Smoker’s Lips: How To Get Rid Of It At Home Or By Doctors?

Smoker's Lips

Smoker’s lips are identified by vertical fine lines or wrinkles on the mouth and the lips. These lips and gums may also turn darker than their natural color due to smoking cigarettes; this problem is also known as hyperpigmentation.

When a person smokes or uses the other tobacco commodities, the lips start losing their natural color and start turning black and brown. To avoid the dark lips, the only way is to quit smoking.

Even smoking harms the liver, lungs, kidneys, and many more body parts, so if you want a healthy and happy life to avoid smoking and consuming tobacco.

Why is smoking bad for the lips?

Smoking causes diseases named as periodontal and many types of mouth cancer. It also affects the aging process of the skin and causes wrinkles, dark lips. Cigarettes contain nicotine, and this nicotine leads blood vessels to shrink and break, reduces blood flow, starving skin.

Nicotine also causes the melanin on lips and gum to darken and lead to high pigmentation. Due to which the lips may appear swollen, dark brown, or black. 

In a single cigarette, there are almost 4000 chemicals that release tobacco smoke and affect collagen and elastin. These two proteins help in maintaining the skin’s flexibility and features of the face. Without a good amount of collagen and elastin, skin fibers become weakened, causing sags and wrinkles.

How to fix smoker’s lips

Stopping the habit of smoking stops the further damages caused by cigarettes. 

If you do not want to stop smoking and want to get rid of dark lips, then drink lots of water so that the cigarette’s toxins get flushed and keep the lips away from direct sunlight, or you can buy smoking cessation aids.

Tips to aid smokers skin, lips, and body issues:

Lip darkening

Lip darkening is also known as hyperpigmentation.

Following are some tips to lighten lips:


To lighten the dark lips, it is important to delegate the lips. You can use a DIY exfoliator, or you can buy an exfoliator. 

DIY exfoliator preparation:

  • One tablespoon sugar
  • One tablespoon salt
  • Two tablespoons Almond or coconut oil
  • Mix all the ingredients 

Now, the DIY exfoliator is ready, apply the mixture on the lips, massage gently with fingers or toothbrush for 2 minutes, clean the lips, and apply lip balm. Repeat the process for at least two months on a daily basis but try to make a fresh mixture daily, do not store the mixture because the stored mixture can gather harmful bacteria in it.

If you are using a market exfoliator, then apply the cream on the lips, massage it and then leave it for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, remove the cream and apply lip balm, moisturizers, or almond oil on the lips.

Lip mask

To make Lip mask, mix turmeric, lemon, or lime juice together; these ingredients help in lightening the dark appearance of lips. You can add vitamin A or E oil and coat the lips for 15 minutes daily.

Or if you are using a market lip mask, then read the instructions written on the mask and apply accordingly.

Laser treatment

Laser treatment can be done by professionals like dermatologists or plastic surgeons. It concentrates and pulses the light deeper into the layer of skin and thus helps in treating various skin-related issues.

These treatments may also be used for restoring lips into the natural color, targeting dark spots, removing excess melanin, stimulating collagen amount, and erasing vertical lines or wrinkles appearing on the mouth and face.

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Smoking cigarettes can also lead to wrinkles on the face or on the lip lines. Face and lips wrinkles can also occur by consuming alcohol, not taking enough sleep, staying in direct sunlight, or by taking an unhealthy diet.

There are some types of treatments that may help you to reduce vertical lines or wrinkles appearing on the face and the mouth. The treatments are:

Moisturize and hydrate skin

The moisturizer that contains tretinoin, such as Retin-A, may help in building collagen and reducing fine lines, wrinkles appearing on the face and lips.

A regular moisturizer that contains spectrum SPF can reduce exposure to UVA and UVB rays.

Acid peels

Mandelic acid is a gentle type of alpha hydroxy acid that’s derived from bitter almonds.

It reduces fine lines around the lip area and face and also lightens the dark patches.

Anti-wrinkle injections

These injections are used by doctor’s prescriptions only.

The doctors will suggest any type of injected medication, like botox, for smoothing wrinkles and facial cells.

Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers contain acid named hyaluronic, which helps in pumping up the shape and look of lips by filling the wrinkles and lines appearing on the mouth and face.

Laser resurfacing

Laser surfacing is also known as the last abrasion or laser peeling treatment. This laser resurfacing should be done by dermatologists or plastic surgeons only.

Laser resurfacing removes uppermost, damaged layers of skin.

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Lip and mouth cancer

Due to the cigarettes, oral cancer can occur on the lips, teeth, gums, tongue, or inside the throat. Smoking and using other tobacco-made products increases the risk of oral cancer.

Surgery is required to treat a mouth and lips tumor, which removes the cancer tissues that have been spreaded to other parts of the body, like the neck. In some cases, surgical reconstruction of the mouth, radiation therapy, or chemotherapy may be required to treat the disease.

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The bottom line

Smoking cigarettes is not good for health and also causes many health problems like a smoker’s lips. This type of condition includes wrinkles and dark brown or black color of lips and face.

Smoking tobacco can also cause major liver or lung problems; also it creates oral cancer. So, it’s important to quit smoking or consumption of any other type of drugs or tobacco immediately.

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