Guide: What it takes to become an architect?

how to become an architect
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Do you aspire to be an architect? want to know which classes should you take in school to learn about the topics that will be necessary for your career? how do you start the process of becoming a successful architect? and most importantly, how much money are you going to make by becoming an architect?

Well, today you are in luck because we are going to answer all of these frequently asked questions and more so that you can have a clear understanding of what are you in for if you want to become an architect. Also, I will provide you with some advice that will help you throughout the journey.

So, let’s get started but keep in mind that becoming an architect is a very soundly paying job but more than that, it is a profession that requires your skill and passion both in equal proportions. If you are not skilled and not passionate about architecture, you will not be able to do it as a full-time career. Keep that in mind before going for the job, competition in becoming an architect is not that high but you must also keep in mind that it depends upon your actual work on how successful you are going to be an architect.

It does not matter if you are a beginner or if you have started working your way to becoming an architect, it is important to know all of these things along with the qualities that you must possess and if you do not possess these qualities that a good architect must-have, it is a right time to start working and making an effort to achieve these qualities.

Things that you should be aware of if you are inspiring to be an architect.

If you aspire to be a coming architect, there are things that you must have already wondered about and some other things that you must not be aware of if you want to enter this profession.

What is an architect? Is being an architect a licensed profession? what is the work profile of an architect? what does a normal architect to in their daily routine?

How much money do architects make? what is the starting salary of an architect? Are architects paid as well as lawyers and doctors? is the degree of an architect worth the cost you pay during the studies? are there future opportunities in this profession? Should you enter the profession if you are a beginner?

What else should you do with a major in architecture? what are the jobs that you can get by studying architecture in your college? which jobs require the skills similar to that of an architecture? if you fail to become a licensed individual as an architect will the degree that you have gained from studying architecture and college be of any use then?

Which is the best place to study architecture in your City? is it important to study architecture from a well-renowned college? how can I find out which colleges are better in teaching architecture-related courses and which are not? are their rankings for colleges? are the rankings of colleges really important? where can I find the rankings of different colleges? how can you find out if a college is accredited or not? which features are most important related to a college that I should look for?

During studying architecture, which books are important? which are the books that most architecture students refer to? which subject will have the most coverage in the curriculum of architecture studies? is science or maths part of architecture studies? which are the most recommended books by professors and future architects for architecture students?

Is it possible to learn architecture online? is it important to go to architecture college to get a degree? can I simply educate myself by looking at online videos and other such courses? is a College degree important for getting a job? is a College degree important for getting a license? are there any college courses for free?

How do I begin my work as an architect after my degree? Will I have to look for a job myself or will my college assist me in getting a job? Will, I will instantly be an architect just when I finish my studies and get a degree? are there any other requirements for getting a license? what are the specific tests that I will need to master to get my final license for practicing as an architect?

What does it mean by a building designer? is building designer different form architects? can someone be a building designer despite not having a degree or a license in architecture? will I need a separate license for becoming a building designer? what are the specific requirements of getting a license for a professional home designer? what are the courses that I must take to become a building designer?

What is the purpose of an architecture license in the profession? Do architects nowadays require a license to practice as an architect? why are there high standards for getting a license? when did the process of examination start?

What is the meaning of the letters after the name of an architect? what is the meaning of FAIA or AIA? what does CPBD denote? what are some other acronyms that I must be aware of in the profession of building and design architecture?

Am I keen on architecture? how do I find out if I have the required interest in the field of architecture? am I pursuing this profession only for the money factor?

What does it take to become an architect?

Becoming an architect has been a very prestigious thing recently as we have mentioned above. In the past architects existed but the job of being an architect was not considered as a profession on its own. As the civilization got more and more advanced, people started considering it as a profession just like being a doctor or a lawyer and along with this recognition, the requirements of becoming an architect increased and became a standard.

Now that this is a situation to enter into the architecture field, one should consider themselves first and analyze whether they have the required skills to become a successful architect or not. For becoming a successful architect, there are few things that are important.

  • An architect must be a person who is able to handle different types of things at the same time on his own. For example, during the job he has to deal with things related to sociology, history, geography, and psychology and if a person is not able to tackle all of these things efficiently and effectively, he will not be able to perform his or her job to the best of their abilities.
  • An architect must have the capabilities of always keep on learning about new things in the market and designing innovation.
  • An architect must be resourceful, creative, and also organized.
  • An architect must be highly optimistic, a person who is smart but does not have positivity and always thinks of the world being against him, will not be able to do good as an architect.
  • An architect should be sentimental and emotional. He should be able to understand the client’s feelings and perform his job accordingly.
  • An Architect must be an amazing planner. You should be able to easily plan each and everything, every day in order to achieve all the goals with flying colors.
  • Three things that are very important in the profession of being an architect is fashion, creativity, and imagination. These qualities are the essence of an architect because architecture is not just science but is also an art and it must be considered that way.
  • What are the key qualities that make an architect great? An architect should be the person who has sound knowledge of all the fields that lead to the field of architecture and should be able to grasp more and more insights about those fields.
  • Architecture requires dedication along with passion coupled with creativity.
  • An architect must have a high interest in the surroundings. When other people see a normal land, and architecture should see the possibilities along with ideas, design, and plans.
  • The final quality that we think a great architect has to possess is that he should be able to decide when to use his brain and when to use his heart. For example when it comes to the project on its own he should be able to consider the project as its own home in order to do the job and when it comes to planning things, he should be able to plan as per the priority of those things.

In our opinion, these are the things that will make a normal architect a great one and to be honest these things are such that it could be achieved with time if the proper effort has been given in learning these qualities. One must consider architect not just like a profession but it should be more than that, it should be the way of life.