Succubus Tattoo Ideas : The Complete Guide

Succubus Tattoo

Are you interested in getting a tattoo that’s both unique and impressive? If so, consider a Succubus tattoo! These designs have a demonic edge, but they can still look fabulous. Many people are choosing to get them nowadays, and they can work well with various tattoo styles, such as realism, fine line, and single needle.

Before you get your Succubus tattoo, browsing through some designs for inspiration is a good idea. We have an entire gallery of ideas to help you get started!

What does the term “Succubus” mean?

Have you heard of a “Succubus”? This kind of female demon appears in men’s dreams and tries to seduce them. Although people used to think succubi were scary and unattractive, nowadays, they’re often described as beautiful and sexy. According to some beliefs, Lilith is the mother of all succubi, and there’s also a male version known as an incubus.

Typically, succubi are depicted with horns, wings, and claws and wearing leather outfits, but these details may differ depending on the culture. Despite being demons, succubi are often portrayed as alluring with long hair, smooth skin, and curvy bodies.

Some stories suggest that succubi can’t have babies naturally and instead steal sperm from men to give to human women. However, if this happens, the baby might have strange characteristics or look demonic! It’s important to remember that these tales are just legends and may not be accurate.


Meaning of Succubus Tattoo

The succubus tattoo can have different meanings depending on the person’s culture and beliefs. Generally, it represents devilish traits like cunning, craftiness, and trickery. Moreover, the succubus is the embodiment of seduction.

For women, a succubus tattoo can show their darker side. It expresses naughty and mischievous thoughts while representing sex appeal, beauty, and attractiveness. This demonic body art symbolizes a woman’s control and power over men, reflecting wicked and erotic energy. However, men can also get a succubus tattoo as a reminder of their strength, ability to overcome challenges and to keep fighting.

Of course, some people may choose this design just for its impressive appearance.

A gallery of The Best Succubus Tattoos

Our gallery offers succubus tattoo designs for those interested in getting a unique and impressive tattoo. From classic to modern interpretations, there are many different ideas. Check out the latest succubus tattoo ideas below.

1. Neo-Traditional Succubus Tattoo

Succubus tattoos can look fantastic if you’re into neo-traditional or American traditional tattoo styles. This specific design features a beautiful and fiery succubus, and it’s a great choice if you want a colourful tattoo. You should research to find a tattoo parlour that specializes in this style before getting inked.

Neo-Traditional Succubus Tattoo

2. Modern Succubus Tattoo For Feet

If you’re considering getting a succubus tattoo, why not try putting it on your feet? It’s a trendy and modern tattoo idea that’s simple and impressive. You can ask for a stencil or let the tattoo artist draw it freehand. This design is so easy that even an apprentice tattoo artist can do it!

Modern Succubus Tattoo For Feet

3. Fine Line Succubus Tattoo For Arms

If you want a modern and stylish succubus tattoo, you can make it using the fine-line technique. This type of tattoo has been quite popular in recent years. But it’s crucial to find an experienced tattoo artist who can create your desired design ideally.

 Fine Line Succubus Tattoo For Arms

4. Gothic Succubus Design On The Arm

If you’re into gothic style, you might love a demonic tattoo design like this incredible half-sleeve succubus tattoo. It’s very detailed and features a mix of realistic and abstract elements, including wings and horns, that make the design even more striking. However, remember that this type of sensitive artwork may fade over time, so you need to take good care of it during the aftercare period.

Gothic Succubus Design On The Arm

5. Unique Succubi Tattoo On The Back

This one is unique and artistic if you’re looking for a modern and creative succubus tattoo. This tattoo design is custom-made and applied freehand, and the delicate shadows added with a single-needle technique make it look more realistic. If you’re a woman looking for a stylish and modern succubus tattoo, this beautiful design might be perfect for you.

Unique Succubi Tattoo On The Back

6. Beautiful Forearm Succubus Design

We’ve covered you with this chic and attractive design if you’re looking for inspiration for a modern and stylish succubus tattoo. This tattoo is so unique that you won’t find anything similar in the portfolios of tattoo shops. To help your tattoo artist understand the design you want, it’s a good idea to show them a photo of this tattoo.

6. Beautiful Forearm Succubus Design

7. Realism Succubus Tattoo

The realism tattoo style is the perfect choice for those who want to showcase the extraordinary beauty and allure of a succubus. This succubus design features leather and metallic accessories, making it look lifelike. To achieve excellent saturation and shine, your tattoo artist must carefully inject ink into your skin.

Realism Succubus Tattoo

8. Anime Succubus Tattoo

This is a one-of-a-kind and dramatic succubus tattoo design that takes inspiration from an anime character. It would look great on your legs; you can even use it as a cover-up tattoo.

Anime Succubus Tattoo

9. Succubus Womb Tattoo

A popular and meaningful tattoo choice for women is the succubus womb tattoo. It’s a unique and trendy design usually placed at the top of the pubic area. Womb tattoos are also easy to apply so most artists can create them. However, it’s essential to be cautious about sterilization to avoid risks.

Succubus Womb Tattoo

10. Stylish Succubus Tattoo For Women

If you’re looking for a modern and stylish succubus tattoo for women, consider getting it on your leg. This devilish design is beautiful and charming, making it an excellent choice for body art.

 Stylish Succubus Tattoo For Women

11. Custom Succubus Tattoo With Horns

Succubus tattoo typically includes features like horns, bat wings, and claws. However, when these features are combined with the beauty of a succubus, a striking contrast is created. This design is modern and stylish and would look great on your forearm.

Custom Succubus Tattoo With Horns

12. Abstract Watercolor Succubus Tattoo

Here’s a scary and demonic succubus tattoo design that’s not always depicted as graceful and feminine. It’s a great option to highlight human nature’s dark and evil side. This impressive watercolour tattoo is highly recommended for those seeking a frightening and unique design.

 Abstract Watercolor Succubus Tattoo

Note: Tattooing of minors is against the law according to Section 260.21 of New York State Penal Law

What is the least painful place to get a succubus tattoo?

If you’re considering getting a succubus tattoo and wondering where it would hurt the least, the answer is not definitive and depends on your pain tolerance and desired look. This article will give you some ideas about the best places to get a succubus tattoo and the expected pain level.

The back is a popular choice for tattoos as it provides a large canvas for creativity, but it can be painful due to fewer padded muscle areas and more bone. If you get a back tattoo, prepare yourself for some discomfort.

The chest is also a standard option, especially for those who want their tattoo to be visible while wearing low-cut tops or swimsuits. The pain level varies depending on how close to the breastbone you get tattooed; typically, the closer to the bone, the more painful it will be.

Consider tattooing fleshier body parts, such as your thigh or bicep, for a less painful alternative. These areas have more padding so that the needles will cause less damage. Remember that larger tattoos may take longer to heal in these locations due to more movement.

A general breakdown of the levels of pain experienced during tattooing on various parts of the body

Getting a tattoo can cause varying levels of discomfort depending on the location of the tattoo on your body. For instance, certain areas may be less painful, and others may be more painful. However, the level of pain experienced by each person is unique, and what might be extremely painful for one person may not be as painful for another. Other factors, such as the size and placement of the tattoo, the expertise of the tattoo artist, and your pain tolerance, may also affect the amount of pain you feel during the tattooing process.

Tips for taking care of your new tattoo after getting inked

Before Getting A Tattoo:

✔ Planning is crucial if you’re considering getting a tattoo. Start by finding a tattoo artist and parlour with a good reputation. Look at their previous work and read reviews from previous customers.

✔ Discuss your tattoo design and placement with your artist. It’s essential to ensure that you’re healthy before getting a tattoo, and let the artist know if you have any health conditions or are taking any medication that could impact the healing process.

✔ To minimize discomfort during the tattooing process, try using a numbing cream. These creams can make the skin numb, which can help reduce pain. However, it’s essential to follow the instructions carefully.

✔ In the 24 hours before your tattoo appointment, avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, or other substances that can thin your blood. Eating a nutritious meal can help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows the artist easy access to the area you want to be tattooed.

After Getting A Tattoo:

✔ After getting a tattoo, taking care of it properly is essential to make sure it heals well.

✔ Follow your tattoo artist’s instructions carefully. Keep your tattoo clean and covered for the first few hours.

✔ Gently wash it with lukewarm water and mild soap, then pat it dry with a clean towel. Cover a thin layer of tattoo ointment or lotion with a sterile bandage. Repeat this for a few days until the tattoo starts to scab.

✔ Don’t soak the tattoo in water for the first week, and avoid picking or scratching the scabs.

✔ Also, keep the tattoo out of direct sunlight for a few weeks.

✔ Talk to your tattoo artist or a doctor if you notice any redness, swelling, or unusual discharge.

To ensure your tattoo looks tremendous and heals appropriately, keeping it clean and moisturized throughout the healing process is essential. While numbing creams can help alleviate pain while getting a tattoo, following all the aftercare instructions is crucial to ensure your tattoo heals correctly.


What is the reason behind people getting Succubus tattoos?

Succubus tattoos are chosen by people for various reasons. Some individuals opt for them to depict their interest in the occult or supernatural, while others use them to express their femininity or sexual identity. There are also people who find succubus tattoos cool and like their association with dark and enigmatic things.

Where Should I Get My Succubus Tattoo?

You can decide where you want to get your succubus tattoo. Some people prefer to get tattoos on body parts that are usually hidden, like the lower back or upper thigh. Others choose more visible areas like the upper arm or shoulder. It all depends on your personal preference and what you feel comfortable with.