How To Treat Sleep Disorder Or Insomnia?

Treat Insomnia

Are you having trouble sleeping? Have you heard about insomnia? Do you want to know how to treat insomnia? If yes, then read the following post carefully. 

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder because of this the person is not able to sleep and stay asleep and because of this the person does not get energy to do anything and gets sick very soon. Nowadays, due to work pressure and studies, People are getting more stressed and do not get enough sleep and because of this the number of insomnia patients are increasing rapidly. 

According to health experts a person should at least sleep for a minimum of 8 hours a day for a healthy body and mind.

After reading the above description probably you will have doubts like:

  •  Symptoms and Causes of insomnia
  • How to cure insomnia?
  • Common treatment for insomnia
  • Remedies to sleep with insomnia
  • Pills to cure insomnia

So, for that Following points will clear all your doubts and confusions:

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Symptoms and Causes of insomnia: 


  1. Difficulty in sleeping:

The main symptom of insomnia is having trouble during sleep. When you do not get a good sleep you get no energy in the morning and because of this you are not able to do your work. It also negatively affects your health in the long run. So, try to sleep well at night, this will help you to get relief from insomnia.

  1. Waking up during the nights 

When you wake up at night so many times you do not get enough sleep and due to this your brain does not release sleep order to your body. And also when you wake up your mind gets distracted and then you won’t be able to sleep again. To avoid insomnia Make sure that you do not wake up so many times during the sleep. 

  1. Waking up too early 

Yes, waking up early in the morning is a good habit, however waking up at midnight is not good because when you wake up so early and do not get enough sleep you start getting changes in your behaviour and also your body becomes lazy due to which you will not be able to do anything 

  1. Daytime tiredness and sleepless

If you are feeling tired and sick avoid staying up at night because it can harm your health and your career. To avoid tiredness during daytime, sleep at night and avoid using blu-ray gadgets. Blu-ray gadgets distract you when you try to sleep. 

  1. Depression, anxiety

When you feel sad and have a mental breakdown. you start getting depression and anxiety. You start talking to less people and do not even get involved in any activity. It affects your brain so much that you do not even get a good sleep and it causes insomnia.


  1. Stress:

Stress is one of the main causes of insomnia. Stress is a situation when you get so tense and feel so conscious about everything. Nowadays, because of the high competition in every field people are getting so stressed and the number of insomnia patients are increasing. This affects your mental health due to which you will not be able to perform any activity. Try not to stress too much to treat insomnia.

  1. Travel schedule:

Travelling is so good for mental health because it changes the mind state. However, Sometimes because of your work you travel a lot and you may not get a proper rest and can not maintain a proper routine. Which will create an insomnia situation. So try to get a good sleep even if you are travelling.

  1. Poor sleep habits

Having an irregular sleeping schedule or poor sleep habits causes insomnia. Due to high work pressure you may not be able to maintain a sleep schedule. It is essential to maintain your sleeping schedules otherwise it can harm your body.

  1. high Consumption of caffeine and alcohol:

When you consume high quantities of caffeine and alcohol it can affect your sleep. These products have some ingredients which help your body to stay awake. To treat insomnia avoid high intake of caffeine and alcohol, especially during the night time.

Common treatment for insomnia:

Stimulus control therapy :

This therapy is designed to help an insomnia patient to stay focused and get good sleep. It also helps to maintain a sleep schedule and ultimately treat insomnia.

After reading this you may have a question like, how to do this therapy?

To perform this therapy check out the following steps:

  1. Use your bed only for sleep, do not use it for playing games, using mobiles and laptops, watching TV, etc.
  2. Go to your bed only when you are sleepy.
  3. Try to sleep in around 15-20 minutes, still if you are not able to sleep do some work and again try to sleep.

By using the above points you can treat insomnia and can maintain good health.

Relaxation techniques

After doing a lot of work your body needs some rest or relaxation. This technique will help you to relax your body.

This relaxation technique includes the following tricks to treat insomnia: 

  1. Read a book before going to bed.
  2. Do meditation
  3. Listen some slow songs
  4. Watch a good movie or series
  5. Take a bath before going to bed 

If you want to relax your body use the above tips it will help you to stay focused and energetic.

Remain passively awake

Remaining passively awake, known as “paradoxical intention”. When you get so stressed you get anxiety that keeps you awake. This technique will help you to fall asleep.

Following are some tricks used in this technique:

  1. Stay active all the time
  2. Avoid sleep during daytime
  3. Do not get stressed
  4. Avoid fast food
  5. Eat green vegetables

Above tricks will help you to treat insomnia and to maintain good health.

Light therapy 

Usually the doctors use this technique to relax the patient’s mind; they just start playing a meditating sound in the patient’s ears. This technique is good to treat insomnia, because when you listen to a slow song your mind starts getting relaxed and allows your body to take rest. It also makes you feel energetic.

To treat insomnia you can use this therapy but make sure you do not hear in a high volume because according to the experts high volume causes ear damage.

Remedies to sleep with insomnia:


Meditation is one of the best ways to treat insomnia at home. Because it relaxes the mind and body. When you do meditation your mind feels so good and makes you also feel good. 

You can use mantra, music, chanting etc. to do meditation.


Exercise on a daily basis helps to treat insomnia. Exercise gives strength to the body to fight diseases.

You can do running, skipping, yoga, zumba, playing, etc. When you do these exercises you feel energetic and release sweat by which your body releases toxins.

Intake of magnesium

Due to the consumption of magnesium a person gets energy to do work at night. 

Benefits of magnesium are as follows:

  1. It involves hundreds of biochemical reactions in the body.
  2. It boost exercise performance
  3. It fights with depression. 
  4. It fights with diabetes
  5. Maintains blood pressure

So, you can read in the above points that magnesium is so beneficial for our body and it helps to treat insomnia at home. 

Lavender oil

Lavender oil helps to sleep fast, because it has a soothing fragrance which helps a person to release stress and depression. It is made with natural flower oil so it has no side effects. 

So if you cannot sleep and have insomnia you can use lavender oil to get a good sleep and avoid insomnia.

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Pills to cure insomnia

Following are some of the recommended pills to get relief from insomnia:

  1. Benzodiazepines
  1. Doxepin
  1. Eszopiclone
  1. Ramelteon
  1. Zaleplon

Warning: use these pills after concerning with your doctor only.