Incredible Violet Flower Tattoo Designs to Consider in the Current Year

violet flower tattoo

If you’re interested in getting a stunning tattoo, consider the vibrant and contrasting colours of a violet flower tattoo. Even if you prefer a more straightforward look, a minimal or monochrome violet design can leave a lasting impression on your friends.

Among the various popular tattoo styles, violet tattoos stand out for their captivating appearance and symbolic meaning. Not only are they visually appealing, but they also carry a significant depth that distinguishes them from other tattoos.

This article presents 30 trending violet tattoo design ideas to explore. These designs will allow you to express your personality, appreciation for nature, and compassion. Feel free to choose any of these designs or add creative elements to make your tattoo even more exciting.

Violet Flower Tattoo Meaning

When you admire the violet tattoo and its beautiful flower, peace and serenity, envelop you. This hidden meaning is precisely what the violet tattoo represents. This exquisite flower symbolizes calmness, happiness, imagination, love, and healing. If you’re seeking a floral tattoo that reflects your loving nature and vibrant vision and symbolizes healing, the violet tattoo is an excellent choice. However, there are additional meanings commonly associated with this tattoo.

For example, the violet tattoo can also symbolize purity and modesty, drawing inspiration from the connection between the Sweet violet flower and Mary, the mother of Jesus. Furthermore, the flower represents protection and birth, as violet flowers blossomed when Jesus was born.

Moreover, the tattoo carries spiritual significance and offers insights into life, as the colour violet represents deep thoughts and wisdom. The darker hue of violet flowers can also convey themes of death and sorrow, as the Romans used violet flowers in funerals.

Ultimately, the tattoo holds multiple meanings, depending on the themes you wish to convey. Its purpose is subjective, allowing you to choose a theme that aligns with the abovementioned interpretations.

Exciting Violet Tattoo Ideas that are Trending

If you’re considering getting a violet tattoo this year, you can explore the latest and most popular tattoo designs to find inspiration. To assist you, we have assembled a curated collection of 20 stunning violet tattoo ideas you can consider for your tattoo this year.

Violet Flower Tattoo Concepts

violet flower tattoo

The violet flower tattoo gets its name from the vibrant violet flower at its centre. This beautiful flower gives the tattoo a radiant and calming appearance. Violet is a simple yet stunning colour choice for a tattoo.

You can choose different styles and placements for your violet flower tattoo on your body. While the central colour theme of the tattoo is a monochrome violet, you can add lighter and darker shades of Violet, blue, and yellow to capture the original colours of the Sweet Violet flower.

With its intricate patterns and vibrant colours, this flower tattoo will grab attention no matter where you decide to place it on your body. However, the forearms or any visible area of your arm are often considered ideal locations to make the tattoo stand out and catch the eye.

The African Violet Flower Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

In the African style of the violet tattoo, it is common to incorporate spirit animals or animal graphics. You can even combine the violet flower with other animals, such as cheetahs. This creates a captivating contrast between the animals’ vibrant colours and the flower’s bright violet hue, resulting in an eye-catching and visually pleasing tattoo.

For example, you might find an African tiger prominently placed in front of the violet flower in one tattoo idea. This design creates a striking contrast between the tiger’s light brown and the flower’s violet colour, all within a compact design. Remember that this type of tattoo typically requires a larger space to work with. Therefore, areas like the thigh or the chest would be suitable choices to make the tattoo stand out.

Violet Flower Tattoos in Black and White

violet flower tattoo

If you’re drawn to the striking violet colour of the violet tattoo but prefer a minimalist look with black and white, you can still incorporate the violet tattoo design.

You can use graphic elements inspired by the Viola Odorata flower, which serves as the foundation for this tattoo. Instead of using a variety of colours, you would use black ink with different shades of white. Alternatively, you can have a minimalist tattoo using only black ink, which allows you to showcase your unique personal style.

Violet Chachki’s Tattoo Design

violet flower tattoo

If you’re interested, consider getting a Violet Chachki tattoo to show your support for the drag queen and the drag queen community. This tattoo design is currently popular and beautifully captures the essence of the drag queen, displaying her fabulousness, elegance, and unique style.

Given that this tattoo design tends to be larger, choosing a larger area of your body, like the thigh or leg, is recommended to ensure it fits well and looks great.

Small Violet Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

Small violet tattoos are adorable and have been popular for many years. If you appreciate minimalism and prefer a simple, clean look, this tattoo style might be ideal. When opting for this design, you can choose a minimalistic and subtle colour scheme that emphasizes the simplicity of the tattoo. These tattoos look great when placed on visible body parts, like the hands or legs, for optimal visibility.

Violet Tattoos with Outline

violet flower tattoo

Here’s another option for all you minimalism lovers out there. If you appreciate minimal-style tattoos, consider getting an outline-style design. This type of tattoo beautifully captures the essence of the violet flowers while keeping the design simple without exact colours.

You could place the tattoo on your triceps or hands for maximum impact. This will make it stand out and allow you to showcase your unique minimalist tattoo, setting it apart from traditional tattoo ideas.

Combination of Rose and Violet Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

We adore this floral tattoo concept, and you can rock this style too! Roses symbolize beauty and love, and when combined with the violet flower, they create a genuinely breathtaking tattoo that holds deep meaning.

The fusion of roses and violet flowers opens up a world of possibilities for vibrant and lively designs, allowing you to create intricate and attention-grabbing tattoos. If you decide to embrace this idea, we recommend selecting a larger area like your shoulder as the canvas, as it will offer plenty of space to showcase the design’s beauty.

If you want to explore more colourful floral tattoo ideas that share a similar aesthetic, check out our No Rain No Tattoo design collection. There, you’ll discover various captivating designs that may inspire you and spark your imagination for your tattoo.

Traditional Violet Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

The traditional violet tattoos have a unique appeal with their delicate mix of colours and the possibility of incorporating other elements. Traditional violet designs can be a great choice if you want to explore different aspects of your tattoo design.

This tattoo style allows you to express your creativity and artistic skills. You can use different colours and fonts to personalize your violet tattoo. For instance, adding bold and significant text to complement the muted violet colour scheme creates a visually stunning effect.

Violet with Dragonfly Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

Here’s another tattoo that we adore and think you’ll love too! The dragonfly design is famous for its bright and vibrant colours, and you can enhance the violet shade by adding a mix of light and dark Violet for a striking contrast. This approach can create breathtaking and attention-grabbing results, similar to the example photo.

When you combine the dragonfly with the violet flowers, it creates a captivating design that is sure to capture everyone’s attention. So get ready to proudly display your tattoo and impress others with the beautiful combination of the dragonfly and the violet flowers.

Basic Geometric Violet Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

This tattoo idea is perfect for all math and geometry enthusiasts. If you have a passion for math and geometry, this design might be just what you want. It combines the beauty of the violet flower with basic shapes to create a unique and eye-catching look.

By incorporating shapes like circles or triangles, you can create a striking contrast that makes the violet flower stand out in the tattoo. Whether you want to proudly display your love for geometry or want a tattoo that sets you apart, we highly recommend a geometric design. It’s a fantastic way to express your interests and make a bold statement.

Tattoo With Violet Flower and Mockingbird

violet flower tattoo

If you sincerely appreciate nature, consider getting a violet tattoo with a mockingbird. This delightful combination of flowers and birds can make for an enchanting design. Remember that the mockingbird is a crucial part of the tattoo, so choosing a larger area of your body is advisable to accommodate it adequately.

You could place the tattoo on your leg for a lovely display or an intricate design; consider your chest or back the ideal canvas. These areas provide ample space to showcase the intricate details of a captivating mockingbird and violet flower design.

Violet With Moon Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

The violet moon tattoo is a captivating and charming design we adore. This tattoo combines a moon’s beauty, graceful violet flowers, and intricate vines to create a genuinely enchanting visual. For those who want to add an extra touch of creativity, you can even include natural elements like a butterfly in the design, adding a whimsical and magical flair. Let your imagination take flight and create a one-of-a-kind tattoo that reflects your unique personality and style!

Violet Butterfly Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

Similar to the previous design, including a butterfly element enhances the stunning beauty of the violet flower. This delightful combination can be incorporated into tattoos of various sizes, offering flexibility and the opportunity to express personal preferences. For those who prefer a more understated look, a muted colour scheme can be chosen, adding an extra touch of allure to the tattoo. Embrace this design’s endearing and appealing nature and create a tattoo that truly reflects your style and preferences.

Violet Tattoo on Your Hand

violet flower tattoo

A violet tattoo on your hand will catch people’s attention because your writing is always visible. You can choose a design that reflects your personality and style, whether simple or intricate. Going for smaller tattoos on the hand is usually recommended for a better overall look. However, it’s essential to be aware that getting a violet tattoo on your arm might be more painful compared to other areas of the body.

Violet Tattoo Behind the Ear

violet flower tattoo

Consider getting a violet tattoo behind your ear if you want a subtle and discreet placement. This area allows for a low-profile tattoo that can beautifully complement hairstyles like ponytails, where the back of your ear is more visible. Opting for a behind-the-ear tattoo can add a stylish touch to your look, allowing you to express your style subtly yet fashionably.

Violets and Lavender Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

Violet and lavender are colours that complement each other beautifully as they are closely related to the colour spectrum. When used together in a tattoo design, these colours create a lovely contrast that adds depth and visual interest to the overall aesthetic. Incorporating both Violet and lavender into your tattoo can result in a striking and captivating look that is visually appealing and dynamic.

Violet Tattoo on The Foot

violet flower tattoo

I want to remind you once again that foot tattoos can be more painful than tattoos in other body areas. If you have a higher pain tolerance and already have tattoos in other places, consider getting a beautiful violet tattoo on your foot. It’s a stylish way to express yourself and add charm to your feet. However, it’s important to note that foot tattoos require special care during the healing process due to the nature of the location. Make sure to follow proper aftercare instructions to ensure the best results.

Matching Violet Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

If you and your partner share a deep connection and want to get matching tattoos, this design can be a perfect choice. The tattoo represents love and modesty, making it a meaningful and memorable option for both of you. Consider placing the tattoo on visible areas like your arm or back to display your bond proudly. It’s a beautiful way to showcase your relationship and create a lasting symbol of your love.

Violet Tattoo on The Arm

violet flower tattoo

Violet tattoos are known for their vibrant and eye-catching nature. If you’re looking to highlight the colours of the tattoo, your arm is an ideal location. Violet tattoos on the arm allow the incorporation of a wide range of colours and elements. When choosing a violet tattoo for your arm, you can unleash your creativity and design a unique tattoo that perfectly represents your style and individuality.

Violet Tattoo with Witchy Elements

violet flower tattoo

You might find a witchy tattoo design appealing if you appreciate gothic aesthetics. These tattoos typically feature gothic elements like a witch’s hand alongside violet flowers, creating a dark and mystical vibe that complements the symbolism of the violet flower. However, if this idea doesn’t resonate with you, but you’re still interested in gothic tattoos, I recommend checking out our article for additional inspiration and ideas to suit your taste.

Watercolor Violet Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

Another fantastic way to enhance a violet tattoo is using watercolour. This technique aims to capture the artistic qualities of watercolour paintings. Talented tattoo artists can employ bold outlines, vibrant colours, and a loose composition to create breathtaking violet designs. Whether you prefer a giant tattoo that spans across your torso or a smaller, more vibrant piece, a watercolour violet tattoo is an excellent choice that will highlight your artistic flair.

Violet Sisters Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

The Violet Sisters Tattoo is a unique design showcasing violet flowers. It represents beauty, modesty, and love. The tattoo offers customization options with butterflies, geometric shapes, or watercolour effects. It can be placed on various body parts, including the arm, behind the ear, or foot. This tattoo choice is versatile, visually appealing, and carries significant meaning.

Violet Neck Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

The Violet Neck Tattoo is a trendy design that showcases violet flowers, adding an elegant touch to the neck area. This tattoo symbolizes femininity, grace, and enchantment. It can be a simple or detailed design, allowing for personal customization. The Violet Neck Tattoo is a distinctive and captivating choice for individuals looking to express their admiration for violets fashionably.

Violet Tattoo on Ankle

violet flower tattoo

The Violet Tattoo on the Ankle is a dainty and charming design. It features violet flowers delicately inked on the ankle area. This tattoo represents beauty, grace, and femininity. The small size of the tattoo allows for a subtle yet captivating appearance. The Violet Tattoo on the Ankle is a popular choice for those who want to display their love for violets quietly and stylishly.

Violet Cross Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

The Violet Cross Tattoo is a significant and spiritual design that merges the cross symbol with the exquisite violet flowers. This tattoo embodies faith, spirituality, and the magnificence of nature. The cross stands for religious beliefs and serves as a reminder of hope and redemption. By incorporating violet flowers, the design gains an element of elegance and grace. The Violet Cross Tattoo is a profound and symbolic option for individuals who wish to express their faith and admiration for the enchanting allure of violets.

Violet and Hummingbird Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

The Violet and Hummingbird Tattoo is a mesmerizing design that combines the elegance of violet flowers and the lively energy of hummingbirds. This tattoo represents the harmonious blend of nature’s beauty. Violets symbolize beauty, modesty, and love, while hummingbirds symbolize joy, agility, and freedom. Together, they create a visually stunning and symbolic tattoo that captures the delicate balance between strength and grace. The Violet and Hummingbird Tattoo is a popular choice for those who admire the enchanting allure of these elements and want to express their deep connection to nature and their zest for life.

Violet and Crown Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

The Violet and Crown Tattoo is a majestic and graceful design that combines the allure of violet flowers and the symbolism of a crown. This tattoo represents a sense of royalty, power, and leadership. Violets symbolize beauty, modesty, and love, while the height embodies sovereignty and authority. By combining these elements, the tattoo creates a visually captivating and meaningful representation of a person’s confidence and inner strength. The Violet and Crown Tattoo is a favoured choice among those seeking to display elegance, grace, and innate power.

Violet Name Tattoo

violet flower tattoo

The Violet Name Tattoo is a unique and personal design that showcases the name “Violet” in a meaningful and artistic manner. This tattoo is a fantastic way to honour someone named Violet or to express a personal connection to the name. It can be customized with different font styles, decorations, or additional elements to make it more personalized. The Violet Name Tattoo serves as a lasting reminder of the name’s significance, allowing the wearer to carry it with them always. It is a cherished choice for those who want to show their love, admiration, or personal connection to the name Violet beautifully and permanently.

Violet Tattoo on Ribs

violet flower tattoo

The Violet Tattoo on the Ribs is a captivating design that adds a touch of beauty and mystery to this area of the body. Placing a violet tattoo on the ribs allows for a unique and sensual display of the design. Violets symbolize beauty, modesty, and love, making this tattoo a meaningful expression of these qualities in a visually striking way. Whether you choose a larger, more intricate design or a smaller, subtle one, the rib area provides ample space for creativity and personalization. The Violet Tattoo on the Ribs is a captivating choice for those seeking a tattoo that combines elegance, femininity, and a hint of intrigue.

Violet Tattoo on Wrist

violet flower tattoo

Note: Tattooing of minors is against the law according to Section 260.21 of New York State Penal Law

The Violet Tattoo on the wrist is a gentle and captivating design that brings a sense of grace to this part of the body. You can create a subtle and meaningful visual by placing a violet tattoo on your wrist. Violets are known to symbolize beauty, modesty, and love, making this tattoo a lovely representation of these qualities in a compact and visually appealing form. The wrist is an excellent location for smaller, more intricate designs, allowing for meticulous details and authentic artwork. If you’re looking for a tattoo that combines elegance, femininity, and a touch of nature’s beauty, the Violet Tattoo on the wrist is a popular and enchanting choice.

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If you’re considering getting a violet tattoo, you may have questions about the design. No need to worry; we’re here to help! Below, you’ll find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about violet tattoos.

What is the meaning of a violet rose tattoo?

The meaning behind a violet rose tattoo is similar to that of a violet tattoo, symbolizing love and peace.

On which part of the body can you get a violet tattoo?

To highlight the vibrant colours and striking contrasts of a violet tattoo, you can place it on your hands, arms, or the muscles of your upper arms. These areas offer an excellent canvas to showcase the beauty and intensity of the colours in your tattoo.

Do violet tattoos fade as time passes?

Do violet tattoos tend to fade quickly as time passes? While the violet colour is less prone to fading, it’s important to note that if you incorporate yellow for contrast in your violet tattoo, it may fade over time.

Final Words

There are many violet tattoos, but not all will help you stand out. We suggest looking at the designs we’ve shared here if you want a violet tattoo.

Remember, tattoos should be a reflection of your personality. At Allabouttattoos, we encourage you to select a violet tattoo that genuinely represents who you are. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity shine and mix and match different ideas with your violet tattoo. The options are limitless!