How to Walk 2,000 More Steps a Day and Keep Weight Off

How to Walk 2,000 More Steps a Day and Keep Weight Off

Whether your goal is 1000 or 10,000, each goal is taking you towards better health. If you add 2000 more steps a day more in your regular activities, you will never gain extra pounds again. Of course, it also depends upon how much calories you consume, but extra calories should be paired with extra steps. Research suggests that you can burn 100 calories with 2000 steps and make a difference to your body. Every person burns calories differently, so the accurate number varies from person to person. If you plan on losing weight, then walk 2000 more steps a day extra to your routine.

2,000 More Steps per Day

Common working people only move not more than 2000-2500 steps in a day. (Source) Now is a good start to add extra 2000 steps to your routine each day.

Studies show that if you walk 6000 steps per day, it improves your body health. How many calories do you burn every day? How much should you walk to lose weight?

Walking 8000-10000 days is good to start for weight loss. If you walk 2000 steps, it is about 1 mile in the distance. If you walk 2000 steps in one go, that is in 20-25 minutes. 

Walk 2000 more Steps a Day

Calories Burned Walking 2,000 Steps

One major factor that affects the number of calories burned is the intensity of walking or any activity and also your body weight.

Intensity: the more the increase in heart rate while walking, the more will be the burn in calories. If you walk 2000 steps on a flat surface, it will burn fewer calories in comparison to walking uphill.

Fast walking burns more calories instead of simply walking around your house. You will burn a fair amount of calories if you walk 2000 steps cleaning the house, pushing the vacuum, and move up and down the stairs.

Bodyweight: the more you weight, the more calories you burn because it takes more energy for your body to move.

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Calorie Burn Estimates

women trying to Walk 2000 more Steps a Day

 There is no exact number so as to how many calories are burned by walking around daily doing household chores or daily activities.

However, you can still get an idea of how much calories can walking 1 mile will burn while exercising. 

An estimate of people with three different weight was provided.

One weighed 125 pounds and burned 68 calories for 1 mile walking 1 hour a day; the other person weighed 155 pounds and burned 84 calories and third-person with 185 pounds burned 99 calories.

The number will vary if you will walk on different platforms like stairs, uphill, etc.

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Easy Ways to Walk 2,000 More Steps a Day

How long should I walk a day? How to walk more and add steps per day? Here is the answer to all your questions and also easy ways to add more steps throughout the day.

Sneaky Steps at Workplace and home

Couple Walking their dog in a park Walk
  • Park your car far back in the parking area to walk more.
  • Get off one or two stops before from the bus and then walk the rest of your way.
  • Use the far away entrance to your workplace from the parking lot or the bust stop and then walk through the entire building to your desk.
  • When waiting around the bus stop, do not stand still; instead, move around in circles. 
  • When waiting for the meeting to start, do not sit, keep moving around.
  • Use the copy machine, restroom, water fountain that is far away from the work area.
  • Instead of an elevator, take the stairs both up and down, especially one to three floors.
  • When talking on the phone, stand up and move around the room. Walk to the coworkers or neighbors’ place instead of texting or calling to talk to them in person.
  • When you talk to people, do not stand still walk around together while talking.
  • Stop using remotes instead walk to the tv for changing channels.
  • Get up and get moving during commercials when watching a show.
  • When you need to go out to run errands, walk to the destination.
  •  Return shopping cart back to the store after done shopping.
  • Never choose to drive through- get out of the car and walk to the food stop or bank.

Short Dedicated Walks

  • Do marching after every 30-40 minutes, get up from your desk and do five minutes walking or stretch your neck, arms, and shoulders.
  • Take 15 minutes of walking break before eating lunch.
  • Walk your dog.
  • Walk wherever possible, like a trip to the post office or a grocery store.
  • After dropping your kids to activities or sports, take out 20 minutes to walk around after dropping them or arrive early to pick them and walk.
  • When you are waiting at the airport, take a walk in the terminal area after securing your luggage.

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Walking Together—Two or More

  • Walking during lunch break or when talking to your colleagues.
  • Call your friends from the neighborhood and make walking groups, meet together, and go for a walk at any time.
  • Make a ritual of taking 10-20 minutes every day after dinner or early in the morning to go for a walk.
  • Keep a record of your walking miles; you can also use your phone for that. Take workplace walking challenge.
  • Set a mark to walk a certain distance or step and set a reward for yourself when you successfully complete the goal.
girls walking 200 steps in a day

Fun Walking Activities for the Weekend

  • Take part in charity walks. It is usually 5-10 miles and is fun.
  • You can visit your local park and walk along the trails. Set a goal for yourself to visit them all in the next few months.
  • Take seasonal walks, for instance, gardens, flowers, autumn leaves, local festivals, nature trails, gardens, historic home tours.
  • Take part in walking events or self-guided walking routes. Volkssport walking events are free. These are usually guided by local clubs and are welcomed for all. These are held at different locations around the world.
  • Join a historical walking tour in your city or any of your favorite nearby locations.


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