many Americans looking to conveniently access quality prescription medication, over-the-counter remedies, and other health essentials. Not only do they provide an array of products and services – including helpful tools to manage prescriptions – but Walmart pharmacy hours are varied enough that you can find what’s right for your hectic lifestyle. Let us show you how easy it is to get the medications you need via Walmart Pharmacy.

Keep reading the article to know if they are open on holiday season and Walmart pharmacy hours:

What Are the Walmart Pharmacy Hours?

Walmart makes convenient care accessible, with most pharmacies open seven days a week. Utilize the store locator tool for exact Walmart pharmacy hours at your local location. You can generally expect access Monday through Sunday; great news if health and wellness needs arise on the weekend.

Walmart pharmacy hours varies depending upon the location.

Stay informed and in the know; discover all the services offered, and learn how to refill your prescriptions easily.

Checkout the Walmart Pharmacy Hours below:

DaysWalmart Pharmacy Opening HoursWalmart Pharmacy Closing Hours
Monday9 AM9 PM
Tuesday9 AM9 PM
Wednesday9 AM9 PM
Thursday9 AM9 PM
Friday9 AM9 PM
Saturday9 AM9 PM
Sunday10 AM6 PM

Is Walmart Pharmacy Open on Sunday?

Visit the website and use their convenient store locator tool to check your local Sunday Walmart pharmacy hours. Or contact them directly to know the Walmart Pharmacy hours.

Please make sure you keep track of their modified schedule compared to weekday Walmart Pharmacy hours so that you don’t miss a beat in tending to all your healthcare needs during this busy time.

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Are Walmart Pharmacies Open on Holidays?

During the holiday season, Walmart’s pharmacy services may experience slight variations in hours of operation.

For example, some holidays have reduced operating times while others have a full closure – providing customers with both convenience and consideration during this busy time.

  • New Year’s Eve – Will close one hour earlier than usual.
  • New Year’s Day – Closed
  • Christmas Eve – Limited hours
  • Easter Sunday – 12:00 pm to close at its regular time
  • Christmas Day – Closed
  • Thanksgiving – Closed

Make sure you plan for other holidays with Walmart pharmacy hours. Check out their website or call your local store to ensure that necessary medicines and health products can be obtained when needed.

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Is Walmart Pharmacy Open 24 Hours?

Walmart pharmacy hours

Walmart pharmacy hours may differ from the store’s operating times; while your local Walmart could remain open 24/7, their in-house pharmacies are likely to operate with shorter windows.

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How to Get Your Prescriptions from Walmart Pharmacy?

Walmart pharmacy makes it easy to stay on top of your health needs. Whether you choose in-store pickup, delivery service, or the Walmart app for digital refills, getting prescriptions is a breeze.

  1. Use the Walmart App
  2. Visit the Walmart Website.
  3. Call the Pharmacy at Walmart.

Let’s dive in and explore each of these methods to know the exact Walmart Pharmacy hours:

Visit the Walmart Website

The website helps you find what you need quickly, whether it is about Walmart pharmacy hours, services offered, or store locations. Get the most up-to-date information and feel secure in your search with Walmart.

  • Explore all your local shopping options with Walmart’s store locator.
  • With the help of Walmart’s online Pharmacy, refilling your prescriptions is easier than ever. Just locate a store near you and follow the Simple Refills tab.
  • Get pharmaceutical care faster and easier by logging into your Walmart account. Don’t you have one yet? No problem – you can still fill prescriptions as a guest.

To ensure we have the best healthcare plan to suit you and your needs, please provide your birth date and any pertinent prescription information.

Ensure your medication needs are being met by evaluating them, and then place an order to stay on top of your health.

Use the Walmart App

The convenient and user-friendly app lets you get the most out of your Walmart pharmacy experience. Easily manage prescriptions, check Walmart pharmacy hours and make informed decisions about medication management – all from one place.

Get the app today on App Store or Google Play.

Please take advantage of Walmart’s convenience and affordable prices by creating an account on their app today.

Explore the services by clicking on the “Services” tab.

Visit the “Pharmacy” with just a tap. Quick and easy access to medications, supplements, and more.

Refresh your healthcare needs – easily and quickly select the “Refill Rx” option.

After that step, select any medications you need for your next refill. Ensure an uninterrupted supply of the treatment you rely on – take advantage of it.

Get the medications you need faster with convenient in-store pickup. Shop now and have your order ready when it’s time to pick it up.

Walmart will keep you in the know with a notification when your medications are ready for pickup.

Call the Pharmacy at Walmart

Need a refill? The Walmart pharmacy is here to help. Call 1-800-2REFILL during the normal Walmart pharmacy hours, and they’ll take care of you.

Walmart Pharmacists are ready to provide knowledgeable assistance during convenient hours, Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 9 PM and 9 AM to 9 PM on Saturdays.

Walmart Pharmacy Drive-Thru Hours?

Taking advantage of Walmart’s convenient pharmacy drive-thru is as easy as visiting the website or app and finding your local store.

Walmart pharmacy hours and Walmart pharmacy drive-thru hours are same, you can quickly pick up prescriptions without ever having to step inside.

Walmart Home Delivery For Prescriptions

Walmart provides two convenient options for home delivery of prescriptions – ensuring that your medications are delivered quickly and securely. With this service, you can enjoy the comfort and convenience of having vital prescription drugs brought right to your doorstep.

Standard Delivery: Walmart delivers your medications quickly and at no cost. Enjoy prompt shipping of prescription drugs to the convenience of your home, with delivery times estimated within 5-7 days.

2nd Day Delivery: Walmart is providing customers the convenience and peace of mind that comes with ordering medications to their home – delivered within two days. For just $8, you can have your medicine in hand soon enough.

Overnight Delivery: Get your medications delivered for peace of mind—overnight shipping through Walmart will get prescriptions straight to you in no time. With fast, reliable service at just $15 a delivery, rest assured, knowing that your medication is right on its way.

Other Services That Walmart Pharmacy Offers?

Walmart pharmacies are more than just a place to get prescriptions filled. They offer various services, from immunizations and screenings to health tests and counseling. Make sure you take advantage of all that Walmart has to offer.

  • Vaccination.
  • Vision Centre.
  • Transfer of prescriptions.
  • Insurance services.
  • Affordable prescriptions.
  • Pharmacy for pets.
  • Care clinic services including primary care, denal, x-rays, counseling, hearing and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When does the Walmart Pharmacy open?

A: Walmart Pharmacy opens at 09:00 hours.

Q: What is the closing time of Walmart pharmacy?

A: Walmart Pharmacy closes at 21.00 hours.

Q: What are the Walmart pharmacy hours for Saturday nd Sunday?

A: Saturday: 09:00-09:00 AND Sunday: 10:00-18:00.


The Walmart pharmacy hours are shorter compared to Walmart store hours. Walmart pharmacy hours are Monday through Saturday, 9 AM – 9 PM & Sunday, 10 AM – 6 PM, so plan accordingly. You can trust Walmart Pharmacies to care for your health, wellness, and pet-related needs.

The experienced team offers various services, from vaccinations and vision centers to low-cost prescriptions and insurance plans. Plus, you won’t have to worry about finding the right hours for your location – use their convenient store locator tool or opt for home delivery.

We hope you enjoyed the article and now you must know the Walmart pharmacy hours. If anything arises, don’t hesitate to comment below; we’re always happy to help. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read our content.

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