Attractive Small Cross Tattoos To Get Inked In Style

small cross tattoos

Do you want something spiritual? Or do you want protection symbol tattoos? Well, getting inked with some small cross tattoos can serve both of these purposes for you. 

The good thing about getting inked with small cross tattoos is that they let you express your faith without being too expressive. They are also a good option if your profession needs to avoid tattoos. As getting such small tattoos will let you choose an audience or the, as they are easy to hide. What’s even amazing about the cross tattoos is that you can easily combine them with a number of other elements to make them even more astonishing. 

In the article, we will tell you about some of the best small cross tattoos which you can get for yourself. We will also explore various elements with which we can combine them to make them look appealing. 

Best Small Cross Tattoos

These are some of the best small cross tattoos which you can get inked. They will let you express your faith in style. The good thing about these designs is that they are a symbol of style and a style statement. 

Cross + Rose Tattoo

Are you a fan of flower tattoos? Or do you want to get something that is artistic and meaningful at the same time? Well, whatever it is that you want, getting the cross tattoo designs in combination with the rose can be a great idea. 

What’s even amazing is that roses in Christianity also have some deep meanings. They symbolize purity, martyrdom, and joy, so this can be another reason for you to get inked with this combination. The combination of a rose and the cross in a tattoo can also act like patriotic inking for the English people. The reason for this is that the national flower of England is the rose. And the flag of England has a cross in it that represents Saint George. 

So when you want some meaningful cross tattoo designs for yourself, this can be the best option to choose. Some of the popular placement areas include getting inked with cross tattoos on the wrist or forearm cross tattoo. In case you want it to be private, then going for cross tattoos for women under the breast can also be a great option. 

Three Cross Tattoos

If you are a dedicated Christian, then you must be knowing what the three crosses signify in the religion. The three cross tattoos symbolize two main things basically. Firstly, for some people, it means the three aspects of Christianity – Father, Holy Spirit, and Son. On the other hand, the three cross tattoos symbolize Jesus and the other two who were crucified with him for some people.

In general, the three crosses signify Christ, and the other three crucified along with him at the Golgotha. Even if you are not a Christian, you can get this tattoo inked for remembering the humanity of Jesus and signifying the good in humans. What’s even amazing is that the three cross tattoo ideas are one of the most popular stylish designs among the folks. 

So if you want to get inked with some simple cross tattoo ideas that are simple yet elegant, then this is for you.

Jesus Cross Tattoo

To truly emphasize the faith in Christianity, some people combine the cross tattoos with other designs like Jesus. It is one of the most popular Christian symbols which people get to symbolize their faith. 

Jesus, according to Christianity, is humanity’s savior, which makes this body art a moving and powerful type of cross tattoo. The good thing about the Jesus cross tattoo is that you can also combine it with various other things like passion flowers, a halo, or blood drops. All of these things represent the importance of crucifixion in the Christian religion. These also show the sufferings of Jesus and the holy resurrection. 

So, if you want some cross tattoo ideas to express your deep faith, then getting the Jesus cross tattoo is a perfect option for you. 

Cross With Wings Tattoo

Do you want something that is unique and stylish at the same time? If yes, then getting the cross with wings tattoo can be the perfect option for you. 

The wings in Christianity are related to the angels, and thus, this tattoo is a popular choice among the people. It is also one of the most stylish cross tattoos you can get for yourself. The cross tattoo in combination with the wings can signify many things. Some of the popular meanings which it signifies include guardian angel for the wearer or spirits of loved ones who have passed away. 

The winged cross tattoo also signifies the freedom of a person. It tells that when a person embraces God, they are freed from the bonds of life and gain freedom. The good thing about this tattoo is that it is one of the most popular small cross tattoos which you can get. 

Flowers + Cross Tattoo

Do you want to have something unique for yourself? Or do you want something elegantly beautiful and meaningful/ but what if we tell you that you can get both of these things with flowers and cross tattoo ideas? Yes, it is possible with these tattoos.

The flowers in the Christian religion signify a lot of things, and that why they a frequent display in the services during church. You will also find the flowers in other religious rituals, whether it is a wedding or funeral. The fact that what a flower represents depends on the way it is described in the bible and what it means. 

One of the most popular flowers for the tattoos in the Christians is the rose, and the reason for this is that it is associated with virgin mary. Other than the rose, virgin mary is also represented by various other flowers like Jasmine, Lily, and Iris. The good thing about choosing white flowers is that they are a great option if you want tattoos for dark skin. 

One thing to remember is that whichever flower you choose for your cross tattoos, search its meaning beforehand. It will help you to choose the one which suits your needs and personality the best. The flower cross tattoos are one of the most popular designs if you want some cross tattoos for women. 

Simple Cross Tattoo

When it comes to getting inked, most people go for elaborate and bold art styles. Other people opt for some minimal looks. This is why a simple cross tattoo can be the most striking tattoo design, as the symbolism it offers is obvious. 

There are no other elements in the simple cross tattoo design, and all it offers is faith and dedication towards the religion. What’s even amazing is that the simple cross tattoo designs are also a great option for placement on any body part. You can go for some forearm cross tattoo or cross tattoos on the wrist in simple designs. 

No matter what you choose for yourself, what matters is that the design you choose for yourself should reflect your personality. Remember, all cross tattoos are unique in their own ways, like the relationship of every person with God. 

Heart Cross Tattoo

Do you want something to express your love and faith both? If yes, then getting inked with the cross + heart tattoo is what will make the difference. 

The combination of a cross and heart in the tattoos is one of the popular designs to express love and faith in style. This is why the heart and cross tattoo is a popular wedding tattoo that people get around the world. What’s amazing about this tattoo is that its design makes it a good compact option, so when you want small cross tattoos, this is for you. 

However, a heart and the cross do not always represent love. A bleeding heart in this tattoo represents the endless love of God for humanity. One of the most ancient and moving designs is also the sacred heart, and thus the heart and cross have become a popular design. In this tattoo design, not only is the cross included with the heart, but a crown of thorns is also popular. The crown of thorns represents the crucifix of Christ. 

Some people also combine this tattoo with the flame, which symbolizes the transformative powers of the love of God. One thing you can be sure about is that no matter what you choose for yourself, it will give you some unique cross tattoos to flaunt. 

Tribal Cross Tattoos

Do you like tribal tattoos? Or do you want a tribal symbol for expressing your faith and roots with a single tattoo? Well, you can get both of these things with the tribal cross tattoos. 

The cross has been a popular tattoo design among tribal cultures. The reason for this is that the bold art style of the tribals suits the symbol like a cross. In addition to this, the points and curves in the tribal designs give the cross a unique and artistic look. In addition to this, the tribal tattoos also have a masculine look in them which makes them a favorite among men. So if you want some cross tattoos for men, then the tribal cross tattoos are perfect for you. 

The tribal designs are also a popular choice when it comes to getting across back tattoo or a cross chest tattoo. 

Maltese Cross Tattoo

If you want something which makes you stand out from the crowd, then the Maltese cross tattoos are for you. The arrowhead is an iconic design in this tattoo which dates back to the 16th century. 

This design of the cross was for the first time used on the island of Malta by some holy knights. Over the period of time, the arrowhead cross became a symbol of bravery and courage. This is why it has also been adopted in the various military honors and medals. Today people who work in dangerous fields choose the Maltese cross tattoo as their favorite piece of body art. 

This design is also a great option to choose if you have a Maltese heritage or if you are a member of first aid organizations like St. John Ambulance. The design is also a popular option when it comes to getting cross-chest tattoos and cross-back tattoos. 

These are some of the most popular small cross tattoos which you can choose for yourself. The good thing about all the designs which we have listed here is that they all are meaningful and astonishingly beautiful at the same time. 

Final Words

Do you want something to express your faith in style and elegance? If yes, then getting the small cross tattoos can be the best way to do it. 

There are numerous designs from which you can choose the ebay cross tattoos for yourself. One thing to remember when choosing a design for yourself is that choose one which represents s your personality.